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Get out your party hats and confetti; Dr. Phil is 60, and it’s time to celebrate! Go inside the amazing birthday party Robin threw for him, watch celebrity shout outs and performances and see the many surprises in store for the sexagenarian – including Robin’s secret gift. Then, Dr. Phil talks with guests who say their milestone birthdays have been miserable. From a woman who’s never had a birthday cake of her own and says her special day is cursed to men and women who dread getting older and do everything to slow the aging process, Dr. Phil offers advice for embracing yourself at any age. And, take a quiz to find out if you are obsessed with aging. Plus, Dr. Phil does some giving of his own. Find out how you can win!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: axiris on Sep 23, 2010, 12:52AM
I'm talking you from Israel, a country that is style fighting for her identity and life.
On March this year I turned 46 and nobody call me to bless me happy birthday.
When I talked about it with my dad. My dear old dad said to me: you came to an age that you  don't supposed to be exited about it.
Well My dear old dad is wrong. I am still celebrate and exited about my dear age. 46 going to 47. 
I think it is because I have been experiencing the lost of people who died young. my cousin committed a suicide when she was 28, she was fired from her acting job, and couldn't live with the fact of failure. At that time I had a struggle of my own, when my voice teacher said I don't have what it is take to be a professional singer. This is one of the  things that I very proud of. I am now a SINGER, I am an armature singer enjoying singing with no tension (could I earn money from that et Ct...), I love my self dearly for not becoming bitter about it and loving any good female singer no mater what her age.  I enjoying singing, listening to music, And I even like my new job that gives me opportunity to save for pension. 
Two relative of mine (an uncle and a second cousin)  died from cancer when they where about my age. People died at the 9/11 and died on terrorist attacked some of them just kid. So why shouldn't I celebrate my 46-47 age??? I am healthy and a live, I am smarter that I was at  my 20s and 30s. Why do people are a shame for being at that age?
I want the people that have been in the show t o know one thing: IF YOU DON'T GETTING OLDER, YOU DIE YOUNG. NO botox No plastic surgery, no anti aging cream can change it. You need to have a full life. Save that money you spend every year for your pension instead of This some of the money can be for , travelling growing pets et cet. My grand mother is 97 years old and happy. She still celebrating her birthdays and enjoy.
Replied By: blueyznelpaso on Sep 22, 2010, 9:15AM
Happy 60th Dr. Phil. I watch your show everyday and love to see what you will be talking about.  Today was a great show as usual but it makes me crazy to see your guest complaining that she never had a cake with her name on it, because she shared it with her sister.  Well, let me tell you I now share my birthday with the United States in a day of mourning.  I was born onSeptember 11th!!!  Try dealing with that every year for the last 9 years.  My husband  has worked really hard to help make the day better for me, but when the nation is mourning it is really hard sometimes.
Replied By: pamella7 on Sep 21, 2010, 1:03PM
was such a fun show
Replied By: pennant031 on Sep 20, 2010, 12:24PM
I couldn't believe the guests on the show today!  The ones in  their 30s and 40s are especially selfish. To spend $100,000 just to hide your age is ridiculous.  There are so many people in the world without adequate food, shelter, and clothing and we in the US waste so much money on superficial,, meaningless things.

Perhapas it's because I have been priviledged to know  many vibrant, "young-at-heart" women in their 50s. 60s and even 100s who never let their age define them.

Elderly people used to be respected and admired.  I am 30 and I plan on showing my age with pride.  I have earned every single one of my wrinkles and gray hairs - why hide them?
Replied By: rhonda0214 on Sep 18, 2010, 12:21PM
I watched the show , it was GREAT. Remember that they say that 60 is the new 50.  I hope i`m in as good a shape as you are.
Replied By: susiejmerry11 on Sep 17, 2010, 10:52PM
I couldn't decide if the celebration was for Robin or Dr. Phil.   
Replied By: mjarvi on Sep 17, 2010, 8:42PM
I am going to be 69 on October 19th, my  feeling is you either get older or get DEAD!!  What a option!
My husband, Gene and I are proud to say, We celebrated our 50th Anniversary on July 30th this year.  Not many seem to make it that many years as well.  People give up too easy, we had our times that weren't always easy, but we stayed together and are very proud we did.  We have 3 children and spouses and 5 grandchildren ranging from 3 years old to oldest 22 years old.  One graduated from MI State and is going on with his goal to be a Doctor.  The next just started at Bowling Green University with many  scholarships as did our oldest grandchild at State.  Third grandchild is  a junior in high school with excellent grades, the next is soon to be 13 and is doing well grade wise and is in cross country, hockey, plays guitar. The little one is very bright and so much fun.  All seem to be following in the older kids footsteps.  We are so proud our children have taught the kids well.  Guess we to did something right.  You have only just begun with your little sweet granddaughter.  Enjoy to the fullest and again Happy, Happy Birthday.  Hope one day we can come to your show.  Would love to do so. Right now hard to plan much, husband just had back surgery and is making good progress but will take a bit. Enjoy!  Enjoy!
Marilyn Jarvi
Replied By: pmedina54 on Sep 17, 2010, 8:30PM
Just wanting to wish Dr. Phil a very happy 60th birthday.  I am not that far away from you.  Hope that you have a wonderful day!!!
Replied By: virginiad65 on Sep 17, 2010, 8:13PM
Hello Dr. Phil I've been watching your show for so long now I am probably your biggest fan.. I'm now on Disability for now so I get to see your show every day. Well I love the fact that your straight to the point and put ppl in their place!! lol.. and your wife is so pretty. Koodles to you. Well I just want to wish you a very Happy 60th Birthday!! By the way, You hold your age very well.
Replied By: shadowind on Sep 17, 2010, 6:34PM
Dr Phil. My husband and I enjoyed your show today, mainly because you were "Celebrating 60" and not getting depressed about reaching this grand age.
I too celebrated turning 60 this week. And I've told all my friends it's the new 40!!
One has to stay busy, and celebrate each day we have and be thankful for all that we have.
This is how me and my friends stay active.
I've attached a small photo of our group. We are a group of Dancing Divas! We range in age from 48 to 73... and we give free performances for nursing homes, senior centers and within area communities.
Yes! We belly dance, and it keeps us young, as well as giving others smiles, laughter and enjoyment.

Of course the bones creek a little, but we keep on laughing and shimmying...
So just wanted to say THANKS for todays show - Life should be a celebration.
Cheers - oh didn't realize I just became a sexa- what... LOL
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