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(Original Air Date: 09/13/10) Dr. Phil is on a mission to end the silence on domestic violence! Every 15 seconds in America, a woman is abused. It is the most under-reported phenomena in our society, and according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four women will fall victim at some point in their lives. Do you know the warning signs of abuse and how to exit a dangerous relationship safely? Lorain says her boyfriend, Mike, is abusive, and she fears for her and her daughter’s safety. Mike says he’s never laid a hand on Lorain; she is just too sensitive. Will he see that abuse is not always physical? Then, meet Audrey, whose husband was charged with horrifically attacking her and lighting her on fire. Watch her wake-up call for Mike and Lorain. All season long, Dr. Phil will be calling on his viewers to help end the silence on domestic violence. Join his campaign and pledge to become a Silence Breaker! And, learn how you can help Audrey and other victims of abuse. Don’t miss the powerful premiere of Season 9!

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Replied By: geeg67 on Jan 10, 2015, 10:23AM - In reply to jcoyle
this the exact kind of thinking that re-victimizes. This is what is wrong with society today. Everyone is SUPPOSED to be responsible for their own reactions!!  If your boss "edges" you on do you turn around and beat him/her??? how about the bus driveR??  How aout your waiter??  Whoever!  The answer is NO. You MAKE A CHOICE! You make a choice to behave as a civilized, responsible HUMAN adult being!  (If your relationship is one that you feel edged on constantly then it is your CHOICE to end it and move on to a more compatible one with someone else!!). (I was with a "button pusher for 25 years!!  I RE-acted for more than half that....until one day I realized that it was my REACTIONS that fueled him more!  And I stopped reacting...you know wha that did??  Made him WORSE!  MORE DANGEROUS!  MORE MENACING!!  So I ended the relationship. And HE moved on to abuse someone else. He blamed ME for 25 years --that I "MADE him  do it". "MADE hime tha way" it was all HIM not wanting to takie RESPONSIBILITY for his shortcomings and actions. Everyone needs to grow the hell up already. STOP trying to control the thoughts and actions of others! We are only responsible for OURSELVES!!
Replied By: pryme1974 on Feb 21, 2013, 5:30PM - In reply to smt1973
i understand it is not fair and it is scary and as a man i was hit with a ton of bricks when i got charged for domestic violence without being able to defend myself and i had evidence to back it up. u need an attorney who can help get this guy convicted with proof. i wish u the best

Replied By: pryme1974 on Feb 21, 2013, 5:27PM - In reply to slcLauren
i understand your pain but domestic violence has perpetrators who make it hard for real victims to get help and it puts law enforcement in the corner with enacting justice properly. she should have been heard and helped but women who are out to destroy men who do right by them for whatever reason use domestic violence laws as a weapon to have their way to get money out of men. i am a victim of domestic violence made into a criminal and having my 14th amendment right stripped clean. so your niece is a victim of other abusive women claiming to be victims and stronger penalties need to be put in place to distinguish victim from perpetrator. my heart felt sympathies


Replied By: smt1973 on Oct 19, 2012, 10:52PM - In reply to momonamission4
I kinda have the same situation therefore the father was granted custody of our children and abusing them just like he did me and three other women have come forward as vicitims since custody with granted and restraing orders in place. No money to take him back to court and the state is not listening to me either.
Replied By: kjo629 on Sep 28, 2012, 6:49AM
I've been wanting to write this for a while ever since I've seen a show on Dr Phil about domestic Abuse.  I would love to see a show on revealing domestic abuse on immigrants. Times like this when elections are coming up, I've seen so many nasty comments about illegal immigrants and their benefits and how they supposedly live off of hard working citizens.  I know first hand that this is not true, and I think people should know the truth and be more educated about this topic.  As an Immigrant who was abused for over ten years at work and in relationships after years of recovering from that now I can talk about this issue with people around me.  I am not speaking for majority and I'm not the minority. I came here when i was only 13 and didn't know about relationships or the law, my papers expired while i was in school and relying on them to renew my paperwork on time, everything went downhill from there, and i had to get a job under the table to survive. Some see this as a benefit to not paying taxes, but when you have no rights you are also not protected and your employer can choose to pay you or not as he feels like it and how much he feels like paying at that time.  The one thing I know is that the only time ever asked for help was for a women's shelter when my ex husband beat me bloody and I literally was at my end after years of mental and physical abuse and could not take it anymore despite his threats about calling the ins to deport me if I leave him. I've received no help. The hot line said because I am not a citizen there is nothing  they can do to help me. I've had to pick my self up and just run and hide for my life. I've never received any money, food stamps from the government, and even paid my numerous hospital bills over the years from my abuse. When The neighbor called the police one night as he heard less and less sounds from me begging him to stop hitting me concerned whether I was still alive, the police told me if I report him I will be the one getting deported, also a reason why I can't file for a restraining order. My story is too long to share here and it's not even the point. I am just hurt from seeing nasty comments all day about how immigrants have it so good. I think if people have heard someone story as I can imagine there are many out there, they would be more educated about how far domestic abuse can really go and it does touch more people than the numbers represent out there. 
Replied By: paul11 on Oct 27, 2011, 10:36PM
It is a documented fact that 50 % of abuse is is done by men.
Therefore the other 50 % is done by women.

Dr Phil stated that " abusers seek out women. "
I am male and KNOW ! abusers seek out a victim, be it male or female.

It is obvious the show is aimed women because, where is the balance ?
Where are the abused males ?  
As part of my personel rehabilitation from a Stelth, Covert , Narcassistic, passive aggressive abuser, not professionally diagnosed but they never are.  I was told at the end of the course, what I did wrong was stay too long but I was not told why. I had to go looking to find it for myself. I stayed to protect my daughters and the affect of abuse can clearly by seen in how each daughter has performed since they chose a different parent to live with.  I am fully aware of the damage caused by them.

To be torn piece by peice down to nothing but a empty being is something few will ever endure and I would not wish it on anyone. Phyical wounds generally heal, mental wounds are unseen and much deeper and painful.
It is documented that mental and emotional abuse is at least as bad as phyical and can be much worse. I have seen the resulting damage from both sides of phyical and mental abuse.   

I also know that the abuser is generally more controlled and seems fine while the abused is a mess and therefore seen as the problem.

Men learn abuse from the environment and their parents. If men are no longer abusive due to intervention but the mother is still abusive, the children, be they male or female are likely to copy. The cycle continues.

You say you want to stop the abuse. stopping men abusing will not stop women doing it. Stop brushing the fact under the carpet and do something to stop abuse by both sexes. it is only then that the abuse will be stopped.
Replied By: myomie on Jul 1, 2011, 7:09AM
Did anyone watch the show of the woman who had her eye cut out, after she left an abusive relationship?
So................what was the advice from  the experts?????
 Know that you are most at risk when you leave the relationship, but leave anyway, even though there is no system out there to help you when he does go after you??? And there is nothing anyone can do to keep you from ending up like the woman whose ONLY way out is to let him kill her, and hopefully she'll be able to kill him at the same time?? to prevent further harm to her kids and mom??
How about circumventing the whole hiding, relocating, being found and having your eyes cut out scene, and tell them to get a bottle of sleeping pills? The end  result appears to be be inevitably the same.

For millions of  luckier women who are just moms with kids, and are financially ruined by their exes who facilitated by the family courts can get away with denying child support for YEARS! . Let's just tell them which park bench is best to sleep on with their kids???

This whole "end domestic abuse silence" is a worthlessand hypocritical effort, unless we first acknowledge (remember we have to acknowledge before we can change?) that the family court and criminal justice system is biased against women and children, and offers no physical nor financial protection.

Where can I sign up to fix that???
Replied By: myomie on May 29, 2011, 7:01AM - In reply to goodgrlgone

If you read my comment you will see that I am not Blaming the victim here. I am blaming the biased and non-responsive court system for VICTIMIZING THE VICTIM AGAIN!!!
You have obviously never gone through a divorce and support case.
All I am saying is that UNLESS AND UNTIL that system is fixed, women need to be aware of what is waiting for them on the other side of that abusive relationship. The institutional abuse may be more abusive than the original abuse.
So why don't you educate yourself on the responsiveness of the family court systems before you blame me for blaming the victim.
I AM THE VICTIOM> I AM NOT TO BLAME. And if all you have to offer is advice on how I am not to blame than you are useless to my plight
Replied By: momonamission4 on Apr 6, 2011, 3:07PM
When will judges and DA's be held accountable? My daughter was drugged & raped by her ex-husband.  She had no recollection of the events until she found a video he had hidden of the whole horrible thing. She went to the police made a report and what happened next is unexcusable.  Nothing happened. Why? He is the son of the supervisor of the local Victims Witness Program. The video is an hour long, vile, violent and sickening. No one will do anything. Not the Grand Jury, FBI, local politicians no one.  The FBI says it was a judgement call! OMG!   I have the police reports, the transcript of the video everything. No one wants to get involved. At the clerks office we pulled his criminal file and  stapled to the jacket was his mothers business card. Supervisor Victim Witness Program. I took a quick picture of it. He violates a restraining order and the DA wont honor it. She will die at his hands before they do anything. sick
Replied By: arcana on Feb 10, 2011, 6:56PM
when i was i a young child i lved with my oldest sister who is seventeen years older and she was in a abusive relationship and she ended up getting stabbed she survived but her daughter my niece who is only two years younger than me have to live with the memories of what we witnessed all those years ago so if you are in a violent relationship especially if you do have children please remember your children will carry the memories and scars of the situation with them so stand up for upself and get out now
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