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(Original Air Date: 05/25/10) Imagine meeting the man of your dreams. He’s your Prince Charming and completely sweeps you off your feet. But there’s a small problem; you’ve only known him three weeks -- and you’re already married! Dr. Phil speaks with Stephanie, who’s in the middle of a complicated love triangle with her husband, Robert, and the man she claims to love, Richard. Robert is desperate to save his marriage, even though this isn’t his wife’s first affair. Stephanie admits she has a constant need for male attention that may have stemmed from her childhood. What is at the root of her philandering ways? And, hear why Richard believes he’s done nothing wrong. Is Stephanie being totally honest to her current love interest, or is he doomed to fail with her as well? Dr. Phil weighs in on married women who stray.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wallyrichards on Apr 6, 2016, 2:00PM
I've never been anle to understand how anyone could put up with a cheating spouse. Seriously just move on and don't put yourself thru the agony.
Replied By: abbylane1111 on Oct 8, 2014, 6:29AM
Why did this show continue past the first minute? She said she didn't love her husband anymore and she didn't want to be married to him anymore in the first mintue of the show, so why did the show continue? That should have been it.  The rest of the show was to make her look bad. I support stephanie because men do this all the time and get away with it. Good luck to you stephanie and all the boy toys you desire!
Replied By: kshdgls on Sep 16, 2010, 6:05AM
.  HELP - Is there anywhere here or online I can watch full missed episodes for free?
Replied By: wplume on Aug 13, 2010, 6:22AM
i watched the show today,.....i'm sorry i don't see what ya'll see,..i d'ont know if it comes through my tv any different than yours,,   maybe something got lost in translation,.......that being said,.....here is what i saw,..... i saw a selfish woman sitting there loving the attn she was getting from 3 men her husband, her affair, and dr.phil. +countless men watching the show,.....i saw her say horrible things about her husband and quickly look to see his response, she was so affraid that dr.phil was gonna tell her she was no longer ALOUD to see her affair that she didnt want to hear anything he wanted to say. i saw her say things just to shut him up. i saw a spoiled self-entitled little girl pulling the strings as she saw fit. to get what she wanted(s). how can you sit there and tell your husband you arent good enough anymore? how can you sit across from your husband and have your affair next to you? sepperation is NOT divorced. if you no longer want to be married, and you yourself have done all that you can do to repair the damage, then get the divorce, wether you live in seperate houses, or in the same (for whatever reason) seperation is NOT divorce. the 'other' man, the affair, has no respect for her let alone himself, he dated her while still MARRIED, persued her and had the never to show up on national tv and sit across from his affair's HUSBAND. there is and will never be any respect there,...if indeed he had an ounce of respect, he would have told her i do not want to do anything, date, sex, text or chat, with you until your divorce is FINAL, not in the works,...but final. dr.phil made a huge impact when he asked him, "you are in love with this woman?" and he quickly shook his head yes,...the dr.phil said "you are in love with this man's wife."  he paused at that point,...because it hit home,  even for a second he saw what he had done,.....and i dont think he knew all that she was about before the show,..he looked a tiny bit concerned as dr.phil was telling her secrets.and she looked nervous. i understand that there are pepole that 'relate' to this woman,......but for just that second,...put yourself in the husband's shoes,...and think about what he must feel,..and what he must be going through. i really do feel bad for him,...we really didnt get to hear his side,...i'd love it if dr.phil did another show helping him too.
Replied By: guidinglight on Aug 12, 2010, 8:09PM
I watched the show today and for the first time went to Dr. Phil.com to see what people had to say.  I could not beleive the lack of compassion in the messages from some of the viewers.  Unless you have walked in a person's shoes who are you to pass judgement on them.  Sure Stephanie has issues, but did you lose your father at 2 months of age and have a childhood of abuse like she had.  Does everyone with a dysfunctional background seek out male attention like she does?  No but what would you have done with her?  Just toss her away.  Like Dr. Phil offered, she needs help.  There are way too many people out there just throwing darts and not helping the situation.   I mean really some of you why don't you look at your own life....you can't tell me that there isn't something you need to clean up.  Sure glad to know I am not perfect.
Replied By: lucasl0612 on Aug 12, 2010, 6:11PM
As I watched tonight's show I saw a little of me in the lady on the show.  You are so right about her need for male attention being about the past (not the current relationship).  I have had many years of intense therapy to get rid of the demon's from my childhood.  Unfortunately, it has not allowed me to find the "loving" relationship we all look for.
I have been married 4 times.  I always say the first two don't count because I was in the middle of my "crazy years".  I always thought I would have a family with children, but after 2 miscarriages, 1 legal abortion, and 1 still born I gave up thinking about "family".
I married the 1st time to someone about my age - because he "cried" when I said we probably shouldn't get married after I lost the 1st baby.  My logic was:  well, he must "love me".  Long story short, the marriage was over after I found him in bed with someone at our home one day.
I married the 2nd time on the "rebound" of another "live in but broken" relationship.  This man was older and he already had grown children and his wife passed away.  I thought:  great, now I have children and no competition from a divorced wife.  Wrong.  He wanted me to wear his former wife's clothes and drive her car and then he decided he wanted a divorce so that he could marry the girl he asked to marry him just before he married me.
I married the 3rd time to a man who was about 17 years older than me at the time.  He had money, bought me lots of things, took me on trips and helped me start a business which I eventually sold.  He had his own issues from a previous marriage and was a good guy - but.... his business went bankrupt, he was in depression for many years and lived in a dark room as often as he could.  He ended up working for minimum wage at a job on the golf course and I ended up being the breadwinner.  He never wanted anything I wanted - I felt like I was dieing - so I left.  We tried to fix our relationship, but it didn't work.
I married the 4th time - a man at my church that was 20 years older than myself.  At the time, we could talk for hours.  But his stories about his "charmed life", his general political stance and the fact that he stopped taking care of himself physically left me looking for another way out.  He use to say the reason why he married me was because I took such good care of my husbands, meaning if I divorced them, I paid a huge price to walk away. 
All this is leading up to where I am now:  I met a man on a commuter bus about 5 years ago and fell head over heals in love with him.  He is actually 2 years younger than me!  He has been living with me and my current husband for about 4 1/2 years now.  And yes, there are lots of things I have found out about him that are not so good, but there are also a lot of things that are good about him (still).  I will not divorce my husband and if he should pass away before I do, I will not marry this other person.
I don't think I should have ever married.  I tried , but I still don't have it right.  No one understands the living arrangements we all have, but all of my family and friends love me enough to not condemn me - well, except for my oldest sister who has lived alone for a long time now and is probably destined to live that way forever.
Replied By: barneyvinc on Aug 12, 2010, 4:52PM
Some of the problem of "falling in love" where two people are ready for divorce and remarry with a new lover after only one evening at supper in a refectory that had a "romantic" environment has to be ascribed to the brainwashing effect of drooling pop rock music love songs about the instant gratification experience of the likes of "One kiss and I knew that I would love you my whole life through," or "Some Enchanted Crepuscule" from South Pacific? People say, "Oh it's only a song. What harm could it do?" I think Dr. Phil is too soft on pop culture which teaches people a courtship system that causes the majority of marriages to fail.

We read about "pornography" and its threat to the family, but I'll match a movie like "Bridges of Madison County" against films of subagitation (which I confess put me to sleep because if you've seen one you've seen them all - not that I mean any disrespect for the salubrious sensations that are preciptated by doing it rather than watching films of it) for destructive power any time. Should we not rethink how we define pornography?
Replied By: elyk16 on Aug 12, 2010, 4:30PM
Sounds all to familiar. I had a wife who did the same thing, only difference is that I was in Iraq. I found out that something was going on, but didn't believe it was really happening. She was using the money that I made in Iraq to wine and dine this smuck, made his truck payments for him and God only knows what else. He's been married 3 times and lived with his parents, not to mention he's 52 years old. Oh ya, and calls himself a Christian. She found him on the internet while playing those online games. When I got back from Iraq she had made her decision to be with him forever. I wanted to try and save the marriage, by marriage counseling or whatever...never happened. We are since divorced and she married him within a year of the divorce. It has effected the whole family, my children do not have much of a relationship with their mother anymore. After 25 years of marriage it's extremely difficult to get over, but in time it will come.  I am better off now!
All I can say to this poor guy, dump her and move on. If she cheated on you, she'll do it on him.
Replied By: swedeon2j2 on Aug 12, 2010, 4:26PM
i experienced this situation with my wife,she had been married twice,then me then, three after me and she is three years younger than me. she stays in contact with all of us to the dismay of her children. all of the husbands are civil to her but we have all moved on,again to the dismay of the children who are a product of the first two marriages.
Replied By: merrieh on Aug 12, 2010, 3:09PM
This has resonated with me so strongly because I too grew up in a very disfunctional family - physical abuse - emotional abuse and sexual abuse.  I was in my early 20s when I started counciling for the after effects of drug abuse and other self destructive behavior.  There I discovered that it all started with the lessons I learned as a child.  Growing up in that atmosphere teaches you ways to cope that you carry into adult hood and aren't usually effective and healthy out in the world.  They handicap you and it takes a massive amount of work and constant self examination to change.  I feel so sorry for the woman in todays show because she has just noticed the the top of a small hill when in actuality it is a huge mountain hidden from her view.  She has my prayers and so do the two men that are involved because it isn't easy to understand what motivates her and I doubt she is anywhere near ready for a healthy relationship.  I pray she gets serious help for herself for the sake of her kids.
All that said and I feel like I need to mention that 25 years later I still occasionally seek out counciling to keep my focus and deal with ongoing issues stemming from the abuse.
Thanks Dr. Phil 
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