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Dr. Phil confronts Alexandra about her rebellious attitude and shares some of her bad behavior caught on tape. Alex may have forgotten that our cameras don’t stop rolling during the show’s commercial breaks. Does the young mom intend to raise all three of her kids? Will she raise Tony Jr. herself, or does she expect her parents to step in as they did with her son and daughter, Nathan and Leilah? And who does Alex want in the delivery room? Find out why she breaks down in tears when she talks about her mother, Erin’s, interest in the baby she’s carrying. Then, sparks fly when Erin calls her daughter out on her alleged drug use. Plus, Erin shares why she doesn’t want Tony in the house or around her at all! And finally, will this be Alexandra’s last appearance on the show? Find out what pushes Dr. Phil to the edge, this time with Alexandra.

Get caught up with this family.

“No matter what makes her mad, even if it’s not related to me, she’ll find something to be mad at me about." Read more of Alex's candid thoughts about her relationship with her mom on her blog.

"As much I have tried to create some space and breathing room between she and I, I am worried about my daughter." Erin shares her candid thoughts about her daughter, and she reflects on her own behavior. Read her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: b246810 on Apr 26, 2011, 1:57AM
Did she get some kind of pay off or was she just doing it for her own publicity? I wonder in all seriousness if she had or needs to be diagnosed with anything other than drug addiction because in my opinion she has some sort of problem which she most likely had before ever going on to the Dr Phil show and she to me has a mental illness, no one would have empathy for her otherwise. I wonder how the poor children are doing........
Replied By: ahebert02 on Sep 3, 2010, 7:12AM
I have been a faithful watcher of the Dr. Phil Show since the beginning of the show but I have to tell you that that I am so sick of seeing the Dr. Phil Family who clearly does not take the help seriously. I understand the purpose of following a family throughout thier trials and tribulations but this family is like watching a train wreck. I just feel at this point in the game, the Dr. Phil camp is just using this family as a sensationalized topic. I am saddenend by the fact that with all of the issue that are going on in the world and the realm of psychology, that we could focus on other things instead of this ridiculous family drama.
Replied By: ausseechikki on Jul 29, 2010, 8:44PM
I have been watching the shows on the Dr Phil Family with a sense of sadness and disappointment. I believe that the way Alexandra has been treated and portrayed has been unjust and overly critical. She has not been treated as an adult, or given personal respect (which I think are prerequisites to acting as an adult) in order to develop her autonomy (strong social work values). Nobody can be made to change if they have not committed to this of their own free will. For example, when treating addicts, the best indicator of success is if the individual themselves has decided to work towards their own recovery.
How can any adult feel a sense of pride or ownership of their actions/decisions if these have been dictated to them by others?
I also fully understand Alexandra's bitterness towards her mother. By airing their private difficulties and struggles, and publicly slandering her daughter, in front of millions of viewers, I am not surprised that Alexandra feels that her trust has been betrayed.
Replied By: skip2mylulu on Jul 14, 2010, 10:53AM
I think that Alexandra is capable of taking care of herself.  The question is does she want to?  I honestly think that her parents should stop helping her, maybe that will force her to step up and take responsibility for her family, or lack therof.  Sometimes you do more harm than good when you continue to help people because then they will always have someone picking up the broken pieces of their pathetic lives.
Replied By: jacqster on Jun 23, 2010, 9:24AM
The trouble with Alexandra is her manipulative controlling mother. She is always shaking her head and pulling faces of disapproval. Poor Alexandra. How discouraging if your mother only supports you when things are going fine.
Replied By: nyknicks on Jun 5, 2010, 6:47PM
I am so glad you guys are gone, you are a disgrace to all young women everywhere, Dr Phil should have kicked you to the curb a long time ago.  GOOD BYE
Replied By: pat3ct on Jun 5, 2010, 1:01PM - In reply to dianah
I must be the one in ten you forgot to ask..  I had a non stop runny nose, totally stuffed nose, continuous sinus infection during one of my pregnancies.  I do no take drugs, nor have I ever.  I have had a car accident since and didn't have any drugs except during the week after one of my sx.  My nose aggravations started around the fifth month and amazingly let up two weeks before delivery.  I also went into labor really early and required bed rest same as Alex.   So ya, I never went anywhere without a tissue, and it wasn't related anything more than PG.
Replied By: phulax on Jun 2, 2010, 6:50AM
Alexandra, I don't know how others react to the times you whine & cry but personally I get turned off when you start whining or when you start crying about Tony. I think it's pretty much all just a put-on, facade, soap-box acting on your part & I just tune you out. You've had so much exposure on Dr. Phil's show (I think Dr. Phil has spent too much time on your family when there are so many others of equal importance if not worse situations but that is his decision) & I hope it comes to an end soon.
Replied By: marianparoo on May 28, 2010, 2:51AM - In reply to cadescove99
...I would like to see that I was right about Katherine and would not mind one bit were I proved wrong about Alex.

And since she is apparently having pregnancy problems (though no explanation if anything specific brought those on) there certainly will be updates.
Replied By: cadescove99 on May 27, 2010, 3:33PM - In reply to macsharon
I couldn't help but notice Dr Phil referring to yesterday's episode as the "final show of the season".  Not series, but season. Leaving the door open for further shows, come September?
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