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Katherine, the youngest daughter in the Dr. Phil family, breaks the rules. Find out what she does that causes Dr. Phil to end their work together. Next, go behind the scenes with Dr. Phil cameras to see how the drama unfolded before last week's show. Will the truth behind Leliah’s bruises ever come out? And when Alex, who is seven months pregnant, tells Dr. Phil she's experiencing contractions, Erin checks on her daughter, and a heated argument ensues. Then, Alexandra's ex-husband, Chris, returns to the show. Hear what he has to say about Alex's fiancé, Tony's, polygraph results and what he thinks of Tony saying he was too sick to retake the test. Plus, see Erin's weight loss progress as she strives to lead a healthier lifestyle. Don't miss Dr. Phil's surprise for her!

"When Tony first agreed to take the polygraph test, I was definitely nervous." Alex shares her candid thoughts about Tony’s polygraph results. Read her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: barbararedwine on Apr 14, 2014, 6:01PM
Does anyone know what has happened with the Dr. Phil family in the last few years? I was hoping that would be one of the items he touched on during his 2000th show. As viewers, we got so invested in the family all while becoming aggravated with them at the same time. I would especially like to know where the children ended up, with Erin or Alexandria.
Replied By: neon1972 on Dec 10, 2010, 10:03AM
I am from Holland and we have have a big relay with the Dr Phill shows,so i guess your 3th child is allready born now.
I also see alot of crap in some messages,but that is so easy to say and most time sayd by peeps who had a good and save childhood and i also find that Dr Dude is sometimes a little harsh,but yeah he is the proffesional and he is allways wright ??? 

I am not agree why he fired Kat,that doesnt make sence !! drugs is not good !! but why such a drama when you try it sometimes,do it save and not to much.

Go girls and enjoy life,life is to short for.............................
Replied By: faydra41 on Sep 22, 2010, 3:43PM - In reply to jakejoy
Alexandra, Katherine and Erin are the worst example of women I have ever seen.
I think Marty who did not cheat on his wife as she did on him is the only decent one in this family.
I think all 3 of the grandchildren should be taken away and adopted.
Erin can't raise more children...just look at the mess she created with her own daughters..so caught up in her career.
How come I raised a boy and a girl after I left my husband and they turned out to be normal...no drugs...no children until after they where married.
It can be done and should be with a 2 parent family.
I would give up on these so called women if I was Dr. Phil.
Replied By: candywright on May 25, 2010, 3:27PM
I am so excited, Dr. Phil, to hear, finally, that you are going to be done with this family.  This family that, in my opinion, has gone from bad to worse in the seven years you have been dealing with them.  And judging from the comments that viewer's are leaving, it's an opinion that is shared by the majority. Not that it matters but I was almost at the point that The Weather Channel was starting to look like better fare, if I have to watch TV.  This family is not deserving of all the time and effort and MONEY that has been doled out to them.  Heaven forbid that Alexandra should have to watch her own children!   And as far as Katherine is concerned, well, she's fired and for good reason.  Doesn't want to take a drug test?  Mmmmmm.  And then Erin....guess we will have to wait for the epic conclusion of this disasterous affair to see how her makeover turned out (I'm ashamed that I really even care).  Marty?  Oh Marty.  Good luck!

My goodness but I feel so much better now.  And Dr. Phil, if you really want to help a family, I'm sure your collective audience could suggest a family much more worthy and appreciative! 
Replied By: cadescove99 on May 19, 2010, 11:37AM - In reply to robbin05
I think Leilah's father, Chris, was still in jail for violating the terms of his probation when Tony bruised her neck.
Replied By: patmcbride on May 17, 2010, 8:45PM
The two drama queens are getting tiresome.  They will continue to be drama queens as long as doing so will get them attention.  Fire Alexandria too.
Replied By: ksgraduate on May 16, 2010, 9:01PM
I have been reconsidering this series in light of the comments and therapy that Dr. Phil has engaged in over the last 6 years.  Dr. Phil has repeatedly spoken to parents about the reasoning and cognitive abilities of teens.  He discusses this in the context of the damage done to developing brains by drug and alcohol use and the ability of all teens to make reasoned rational decisions. 

Today I saw a news piece on  woman who received a life sentence as a 16 year old for being an accessory to a murder.  Experts in neurology spoke of how a 16 year old does not have the reasoning ability to realize the consequences of their actions-it is scientifically based on the development of the brain.

In light of this, I wonder how Dr. Phil could have, in good conscience, left the decision of keeping Nathan up to Alex.  Should he have not insisted on adoption as a prerequisite of helping the family?  Counsel during the pregnancy and care and support for the placement would have eased Alex's natural misgivings and given all the best chance of recovery from this unexpected life detour.

I do not understand Dr. Phil's method of applying the science of brain development in some situations and not in others.  If it truly is science, (and I believe it is) then it should be applied across the board.
Replied By: kathleen27 on May 15, 2010, 6:44PM - In reply to rinata
We may have been privy to a learning experience.  I believe that Dr. Phil TRIED everything from here to Dixie, and back, to help each member of this family, and those who are involved with Alex's children.
There ARE those who believe that "going to therapy" is the magic bullit...you go, you sit, and poof!  All of your problems disappear.
Therapy is a TOOL, and like every other tool, it won't work if you don't put it to proper use.  Dr. Phil saw where this was headed.  MANY times he has said that he wasn't giving up on these people.  THEN, he did set boundaries, and when Katherine pulled another stunt, he wished her well, and wrote her off.  He gave Tony enough rope to hang himself, which I believe he did quite well.
I am looking forward to the conclusion of this saga. 
The summary may very well be that in spite of having top professionals working with you, it is not  a promise of a magical revelation, making you into a responsible, healthy, caring human being.

Some people "hide" behind therapy.  They go, and in their mind, they are TRYING, so the world should give them a wider latitude to screw up because they "go to therapy".  It is done in Court all of the time...anger management, parenting classes...works for those who put in...they are the ones who can take out.

I may be SO off base, but I feel that Dr. Phil has allowed us inside of  a reality..not a myth, and as much as he will offer help, sitting on his stage is NOT a ciure all.

I also get so pissed off, I scream at the T.V. .  After I "cool down", I seem to come away with a greater understanding that God helps those who help themselves...same goes for therapists, doctors, lawyers, and any professional whose goal is to help.

IF you have an uncooperative patient, or group of patients, you can be the top in your field, and still the patient dies, or fails.

Dr. Oz can tell you to quit smoking, give every tool in the book, but should you continue to smoke, and develop COPD, it's nothing that Dr. Oz caused...Dr. Smith on your corner could have done the same thing, just with a lower profile, yet with a willing sipirit, have a better outcome.

This Season was far from a waste.  It took us inside the reality  of manipulative minds and dispelled the myth  of any "magic bullit". 


I've developed a different slant on this series, once I got past my own personal anger  and outrage.
Replied By: rinata on May 15, 2010, 12:17PM
You have been more than patient with this girl. There are a lot of people out there that need your help and would be so grateful to get it. Katherine is not one of them. You did the right thing.
Replied By: jeanbeanny on May 15, 2010, 9:43AM
Please, Doctor Phil, help some other people who are 99% more appreciative of your generosity and expertise!!!  This family has "used" you to excess and they aren't getting any better.  We've heard enough about this totally disfunctional family.  There isn't one member that doesn't have just as much trouble now as they did over 6 years ago.  Give it up, please!
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