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Alienation of affection just might be the ultimate revenge on a husband’s mistress. In a daytime exclusive, Dr. Phil talks to Cindy Shackelford, who sued the woman she claims stole her husband. Not only did the mother of two win her case, she was awarded a whopping $9 million! Cindy tells Dr. Phil there were lies and betrayal in her relationship, and she talks about her ultimate decision to sue for alienation of affection. Then, Jenny Sanford says she was shocked when her husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, took his betrayal public. Unlike many political wives, Jenny chose not to stand by her man and filed for divorce. The former first lady and author of the book, Staying True, reveals how she felt watching her husband at a press conference professing his love for a woman that he called his “soul mate.” Don’t miss this riveting show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: windy14 on Mar 20, 2013, 6:02PM
I just finished a Dr. Phil where alienation of affection was mentioned (October 2007) and he read several comments from the message boards, all blaming the "mistresses."  I could not believe my ears.  That makes me ashamed to be a woman.  ASHAMED.  We hold men to such low standards, but would gladly call other women w---e's.  It's no wonder women are 50% of the population with less than 20% of seats in Congress, no woman for president, and few women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.

This attitude that the woman is always to blame is shameful.  You know who is to blame when a man cheats- THE MAN.  He is the one who made the marriage vows, he is the one responsible.  We let men get away with acting like little erect penises on legs that have to copulate with the first person they see.  "Oh, he couldn't help himself, he's a man."  I bet a lot of you still believe women are resposible for getting raped- "your honor, how could my client know she didn't want to have sex.  She was wearing a mini skirt."  You know how you know she didn't want sex- she said "no," and you know why it's the man's fault- he said "I do."

It's time hold men accountable and stop blaming each other for every little thing.  I've had many conversations with friends about this- the truth of the matter is, the reason we have not progressed farther along the path as a spiecies is that we are divided, both as men and women and women and women.  It truely makes me sad.  I have four nieces and I pray that there generation is more tollerant of each other and more interested in holding each other up, not tearing each other down.
Replied By: danarog on Jul 4, 2011, 12:01PM
I'm being sued in NC for the same thing! An absoiute joke. A guy I met in May 2010 had been tricked into marriage in 2006 by a woman he only knew for 8 weeks. By the way, he was still married to his first wife when the Plaintiff got "knocked up" with his kid and forbade him from trying to reconcile with wife #1. Sound like Jerry Springer yet? The handsome, preppie guy is a raging addict with a lengthy criminal record, but oddly, on the surface, seemed like a great guy for about 8 weeks until the facade started to crack.

In 2006, when he finally married woman #2 (who is now sueing me) she was 4 months pregnant. He claims they NEVER had sex again after their son was born in 2007. He moved into HER condo too and brought nothing to the table financially. The Plaintiff (wife#2) eventually had him sign a quit claim on her condo and both admit he usually slept downstairs on the sofa while she and their son, now 4, slept in the bed upstairs . The Plaintiff readily admits in their recent divorce/custody hearings, under oath, that police were summoned to the home during their marriage, and they filed for divorce and became legally seperated for 6 months in 2008! She even filed a Domestic Violence Protective Order against him in 2008, saying she was afraid for the safety of herself and her baby!

They "reconciled" in Jan., 2009, solely because he agreed to stop drinking. Nine months into their reconciliation he resumed drinking and drug abuse and once again became unemployed after losing a lucrative job for failing a drug test! Happy marriage indeed... his ex also admits he was "never at home" and didn't even take care of his son's basic needs, leaving her at home to do everything while he plowed through HER inheritence and drank and stayed out all night and didn't contribute to household expenses. He has been charged with 5 DWIs, numerous worthless checks and marijuana charges. He racked up over $8,000 in bank overdraft fees in 2010! WHAT a success story. Their "future" sure looked bright, no? I should counter-sue her for betterment!

I first met this clown in May of 2010 and was intrigued by his seersucker suit, private school education, charisma, etc... BIG mistake. We became drinking buddies and friends and within an hour of meeting him, he told me (and everyone within earshot) about his son, his "baby mamma" who he despised and referred to as "bitchface", and the fact that he had not had sex with her in over THREE years. She even admits this in her Discovery answers submitted to my attorney! On August 1, 2010, SHE filed for divorce from HIM, and on August 13th, 2010, I had been sued by this women!!

I would LOVE to get my case on Doctor Phil... Alienation of Affection has been abolished in all but a handful of states, with good reason. The antiquated law harkens back to the day when women were chattel... ie: property. NC has abolished this law in the House, but not the Senate... yet. Shakelford's case is one that MIGHT be considered "legit".... a 32 year marriage with a marital bed intact, two grown children and a husband with a lengthy, successful career. In my case, I'm being sued by an unscrupulous grifter who got knocked up by a married man, made him marry her and then realizing her mistake, she deprived him of sex and companionship and basically looked the other way while he led a life seperate from hers. Did I mention he stands to inherit upwards of $1mm when his mother dies... hmm. Gold digger? They were like roommates who hated eachother.

Enter me... with a squeaky clean record, no bounced checks, no arrests, no marriages, divorces or history with married men, not even a parking ticket. I've played by the rules my whole life, paid off my credit card every month, worked hard and sunk every penny I ever earned into my house and paid it off... and now I could lose it. I gave this guy a shoulder and a helping hand, tried to help him curb his addictions, and listened for a few months while he opined about his hopeless situation and miserable home life. Yes, we spent time together, but he and I never "planned a future together" and I never urged him to leave his wife to be with me. We were friends and drinking buddies and let's just say I'm pleading the 5th on the Criminal Conversation charge.,.. even if it only happpened ONCE, it's still illegal in the state of NC. Go figure. 

The guy told me told ME (and all facts suport this) that the only reason he reconciled with this woman in 2009 was because he couldn't get an apartment because of his criminal record and bad credit, and that his vindictive ex refused him ANY visitation with his son during their 5 month split. He hated this woman and now I'm left holding the bag for my stupidity... yes, if I had it to do over again, I'd have run like hell when I met him. Did I mention that the "guy" is now very much seeing/dating another woman, since last March, and it's NOT me! His greedy, hypocrite, home-wrecker ex-wife has what she wants... their son all to herself, having gotten full custody because of the guy's addiction issues... and I've lost over $10,000 and counting in legal fees and a year of my life to this frivolous lawsuit hell. I may well lose every penny I've ever earned if I get a judgement against me in August at trial. Oh well... so much for this brilliant law... Alienation of Affection
Replied By: donnaelaina on Jul 27, 2010, 10:02PM
I turned on the Dr Phil, and the above show was on...I was happy to see it, as I have felt all that these women have felt the same as I have...with my husbands betrayal and lies after 25 yrs of marriage and 5 children. When they talked of not knowing the husband as he is now (that he looks and sounds the same), but he is nothing like the man I once knew as my husband. I sent an email to Dr Phil sometime over the last year or so?, as I had seen a show where he showed immense empathy for a woman who lost her husband in an accident. But, a woman who was shocked to find her husband had betrayed her and wanted out of the marriage, he seemed to have indifference and no empathy for the woman. So....it was wonderful to see Dr Phil hearing, and understanding the heartache of the women on todays show. My husband went to Saudi with his job, and dived into a sewer of stuff, he once would have been horrified by, and lied to me and made me feel like rubbish, before betraying me in everyway possible....this was so far from who he once was. That was in 2007, he started down this road, and within months he travelled back to Australia to apply for seperation and see a family lawyer, without a word to me. He ripped me off financially in every way,,,I thought I had a good lawyer, but I may as well not had a lwayer for all my x got away with, even with evidence. I had to make a decision, once and for all to let it go, and let God be his judge. I have spent the last few years, most days, choosing to forgive and let go of all that was done and continues to happen. I have worked hard to not be bitter, but get better. My kids have again developed a relationship with their dad. They love him, he is very blessed. I am very blessed as they love me too. I am over 50 and have to start out all over again, with very little, but hey, its a challenge that I'll do my best with God's grace and great  family and friends! I am blessed!!
Replied By: cowwgalsam on May 22, 2010, 7:36PM
Oh my goodness! I can relate! My ex-husband had changed and I had a feeling something wasn't right. He eventually told me he was concerned about a co-worker who had confessed to him that her boyfriend was abusive to her.  I asked him why she would confide in him, a married man, as opposed to a friend or family member.  At that moment, I felt she was after him but like Cynthia, thought my husband was just being a nice guy.  Well, I got a visit from her boyfriend to tell me my husband and she (like Voldemort, I hate saying her name!) were sleeping together.  I confronted my ex and he admitted to having "feelings" for her but that "nothing happened." Hah! Anyhow, after my anger subsided, I wanted to try to work on it. That happened for one week, when I found out he was with her again. That was it! I told him it was over. He asked me "can't we work it out?" I said no.  That same evening, he went to her apartment.  He appeared possessed and he was confused.  We eventually divorced. My message to Cynthia is, I think you hurt him where it hurt him the most. You will move on and you will learn to trust. Keep your chin up!  I can tell you that, in my situation, my ex and that person married and now have 3 children. However, his parents have told me how horrible she is!! Although I've moved on, having remarried and having 3 incredible children, I am so happy to hear that he is miserable and likely continuing to regret his actions. She is living with a man whose heart was never hers.  Ha ha!
Replied By: rayangela98 on May 21, 2010, 8:56AM - In reply to mrsdrudge
Don't mistake what I say about a woman who likes to seduce married men.  The man is just as much to blame, and then some.  My point is, is that there are in fact those women out there.  The one's who think they are God's gift to men.  Perhaps you have never met one, although I don't see how you haven't.  They are everywhere.  You've obviously never met my sister-in-law...
Replied By: baltimorelady on May 21, 2010, 12:11AM
I have so much sympathy for both of these ladies.  I was married to a cheater and, after our divorce, dated another.

In both cases I learned the persons who they pretended to be, were not the persons I learned they really were.  My infatuations with both were an illusion.  It's made me wary of every man I meet.
I have a real problem trusting other people.  God bless both of these ladies and my wish for both is that they not end up as damaged as I am.

Judi Hanford
Replied By: kayleebaby on May 20, 2010, 7:22PM - In reply to tgspearman
Take a long, reflective look and then take some responsibility.  It takes two in any relationship:  marriage or romantic encounter.
Replied By: kayleebaby on May 20, 2010, 7:20PM - In reply to j23605
I completely agree!  There is no prize for longevity in a marriage.  At some point in your life, you face some difficult decisions.  After taking care of a spouse and children for 30 years and sacrificing yourself in the process, one might stop and examine how the next 30 years should be spent.  Do you choose to continue following a legal obligation because it's an obligation?  Personally, if I were in either of these marraiges, I would prefer that my spouse would go and then let me go and live peacefully rather than be held captive. 
Why is it that we have to make the most life-altering decisions (college/carrer/marriage) when we are WAY too young to completely comprehend the implications?
Replied By: tgspearman on May 20, 2010, 10:15AM
This is ridiculous!Why are you suing someone for breaking a contract of which they are not a party?Listen you yourselves!This is a vehicle for revenge!People are not possessions, you do not own people and therefore have no right to sue if they decide to leave you.All of you say you had a “happy marriage” before the affair. I don't think so; obviously you didn’t or only you were happy.It is my belief that if one is happyhe/she is not looking and for sure will not engage in this type of behavior.Adults have a brain and a mouth we know how to say NO!At any rate we are all in control of our own actions.No one can make you do what you don’t want to do the OW/OM cannot have an affair alone.It takes two!The OW/OM is not the one who is in a marriage contract. People, you cannot make/intimidate/force/sue someone into loving and staying with you, Hello!!!Yes, you are entitled to your alimony/child support from your spouse (the party to your contract) but that is all. The fact that most states have done away with this ridiculous law should tell you something. Research the origin of the law, People. It was not intended for revenge, Folks!Come on, sue for your alimony/support and move on.Don’t foster hate and ill feelings heal and move on.Revenge never got anyone anywhere.
Replied By: kayleebaby on May 19, 2010, 5:00PM - In reply to j23605
I was married at a very young age because I thought it was the right "next step" for me because I was sexually active with a great Christian guy.  Soon after, our first child was born.  I got married way too young for all the wrong reasons, but stayed because of my committment as a wife and a mother.  There does come a time in one's life, as Mark Sanford, described, where you begin to look at the next 30 years of your life.  Do you spend the first 30 years taking care of everyone, denying yourself, and then choose to spend the next 30 in the same way...unfulfilled and dead inside?  Or do you find a way to be with that one person who shakes your heart and soul and makes you feel alive? 
At some point, I believe you need to make some hard choices and start living your own life!
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