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For the first time, Dr. Phil meets one-on-one with Alexandra's fiancé, Tony. He drills down to find out the status of the young man’s relationship with Alexandra, and if he admits to having an anger problem. When Dr. Phil questions Tony about who caused the bruises to Alexandra's 2-year-old daughter, Leilah, Tony vehemently denies any involvement. Find out what he says caused the bruises, and if a polygraph test will prove his innocence. Former FBI agent, Jack Trimarco, who administers the exam, sheds light on Tony’s results. And, Alexandra offers a surprising explanation for Tony’s answers. Learn how the test results impact Alex, Tony and her children. Get caught up with this family.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: briandl on Nov 20, 2012, 12:22PM
He says the tests are accurate to something like "upwards of 90 percent". He's probably been on the show at least ten times, possibly even twenty times. If he's done ten, and it's upwards of 90%, at least one polygraph result was wrong. If he's done 20 on the show, and even giving him the benefit of 95% accuracy, that's still one person. 

I wonder how he or Dr. Phil would respond to that simple, logical, mathematical statement?

I'm not using this guy as an example, I'm simply saying at least ONE of the people that have taken a polygraph had an incorrect test result.
Replied By: scorpiopoodle on May 4, 2011, 9:48PM - In reply to canadianna
to say it's only about the children and not about Alex or the dads is not really saying anything.  If the children's lives are going to be affected deeply by Alex's and their fathers choices, then it IS about Alex and the dads.  If Marty and Erin have to raise these kids, then IT IS about Marty and Erin too.  All these people have a hand in influencing what kind of people these children turn out to be, so of COURSE it is about them too.  Just because you say the kids have to take priority, it doesn't change the fact that the personalities, circumstances and behaviors of the adults in their lives DO matter.  These kids want to have a normal, healthy, successfully functioning mother in Alex.  If she isn't that, it will hurt them tremendously.  How Alex is MATTERS.  How the dads and the grandparents are MATTERS.  It's about all of them because it's the adults in the kids lives who can determine what can or can not be done for the kids.  The kids will grow up happy or hurt and damaged depending on these people.  The kids can not exist on their own in a bubble and they will NOT take priority in everyone's lives just because you say so.  If Alex had no problem understanding her kids have to take priority, then she wouldn't even be on the show, she would just be living life at home with her parents, sacrificing her pride and everything else for her kids.
Replied By: scorpiopoodle on May 4, 2011, 9:29PM - In reply to ocha49
I know Erin had an affair, but she still remained loyal because she did not divorce Marty.  She confessed, she ended it at some point and she chose to continue to work on the marriage in the end.  Many people have affairs who actually ARE NOT willing to move out of their homes and leave their spouses.  It's an unhealthy definition of loyalty, but it is one, nonetheless.
Replied By: metalman_too on Sep 15, 2010, 12:46AM - In reply to carobu
You're not the only one who was disappointed with the way that was handled. My God where did we lose sight of these are human beings we're dealing with? To make an issue out of lying when there was a chance of changing the direction of lives to what's best in the roles they're facing sure wasn't part of these shows. I was very disappointed about this and my TV put in for hazardous duty pay from the way I've been expressing it here.
Replied By: metalman_too on Sep 15, 2010, 12:37AM - In reply to canadianna
I never replied to your posts because just like all Marty could ever do if he got involved with game playing with Erin would be to defend and protect himself the same way your posts have others that post on subjects do. As you made a point about my experiences weren't relevant in these subjects as if you are some kind of authority without any validation I see that as controlling and manipulation. My main reasoning in Marty divorcing Erin is that he enabled himself to be controlled and manipulated by her for so long that I see that it would be totally impossible for him to earn Erin's trust and respect at this time. Yet I strongly feel he would stand earning his daughter's trust and respect which to me would be more important. Erin can take care of herself but the daughters need somebody to lean on. Erin needed Marty to lean on a long time ago but she's been let down by him to much already. This I take from my own personal experience of not knowing enough to earn by ex-wife's trust and respect. Yes I totally believe women control and manipulate which is a God given gift. Males allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated so they are the problem with relationship failures which this family has been going through.
Personally I seen Katherine as the daughter I would put most of my effort into if I were Marty because regardless of the trouble she's been into in the past she displays the most potential for the future in turning her life around, especially after the Dr. Phil rejection. She do better on her own rather than having the world focus on what's wrong with her all the time. As for Alex, she's already stated that she could talk to her father so I think that would fall in place. Erin has already had an affair and isn't a bad looking woman so she'll do okay no matter what, but spending so many years without being able to trust and respect Marty I think they'd be better off in just being friends for a while instead of being married. This way Erin would stand a better chance at seeing some kind of positive direction for their daughter's lives instead of bringing the problems in their marriage into an overloaded problem agenda they're facing.
I will give you credit for one thing. I've been single for close to thirty years now and attempting to share with someone with a behavior like yours is something I thank God for not allowing in my life anymore.
Replied By: carobu on Aug 10, 2010, 11:50AM
Dr Phil, I am absolutely shocked at the approach you had towards Tony.  This is a man who has numerous challenges not least the lack of reading, dyslexia etc.  I have been sickened on numerous occasions at the way Erin pokes fun and belittles him because he can't read.  I really hope none of her grand kids ever have a learning disability because she is really hurtful.  I believe that Tony has been repeatedly pushed on the  show and the only bit of anger shown was his jaw. Come on Dr Phil needs to get real.  He used his intellect against this man.  I really think Dr. Phil should be ashamed at how he handled this.
Replied By: stork5576 on Jun 9, 2010, 2:56AM
Dr. Phil and Jack Trimarco failed to represent during the show what a polygraph test actually is.  A polygraph measures physiological changes to a series of verbal questioning.  It is not a measure of deception though there can be correlation between those variables.  The evidence between this correlation is at best sketchy.  There are too many variables to accurately prove deception between physiology and psychological questioning especially between individuals.  Jack Trimarco has said that a failure of a polygraph test usually falls in the failure of the examiner.  This makes the test even more subjective because it calls into question what qualifies an examiner to meet this "98% success."  Experience and knowledge is not a quantitative measurement, at best it is qualitative.
I'm surprised with Dr. Phil's staff and his own personal knowledge, that they allowed Jack Trimarco to represent the test the way he did.  Jack Trimarco is adamant that this is a test for deception, which of course calls to question the bias of the examiner.  He's misrepresenting the evidence gathered and fortifying this with evidence with studies that support his conclusion.  If the polygraph test was so successful in determining deception why is there still so much research being done to design better tests to prove deception?  There are obvious flaws to this test for the results it is trying to produce.
I'm very disappointed because the Dr. Phil show has always been excellent of revealing these very issues to a general audience.
Replied By: yankeesgal24 on May 17, 2010, 1:19PM
This is so sad for me. Alex needs to hit rock bottom, and crawl out of it herself! She relies on everyone else. I loved hearing the "the state" heath care she has covers an Intrauterine devise! Thank god, because I'd rather pay one doctor's bill than a lifetime of her kid's expenses in Medicaid and welfare. Does she realize that the audience can say what they want, they are supporting her lifestyle right now?
This is such a sad situation for me to watch. A woman who would love to be able to have children and can't, to watch this "entitled" girl throw away these precious children. Makes me so sad. :(
Replied By: gcvande on May 10, 2010, 8:27PM - In reply to canadianna
I do believe that people need to take responsibility for their actions, however, Erin needs to do this as well. She has never let these girls live their own lives and make their own mistakes and learn from them so they do not know how problem solve.  They have not had the chance to learn the skills they need to survive. Erin's manipulative parenting and controlling behavior is the cause of this.
Replied By: jennio31416 on May 9, 2010, 3:28PM
It was so apparent to me as a woman the first time Tony appeared on the show (he was in the audience) that he was a hothead. He was clenching his teeth so tight his jaw twitched. One thing I learned from Oprah in fact was to trust your female intuition or your gut feeling. Erin I know you have that. Whether Alex is using mood altering drugs and that is hindering her judgement, whether she is too immature to be in tune with her own feelings, or possibily going from being a child to being a “biological mother" during the course of labor has stunted that period for growth in her life. There is a very likely possibility that Alex’s emotional growth stopped at 15 or 16. Sex, pregancy and labor does not make a responsible parent. I am not being judgemental, but when life altering events happen to a child emotional growth is stunted, especially if they are not held accountable for their actions. At one time in my life I don’t know that I would or could have done any different than you or Erin. I have had struggles I do know now. I have seen your growth Erin but I still see you trying to control. Good lord control is hard to let go of. Alexandra has shown no intention of wanting to be responsible for her own life. She has to have a man, have you raise her kids, and have you, Marty and Dr. Phil support her in the life she currently leads.
What I want to say is it is a lose, lose situation. Children want to be with their Mother, you as Grandparents are the best close second. Whether it is abuse, being taken away, the choice of living with Tony, or you and Marty raising them and the possibility that the court may take this unborn child from them, they will grow up not understanding why their mother didn’t make tough choices or any choices to fight for them. It will scar them as individuals. Some children are resilient they make it through. After years of trying to control my life, husband, and the family I grew up in I truly believe I gave myself cancer. If you are not here to be a safe haven for those children whether it be part time, full time or a grandmother(parents) they can trust to go to under any circumstances and be accepted and loved unconditionally then they will have lost more than ever. Children are resilient, Alexandra is young but your taking care of yourself to be there for those grandkids would truly be a tragedy. If Alex and Katherine haven’t gotten buy now (life and choices) they aren’t going to get it from you and Marty. It is now live and learn and I think all of you need to release them to go down that path.
Good luck, and a Mother who cares and has put up with as much as you must be a good person. Let your daughters go and they will come back as friends.
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