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It’s never too late for a do-over when it comes to parenting. Tina and Joe admit they made some mistakes when raising their son, Chanse. They say they met in a sobriety program, had a rocky relationship from the start and divorced when Chanse was 5 … and things have gone downhill from there. Now Chanse is 21, addicted to drugs and was recently living on the streets, until Tina allowed him to move back home. They desperately want to turn things around for their son. Dr. Phil digs down and uncovers the parenting mistakes that sent Chanse on his path of self-destruction. Can Tina, Joe and Chanse get past the anger, resentment and trust issues and heal as a family? How can Tina and Joe learn to re-parent now that their son is an adult? Dr. Phil contributor Kelly Osbourne shares her own family history of drug abuse and offers her insight and perspective.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rnamy5150 on Oct 10, 2014, 11:18AM
I am a RN and work in the ER. I realize how bad the pill popping is for kids and even adults, but my concern is the people who are abusing the drugs are making it much harder for the people who really need them and are getting denied because people who are not sick are abusing the system. 

I just feel Doctors should prescribe apppropriately to the patients who honestly need it instead of worring about how many pills they prescribe. Its not the sick patients fault that people abuse prescribed pills, I am very much a patient advocate and I just dont think it is fair to patients who are in pain and have to wait or hope that they can make their prescription last.

Replied By: harleytc on Feb 24, 2012, 10:39AM
Hello my name is Teresa. I am so desperate to get in touch with Dr Phil before my son gets lost in the court system. He's been addicted to prescription drugs since the age of 18 for his Chron's disease. He's now 28yrs old and will be 29 in April. Please  I need him to save my son.. He's waiting trial in York County Detention Center. I feel the pain that all parents feel that's been on your show. & I can't give up on him. I'm the only one that is here fighting for him. Please I beg for you for some help.  He was sentence last year & the solicitor & court apt lawyer agreed for long term rehab but the judge on went for 30 days. He failed once he went into the hospital ER 7mths ago.Your the only hope we got left. I know I want be able to get in touch with you before it's too late but I have to at least try. I have left you messages on twitter, Face book and also sent you and your lovely wife a message but I know I'll never get through. But I know I will we won't get acknowledged but I at least tried. God bless the people who was able to get in touch with you and I hope the best for them all.Thanks for your time,Teresa
Replied By: sme1954 on May 17, 2010, 12:05PM - In reply to dsokcmd
He WAS raised in a drug cultured family.  Six months of no use is NOT sober.  Get real.  The parents themselves needed MUCH mnore time than that in sobriety.  At the very LEAST, they had tools at their disposal to know better when he was born.
Replied By: sme1954 on May 17, 2010, 12:01PM - In reply to deconstructor
YES, the programs are toxicv in many many instances...yet, they can be a godsend in others.  This 'mother' here seemed to me to be in possession of  much information, yet she chose to enjoy her own self-centered worshiop service.  Her son grew up, in essence, ALONE.  When he went to his father's home, he found his 'friend'. 

I myself am nearing the end of marriage with a daughter.  Never, not once, have I considered a get-even approached with her ignorant father in relationship to her.  I have made myself stand fronbt and center for the benefit of my daughter.  I donot slam him (though that one is tuff) by usiing language nor action in front of her.  She has been through enough as it is..I cannot concieve of any mother who putsw anone other person before the well-being of her child, be he 2 or 20.  That's is just where I stand here.

I kow first hand of these 12-step rpograms.  Yes, they do indeed give some hope.
What stood out for Me in this system was...the folks With the problem...are they 'helping' or hindering?.
In the end, I am better left without the drama.  '
Alcohol/drug problems are simple:...don't do it!..If ya don't drink, ya won't get drunk. 
Easy as pie.
The harde part is the dissection as to why we fgeel we must self-destroy in the first place.

The mother appears to have dis-associated herself with her son.
The father is pathetic.
I hope somebody gives the kid a leg UP here.
Replied By: fromthesquare on Apr 28, 2010, 1:02AM - In reply to rhondagtcs
Medical Marijuana to treat ADHD?  Then we can treat diabetes with Krispy Kreme!
Replied By: doster on Apr 26, 2010, 7:49PM
I am so proud of Kelly Osbourne.  She is so pretty and kindhearted.  I am so proud that she gives of her time and energy to help others.  What a blessing she has been to Chanse.  I wish him the best!  I hope he will be strong at all times.  I know he can do it.  Thank you, Dr Phil, for bringing Kelly Osbourne to be a part of your show!
Replied By: coachnana on Apr 22, 2010, 6:18PM - In reply to jpm1020
Replied By: namedeclin on Apr 22, 2010, 1:55PM - In reply to DrPhilBoard2
The link that you have posted is the link I have already read.  The question I have is what is the orientation and type of therapy that deals with life planning skills when one's parents didn't prepare their children for success, and, instead, undermined them every step of the way.  What type of orientation or practice does one look for? 
Replied By: namedeclin on Apr 22, 2010, 1:46PM - In reply to DrPhilBoard2
Any information on how to obtain the right kind of help for this is most appreciated.
Replied By: ceejay425 on Apr 22, 2010, 11:23AM
You both seemed so insensitive to the parents and I couldn't believe Kelly said "you were bad parents".  You don't know that since you are only hearing Chanses point of view.  My bet is yes, they probably made some mistakes as all parents do, but hopefully did the best they could.
My son was also a victim of divorce at age 5 and also ended up doing drugs as a teenager and it continued on in to his 20's, but when he joined AA and NA it was the best thing that ever happened to him.  He was sober for the first time in YEARS and the support was incredible.   I didn't raise him to be a drug and alcohol addict, but that is the road he took and believe me, we tried to prevent it.  Looking back I do see that we might could have done more, but I think all parents look back and wish they had made some different decisions when raising their child.
I do hope Chanse gets straight and gets to meet Ozzy and family and I do feel that Kelly helped him, but give the parents a break.  They just didn't know any better, but I do think they will try and help Chanse get on the road to recovery.  Cheers to them for showing up and taking the abuse.
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