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Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Alexandra, impressing upon the young mom the importance of her behavior as she faces two custody battles. When Dr. Phil tells her she may also lose custody of her unborn child, will she acknowledge that she must change her life? And, tensions escalate when Alexandra and Erin discuss Alexandra’s fiancé and father of her unborn child, Tony. Learn what’s damaging the mother and daughter’s already rocky relationship and why Erin questions whether she wants to bond with her newest grandchild. And meet Bridget, who says the life of Leilah, Alexandra's daughter, mirrors her childhood. She reveals how her estranged mother lost custody of her when she was a little girl, as well as the child she was carrying. Her emotional words bring Erin to tears, but does her message have an impact on Alexandra?

"Without Tony in the house, I am sure I would feel lonely and separated." Read more of Alex's thoughts on Tony moving out on her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: binky0422 on May 6, 2011, 8:12AM - In reply to nomichigan
I can not believe that Alexandra sits there every time and lies...she lies with every word she says. What a waste of time!  Throw her to the curb where she belongs...she doesn't want help. She just wants to be on TV. Dr. Phil has tried everything with her and she still doesn't get it....move on to someone who would appreciate the help offered!
Replied By: efarris on May 1, 2011, 2:11PM
Just so you are aware Alaxandra, those so called PERSCRIPTION drugs you are on can and WILL kill you. I had a nephew a couple years ago that was on all kinds of perscription meds, for pain and gee guess where his pain was? IN HIS BACK.. His pain specialist kept giving him all kinds of medications and two years ago he DIED of a over dose. He did not over dose himself he was taking what the Drs. said to take and it KILLED him he was only 30 when he died. At the time of his death he had a 12 year old daughter that now has to live without her father. Although while he was on those drugs he couldn't be much of a father, but he did have custody of her and did the best he could. He had been on pain medicine for about 10 years before it took his life, and I would bet that there are alot more out there that has died for this very reason. Think about this cause you have three young children that I bet would love to have their mom in their lives. Its time to quit blaming others and take responsiblity for your children. I had three kids by the time I was 20 I was a single mom I did it myself, YES its tough YES its hard, YES you have to give up just about everything you wanted out of life, and YES YOUR KIDS SHOULD COME FIRST, but the kids didn't ask to be born. Please get the help you need to get off those perscription drugs before its to late and you end up like my nephew.
Replied By: dleaster on Feb 20, 2011, 8:12PM - In reply to csidney
please alex take the gift that dr phil has given you.I know it is hard to get off these drugs,and I think you think it's one big party but it is not.I know I also am chemicaly depentant on the same kind of drugs from my doctors.and belive me I have tried to quit on my own and I can't do it.if there was a place here for me to get help I would.you will live in hell if you dont and you may even die.you have three beautiful children who need there mom.so please please get the help.one day the drugs you are on will not work any more then they will put you on so many you will end up like myself.I some times dont no what day or year it is. I feel like I have been in coma and woke up and wonder were the last 15 years went.what I see in the mirror is a old starve looking person and I have to look twice to see that its me. please don't end up like this it is not any way to live I promise you that.you are young and have a great chance to change your life and if it is Tony who wants to take the drugs and party get rid of him.he doesn't love you if he did he would want you to take the help.  i know you are in pain as Iam but with all these drugs we are not sure what kind of pain we are really feeling. the drugs also cause pain.so if you ever want to talk Iam sure you can get my phone number from dr phil I would love to talk to you. I do know what you are going threw.good luck and I really hope to hear from you.  Dyana Easter
Replied By: jcaine on Sep 27, 2010, 2:40PM
What a selfish decision to not only get pregnant with your third child you can not afford financially or emotionally and then do drugs and have the baby born addicted... Give me a break! There are many women out there( myself included) who are unable to have children, and watching people pop out kids with no regard for their welfare is infuriating. Alex, you are more than welcome to ruin your own life, but PLEASE do not bring more children into your train wreck. Dr. Phil, seriously quit wasting your time and effort on this girl, her right to be treated with compassion and concern  went out the window when she knowingly placed her unborn baby at risk by doing drugs, save your energy for those who deserve it. Jen Caine
Replied By: krncov on Sep 24, 2010, 6:57PM - In reply to transcriber45
I have to say that I would NOT miss the show on Mondays simply due to the family...they are for real...sometimes over the top, but nonetheless real life america people...I relate so much to Erin....she tries to be proper yet Alex can drive her over the edge...alex is the daughter that I have been struggling with for 33 years now...it doesn't end...my daughter has been an addict for so long with many recoveries only to fall off the wagon...it's so very hard to disengage from her life and to stop enabling...i would love to meet Erin...we have so much in common and the pill epidemic in our country is out of control....why are the doctors even giving these young women opiates in the first place???  My heart goes out to Erin and I just can't believe that she is now raising 3 more babies after already raising her family....
Replied By: cinderella1980 on Sep 14, 2010, 12:40AM
I dont disagree Alexandra is a spoiled brat, but ive been thinking alot about Erin to. Would be really funny to see her take a polygraf test, i know alexandra is lying but i really dont think erin is any better. NO mother is a saint, and normal mothers dont pretend to be. Ill bet alot on that Erin has lyed her teeth off on that show on how much shes been there for her kids, how good shes been, how much shes done. Erins "i understand, i agree dr phil i this i that" with a smiling grin every "#"¤% time is just as provocative as Alexandras "i want it my way"whining!
Theres been so many times ive been watching (sometimes over and over again) where ive been thinking: Put Erin on a polygraf, lets see if all Alexandra does is whine or if theres actually is some truth to what shes saying to.
Replied By: castle41 on Jun 17, 2010, 1:34PM
Alexandra and Tony are spoiled brats.  Neither will make a goood parent.  Put baby #3 up for adoption.  Give the middle child to Chris.  We have never met Nathan's other parent, but, unless he wants Nathan, let Marty continue to raise Natha.   Alexandra is the most immature  diva I've ever seen on TV.  What a WHINER!
Replied By: shaq34 on May 8, 2010, 1:55PM
Replied By: gigiwalt on May 4, 2010, 7:22AM - In reply to olveratwins
If I were even half what she is (you fill in that blank; i'm not going there anymore)...I would HOPE someone would step in and do what's best for me and especially the children I brought into this world!  I happen to firmly believe...IT TAKES A VILLAGE!  If everyone had that mentality, this world would be a much better place, to say the least!  This is America, but not the America that used to be...most people now don't even know what this country was created for, sadly!  The values and morals that used to be exist no longer.  I, in no way, am a republican or a Bible thumper or anything even remotely close to either of those things!  I'm not even 'old' either...yet I can clearly see that dignity and respect and responsibility and on and on and on are almost NON-EXISTENT now!
Replied By: sunshine_845 on May 3, 2010, 5:16PM
Thank goodness more grandparents stand up for their grandchildren. I never gave my son in law a chance or my daughter either. I got custody for 101/2 months I told them I was adopting her. Please take a stand and don't let this little girl be hurt anymore. You are a strong lady and you can do it. Fight for her with all your heart! It just makes me want to cry to see a mother defending an abuser that way. To top it off she is having another one. How dumb can she be??????????????????????????????? Have her fixed so there can't be anymore!
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