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Alex says the latest developments in her life, including taking parenting classes, an upcoming deposition, a parental fitness evaluation, money troubles and the ongoing custody battles for her two children, have her so stressed out, her hair is falling out. She joins the show via satellite to reveal news about her baby and answer tough questions from Dr. Phil about her current situation and the choices she must make regarding her future. With custody determinations of her children on the line, will she ask her fiancé and father of her unborn child, Tony, to move out? Next, Erin shares her concerns about Tony, and the two face off behind closed doors. Then, Dr. Phil shares an important message with the young mom. Will she heed his warning? Get caught up with this family.

Alex opens up about her behavior in her relationships with Tony and her children. Read her blog.

Erin shares her concerns about Alex and her future. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: coolsister on May 13, 2011, 12:13PM
Erin got a free face lift.. and is allowed to whine and say anything she wants and Dr. Phil allows her to do this.  Also she is still controlling and annoying as hell. Just back off and let Alex do what Alex will do. You cannot help someone who doesn't want help and if I had Erin telling me everyi day what a scum bag I was and how wonderful I am to take care of her kids, I would rebel also.  These two need to leave the relationship until Alex grows up and appreciates being a mother or having a mother. Erin either take care of her kids and shut up or give them to the father's to take care of.  Alex is an addict, she has to agree to get help but the relationship with mother and daughter is broken.  Why do you keep subjecting us to this family who doesn't do a thing you ask.  Wish I had all the attention Dr. Phil has given them.  This is so wrong.. Help someone who can be helped.
Replied By: vmg103 on May 10, 2010, 8:51PM
A sobering question for Alex.
Would she be interested in dating a 22 year old man that had three kids with three different women. Hence his financial and emotional resources/support would be divided among the three existing children (not to mention his time on holidays and special occasions) before he could devote any time to Alex and her three kids. Also, Alex would then have to deal with three different mommies that want to know her business and what is happening in her house as the kids would be visiting her.
This is what she is offering to any future men in her life. Wow - I'm not sure what kind of person would want to step into that situation.
Replied By: fluffyaltima on May 4, 2010, 5:59AM
Why Dr. Phil continues to waste time with this family is beyond me.  They love the attention and show no desire to change - however, I will have to say that Alex actually showed quite a bit more maturity than her mother in the May 3 show.  I didn't see any rolling of the eyes or shrugging shoulders, although her facial expressions were revealing.  Erin, on the other hand, acted like a baby.  I hope Dr. Phil really IS finished with Tony.  He seems to go after them and chase them to beg them to come back on the show.  Where would Alex even meet a male who can't read or write, and can barely put a sentence together without swear words? 
Replied By: fluffyaltima on Apr 26, 2010, 4:34PM
I don't know why I watch this show every Monday, as I can't stand those spoiled brat girls with their senses of entitlement and Alex's attitude that it's all about her, and "people have kids they can't afford every day."  Good night!  She obviously has to have a man - if you can call Tony that - but what else could she attract but an illiterate ex-con?  His anger can barely be concealed, and everything is everybody else's fault.  They would deserve each other, except there are 3 innocent children at risk.  I applaud Erin for responding to the "I need a warm fuzzy mother" with telling Alex she's raised her children, and it's time for her to take care of herself.  Isn't she doing enough raising the 2 children Alex already has?  Alex needs to have them taken away from her.  She doesn't deserve children.  I also think Erin could do more keeping her mouth shut.  Where does Alex get the money for her makeup?
Replied By: mommalauren on Apr 21, 2010, 7:18AM
I guess I missed why DCF actually took the children.  Leila did have bruises but I was under the impression it was an isolated incident.  Why not just let a DCF case manager observe the situation for 6 months.  Nathan is with his father so wouldn't that just be a regular custody battle, that would actually be resolved when Alexandra marries Tony.  Is there something in Tony's past that is a problem that has not been revealed ?
Replied By: sharongry9 on Apr 20, 2010, 2:31PM
I find it very tiring to see this family on the show so often.  There does not seem to be any progress and it feels like they are enjoying the attention being given without any real thought to real change.  Perhaps it is  the entire family dynamic which created this disharmony....grandparents, parents, siblings, partners.....none of them are evolved enough to see the end result of their actions.  Dr. Phil should just do all this 'counselling' off air and privately so they won't be so reluctant to speak what they consider their personal truth to be..  It will all be as it is meant to be anyway and the rest of us do not need to see it.
Replied By: flameinco on Apr 20, 2010, 10:23AM
I have to say I have been watching this family since it was first aired.  I have to say I am feeling for Alex if I was her I would feel hurt by my mother and frustrated with Dr. Phil.  I think her mom is a huge problem in her life.  I do not have a relationship with my mother because of very similar behaviors.  I think her mother is wrong to have gotten so involved with the children and if she had just let her fall while her life would have been very hard she would probably still have both of her children.  Her mother has turned her in to child protection and has sabataged her at every step.  I have to say I was very young mother and it was hard my first three children.  We lived in poverty but they always had their mommy and we worked together and they all turned out to be wondrerful men.   My father said to me several time that I would "hurt my children and should have never had them" but you know what as hard as it was, and it was, they and I have a great relationship and I am so glad I got away from my mother and father.  I wish Alex all the good things and I think she should distance herself from her parents once this is all over.   Stand on your own two feet and quit counting on your parents because they seem to have their own agenda.
Replied By: eeloono on Apr 20, 2010, 9:30AM - In reply to kathleen27
I have no reason to believe Dr Phil is not a good man.
Therapy is helpful for non-organic problems but only short term, the problem is both Alex and Katheryn keep making new problems for themselves.
I will give you 2 common phrases.
1. "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior."  Now that they are adults they will only improve by hitting bottom.
2.  "How is that working for you?  What is being done is not working.  Sometimes you just need a different teacher or therapist.
Think of it as a man abusing a woman.  Lots of excuses, lots of promises but in the end nothing changes until something happens like she leaves.  How many chances are these girls going to get?  You said they were too public too early, time for privacy.
Replied By: dcsprincess on Apr 19, 2010, 2:23PM
Alex REALLY needs to grow up! She does NOT GET IT and she never will, If she does it will be too late! I dont think she deserves to get those precious babies back!  She is so disrespectful! She looks like a complete idiot on tv, rolling her eyes, shrugging her shoulders and wrinkling her face like she does everytime Dr. Phil tells her anything she does not like!
Replied By: dhaven3 on Apr 19, 2010, 1:46PM
Every time I see this Dr. Phil family on TV ( Erin, Alex, Katherine & Marty ) I get this arrogate attitude from them. I believe the way Erin is picking family issues( battles) is offensive and crazy. She comes off with my way or the high way mentality. That kind of attitude can destroy a family, like mine. I can see the effects already with her & Alex. I also sense a lack of gratitude with them. When Dr. Phil put his foot down,& reset the ground rules for them I don’t think they get it. Dr. Phil has given a once in a lifetime gift to them. I feel they both don’t get it.

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