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The pressure to be thin is immense in this country, and the media bombards us endlessly about losing weight. Dr. Phil and his guest panel representing both sides of the issue continue the heated discussion about the treatment of fat people in society. John Pinette, an overweight comedian who often pokes fun at his size in his act, adds both insight and levity to topics ranging from banning cupcakes in classrooms to the size of the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin. And, could you be obese and not even know it? Learn a simple way to determine if you fall into that category and the severe health consequences you may face. Plus, emotions rise when the audience weighs in! You don’t want to miss the conclusion to this highly charged show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: catherine30 on Apr 11, 2010, 3:36PM - In reply to viewerinpa
This is the thing, those people go on and on about people being obese, not one time in my 50 plus years of life did a doctor or anyone every tell me that smokers have 1,000 times higher risk of getting esophageal cancer than non-smokers. Talk about lack of attention and lack of information about an addiction. All they ever tell people is you can get lung cancer, so many people will be light smokers and then run and exercise to blow the stuff out of their lungs. No one talks about throat cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, on and on. I did not even have a clue what an esophagus is until it started hurting so badly. And, like I said, even when they have people in drug and alcohol rehab, they let them smoke which will kill them quickly, and the doctors don't say one thing to them about smoking. In AA meetings everyone smokes. I've known people in AA who got sober and stayed sober and died from lung cancer. Before we get outraged about obesity, the doctors should start telling people how very few people used to get COPD, and how today it is the fifth leading cause of death. And, I know that a lot of thin athletic people smoke. If anyone had given me all of the information, I would have quit long ago. It also leads to breast cancer. No doctors are getting this information out to people.
Replied By: viewerinpa on Apr 11, 2010, 9:41AM - In reply to shannon51
You are so right!
Replied By: viewerinpa on Apr 11, 2010, 9:30AM - In reply to catherine30

Reply to Catherine30

I agree with what you said, “I don't think anyone has really figured out the overeating thing”. But I think a big problem is that so many people think it is a matter of overeating in the first place. When people see an obese person they automatically think we’re just sitting and shoving food down our throats all day long and so many times that is not the case at all. As I said in an earlier post I barely eat at all, and people are always telling me I don’t eat enough. I am currently on Weight Watchers which I just started (again) less than 2 week ago and I have to work really hard at eating all the food I’m supposed to eat. I’m just not used to eating so much. I’ve found that to be a big issue with almost all the diets I’ve ever been on…..and I’ve been on them all. By far the easiest diet I ever did was called Optifast. Our local hospital ran the program and monitored you closely. For 12 weeks you ate NO food, just drank their shakes that were nutritionally balanced with the nutrients you need. It was so easy to not even have to think about food let alone shop for it, store, it cook it, clean up after it etc. Unfortunately you eventually had to go back on normal food and that is the difference between diets and alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. An alcoholic has to stay completely away from alcohol. A smoker has to never pick up another cigarette……but a dieter can’t “never” eat food again. You have to eat to live. I wish I didn’t have to….I hate stopping what I’m doing to eat. I hate food shopping, I hate cooking and I hate having to decide what to make or what to eat.

Anyway, like you I know I’m going to die younger than I would have had I not carried around all this extra weight all my life. And probably even earlier due to all the yo-yoing I’ve done. I sincerely believe that if I had never gone on that first diet (which was at the age of 8) I wouldn’t weigh what I do now. The losing and then gaining back what you lost plus some is a horrible way of life.
Replied By: loloanne on Apr 11, 2010, 7:27AM - In reply to blgspc
That was so kind of you to show your concern and encouragement over the issues of my insulin resistance.  Unfortunately I do have Diabetes 2 but have been successful in controlling it with diet alone.  I have other health issues that make weight loss difficult and slow but am doing well on my journey.  My point in bringing up these issues was to show that all people don't go out and try to get fat, stay fat on purpose, or are fat because they are lazy.  Each person has a journey and part of that journey is finding out first why they are on this particular road, find out what to do about it, and then to find the strength as you did to fight it.  The one thing that won't help anyone is to be pushed in either a condecending way as did the member of the panel that was blonde or in a mean way as did the no chubbie gentleman.  It can't be on our time table but on their's and we must love them right where they are no matter what.
Replied By: shannon51 on Apr 10, 2010, 9:13PM
I found it interesting that on the Dr. Phil show you have a man wearing a No Chubbies t shirt and yelling about how fat people are worthless unless they lose weight to tshirt wearer's perception of healthy, then the next day a show about bullies and how badly they treat  someone different.  Mr. t shirt should have been held over for the bullies show. 
Replied By: catherine30 on Apr 10, 2010, 6:23PM - In reply to marnie100
Lots of people stop taking drugs and stop drinking, but it takes years and years of recovery. Most go to AA for years and years, throw themselves into it, do lots of volunteer work in AA. Those are the people who stay clean and sober. It takes a long time to overcome an addiction. I don't know if you've seen that show Celebrity Rehab? You can see the people when they are going through physical withdrawal from drugs and it goes on for a long time. Then, they have to figure out why they drank or did drugs, go to therapy, AA, go into a sober living house, and many still have relapses for years. It's a long process. I've been sober for almost 30 years now, I've been fine with it for over 20 years. Eventually the addiction does go competely away from doing new behaviors, but like I said, it takes years, sometimes decades. I don't have the smoking one down. Those people in rehab detoxing from drugs are ALL smoking, that's because cigarettes set off feel good emotions, and cigs are as addictive as herion. If obesity is a food addiction, it would probably take years and years of rehab too, try and fall back, having to do a recovery program. I know they have Overeaters Anonymous, but from what I have heard, they make people weigh and measure their food and eat strict, limited diets. I think that always leads to people feeling deprived and leads to people relapsing. I don't think anyone has really figured out the overeating thing. No one has come up with a long lasting recovery solution to it where people eventually lose the compulsion to overeat. It's a hard thing to figure out. Smoking is far worse. Not only can people get lung cancer, I was an athlete and thin all my life. I got esophageal cancer at 50 from smoking, will die 20 years early, and I only smoked 12-15 cigs a day while I ran and lifted weights and played tennis, on and on. Cigs are death, people get mouth cancer, throat cancer. A person also can exercise and eat healthy all of their life, if they are being abused, they get cancer and die young anyway. There's no perfect, healthy lifestyle. Living in smog will give an athlete cancer too. Obesity isn't as bad as smoking nor smog, in my opinion.
Replied By: viewerinpa on Apr 10, 2010, 12:50PM
I’ve tried to post this 4 times but I really went off on Michael Karolchyk, even calling him a few names, which I don’t usually do. Nothing dirty or anything like that but well…..I guess the board moderators didn’t like my choice of names for him. Anyway I assume that’s why my post hasn’t shown up. SO here it is again…..cleaned up.

What bugs me most was how Michael, and several folks here on the boards keep saying obese people are lazy. You have no idea just HOW hard I've worked all my life to lose weight, the things I've put myself through, the money I've spent, the hours upon hours of counting calories, logging food journals, doing exercises, taking pills, eating crappy fake food, drinking disgusting shakes etc. Heck, I've even, as a last resort, gone "under the knife" and had gastric bypass surgery......and guess what! I'm still obese. I'm 56 and weigh 350 lbs in spite of all my efforts. I've lost as much weight in my life as I still weigh, and I'm not saying I weighed 700 lbs or anything like that. In fact my highest weight ever was 411 (that's what I weighed when I went for the surgery in 1997).  I was put on diet pills at the ripe old age of 8, since then I’ve been on every diet known to man…..you name it…..I’ve tried it. I lost anywhere from 20 to 90 lbs on various diets at various times over my life. And I did it while going to school, raising my 2 brothers and doing all the housework (while my mom worked), babysitting (which I started doing at the age of 9), working numerous jobs, and later after getting married running my own household, raising my niece, being a foster parent, working in church, volunteering for various charities, making craft items to sell to help with income, raising numerous dogs and cats, helping friends with myriads of things, running my own accounting service, AND being a landlord at the same time. Plus, before I went back to school & got into accounting the jobs I had were physically backbreaking jobs like washing dishes in a couple of restaurants (both by hand & using a dishwasher), chambermaiding at numerous motels, stocking shelves in grocery stores etc……and those are only the things I can remember.SO DON”T YOU DARE CALL ME LAZY or accuse me of sitting on the couch. By the way….I could list dozens of skinny people I know who ARE couch potatoes and ARE lazy and do nothing but sit on their butts in front of the TV collecting welfare.

He, and others have also made comments about us not taking responsibility for ourselves. Let me tell you…people have always made excuses FOR me, it’s in your genes, your mom should have put you on a diet when you were young….it’s her fault you’re fat etc. etc. Even my husband would say things like that. One day I told him, “Look, when I was little, yeh, my mom was at fault, but I’m an adult now and I make my own decisions. So you see…..I HAVE taken responsibility for my own actions. Now tell me, after reading what I said above….where has that gotten me? Fat people don’t make excuses because they’re lazy and stupid, or even because they believe them. They make them because they are embarrassed and like any other human being are trying to make others think less ill of them. If any of you people believe for one second that we don’t know they are just lame excuses you are sadly mistaken. Also, if you believe for one second that we really want to be this way…..you’re far dumber than you accuse us of being. They are all desperate lies spoken by desperate people, and those who condemn us and call us names have no clue what being obese is like.

Replied By: blgspc on Apr 10, 2010, 12:32PM - In reply to talon95
And, He Kept Right On Defending It! About 89% of everything he said over the two day episode was in defense of that STUPID Shirt and his inexcusable CRUDE THINKING! I kept waiting, I thought AT SOME point he might Get It BUT, NO-O-O!!!

Honestly, I wanted to quote Judge Judy and tell that guy, "The time to change was yesterday. The time to Wake up is, Now!" 

By the end of day TWO I actually became convinced that the guy's head could be used as a floatation device!


Replied By: blgspc on Apr 10, 2010, 11:15AM - In reply to loloanne

I just HAD to respond to your post. I too am overweight. However, I learned a LONG time ago- when I COULD lose weight with diet and exercise- how to manage sugar-cravings! (In my 20's!) I’m saying this because you aren’t JUST at risk of becoming heavier with those sugar cravings, with the Insulin Resistance you’re actually on the FAST TRACK to developing Type II Diabetes! AND, Diabetes, by the way, is one of the UGLIEST diseases I’ve EVER seen because it does a whole lot of vile, ghastly and just plain horrible things to you before it kills you!

There ARE things in the grocery store that won’t cost you an arm and a leg BUT will help curb your cravings! PROTEIN! I don’t think this I KNOW IT will work! You can buy cans of salmon and tuna- even eggs! Shucks, even broccoli has a good supply of protein. Just Google ‘Protein’ to find rich sources that you might be able to afford. Anything high in protein (and low in fat) will significantly curb your sugar cravings! When I eat anything rich in protein, I feel really full after only very small amounts. Another thing that helps me is -I LOVE coffee and caffeine destroys my appetite. Even drinking half-caff does it. I just use no-calorie sweetener and a tablespoon of Sugar Free, low fat creamer. Silk (soy milk) has a French Vanilla creamer, now. It has about the same caloric content as the stuff I’m already using.

I threw in the caffeine info. JUST for info! I strongly believe that Protein is the healthiest way to go!

Don’t know what Dr. Phil’s weight loss book says, I just bought Self Matters. Use whatever works and that is healthy!

I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


Replied By: zadira on Apr 10, 2010, 9:53AM - In reply to luna09
It must be nice to be so perfect that there's nothing in your life that you can't "control" Enjoy it, you're in the minority!
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