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The pressure to be thin is immense in this country, and the media bombards us endlessly about losing weight. Dr. Phil and his guest panel representing both sides of the issue continue the heated discussion about the treatment of fat people in society. John Pinette, an overweight comedian who often pokes fun at his size in his act, adds both insight and levity to topics ranging from banning cupcakes in classrooms to the size of the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin. And, could you be obese and not even know it? Learn a simple way to determine if you fall into that category and the severe health consequences you may face. Plus, emotions rise when the audience weighs in! You don’t want to miss the conclusion to this highly charged show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wallyrichards on Apr 6, 2016, 2:28PM
We're kead to beleive smokers are draining health care when in truth a smoker is going to get lung cancer or emphizema and die at a younger age. The nonn smoker will live longer and end up with a bunch of medical problems. So who is draining health care?
Replied By: wallyrichards on Apr 6, 2016, 2:18PM
The skin headed trainer is just a retard. Losing weight is easier for some people than others so quit piling everyone in to the same boat. someone should've mentioned the airlines are packing a lot more people on planes than they use to. They pack you in there like you're a sardeen. It isn't that people are getting larger the space they sell you is getting smaller. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I had to laugh when the one girl said it motivated her when the trainer threw a ball of tape at her. Dumb!
Replied By: carobu on Jul 24, 2010, 8:20AM
I watched both shows with great interest.  I am a person who is overweight.  I also work in a healthcare setting and am very aware of the risks.  I know the foods to eat and what to avoid but my main problem is lack of exercise, no willpower and just being a bit lazy.  I think the show was amazingly well balanced.  I do think that the "fat" people were a little over sensitive.  Bottom line the majority of people would be a healthy weight if they had a choice in the morning.  Yes the "no chubbies" guy was offensive but he still has customers.  I think that we need to start with healthy eating choices for kids not weight loss.  Focus on what's healthy.  I decided that I agreed mostly with the people speaking on the "thin" side and decided I needed to get motivated to change.  After watching the show I decided I would plan my lunches for work and eat a healthy breakfast and do a 20 minute walk every second day to start.  I've re stocked my kitchen, pre made some meals and set up walking times with a friend.  I'll still go out for a meal with friends and have treats and won't deprive myself but I believe the pre planning of my meals will stop me grabbing bad foods. Thanks again for the motivation and a good show.
Replied By: kjrv8061 on May 7, 2010, 8:07PM
I attend your show and someone did mention we should ask you about shaving that hair off! I guess we missed that 15 minutes of fame. 

What do you think the reactions are going to be?  Are you going to be on line while the show is not taping  for the summer.
Replied By: ghstwheel on Apr 23, 2010, 2:18PM
I am 5'6" and over 200 lbs, 50 years old. I'm a "chubbie". I am also not diabetic, nor pre-diabetic, have no thyroid issues, have no blood pressure issues, have no heart trouble and can bike ride my thin friends (with or without high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and other assorted problems) into the ground. I swim, hike, ride bikes, roller skate and can do everything except run(broken ankle set improperly). I'm healthier than almost every thin person I know (I do chalk it up to the exercise).  People who think everyone needs to be thin don't have a clue.  It's all about what you are able to do with what you have, even if you have more of it that is considered "correct for the masses".  (Studies used to showed that eggs were bad for you, all cholesterol was bad cholesterol and hydrogenated fats were better than natural fats.  Studies aren't always correct.)

My thin friends out eat me eight ways from Sunday (and take five to 8 pills a day for their health issues).  Pay no attention to the people who say "Just don't eat so much."  They have no clue. Life isn't equal, so take what you got and make the best of it.
Replied By: klbflash on Apr 21, 2010, 9:44PM
I just watched the show, yes, I watched part one and part two. My reaction is OMG!!! When I was young, my late 20s, I weighed 110 lbs. Then I gave birth to child #4. I lost some of the weight but never returned to 110 or even 125. The lowest I have ever been since 1976 was 136 and that was in 1994, I got that low from stress. I am 62 years old now and I weigh 193, I am only 5'3" tall. Most of the excess weight is around the middle. My being overweight is MY fault, mostly I believe it to be mental. I had/have an unhappy life, I had no life, food was my only enjoyment. I did it to myself, and I have health problems now. High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, and overweight. I'm actually afraid to exercise! I fear having a heart attack or stroke. Media does play a big part in all of our lives. Children these days sit all the time, video games, computers, and TV. No one goes outside anymore, no one walks anywhere. It doesn't take much food to maintain your weight, once you get there! When I was in school we had P.E. class everyday, in my freshman year in high school I only remember 2 girls that were fat, and neither one of them participated in our P.E. classes, ever! I do think Americans can, and should fix this. Schools should have P.E. again and the food availiable at schools should be healthy choices, no JUNK food! Fellow fat Americans, get real, most of us that are fat have done it to ourselves!!!!!
Replied By: catalina1967 on Apr 15, 2010, 12:32PM
Hi I'm Kathy Hernandez from Club Catalina in San Diego CA, I am a size acceptance advocate and I was on the show because I think the weight debate is a serious topic. I was on the news here in San Diego protesting the Anti Gym Commecials because they are discriminatory and offensive to people of size. I asked him if he really thought men had to be drunk to be with a big girl and he refused to again answer the question and started babbling on about fattitude once again. He didn't want to answer the question and make him look even more like a butt but that is what he thinks otherwise those horrible commercials would have never been made. I believe in health at every size, if you aren't the size you want to be or in the health that you want to be than only you can change that and change that when you are mentally ready. I don't think yelling insults, throwing junk food at anyone is going to help them have self worth and confidence in themselves. He does all that nonsense to get free advertising pure and simple. Have fun at any size you are now, work on what you don't like about yourself and get out into the world and live life today!!

Kathy Hernandez-Club Catalina-San Diego CA
Replied By: imadall on Apr 15, 2010, 12:19PM
I am late to this and have only just seen show one and two... What I want to say is obesity impacts more then the size of an air line seat when and obese person requires help. We a lot discussed about how obesity impacts our health care. What is not discussed is what that means beyond a blood test and a heart monitor. My brother worked as a certified nurses assistant for from about 1995 to 2008. In those years he saw and experienced the impact of our every growing size of our community.
He saw the size of wheel chairs double to accomidate the larger patient. He saw the hospital ownership of the wheelchairs go from needing one to replacing all of the chairs. By the way a large wheel chair is very uncomfortable for a smaller person who is fatigued and has to support themselves in a massive seat while being wheeled down the hall. He was the size of the beds double. He saw the taxing of the staff in way unexpected. He was no longer able to focus on several patients because an obese patient requires more staff to move them, turn them and lift them. He was often pulled off his duties to help. Many of the patients panic when being transfered which increased the injuries because they lack the strength to even help and are unsure of themselves. The hospital has to accomidate this to be within insurance guidelines to ensure that when that staff members back is injured they can now received the need care to recover. This does not mean a thin person does not injure backs when lifted the the likelihood of this is much higher. He saw the obese patient require longer hospital stays because it seems to take longer for the body to heal when larger.
Many of my immediate family are in the obese category. I have never said anything to them that would be in appropriate or hurtful. I have never even asked them to loose weight. Because I dont fit their size category, I have often had to deflect hurtful attacks and bad dispositions. I very tired of the constant discussions amoungnest them about their weight and health problems. Never once have they ask for any insight as to why I am thin.
I just wanted to point out to obese people who think that the whole debate is just because they believe people dont like the way they look. Obesity is something that can be helped if wanted, just like drug use, heart disease. The message I hear is that you may not be able to cure it but you can help it.
PS.. I do not agree with the message that the male guest puts out there. I think he wants to help but is turning off more then he is turning on to going to the gym.

Replied By: blgspc on Apr 14, 2010, 7:31PM - In reply to ndlptdes
I am a nurse and I’m 55 years old. About five years ago I returned to the little coastal region where I was born and raised. I did that mostly because my Dad is getting older and so is my mother. I initially thought of returning to work even though there is NO place in the area where I could practice the sub-specialty that I’ve always loved.

Anyway my Dad was ‘the baby’ of his family by a lot- the next youngest up to him was 8 yrs. older than my father. So, when I returned to this area I was aware of how many seniors I was surrounded by! When I moved back ALL of his siblings were alive and well. That has since changed. My father is almost 81 now and since my return, I am sad to report that two of his close-knit siblings have passed on. What I wanted to say to you was when I returned to this area I was again aware of what it’s like to be immersed in family. I suppose that’s because I’m an identical twin and we were a lot like the ‘family mascots’, the folks in our larger extended family seemed to always find my twin and I amusing. I found myself frequently sought out by these wonderful, treasured and beloved 86 to 91 year olds! They wanted to visit and we did and we laughed! There is just such history and first hand information! The depth and insights they bring and have brought to my life often move me in ways nothing else can.

At any rate as these dear folks have grown older and getting around as they would like has become more and more challenging, they have had to appeal to others for assistance. Very shortly after I returned, I found my calendar was just full of doctors appointment, slots of time set aside to go do someone’s weekly grocery shopping at the Super Wal-Mart or just driving them wherever they had to do business. I’ve even been in some situations when my parents and/or my uncles have actually asked me to join them in speaking with their MD(s)! I wasn’t really sure why they wanted me in the exam room with them and their physician.What I found was off-putting! As my family would introduce me as a nurse and they had shared with ME some of their primary concerns, I realized that they were being discounted, condescended to or otherwise demeaned! In one particular situation the practitioner was shouting and wildly gesturing, to my senior family member who neither had a hearing problem or trouble comprehending. I found that TOO OFTEN both they and their serious concerns were being trivialized! They were being treated as if they were demented and/or deaf just because of their age and appearance! I found MYSELF saying things like, “Look my Uncle came here today because what he has been TRYING to discuss with you has become much worse. He needs another plan, essentially.” The physician- to my astonishment- would then move to just talking exclusively TO ME about that person as if my senior family member wasn’t EVEN there!!! At that point, I would remind the MD that the person that he was talking ABOUT was RIGHT THERE and not deaf and fully capable of CLEAR communication! What a mess! I had not considered how no matter how great your faculties are, some people PREFER to treat others as LESSER, USED UP, UNWORTHY, NON-COGNIZANT OR BECAUSE OF PERSONAL BIASES SOME FOLKS FELT IT WAS ACCEPTABLE TO SIMPLY, NO LONGER TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT. I found that a SAD commentary of the state of our world….when a precious and dear member of my family was DEMOTED as a human being based on something as superficial as their outer appearance! Because their skin was wrinkled, creased and varied in color and their hair was thin due to advanced age and a lifetime of hard work! So help ME I came home and I called my identical twin and I just ranted! I told her that I felt THAT NO ONE deserved that!!!

I personally, found your post shallow, narrow-minded, rife with assumptions and frankly offensive to anyone who has ever honestly struggled with obesity! I had to wonder just what kind of God-like image you have of YOU to make a Judgment of who is worthy or deserving of respect. Since you obviously need a Bathroom Scale and a view of an individual’s exterior to make that decision!

I genuinely HOPE that when you need assistance that, whoever that person may be isn’t someone YOU’VE DEFINED as ‘REPULSIVE’!



Replied By: viewerinpa on Apr 14, 2010, 7:27PM - In reply to d8lirium
PS: I eat very limited fat and I'm diabetic so I don't eat sugar. Do you see why I say that people judge us when they really have no idea what or how we eat? One person says she eats a whole pot of spaghetti so they assume that's the way all overweight people eat....but it's so NOT true!

I have a question.....if fat people like being fat and don't want to lose weight...why is the diet industry such a booming business????
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