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Dr. Phil examines an activity so beloved and coveted, the mere thought of it being attacked has caused an uproar among mothers across America. Any mother would kill to have more of it but can’t seem to get enough: Leisure time! Research by University of Maryland’s Dr. John Robinson claims that mothers aren’t working nearly as many hours as they think they are. In fact, the data says busy moms actually have 30 to 40 hours of leisure time every week! That’s enough to work a full-time job! Dr. Phil gathers a team that has a lot to say about this latest data: TV and radio host and new mom Teresa Strasser, comedians Paul Rodriguez and Leanne Morgan, ParentDish.com reporter Amy Hatch and Washington Post staff writer Brigid Schulte. See what happens when Dr. Robinson faces this animated panel! Plus, meet a newlywed couple at odds over the stay-at-home mom’s job. Don’t miss this hot-button debate and join the conversation!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: lovehim1989 on Sep 5, 2016, 7:26AM
Women don't work harder. A stay at home mom isn't that tough of a 'job'. I have a 7 year old and I have taken care of multiple kids, it's not as bad as most women tell it. My brother has 4 kids and he does just fine. The toughest part of his day is work, not at home. Whenever we want to prove something, we show that science has proven it, or made discoveries on it. But, when it's against someone or a group of people, it has to be wrong. I know women have quite a Biltmore time than they like to admit. I know I do and stay at home moms and dads that I know. They will tell you it isn't that bad. Women are just complainers and need compassion. There are jobs that are way harder and more stressful than a stay at home parent. Women are emotionally and mentally stronger is a joke! Multiple studies have shown that guys are stinger, and that's really common knowledge. Women are more emotional than guys and cant handle as much stress and activity at one time. Studies have proven it, they have proven guys also multitask better. My husband multitasks better than me, I couldn't do what he does, not even close. Most guys I know are better automakers or all of them. A stay at home parent isn't that hard, and they have more down time than they realize. Grow up women.
Replied By: lovehim1989 on Sep 5, 2016, 7:12AM - In reply to wdove53
I am a Mon of a 7 year old and in have also babysat. It's not that hard being a stay at home mom and the only reason people, mostly women are attacking this research is because it's against them. Any other time we look to science and research when we want to prove something, or show someone what has been discovered. We trust is almost completely really, and deepened on it. But, when a study like this comes out ,oh no, it has to be false. That study isn't based on any real research, there trying to blow sample out of our asses. Well ,studies like these have been proven to be very accurate, and this isn't the first study I've seen that states this. I know I don't work as much as many people think stay at home me do. A stay at home mom isn't the hardest job in the world ,that's a ridiculous statement to make. Women just love to feel compassion form others, they need to feel like they do it all, that they are given the most appreciation cause they believe they have such a hard jjob. Raising kids isn't the hardest ,there's jobs that are much harder and more stressful than raining kids. My brother has raised 2 kids of his own and two of our sisters, because she enjoys her freedom. He does just fine and would tell you it's not as hard as many make it out to be. My mom would tell you it's not that bad, and that mom's do have a lot of down time, they just fail to realize it. Women aren't stronger than men either, men are strong and that's been scientifically proven. I can't believe you actually stated women are stronger emotionally, that's a huge joke! Women, strong emotional!!? Are you kidding me! Women are no where near as strong as guys emotionally. That's why they always need to feel compassion and be appreciated  all, they cry over the smallest, least stressful thing possible. Women stronger, ya, and my friends 12 year old son, is a better wide receiver than Antonio Brown! It's that ridiculous. My husband works way harder than me and I know it. Most guys do work harder, women just need the attention. Being a stay at home mom isn't the hardest job, I know it, my brother knows it, my mom, and most everyone, actually there isn't one person I know that wouldn't agree with this research. Women aren't stronger, they are very much more emotional and weaker. They show it all the time. Women, grow up and realize you don't have it that bad and usually have it better. You're not working harder, you just fail to realize how much free time you actually have. Most women need to grow up and stop being so whiny. 
Replied By: batchik on May 16, 2016, 8:54AM
I am seeing this ep for the first time. The young husband with the wife and two kids (both with dark hair) comes across as a very bad husband. This woman does not deserve to be treated like this. My heart is breakfast no for her and I truly hope that hundreds of apologies to her have taken place since the making of this show. Horrible ungrateful treatment by husband. either he was brought up poorly or has an entitled nature? Not a Christian attitude
Replied By: wdove53 on Jul 15, 2014, 9:27PM - In reply to aanikamarie
yes I agree that guy should be back on the show.  I just saw this aired years later (I guess repeat?)  He could use to be taught a thing by Dr. Phil.  He seems the type that his wife should just work work work and make the perfect home into a castle.  He should clean it and take care the kids and see how he does

Replied By: wdove53 on Jul 15, 2014, 9:21PM
I remember many people commenting that I was a stay at home mom back in the 80's  My husband would come to my defense so to speak and reply with..."my wife has the hardest job on earth. Raising children and keeping up a house and running a household"   He appreciated what I did and made me feel the value of what I was doing.  I worked even more to make it a more pleasant home environment for him.  He was correct.  Raising our future is more iimportant than any job on earth.  He reinforced my feeling of that.  Rest or free time didn't exist.  Every minute was busy doing something even if it were sitting planning a meal or sewing a dress for a dance recital.  Every moment was utilized and the brain was constantly working as to what needed to be done and when.    Women are not the weaker as that man said.  We are stronger because we do so much more by multy tasking and we can handle more emotionally.  We take care of the house and run the household even when we are sick.  There is no time to be sick and relax or rest.  Thank you for listening.

Replied By: oliviawalton on Dec 8, 2012, 6:12AM - In reply to belbrax
"I think they dont want to admit because their husband will make them get a job.  Sorry!"

You have said the very thing that strikes cold fear into every SAHM and  is the most taboo subject. Why? because what you said is 100% true. If a mommy isnt 200 busy every single minute, then she is not busy enough to stay home and she can get a job.  this is fingernail biting stuff for "busy" mommies and they will never,EVER admit it even to each other. They will take their validations to the grave if they have to. Do you see the 2 year old and new baby? that is for good reason. Overlapping kids is a good way to validate never having to get an actual job. If there is always one at home, it makes for good excuses. This has been going on for decades and decades, its nothing new..Oh, and these mommies are so "busy" why do you see them around town hanging out at the park chattingh up the day, how do they find time to keep oprah and dr phil, in jaguars and penthouses? how is it that every morning, starbucks and the mall, is over run with mommies, strollers and screaming kids.At 3 pm they all go home and complain about what a "hard day" they have had and the sucker wallets(AKA as husbands) fall for it. Listen ladies, if your gonna lie, manipulate and turen you men into work mules so that you can watch Dr phil every day and blab aon the ohone for hours, then at least keep the house decebnt and cook a decent meal that doesnt come out of the can or box. you got the meal tickets, you chose to have them and you choise to stay home. now shut up and deal or get a damn job.
Replied By: stonez on May 2, 2012, 3:30AM
I have to laugh when I hear women claiming that being a stay at home mum is hard work. C’mon ladies, get real!!! I’m a male who raised 3 children alone from a very young age while working. There is nothing hard about looking after your own children or cleaning house.

It seems to me that a lot of women spend too much time watching soupies or reading books or drinking coffee with thier friends, so they become lazy. Lazy people always whine about how hard things are. There is nothing at all hard about keeping house and looking after children. It is the easiest and most satisfying job in life, unless you are lazy or selfish…
Replied By: southafan on Sep 17, 2010, 3:55AM
I know this is quite late in the game to comment but here in South Africa this show on "busy moms" only broadcasted today. I watched in shock! Could not believe the completely sexist, prehistoric male guest on the show. I honestly did not think these kind of males still exist in society in 2010? Wow women...be careful who you marry and to all the wonderful males out there who truly respect their wives and girlfriends-thanks so much for that!
Replied By: rachmarie23 on May 27, 2010, 10:46PM
I watched a portion of your show which aired here in Australia, about mothers and 'leisure time'. I was able to just do this while folding laundry, clearing up dishes, putting another load of washing on while still serving the demands of a 2yr old child. I actually cant remember the last time i was able to watch  a full episode of your show or any other show for that matter. I'am able to write this email because my girl is down for a nap and i still have many other choirs to do before the end of the day and before she wakes up. Every day i have a number of jobs to do like, many other mums. I totally agree with the women on your panel who say even if you do take some time out for yourself in the day you are still thinking about what you should actually be doing around the house or in the way of errands. In my opinion you were spot on when you said the term leisure is defined differentley for some people. I have not read this Dr's study but would like to point out that from watching your show my opinion is that leisure is an activity you do as a form of relaxation and i think to say mothers get 30hrs of this time is absolutely ridiculous. I do not think eating is leisure or sleeping is leisure which from what i gathered was part of the 30hrs this report was based on. I would say i get 1hr of  down time during the day then two hours with my partner after my child is asleep. I would go out with a friend or on my own for some me time or what i term leisure time about once every month if that! To have my child and be a mother was deffi natly my choice and i would never make anyother choice as it is a very satisfiying and rewarding job which i love doing. But to say mothers get on average 30hrs of leisure time and for a man who isnt a mother and has never been one to be able to write a report and get it published is simply a bit silly and dosent make much sense to me. I think this study was done for attention and publicity at the expense of hurting the feelings of some very hard working mothers who really should take this report with a grain of salt as we know it is ridiculous :)
Replied By: lochchar on May 27, 2010, 8:30PM
Hi Dr Phil,
My name is Cara from Australia :)
i just wanted to say that i lived in tiffany's shoes for 2 years with my almost x husband Adam obviously i had had enough and left with my 2 small children and have not looked back but i would love for you to say to him what you did to Mike because if he heard that our marraige may have worked. Its a real shame we dont have someone like you here to say those things that really need to be said to some people :)
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