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Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what you went in there for? Or do you constantly lose your belongings? It's time to clear the cobwebs out of your brain to become smarter and happier! Dr. Phil, along with editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine, Liz Vaccariello, reveals the tips and tricks to boost your brainpower and improve your mood. Dr. Phil's first guest, Arthur, says when it comes to making decisions, his mind goes blank and he freezes. It has even taken him hours to choose a restaurant! Is there hope for Arthur? You may be surprised to learn what activity can help you make decisions quicker. Then, Erica, is a mother of two who says she's so overwhelmed being a wife and mom, she forgets to do everything from paying bills to picking her son up from school. Learn about the plan she used to improve her memory and how you can use it, too! And, find out the 10 foods you should eat to sharpen your mind. Plus, learn easy tips for battling the winter blues and remembering people's names.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rachel52659 on Apr 3, 2010, 8:55AM - In reply to sallylithuania
The whole time I was watching this segment, I kept wondering what his wife's story was...where is she in the decision making process.  Since whatever he was doing wasn't making anyone happy, why didn't someone else (MOM) step in?
Replied By: rachel52659 on Apr 3, 2010, 8:52AM
I actually saw a part of this show while waiting for my mammogram -- the one I had to reschedule because I completely forgot about the appointment.....   I actually wrote myself a note to go home and tape the broadcast (it comes on another channel in the evening).  For the past couple of years, my once razor-sharp memory has been diminishing to the point that I got a CAT scan (or MRI, I can never remember which).  I really thought I had some form of dementia, and my doctor was sufficiently concerned also.  My brain is normal -- it's my mind that wasn't functioning.

After a number of missed dates and appointments with friends; forgetting about birthdays AND paying bills; and bouncing checks (to the tune of several hundred dollars in overdraft fees), I was at my wit's end.  My very frustrated younger sister told me that I had to be present in my own life and that I couldn't just float along and hope the world would look out for me.  And she was right. 

There is a menopausal component to all of what has been happening to me, but there are also lifestyle factors -- I have been utterly inactive, other than an occasional walk for about the past five years.  I live with a man who is ADD and who has derailed my train of thought on a regular basis for at least 10 years -- largely because I allow that to happen -- and I have taught myself to tune out .  I eat very poorly.  My weight has suffered, my emotional and mental health have diminished.  Seeing this episode of your show literally opened my eyes wide.

I'm heading out TODAY to pick up the Brain Power book.  I could relate to all of the stories that were told in the episode -- the forgetfulness, the indecision (oh, my lord...), the mild depression, and I know I'm forgetting one, but it applied too.  I'll try out the techniques in the book, and update you on how I progress.   Wish me luck!!!!!
Replied By: sallylithuania on Apr 1, 2010, 6:21PM
Yes, that guy definitely needs some help and  instruction on how to overcome his problem.  But i can't believe that during that whole lengthy segment nobody stated the obvious:  Why are ALL the family decisions going through the father??!!  Most of the decisions that he thinks he should make, or that the famliy expects him to make, are Group Decisions.  Why wait for him to pick the place to eat?  Why wait for him to pick the sights to see?  Why wait for him to pick a certain model camera?  What's wrong with voting?  Democracy, anybody?  This isn't 1950 anymore.  I'm not even sure that way back then families stood with hat in hand and waited for dad to decide everything.  Since this guy has a major problem with making decisions and since most of these things should be reached by consensus anyway, what are they waiting for?? Does he secretly have a terrible temper?
Replied By: wolfkiss on Apr 1, 2010, 6:20PM
This poor man seems to be expected to make all decisions great and small for his entire family.  I don't know if it's a cultural thing, their religion, or what, but for heaven's sake, anyone would be overwhelmed trying to make every single decision for that many people.   He appears to be a sweet person who wants to do the right thing and make everyone happy, but he needs to expect/allow others to participate and that will take a huge amount of stress out of his life.

For example, why is he deciding which camera for his daughter to get?  Mom and Dad should give her a budget and let her research and make the decision herself, or maybe help her with the final choice.  Right now all she's learning is to put her life on hold while someone else decides for her.

And on vacation, why is it up to Dad to decide where they're going, what they're doing, and where to celebrate the daughter's birthday?  Before leaving home everyone in the family could have done some research and chosen some activities, and they could have agreed upon a itinerary instead of ruining the trip by endlessly driving up and down the coast.

By sharing or delegating the decision-making process he can still be the "head of the house" (if that's what is driving this issue), and make everyone's life better. 
Maybe if he's less overwhelmed by the little things like cameras, b-day dinners & music instructors, he can focus on more important things like career and car choices. 

After getting up the nerve to appear on the show, the only advice he got was to try some exercises? Not that those won't help a bit, but unless Dr Phil spoke to them off-camera about some of the above,  it kinda seems like he let this family down.
Replied By: livingwithlyme on Apr 1, 2010, 5:17PM
If I could remember the title of the book I wouldn't be so desparate to win it!!
Replied By: tamarasshop on Apr 1, 2010, 5:08PM
I cant find where I can try to win this book. I told my sister about it because she is like the 29 yr old lady. I would like it because I feel as I am doing less, I am doing less and my brain is going to mush. Where can I try to win this book???

Thank you
Replied By: DrPhilBoard2 on Apr 1, 2010, 4:54PM - In reply to pvflorida
You can find the book you are looking for on this page... http://drphil.com/shows/show/1436 - it is listed toward the bottom right side of the page under Related Resources.

Replied By: johnwboers on Apr 1, 2010, 4:54PM
your show makes me ask the question?  Are we on Information Over Load?  I think we are!   Just a thought, john
Replied By: pvflorida on Apr 1, 2010, 4:50PM
Can anyone give me name of book that was on Apr 1 showÉ
Replied By: kristinawhite on Apr 1, 2010, 4:00PM
In addition to what was being discussed on the phone I find that lots of Vitimine B's incuding folice acid are great for your brain and for your nurvious system.

S incerely,
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