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Alexandra and her younger sister, Katherine, used to be best friends, but after Alexandra's first pregnancy at age 15, the two have lost their bond as sisters. Katherine recently announced that she'd testify against Alexandra in the custody battle for her son, Nathan. Can they end their sibling rivalry, and will Dr. Phil be able to bridge the bond that their mother, Erin, says has been broken? Dr. Phil puts Alexandra in the hot seat, asking her if she’s ever truly taken responsibility for the impact her choices have made on her family. Find out what she has to say about her behavior. And, Dr. Phil delivers an ultimatum to the women of the family that they never saw coming. Maybe you’ve been waiting for this very moment. You won’t want to miss the family scolding!

Alex addresses her "diva behavior" and her relationship with the Dr. Phil show staff. Read her blog.

Erin explains why she was caught off guard by Dr. Phil's comments, and reflects on missed opportunities.  Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

"I was not angry with the way Dr. Phil spoke to me. I was definitely surprised when he started to reprimand my sister and me." Read more of Katherine's candid thoughts on her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: jeanie1199 on Jun 24, 2016, 4:04PM
PLEASE Dr. Phil, give us an update on the Dr. Phil Family. Some of us really want to know what's going on with them now. Thank you:)
Replied By: lepasley on Oct 4, 2010, 3:27PM - In reply to qweanmel
Alex reminds me of my sister in law. (She is now dead Alex). I am raising all 3 of her children. My brother is also a drug addict.  Erin is doing the only thing she can do.  I know first hand.  And, because that baby is her blood, she will not be able to adopt it out, althought that would probably be best for the littlest one (because of his father).  This whole story has been disappointing.  Privileged girls who are just throwing their lives away.  And both of them have had more chances than most people ever get.  Very disturbing show.
Replied By: qweanmel on Sep 20, 2010, 8:56PM
Erin should not be expected to care for yet another kid of alex's. Alex is a drug addict, and meth has changed her forever-she will never be the same again. They need to let that baby be adopted and alex needs to be sterilized to save the next one.  I have been through the same thing with my daughter, and I know it loos like Erin is a bitch, but SHE IS NOT! Alex puts on a great act when she has too, and she hates everything her parents do for her BECAUSE SHE IS A DRUG ADDICT. sHE WILL not CHANGE UNTIL SHE IS REALLY CLEAN-Erin is right about the urine tests-wake up
Replied By: sokrmomsuz on May 10, 2010, 6:48PM
I understand that these kids are being crazy - but will SOMEONE SHUT ERIN UP?????????  PLEASE tell me why it's ok for her to sit with Tony on the stage last week and mouth off all the time like some haughty "B" about him not being able to read or write, yadda yadda yadda - but he said ONE TIME for her to shut up and she acts just SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG - DID YOU HEAR THE WAY HE JUST TALKED TO ME??????????  "THIS" IS WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH!!!!!!!  She may be right about him - but why is she allowed to be up there on the stage acting like that and NO ONE CALLS HER on it???  Let Alex and Tony be up there WITHOUT MOMMIE DEAREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: qweanmel on May 10, 2010, 2:25PM
OMG DR PHIL! when are you going to cut these 2 lying spoiled brats loose? Layla NEEDS to be away from the abusers(both tony and alex) ASAP! who cares about their constant excuses- and same to katherine- they are SOOOO playing you Dr P. I have had a daughter like alex, and she FINALLY figured out @ age 35, how to be a grown-up. THese 2 girls need to learn it the hard way, so let them, BUT GET THWE KIDS TO SAFETY! I have had custody of my grandkids longer than their mother has, but she finally grew up, and now can see the err of her youth. Alex and katerine have HAD ALL THE advantages given to them, and they need to learn on their own. Really, Dr P, wake up!
Replied By: lepasley on Mar 23, 2010, 8:32PM - In reply to nan98115k
I was wondering the same thing.  Our  local station was promoing the return of Marty, then boom, a different show and no explaination.  I think we deserve better than this. 
Replied By: nan98115k on Mar 22, 2010, 4:52PM
I have been expecting another Dr. Phil family show but there are none.................did they quit??  Does anyone know what has happened??
Replied By: wxwmn02 on Mar 15, 2010, 11:37AM - In reply to mrsbuckeye1953
Yes, it may be true that he gave them gas cards to get to their appts, but I think their excuse of no gas is one of many.  They are irresponsible girls with no direction in life.  Thanks to their parents poor parenting skills this is the life they were dealt.  On top of that, Dr. Phil, continues to help them out which in no way shape or form helps them out.  Now they feel entitled to certain things.  They aren't living in reality, they are living in the shadow of dr. phil. Once the brigh lights of the stage go away, then what?  They will be so lost and have no skills to help them out of the rut they are in.
Replied By: housewife52 on Mar 10, 2010, 9:29AM - In reply to blkmousp
Wow, Judy, good for you! I'm glad you have been able to end up where you are today. I came from a dysfunctional home, my late dad was a controlling alchoholic, and my late mother was his doormat. But here I am, all these years later, missing them coming up on the 4 year anniversaries of thier deaths. Cancer and cancer, 2 1/2 months apart. (2006) I turned out pretty good, somehow managed to find a good man. I spent a lot of years butting heads with my father, trying to defend my mother against all the bad things he would get drunk and say to her. Spent a lot of years hating him and thinking of my mother as being weak and wanting her to stand up for herself. But, things never changed with them, they died in the same circumstances they had always been in. I did make peace with my father before he died, and had come to realize that  my mother, for all the bad things my father was, wanted to be with him, somehow loved him the way he was. I personally will never understand that, and am very thankful that my life is the way it is. I agree with Maya Angelou, no matter what kind of relationship you have with your parents, you will miss them when they're gone.
Replied By: shermila57 on Mar 8, 2010, 7:13PM - In reply to nodaydreaming
No word on the babies..are the girls both drug addicts..Alcoholics..
Where is Marty ?
Erin kissed Katherine at the end but not Alex..
Update on the Exes..for sure..
Why no drug tests now ?
How far will Dr.Phil let this dangerous situation go ?
Ratings I guess..
Dr. Phil is still dancing around everything..dragging this out..
What happened to " before the sun shines today"....
"buring daylight"...
Just sayin....
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