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(Original Air Date: 02/25/10 Do you know someone who makes big mistakes over and over? Dr. Phil gives his guests the wake-up call they desperately need to stop repeating their destructive behavior. First up, Jessica admits that she is a chronic speeder and has been stopped for pushing the pedal to the metal over 60 times in the past three years. Is Jessica on a collision course with death, or is she ready to hit the brakes? Then, Loretta is obsessed with plastic surgery. She's 38 and has had more than seven procedures -- everything from Botox to breast implants -- and wants more! Her husband, Shawn, says he doesn't want his wife to look like a "freak," but is he contributing to her problem? Can Loretta break her obsession with beauty before she's scarred for life? And, Victoria says she is compelled to shop. She has over 100 pair of shoes, thousands of CDs and 25 bathing suits. She's gone into debt as much as $50,000 and paid it off, but now she she's worried she'll end up in the same hole. What's behind her compulsion to charge?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mander1295 on Sep 2, 2010, 8:04PM - In reply to aliciareal
When I watched this show, I too was thinking of when I saw Jessica on "You're cut Off". It seems like I heard her on the Dr. Phil show talking about how she sometimes tried to get out of a ticket because she was wearing her "scrubs". Am I the only one who heard that? Was I dreaming? When I heard it I thought wait a minute. There's no way the spoiled princess who was on "You're Cut Off" would even have a job...much less one for which she had to dress in "scrubs". It was all about designer clothes. Did these two women pull a fast one on Dr. Phil????? If anyone could explain this, I would be grateful.
Replied By: scottandmartha on Aug 28, 2010, 10:19PM - In reply to heathermac76
I paused the show and asked my husband to guess her  age.  I said look at me.  I'm 46, it was almost 10pm and the only thing that I had done for myself was take a shower and blowdry my hair.  He was puzzled.  I told him to look at me, then look at her and guess her age.  He guessed 38.  Over $44,000 worth of plastic surgury and he came up with her actual age.  I was surprized at her age.  I would have put her closer to my age.  She has  thrown over $44,000 away to acheive, at best guess, her age.  I hope that if she doesn't stop, that her husband stops funding this ridiculousness.  She is destroying herself and wasting more money then families live on a year in search of beauty.  I'm sorry Loretta, but you have to stop!
Replied By: heathermac76 on Aug 27, 2010, 8:11PM
OMG She is only 38??????  I would honestly have guessed her to be at least 50.  She has ruined her looks instead of making her look better.  Poor Woman.
Replied By: heathermac76 on Aug 27, 2010, 8:03PM - In reply to rmjones
yes she was, Is she a publicity hound????
Replied By: auntannewall on Aug 27, 2010, 7:05PM - In reply to vickilee30533
you hit my nerve,my nephew was in a suv and cycling accident and he survived. her insurance isn't enough to cover his costs. immigrants should have to have umbrella policies and if you have more than two tickets a year have your license taken away. The laws need to change for major (this was not great )bodily injury. My nephew should have been able to stand up at her arrainment and say that he needs to get teeth so he could eat so don't put the case off to long. Hit and run laws need to be changed to mandatory (at least)1yr jail time.
Replied By: auntannewall on Aug 27, 2010, 6:46PM - In reply to txgrammyto3
I truly am sorry for your situation, I to have to deal with a dis-abled man because of a selfish girl that did not yield and had tickets in the past.Someday I hope to understand why this happened to all of us. Bless you for your strength I hope I can continue to help my nephew I feel close to burn out .
Replied By: barneyvinc on Aug 27, 2010, 5:51PM
The state of New Jersey should never allow someone with such a driving record to keep her drivers license. The state should be held liable for neglegence if she hurts cripples or kills someone because it failed to do its duty in this matter.
Replied By: tonyinmaryland on Aug 27, 2010, 5:18PM
Speeding is a factor in 90% of all accidents. Sobering statistic considering vehicle accidents are the #1 killer of American youths.  We have hefty punishments for drug dealers, carrying a fire arm, providing alcohol and a host of other threats to our youth but there is almost no punishment for the biggest factor in the largest killer of children.  Driving isn't a right its a privilege, a privilege this lady shouldn't have.  I guess her "cat like reflexes" weren't working the days she had her accidents.  I'd like to see her on a driving course to test those "cat like reflexes" she claims to have. 
My girlfriend witnessed a terrifying accident when she was around six months pregnant.  A driver doing 100+ mph ran a red light and t-bones three teenagers killing all three.  Where was he going that he had to do 100 mph and run a red light?  Walmart!  Sad to say he survived the crash but is spending 30 years in jail which is not nearly long for the amount of heart ache he caused those families not to mention the nightmares my girlfriend still has on occasion and guilt her and I both carry knowing that if those children weren't there it would have been my girlfriend and our unborn daughter he would have hit.
Replied By: anabellas_momm on Aug 27, 2010, 3:23PM
This young lady Jessica has a sense of entitlement! Her mother enables her and its is sick. Both of them are in an imaginary world thinking that they are invincIble! Someone needs to step up and put a stop to it. Someone in a position of power needs to make her STOP!
Replied By: kailynsmam on Aug 27, 2010, 3:07PM
I am so upset about the last 2 women on today's show. All that money they spent on surgury and shopping. My family(husband and 7 yr. old) are almost living on the streets because my husband cannot find work. In 1 month we will have to decide whether to move out of a place we are sub-leasing or move back to Vegas and live in a hotel.

And these women spent so much money..where there are people like us..who are barely making it...

This really upset's me. I could not even buy my daughter new school clothes this year..and am living on a budget.....

I wish those ladies would think... Also one more thought......

I am 119 and think I am over weight.. I personally think everyone has weight issues.. that lady was BEAUTIFUL ..:)
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