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It’s been more than two months since Susan Powell, a wife and mother of two, vanished without a trace. Susan’s husband, Josh, is now a person of interest in the case but her family claims he refuses to cooperate with police. Dr. Phil speaks with the missing woman’s parents, Chuck and Judy. Learn what they have to say about what they conclude is odd behavior of their son-in-law and why they say they fear for their grandchildren. A Dr. Phil field producer travels to the camp area where Josh allegedly took his sons the night Susan disappeared. Don’t miss what she discovers! And, legal analyst Lisa Bloom weighs in on this case. Next, Ed Smart, whose daughter, Elizabeth, was kidnapped and found, knows what it’s like to be a person of interest. Hear his opinion about this case. Plus, a father whose daughter has been missing for 14 years shares is emotional story, the mistakes he thinks he’s made and his advice for Chuck and Judy. Go behind the headlines in this heartbreaking story.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: karen071887 on Feb 16, 2012, 9:48AM - In reply to debrasatt
Hi. I just read that the police and members of crimstoppers had purchased the grave sites on either side of the boy's site to keep Josh Powell from being buried next to the boys. The article also stated that Josh Powell's family is looking at a site about 100 feet from the boy's site. I know that Dr. Phil has resources and would encourage him to purchase as many sites as possible, even the one 100 feet away. Also, if not purchase, somehow intervene as to block this burial so close to those precious boys. Thank you.
Replied By: debrasatt on Feb 15, 2012, 5:49PM
Now in our state they just reported that the famliy of josh powell are tring to get him bured next to or close to the angels he murdered.Why??Are they nuts do they really want the repercutions to it. I don't understand them. Is there any way we as people can do anything to stop them??  As a person who has been watching this unfold on tv it just makes me so upset that they would even consider putting him close to the angels he killed not to mention the murder of his wife. I hope the grand parents did not put his last name on there grave. Ihope it reads cox.  This is a frustrating thing for me.
Replied By: carolyndavies on Jun 28, 2010, 4:23AM
It seems obvious to me that the quickest easiest way to try to find out what happened to Susan is to immediately get a forensic psychologist to talk to the children - away from their father and before they start forgetting details - they must know something.  I don't understand why this has not already been done, also why don't they arrest the husband on probable cause and give him a lie detector test?
Replied By: roberta08 on Mar 6, 2010, 7:39AM
Two things bothered me about this show:   1).  What are Susan's parents waiting for?  I'm disappointed at how non-assertive they seem to be.  I think they both need to grow a backbone and start making their son-in-law' life a living hell.  Hire a private investigator, rent billboards...turn the "media" screws on this guy!  mAKE Don't just sit around waiting for the police or they could wind up like Jon Benet's parents!   2).  I just can't stomach seeing Ed Smart AGAIN!  He and his wife should have gone to jail right along side Elizabeth's abductor.  They were the ones responsible for bringing that monster into their children's' lives and Elizabeth endured 9 months of rape because of it.  I read that Mrs. Smart picked him up, in front of a Walmart, where he was wearing robes and spouting scripture.  What kind of an idiot brings home a total her husband & five a million dollar house w/o even deadbolt locks or an alarm system???  He could have been an escaped convict or a rapist or a murderer.  Then Mr. Smart hires him, introduces him to the kids and gives him free run of the house for 5 hours.  Those kids trusted their parents to make wise choices, that would keep them safe, and both parents failed miserably!  They should, at the very least, have been charged with Felony Child Endangerment! 
Replied By: lizy39ish on Mar 2, 2010, 8:36PM - In reply to lizy39ish
Just thought you should know This group, Monica Caison and her  Volenteer staff , all are on call, willing to stop thier lives to actually go out and look for our missing loved ones   -
Replied By: lizy39ish on Mar 2, 2010, 7:54PM
This is very sad- and Im soo sorry for Susans family- may they get answers and justice  too-  but its sadder still that this is an epidemic - Everyday in America someone is reported missing - everyday murderers get away with these crimes because  laws are not working to protect the innocent !  My mom is missing - presumed murdered since 1984 - the last person to have seen her alive - her very abusive (ex) husband of 14 years - who told my sis and I to tell no1 of our moms disappearance- of course after an entire childhood of " DOM" estic violence,  I ran to the police - this man has been allowed to have no comment all these years !!!   I have at least 10 cases that personally touch my heart- there were lil girls that vanished in the 70's from Ct - my friend Juls was also from Ct-her sister Grace and her niece lil Gracie vanished in 1978,  Then there is Billy, 31 who also vanished - Branson Perry  or greg tilley or
the MANY others that arent as fortunate to get all the publicity - but Im telling you right now - these missing people are loved by someone - missed by someone and they DESERVE the same ait time as the famous few that America hears about !  The stats differ but I believe there are at least 110,000 missing in America!!!

  We, the family memebrs that are  strong enough -  fight soo hard to try to make a difference- to ease the sadness and pain - as sooo many lives are affected when you KNOW in your heart that your loved one is missing  and you KNOW someone harmed them :{    because you will implode if we do nothing . None of us are ever the same.

 ~ "Billy's Law" ~ which Im proud to say  I've supported from the beginning  and testified at our capital for-  will,  some day very soon,  help change all missing persons cases for the future - Just as Namus is helping ID Jane n John Does-by cross referencing missing persons cases,  this is all the work of the heroes/ families in the midst of their suffering - trying to make sense of it all and fix a severely broken system - in the past- such as 1978 and 1984 police were not trained properly to deal with such cases and just forgetabout it IF your suspect had any friends that were cops, some dirty- that have all lawyered up - as in our moms case - But we fight to keep our loved ones presense out there and we fight to be thier voice and I wont stop until we, the good guys, win! ♥ ! And we are winning ♥  but we could use a lil help from people such as Dr Phil to help us get the word out - to help us get fliers of our loved ones out there to the public- because we KNOW someone knows something - our loved ones did not just evaporate they were taken from us!    
Replied By: drregos on Feb 23, 2010, 7:14PM - In reply to cadescove99
I am so disgusted to have learned about this story when I first saw it on one of the news sites the day after Susan disappeared.  I very rarely read the news stories but when I saw this on Yahoo, I was IMMEDIATELY DRAWN to it.  I have not heard anything about it on either the local or national news channels because they OBVIOUSLY HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DISCUSS such as Tiger Woods having an affair.  NOT !   Like really, who gives a shit.  A MOTHER/woman missing SHOULD TAKE PRECEDENCE over the other GARBAGE!  Anyway...  why on earth would an idiot like Josh who doesn't EVEN KNOW WHAT HELL DAY IT IS, CLEAN A CARPET?!   MAKES ZERO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!  PERIOD!  If a carpet is being cleaned, then there is a 90 % chance that a woman is responsible and she WOULD KNOW THAT TOMORROW IS MONDAY and her children are due to show up in Day Care.  A mother WOULD NOT put a box fan on the floor knowing she has little children who can stick their precious little fingers in it .  Would you?  You can ask EVERY MALE CAMPER ON THE PLANET IF they would take their YOUNG children out at midnight on SUNDAY to go camping IN THE SNOW WITHOUT CAMPING GEAR when they are due at work the following Monday.   I seriously doubt that ANYONE would disagree with any of the facts I stated here.   As I stated in other posts, he most likely disposed of her body in the water depicted in the photos on the show.   This is so sad indeed.
Replied By: drregos on Feb 23, 2010, 6:58PM
This is regarding Susan

Have the authorities checked the body of water that is in the background of the photo which we saw on the show today?Look at that photo's that were shown on the show today.There is a body of water in the background of one of the photo's.Is there a body of water in the area?There is NO WAY IN HELL that a person who works Monday thru Friday would NOT KNOW THAT IT IS SUNDAY NIGHT!!!If you have a cell phone, have 2 children in day care or watch television, YOU KNOW THAT TOMORROW IS A WORK DAY !!!Do they have a computer?Have the authorities checked the computer communications to see if perhaps Susan was planning to "run away from her children?"Fans pointing to a carpet outside of a bathroom typically indicates someone is covering something up.Men NEVER GIVE A CRAP about ANY STAINS on the carpet.They would wait for the wiffey to clean it up IF THEY NOTICED AT ALL!Check the water around the home !PLEASE !TAKE THE SMALL CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE MURDERER OF THEIR MOTHER !
Replied By: realrose on Feb 19, 2010, 11:16PM - In reply to carolebell
On the other hand it can be cruel to strip away any little fragment of hope that loved ones cling to.  It can be all that gives them strength to go on.
Replied By: cadescove99 on Feb 19, 2010, 2:14PM - In reply to snielson1
Were you there when the police tested the rug? If they tested it in the first place. Which I doubt, unless they haven't released the test results. And, what motive would Powell have for cleaning a rug, and being in such an all-fired hurry to dry it, unless he were trying to remove blood evidence?
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