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Dr. Phil sits down with Alex, and the mother of two drops a bombshell that just might have you screaming at your television! Find out how Alex's mother, Erin, sister, Katherine, and father, Marty, react to the shocking news. Dr. Phil confronts Alex with tough questions. Does she have a plan in place for the tough road ahead? Then, despite divorce proceedings with her husband, Chris, Alex believes he still has feelings for her. Is he still in love with her? When Dr. Phil delivers the hard truth to the young man about his relationship with Alex, you may be surprised by Chris' response. And, find out Chris’ reaction to Alex's latest news and what it may mean for him.

Find out what happened on the show.

Alex shares her thoughts about her latest news. Read her blog.

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Erin shares her thoughts about Alex and her recent news. Read her blog.

Replied By: skcorpio5764 on Feb 9, 2011, 12:06AM - In reply to mommy4728
Mommy is Right Alex will regret it! You take this family for granted and i don't think your concerned at all what happens to some people on your programs! You help the high profile people on your show and thats it and i think that is what Mommy and i are trying to say to you? If your out here to help people take time to help everyone!  Skcorpio5764
Replied By: norwegiangirl on Dec 8, 2010, 4:08AM - In reply to texassoap
Dr Phil would never do that.. He is the kind of man who would do everything and than some to help  this family.. From my appinion ( Excuse my french) This family realy need's he'æs help fro loooong time to come.
Replied By: salverda on Sep 22, 2010, 10:28AM
Please, excuse me for my english.
I always watch the dr. Phil show, when i come home from work. Because I think it's so educative?
It's so up to date and inspriring to my genaration, I'm sure.

Alexandra touches me, because when I look at her, I do feel a lot of sadness. I do feel that she is hungry for acknowledgement, acceptance, recognition of who she truly is. I think she is so much more then she alows herself to be. 

From what I've interpreted from the shows, was that her heart was broken many times. Not that she isn't to blame for this as well, but has been broken. And I think it still is. 

Dear O, dear, see who you've been created to be.... Love, who you've been created to be.. start telling your self every morning, that you ae worth it and the owner of a beautiful heart! Please meditate on this and I do believe you can still change your stories, into Succesfull onces!!! 

I hope you do find this post :)

Replied By: sandym1943 on May 5, 2010, 5:16PM - In reply to texassoap
When I saw your show today with Jessica and her mother and saw how upset she was and full of pain, I thought of Alex.  Her children, just like Jessica, as they get older are going to feel that their mother did not love them or protect them.  Alex's first priority seems to be having a man in her life regardless of the consequences.  She is not nurturing and protecting her children.  She has made poor choices and doesn't deserve the children she has. 
Replied By: texassoap on Apr 12, 2010, 9:56PM - In reply to jeees22
Some people you can help and other people don't want to do the work it takes to get well.  This family does not want to do what you tell or suggest them to do.  So tell them there isn't anything more you can do to help them and move on.  Check back on them next year.  If they've made progress and they want help, work with them again.  No progress, do a show, and wish them well.
Replied By: levi50 on Mar 12, 2010, 6:21AM - In reply to blkmousp
I am just reading your reply.  Thank you and sorry for this late response. 

What's really scary is that as soon as the issue is not about going to court and fighting for Alexandra's two prior children, it will be about Tony and his abusive treatment of Alex and the new baby, which is thought to be Tony's child. Tony clearly has issues of anger and insecurity.  He's been holding back but the camera doesn't lie.  He regards Alex as a godess, someone he never thought he'd ever have the privilege of associating with, let alone being in an intimate relationship with. 

The family is in a very complex dynamic that is unhealthy all the way down starting from Erin.  Erin really lost sight of how her actions affected her girls.  When she lost affection and esteem for Marty, she took unhealthy gratification in being both permissive and indulgent with the girls, giving them many mixed messages throughout their teens.  Marty withdrew further and further during that time period.  When Alex got pregnant it was a crisis for the family but also an unhealthy opportunity for Erin to dull the unhappiness in her marriage.  She filled her time with Alex's children and to some degree taunted Alex and ignored the pain that Kathrine was clearly going through.  Kathrine and Alex had been so close and suddenly that came to an end.  She was replaced and in some ways her sister and playmate died; Alex had to change and take on more grown up tasks, although emotionally she froze in time as that young girl who just wanted to be happy and do fun things with friends, her sister, etc.

The family has a very long way to go but they will get through all this.  Erin is the key to everyone being able to take personal responsibility for their actions.  Erin needs to continue loving the girls and her grand children but allowing for the changes that need to take place in her own life.  She needs to face her failures and disappointments and embrace what is not working and either fix it or move on. 

Marty is just a man who has become frozen in time.  He has been unhappy for a very long time.  I would not doubt that he has had some very, very scary thoughts, such as suicide or murder, not that he would do so, but that his mind is deeply negative and the emotional pain and anxiety has become so large he can barely manage to keep the lid on his rage. 
Replied By: nyknicks on Feb 27, 2010, 5:52PM
Replied By: debbeara on Feb 26, 2010, 8:27AM
Dr Phil, I have been a good Mom, I have been a lousy Mom. I have been in and out of bad situations all my life. You know who I blame--Me! I could whine and complain and make up stuff but that doesn't change the fact that the choices I made were mine and NO ONE made me do them. I have raised  8 children in my life. Number 1 blames me for every bad thing he ever did. I did wrong by him. I know it. I can't change it. I raised 2 beautiful stepdaughters. The one decided no matter what that she was going to be successful. The other went in the wrong direction, had 4 children by 3 different men, and blames everyone for all of her actions. She has convinced herself that she was abused as a young child. She didn't want her children, but what it boiled down to was pride. She did not want people talking about her. It was all about her with no thought about the plight of the children. I find it funny how our children who for whatever reason get into trouble turn it into how abused they were as children. My children who have children now understand the battle of parenthood. Alex will also get this in a few years. I think before they get this they will have to experience what they did to their Moms. I have also picked up what is going on with Erin. She always doted on her kids and though Marty may be brusque, she corrected him for correcting the girls and probably in front of them. So Marty also has a right to be bitter. Erin has probably always made him feel like he was wrong all the time when it came to raising the children. Been there, done that.  My husband wasn't wrong he was just going about it wrong, but when I tried to tell him this, his ego was terribly bruised until he finally just gave up. And clammed up and our realtionship became strained. Oh by the way did I mention, this is my 5th husband for the second time. We were married, divorced, and remarried 7 years later. Long story. So I am not without troubles. I have been married 5 times because I made bad choices in men. Every one of them with the exception of who I am with now had alcohol and drug issues. Why I chose them over and over is a mystery to me even today. The other 6 children-- Allison went to be with the Lord after 24 years of suffering with Cystic Fibrosis. Lisa is a working Mom of 4 and still manages to homeschool her children and has a child in college preparing to become a doctor. She has 1 child who she is struggling with who has moved out and is not making very good decisions. She also has an autistic son and 1 other teenager. Suzy is a personal trainer and mother of 4 taking college courses from home. Crystal is a working Mom taking classes at home and raising 3 children. Her husband is a full time student and stays at home while Mom works. She was headed on a downhill path and one day realized she was going to kill herself and decided to join the Army. Best decision she ever made. My baby boy Michael Jr, 20 still at home, working and trying to figure out what he wants to be if he ever grows up. I guess what I am trying to get across is that we all make mistakes in life, but  these girls are not getting it. They are not taking the blame for their actions. I don't see them trying to make a better life for themselves. It seems like they are just enjoying the notoriety. And all the freebies. And when they get caught in a lie they just want to walk away. When are they going to say I am sorry? When is Erin going to look at her husband and say I'm sorry.  Erin, Grab your husband and go on an extended vacation with Leila to the Bahamas. Remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. The whole family seems like they are giving up or giving in. Guys look at each other and apologize and move on. The past is in the past and you cannot go back and change it, sadly you could very well repeat it if you are not careful, but you can change tomorrow and make it better. I would love to see another family that really wants help and is showing something positive in their lives due to the help being offered. Sadly, it isn't happening here.
Replied By: lrappelbau on Feb 25, 2010, 11:05PM
Didn't Alex say at first that she wanted a few kids with Tony? And then she told Dr. Phil that in addition to not being able to afford birth control that a doctor told them that Tony couldn't have kids? I've taped over the episodes so I can't confirm another of Alex's lies. Anyone?
Replied By: jeees22 on Feb 25, 2010, 5:16PM
Dr Phil,

The only way for Alex to grow up is to have the show go away. Then she will have to deal with her issues herself. She is relying on the show to "help" her out of her problems, but it's not helping. It's only an ego boost to have the show going on, she's not getting any better. Please get another family that will actually appreciate the help.

Incidently, my mother got pregnant with me at 16. I would have preferred to have been given up for adoption had it not been for my wonderful grandparents who stepped in and raised me. She is still as selfish and immature today at 55yrs old as she was at 16. Maybe more. Alex is alot like her. Very selfish and has the poor me syndrome. She's not going to change. If having children has not made her want to be involved with those kids. When she chooses her boyfriend over her son, you can see she will not change. She's going to do this to another child?  Lord help those kids. Her mother should have put her on a birth control shot that prevents pregnancy for a longer length of time where she wouldn't need to remember to take a pill everyday. All parties involved are very immature.  I have two children of my own now and they are my world. I can't imagine going days without seeing them as she did. Everyone has a lot of growing up to do. All three kids should be put up for adoption.
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