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Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Erin and Alex as the two continue to battle. Katherine joins her mother and sister and emotions run high as the sisters reach a standoff, with Alex storming out. Dr. Phil drills down to learn why they are letting a rivalry tear them apart. Next, Erin has expressed concern about Katherine's frequent disappearances, sometimes for days at a time, and her daughter's alleged drug use. What new information does Dr. Phil uncover when he questions the teen? Then, after taking a break to gather her emotions, Alex rejoins the conversation. Find out what worries Dr. Phil about the young mom's behavior. And, will Erin finally understand why her older daughter is so upset?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: salemfinn on Jul 23, 2010, 2:04AM
What has happened with Alexandera's baby..did she win ustody and is she still with Tony?
Replied By: aprilj48 on Jun 18, 2010, 10:10PM - In reply to tori67
I have watched what has been going on with this family for a long time. My heart goes out tom you Erin. We all have choices, and with this said, the choices we make good are bad, come with a consquence(good or bad). We raise our kids and now we have to live with the bad decissions they have made, she is not ready to be a mom, and not only 1 but three bad decissions. Now is this fair that the grand parents are living with the consequence. No she is not doing any better she is again having anothere baby, with a guy that isnt worth having. The parents suffer. I have 5 grand children that a love dearly. I raised 3 boys. The bad decission my son made was to marry a crack head and he doesnt hold a job for no time, and has no money to pay bills. I suppose he thinks the world owes him something. I just about raise his daughter, because i dont want her in all his drama. I worked 26 years and my husband 32. We wanted to travel and lay back and do what ever we wanted we earned that right. so tell me our kids care about us, when they keep doing and making the same mistake. Erin I know i am totally worn out. I just hope you dont have to raise another child. Dont get me wrong i love my grankids. I want to be there grandmother, not there parent.  We have very selfish children
Replied By: arlpip on May 10, 2010, 5:35PM
Dr Phil,
why are you rewarding bad behavior with offering facelift surgery to Erin?  She behaved badly by mishandling her two daughters and bringing them up to be selfish greedy young ladies making bad decisions  and now she has inheritted the responsibility of raising  two, soon to be three, grandchildren. What's the possibility of Erin raising yet another generation of irresponsible people? 
I understand you are trying to compensate Erin for the stress of raising her grandchildren...how about a day at a spa...not facelift surgery which will mean she will need someone to care for the children while she recuperates....
I agree with the exercise and diet help, but wouldn't it be better to spend the facelift money on healthcare for the grandchildren or a trust fund for the grandchildren or even parenting classes for Erin, Marty, and Alex and all the fathers involved ?     
Replied By: csidney on Feb 20, 2010, 5:06PM - In reply to tori67
Uh ................................ Katherine has NEVER been pregnant !
Replied By: tori67 on Feb 18, 2010, 7:18AM
I am soo glad the Dr. P finally got on Erin... I think she lies just as much as her daughters... she covers things up to make her look like an angle.  I have been watching this family since Katherine got pregnant.. and there is a reason that both of these girls look at their mom and Say " don't lie mom, you know what we are talking about".. and Erin continually tries to acted like she has no clue what these girls mean...the look on her face alone is a dead give away... Dr. P why don't you catch that? Why cant you see thru her bull crap? I never have understood thru this whole new deal with the girls you are not on Erin... It really sounds like to me that she is the total reason the girls are like they are..because she has not proved her self as a caring or supportive mother...just one that wants to point out and strive on her daughters faults.....i AM SOOO TIRED OF HEARING HOW ERIN IS SOOO MISERABLE.....stop boohooing and take control of yourself.....Yes these girls need help.. but they have had Dr.P's Help over 1/2 their lives...its time to let them mess up and dig their self out of it alone... hey since the youngest one wants to convince herself she is not  smoking pot...then let her... and let her go to jail....i guarnitee if she does go to jail... when she gets out she just might walk a straight line!
Replied By: cadescove99 on Feb 16, 2010, 1:49PM - In reply to llcmal
Chris and Alex could be having a fling. He has been in her motel room. According to previews for an upcoming show. In which Dr Phil is not a happy camper. In fact, if Alex is telling the truth about Tony being unable to have children, guess whose baby she's probably carrying.
Replied By: luvingrandma on Feb 16, 2010, 11:45AM
I have read some of the other comments concerning this family, I'm not saying give up on them, but I do think the young lady is a player and until she is ready to help herself I think she is wasting your time.  Leave the door open but give it up until she is ready to accept SOME responsibility for her actions and not blame every mistake she personally makes on her family or anybody she can at this time in her life. There are  probably other young women out there that also need help and are more willing to accept changes they may have to make to make their life better.  Wait until she is 40 and then get back to her.
Replied By: glindi on Feb 16, 2010, 5:50AM - In reply to csidney
You nailed it! Well put!
Replied By: glindi on Feb 16, 2010, 5:49AM - In reply to memoking
Replied By: b246810 on Feb 16, 2010, 3:45AM - In reply to memoking
Tradespeople are good people and just want to earn a living and get on with their lives. There is no need to stick your nose up in the air at them. They need to be able to pay their bills. Some very talented craftspeople out there. Also someone needs to (clean toilets in malls, empty bins, make plastic forks, assemble things, lay driveways) otherwise where would we be? I say hooray for blue collar people.
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