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When a 7.0 earthquake ripped through the capital of Port-au-Prince, thousands of Haitians were killed and millions more were left without food, water, shelter or basic medical supplies. Many Americans have been impacted by news of the devastation and are looking for ways to get involved. See Dr. Phil’s message of how you can help here. For Dr. Phil’s advice on coping with the disaster, click here. Find support for dealing with this tragedy on this message board . Tune in as Dr. Phil examines heartbreaking stories of courage and survival in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: blkmousp on Jan 31, 2010, 2:16AM - In reply to lisa1042
Contradicting  your statement that you're glad "some others speak their mind like me."
MANY others speak  their mind.  Just so few agree with you. 
Replied By: blkmousp on Jan 31, 2010, 2:06AM - In reply to lisa1042
Are you two actually suggesting that the US.A. should ignore the crisis in Haiti?
Replied By: blkmousp on Jan 31, 2010, 2:00AM - In reply to anypie
Well said!  Glad you did, I so agree.
Replied By: blkmousp on Jan 31, 2010, 1:57AM - In reply to annabiggs87
I admire you for doing what you can.  That's important; that one helps at whatever level and capacity they can.
I've spent all day today, gathering clean and usable clothes shoes etc.
And would also like to know how to get them to Haitians.  When the time comes I will be ready!
Replied By: annabiggs87 on Jan 30, 2010, 4:55PM
Hey Dr Phil,

I have been emailing your staff like crazy and I even joined Twitter jst to talk to you about helping Haiti. I know you're a very busy man though so perhaps someone else on here can help me. I am absolutely heartbroken for the people of Haiti. I would love to donate money but I have fallen on hard times myself....I am a stay at home mama and my husband is studying right now so we don't have much of an income. So I decided I would give away some of my clothes. I hate to say it but it was hard. I would pull something out of my closet and say 'well I might want to wear this in the summer', then I said to myself 'these people have been left with nothing and you're worried about summer clothes?' So in the bag it all went. I have 4 bags of my clothes, my husbands clothes and some of my baby girls old clothes. The problem is I have no where to send it. Apparently the red cross aren't accepting clothes so where can I send this stuff? If anyone can help me please do. Thankyou very much.

Replied By: anypie on Jan 27, 2010, 9:42PM
Dear Dr. Phil:
I watched your show about Haiti today, and I must compliment you and Robin on raising two such great sons. I'm especially proud of Jordan. While most young people his age would be concerned with themselves and their own little world, Jordan went to Haiti with his brother and the Doctors and lent a helping hand where he could. Congratulations once again to you and Robin for raising two great sons. They are both great additions to the world, and I hope that God blesses them a thousand fold for the good works that they are doing.
Replied By: shrtyp1 on Jan 27, 2010, 8:51PM
Dr. Phil,
I watched a portion of your show today and it was so touching, I couldn't finish watching it. My heart has been so heavy with greif and the desire to go to Haiti to help that I don't know what to do.  Every day I spend a great deal of time watching CNN and anyone else who does reporting from Haiti, trying to find an organization I can join and go to Haiti to help. Every time I hear of an organization that is helping over there I research them on the internet to see what I can find out about their organization.I have been sending emails t o just about everyone in my contact list on a regular basis encouraging them to give these organizations.  I really do want to help and it is so frustrating to know that I have not been able to find an organization or group of people that I can partner with to travel there.

I am not a doctor, I have no type of medical training, actually my background is in Human Resources Management which is nothing that is needed there.  I am not even looking for a paid position, I am willing and able to pay my passage to get there.  Any way I am deviating from my reason for this messgae.

I don't know what it was about your show but finally today I actually cried and I am a pretty strong young lady.  I have very few fears and  a heart bigger than Texas, but your show today put me some place I had not been.  Maybe it's because I am frustrated that I haven't been able to get there.  Maybe because your sons and their group just arrived last night and to see such a large amount of inuries and how serious  they are just yesterday.

It is obvious that their is a serious logistical problem on the ground ther.  I understand that this is an over whelming task at hand, but I don't understand why with so much help there, why they can't get organized and take full advantage of the help on the ground. 

It has been two weeks now since this earthquake and people are sleeping outside.  Why don't they form committee's from the various countries and each take a task and work on it.  The immediate needs now for the people are food, shelter and medical treatment.  They can assign a group of helpers to work with the medical teams to get hospitals and troig areas setup.  By now the Haitian government should have already identified land that can be used to stet up tent cities.  I have heard from television reports that the US Army is able to set up 200,000 tents within four days.  They need to get to work.  The first to be given housing should be the elderly and orphanages with children.  Then they should set these tents up and each family or group should have to register and check in and out of their tents.  This will make it possible for them to get a list of survivors who can eventually being to have some normalcy in their lives and if they are lucky they can even begin to receive mail when possible.

The can use the ment that are wondering around all day with nothing  to do to help set up these tents.  Get the ladies to help out in food kitchens that can be set up every 2 or 3 hundred tents to serve the people of that area.

I find it very difficult to sit here and the the frail elderly people just sitting in the streets from the nursing homes and no one has feed these people.  If If could get there I would I would get them food and water.  Why don't they get a command center set up which will enable reporters such as Dr. Gupta and Anderson Cooper come across people in need they can call and say I have these people over in this area that need this type of help.  This is not rocket science I don't understand why this is taking so long.  

The disappointing this is the media went to report on what happened there expecting to find uncivil rest and they didn't find that.  They found people that need unimaginable help patiently waiting for it to come.  After two weeks with little of no water the unrest is now festering, I wonder why?  How long could any of us go without food or water before we start doing what ever we can to get food and water for our families.  Let's be real.  The media has reported that there is now lotting going on, what do they expect these people to do.  The buildings have collasped no one is giving food or water and there is plenty of it there in the airport.  Last week a young man was shot in the back because he took a bag of rice that fell off of a relief truck . 

If  we are really going to help the people of Haiti their govenment needs to stop and take control and 
get organized and really do this thing right.   If they do not have the proper government staff in place to take the helm and get order they need to ask for help from the govenments of the organizations that are there.

Once thing I have noticed is I have only seen one government official speak publically since this disaster.  Does that mean that their learders have perished and that hasn't been publicised?

I don't know who to direct my suggestions to but you may know who can use these suggestions.  I will continue to watch your show and I will try my best to watch more on friday.  God bless your sons while they are on this humanitarian mission.  I thank God, for all he allows them to do while they are there, I pray they are able to make a considerable difference in the life of some of these people.  

This is one time I wish I had become a doctor , I want to help so bad and I can't take it.   
Replied By: lisa1042 on Jan 27, 2010, 8:03PM - In reply to pjgolden2001
I total agree with you.  I am glad to know that someone out there speaks there mind just like me.  I think we should worry about our own people and stop sticking our noses in other countries problems.  We have enough problems here people homeless, losing there homes, just barely keeping there heads above water.  And  no other country would come to our help.  Haiti was such a poverty sticken country before this.  They cant even get it together to help themselves.............100 Percent on your side    Lisa
Replied By: deniseprice on Jan 27, 2010, 7:31PM
That was great coverage on the Haiti Disaster with the Doctor's and all the medical staff and care that people have donated their time for.

But let's not forget the Army Reservist who have been called to duty to go to Haiti to help with this disaster.

My son was in college and got called to active duty to Haiti. He was given a 2 day notice. So his college has now been put on hold because of his orders for a 6 month deployment.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about his life being put on hold to help others at the worst time of their lives. I am very proud of him and I think this will be a great live experience.

But let's not forget to give them a pat on the back.

Thank you,
Replied By: lorriesmiles67 on Jan 27, 2010, 5:37PM - In reply to pjgolden2001
Shame on you America: the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment - yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won't have the guts to copy and paste this!
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