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During the last show, Katherine stormed out of her conversation with Dr. Phil. When she arrived home, she got into a heated discussion with her mother, Erin. What has the teen so mad? Katherine joins the show via satellite. Will she apologize for her behavior? Find out why she says she still has drug paraphernalia in her possession. Next, Katherine's older sister, Alex, joins the show. Why does she say she questions the seriousness of Katherine’s medical condition? And, Katherine has harsh words for her older sibling. Then, Erin says Katherine is failing to meet the guidelines of a behavior contract she created, but the teen says that's not true. And, get an update on Alex's custody battles for her two children. Plus, tune in to The Doctors on Tuesday to find out the results of Katherine's medical tests.

Katherine opens up about her relationship with Alex. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

Erin reflects on how her behavior may be affecting her family. Read her blog.

Alex shares her feelings about her relationship with Katherine. Read her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: wwbjdt on Feb 3, 2010, 9:50AM
What this family desparately needs is to go to church, read the Bible, and pray.  They all need to learn biblical values such as forgiveness, abstinence, and unconditional love for themselves, and for the 2 young children in Erin's home.  What we are all seeing is the result of a home without one very important family member: Jesus.  This is heartbreaking for God to see his children suffering and self destructing the way they are.  His plan for this family is so much more.
Replied By: memoking on Jan 28, 2010, 9:41PM
I  think on Monday we will all find out what Marty thinks about all this, when the whole entire family is on the show...
Replied By: nutsfobags on Jan 28, 2010, 2:22PM
This whole situation is so very sad, but I think it's time to send this family to private counselling.  Watching them and hearing the terrible things they say to one another is tiresome, and it seems like a waste of an hour to hear them airing their dirty laundry.  America does not need to hear about  their personal nightmare, and I think it's time for Dr. Phil to refer them on to a private therapist.  This is not entertainment.  I'm sure that there are more interesting topics which viewers would enjoy than this toxic family situation.
Replied By: kathleen27 on Jan 28, 2010, 12:21PM - In reply to momisme2
Hi Momisme2!
You said it all!  Maybe we will learn more as these shows progress, but the last one left me spinning.
Who knows?  With lawyers in the picture, Alex may have been told to shut up about Tony as well as her "former" addiction to painkillers.
Be that the case, I see no further pupose in doing the shows with Alex.
Lawyers will advise clients not to discuss anything that may hurt their case, so I suppose there is a conflict of interest going on with Alex,her lawyer, and the information that can be shared on the show..
Katherine...what can I say?  I'm not Dr. Phil, but anyone who is missing the booze, as she admittedly is, really shouldn't be in a dorm at this time.
I was WATING for Erin to tell Katherine that trash talking HER GRANDCHILDREN is something she refuses to hear, but it never happened.  Only Katherine gets to say what it is she will and will not discuss.  Anything wrong with this picture?.
As much as I do follow this family, with all of the issues, it has gotten too complicated.  Now Chris and his mom have entered the arena, with a lot of anger, and probably with legal advice. 
I wonder what is Chris' story?  Is he a recovering alcoholic?  He may be, because he had to have seriously impaired judgement when he violated parole, causing him to go to prison.
Now, his Mother...she raised him, so is she a poor parent as well?
I suppose, in fairness, if we are looking hard at Erin, then we need to take an equally hard look at Chris' Mom.
I remember 6 years ago, I had my daughter, who was then 15, and my son, 14, watch this with me.
15 year olds should NOT be having children.  I realize that nobody can force a person to put a child up for adoption, nor can they force abortion.
Problem being, these life changing decisions being left to a 15 year old often result in generations of dysfunction.
To THINK that a 15 or 16 year old is ready for a baby is insanity.  I'm sure there will be posters who claim success stories, but if they are true, they are in the minority. 
Nathan has been through the most unstable life at age 6.  Mommy has another baby, but Mommy keeps that one, gives me to Grandma and Grandpa, lives with another man..visits me...then I go to live with my real Dad.  IMO, this is EMOTIONAL abuse from every  direction, and it involves a CHILD!
Erin and Marty would have done Alex the biggest favor if they had told her, while the choice was hers to make, they would only support adoption.
The family is a mess now, and Nathan, along with Leilah, are the ultimate victims. 
Alex still claims "NOBODY IS THERE FOR ME". 
I think too many people where "there for her", as she paved the road to what we see today.
Aren't parents supposed to PROTECT their 15 year old children, or does pregnancy absolve that responsibility?
TOUGH LOVE should have been in place, from two united parents, 6 years ago.
Replied By: moela3 on Jan 28, 2010, 10:09AM
i've been watching these episodes since the beginning when Alex became pregnant....I've had a similar situation with my 2 daughters.  I feel these kids have been given everything in life and now that they are adults feel that they should still be taken care of by their parents. Neither one of them are taking responsibility for their actions. Has Erin ever heard of tough love?  It took me til my girls were in their 20's to finally say enough is enough and now they both live 900 miles from me  but I have piece of mind.  I miss my 5 grandbabies terribly but its not a grandma's job to raise her grandkids.  I still  have issues with it but each time I say no it gets easier.  I feel Catherine is using anything she can to get out of working and she is resentful of her mother for taking care of the grandkids....she needs help but she doesn't seem to want help.  Alex is working thru the courts and she seems sincere.   Marty was right in taking away her car and telling her to leave.  Both of the girls are disrespectful to both their parents.Dr. Phil I'm sure there are lots of young women with a similar situation that would actually work your program....enough is enough.
Replied By: cherilynmorris on Jan 28, 2010, 7:36AM
Hi Doctor Phil, I have been watching the Dr.Phil family from the beginning. I just want to make a comment about understanding Katherine. Having grown up in a family with siblings, I understand how she feels. She is not angry at her sister, she is angry at her father. From the very beginning it was broadcast that her father favoured her sister. Her sister became pregnant and received all the attention. Katherine at that time was getting good grades and was the "good" girl, yet  Alexandra received all the attention. Now many years later, everyone wonders why she is self destructing. It didn't matter that she was the "good" girl so why should she bother? Fast forward, Alexandra is still getting all the attention, she can not look after her own children so again her parents are bailing her out, now Alexandra's children are receiving the attention Katherine so desperately wants, she cant' win. I think she is accepting that this will not change so she wants to disown herself from the family that has hurt her so much to protect herself. Again, she comments about the favouritism by her father for her sister being broadcast on national TV. Why has this never been addressed? I think at this point her only way of being heard is by staying angry at her sister. I also feel that her mother has always been a very negative influence, not encouraging and always focusing on the negative and not celebrating the positive and as you say being the soft place for Katherine to fall.  Any thoughts?
Sincerely, Sherry.
Replied By: chantaloh on Jan 28, 2010, 7:30AM - In reply to momisme2
I am too waiting to hear how the oxy contin addiction got kicked, nothing has been said about that.  And I really want to know how Nathan is getting along with his dad.  I am tired of watching Alex make faces and Katherine lie and act like a spoiled brat.

This is a truly dysfunctional family, and I am worried for the babies -- they are really what is important now.  If Dr. Phil is around in 10 years he may need to do shows on them at this rate.  
Replied By: momisme2 on Jan 28, 2010, 5:15AM - In reply to kathleen27
Hi Kathleen! 

I dont believe Tony is gone.  If Alex made the choice to boot him, I think Erin and Dr. Phil would have said so.  There seems to be so very little anyone can say about Alex "trying hard" one would think if she did leave this guy, everyone would have made a big production out of that decision!

This last show just frustrated the ever lovin crap outta me!  Week after week after week I watch and hope, against any reasonable hope, that finally ONE of these people are going to step up and start doing some hard work.   Week after week after week it just gets worse and worse. 

Like you, I was appalled by the way Katherine spoke of her niece and nephew.  Like you, I think sending this girl off to live on campus is just about the worse idea anyone has come up with yet!  Its SO bad, in fact,  its funny.  If anyone actually believes Katherine is mature enough, responsible enough, level headed enough, to stay focused on her studies instead of drowning in the college party scene then I just dont know WHAT to say.  "Ideally" that would work, but Katherine is no where NEAR "ideal" right now. 

Then we have Alex.  At the begining of this series, it was ALL about her oxy contin addicition and the VERY bad decisions she was making because of the drugs.  All of a sudden thats no longer an issue?  She just miracuously got over her addiction to a drug that is KNOWN for how HORRID it is to fight?  Shes so amazing and so far above everyone else that she was able to kick the habit, which is said to be as bad as a heroin addicition, all by herself with NO help or intervention?  Yeah... right.   All you have to do is look at her eyes and watch her mannerisms to know she STILL very much needs HELP.  But oh no.  Lets not speak about that.   Lets just bury it under the rug the exact same way they do with Tony the baby abuser. 

And Erin...  everyone, from both her daughters and the doc himself, go on and on about her "strength".   She may have strength, but she sure as hell isnt acting on it when it comes to doing the HARD WORK she needs to do with her daughters!  She allows them to walk all over her, treat her like dog crap on their shoes, get away with murder, and she sits back and does nothing whatsoever about it.  Then she wonders why things keep going in the same sorry direction.  You know... its really not that hard to figure out.  I have no doubts she knows exactly what to do, its just that doing it is too bloody hard for her.  

Until ERIN changes, neither of her girls will.  They will continue with the same b.s. antics until they are either in jail or dead. After everything that has happened, I honest to God dont understand why Erin isnt SCARED enough to actually STEP UP and STOP ALLOWING these two to get away with the endless crap!  What has to happen to shake her up enough to be able to stand up to her children? WHAT? 

*sighs*  Im so very frustrated by it all.  I see two girls who have unbelievable potential, the world at their feet, a mother who has the potential of being an excellent role model for her two daughters, and they ALL JUST PISS IT AWAY!!!!!!!

Replied By: marianparoo on Jan 28, 2010, 1:21AM - In reply to kashel
I've often wondered what the prospective adoptive parents feel if they are seeing these episodes.  :(
Replied By: memoking on Jan 28, 2010, 12:46AM
actually, so much is going on in this family, and the next episode is already taped, as well as future episodes, and so whatever we say on here won't matter, because of the time difference. But here is my opinion....I feel sorry for Katherine that she lost part of her childhood because of her young nephew, neice, and Alex being pregnant.  Someday, she will cherish them...Yet, her resentments should not hold her back...she should forget her resentments and just concentrate on improving her life..... she should continue being the nice young girl she used to be and just go to college, concentrate on her life, and make a life for herself as a teacher... EVeryone in that family has it hard, everyone in that family has problems, and she should not worry about that, they will all get thru it. Alex has her share of peoblems, and she needs to concentrate on that, getting her kids back and becoming a good mother.. (however, what happened to TonY? Why is that not mentioned? Is that situation resolved???)  Katherine needs to concentrate on getting her college degree and being around good kids her own age, as an inspiration to her, and she should also be around good teachers, so that she has role models and she should have friends....Let the mother, Erin, concentrate on HER own life.. Her life is not fun, she should leave Marty and look for someone that loves her, then she will quit trying to intervene in everyone else's life.. .Let Marty do whatever he wants to do, but he seems to be just languishing, we never hear anything from him, and it seems he really just wants to be left alone...and finally, I think they should just all have their own individual counselors, and quit putting everything out on National TV.. because when they do that, they open themselves up to judgment, and criticism, and abuse, and I think they could solve their problems a lot quicker with individual, private counseling.
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