After last week's 7.3 earthquake that ripped through Port-au-Prince, millions of Haitians have been affected, going days without food and water, facing disease and the loss of loved ones. Have you gotten involved with Haitian relief efforts, such as donating to the American Red Cross? Are you wondering how to cope with the disaster, or how to explain the tragedy to young children? Have you been watching the news coverage nonstop?

Click here to watch a special message from Dr. Phil on how to get involved, and then share how you are handling this devastating event.

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Replied By: cadescove99 on Aug 27, 2011, 10:27AM - In reply to ziggy01
Wasted food isn't the only way money is wasted on military expenditures. "Defense" contractors charge the armed forces way more for their products than they'd charge a civilian for the same items. Whatever I'd pay for a hammer is what they ought to charge our armed forces.
Replied By: bex1981 on Jun 23, 2011, 12:36PM
I am blown away by everyone's closed-mindedness in regards to this topic! Do people not realize they have a choice when they are asked for donations for relief efforts to Haiti or other missions? If you think that it is more important to give to charities or volunteer your time to those services that are local to you, then do it!!! No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to do. In addition - these people that are complaining about local vs international relief efforts, how many of you ARE actually contributing to your local communities to do something about the homelessness and/or poverty situation? Yes, there will always be a hand out internationally - they do not have the same luxuries and opportunities afforded to them. Additionally, there will also be local hands out. If you choose you want to make a difference, it's up to you where you want to help. We can't change the world all at once, only by helping one person at a time - no matter where in the world that person lives.
Replied By: ziggy01 on Jan 22, 2011, 9:48AM
  PORK BARREL EXPENDITURES I wonder why politicians call the excess budget money pork barrel? What happens is congress come up with a budget for the year. They allegedly meet their expenditures, then what's left becomes pork barrel. I wonder why they call it Pork Barrel? They spend this money to the penny, because if they don't they wont get as much next year! Now I'm going to focus on one item which is military expenditure. Please don't get me wrong. I am a Army vet. I enjoyed being a soldier. On the down side I saw a lot of waste. Food,and munitions just to name two. Just think about this. In one battalion mess hall they throw away enough food to feed a city in one month! They rarely use left overs. Everything is cooked fresh from breakfast to dinner every day! Just imagine the countless number of mess hall through out the military! When we went to the practice firing range they would issue a certain amount of ammunition. We HAD to fire every round, we could not bring any back to the arms room. We were told that the equipment was more valuable then the men, and women! Sadly the equipment I use was useless most of the time! Change the subject for a second. Troops training to go to Vietnam men were trained to use the M14 rifle, But were given the M16, that was produced by a toy company when they got to Vietnam Nam, Why? I was told that the government functions like a big dysfunctional corporate business! If bill Gates ran his business like the government is being run, he'd go broke!
Replied By: justice60 on Oct 7, 2010, 5:46PM
Why send money overseas to help a country in need? When we need to help our own country first. Sure it is sad; but why send aid when we would get no aid in return in the long run?
Replied By: cadescove99 on Apr 26, 2010, 2:24PM - In reply to blkmousp
You think I need to "clarify" my comments?
I don't think so, but here goes.
Nowhere in my post did I blame Obama for earthquakes. 
And, his reaction to the four earthquakes since the one in Haiti further convince me of his racial motivation. He harped for weeks about Haiti, but made only one brief reference to the next earthquake, in Chile, and has said nothing about the three that followed, in Turkey, Mexico, and Tibet.
Replied By: altastuff on Apr 15, 2010, 5:35AM - In reply to fla_girl
You know that with the corruption in Haiti, a lot of money, and supplies do not go where they need to go. I don't see the accountability of the money that has been sent there. Where is it going? and WHO is receiving it?
That is why in the scriptures, God said we as a church are to take care of the widows, and the orphans.The NGO'S can do a far better job. Just look at Samaritians Purse, Baptist Haiti Misson and so many other church organizations that are on the ground and have been there for years. They know the needs, and can help the Haitians with our help.That keeps the money, and suppllies out of the hands of the govt. and puts it in the hands of the locals who need it.
Replied By: altastuff on Apr 15, 2010, 5:28AM
I have been going to Haiti on mission trips for a couple of years. I stay at the Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermanthe, about 15 miles from Port-Au-Prince.
If anyone would like to know what is going on, go to They are doing so much for the country. They have 365 schools, and help 65,000 children.
It is amazing. It is so important for the people of Haiti to get an education. BHM has  been in Haiti for about 60 yrs. and have a hospital, schools, teach agriculture, and sponsor churches,  have a kindergarten on the premises, help in times of trouble, they have fed, and clothed, and helped in so many ways.
When you sponsor a child for 25.00 a month, they get books, uniform, lunch at school, dental and medical care. That 25.00 also helps pay the teachers. It is such a blessing to go to the schools, and see the children, they are so proud to be in school. Education is not just having to go to school. They all want to go, and take their education seriously. It is a privilege for them. 
Thank you for considering this entry.
Sincerely Alta
Replied By: fla_girl on Mar 31, 2010, 8:02AM
I understand that Haitti has gone thru a disasterious situation.  But my question is why does the US has to "save" ever country?  The US has homeless people and children in need.  We have so many children that need a permanent home.  Every organization is asking for money for other countries,  what about taking care of home first then help others.  Where is the money going to come from that this government is using to help aeroevac them into this country.  Don't forget the term "wet feet".  We will take care of them for years.  They will be "subsidised" forever and not work to pay in taxes.  It never stops.
Replied By: loriclint6 on Mar 15, 2010, 8:16AM
i was just wandering all these people on tv asking people 2 send money 2 help out for different places,why we never see any for the homeless people right here in the untied states and people in need?? make any sences what is our world coming 2
Replied By: sjrachal on Mar 2, 2010, 10:07AM
i dont believe that the us should be helping them that  much. look how some of our people are living. seems like our country is going down the drain and here we are helping out other countries and in a war...its sad
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