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(Original Air Date: 01/22/10) Does your personality help or hinder you in everyday life? Are you a perfectionist? A drama queen? Do you over-analyze the smallest of details? Is your personality standing in the way of your ultimate happiness? Andrea admits that she has every single minute planned each day, and if something throws her timing off, her whole day is ruined. She also wonders if her perfectionist tendencies are taking a toll on her health. How can she learn to lighten up? And, Kim says she won’t date a man who doesn’t meet her 20-item checklist of standards. Is she setting herself up for a life of loneliness? Then, meet a wife who says she and her husband have completely different personalities. Can they meet in the middle or embrace their differences? Plus, Dr. Phil talks with a mom who says her 5-year-old is the biggest drama queen. Is the child’s behavior normal?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: shiera on Jun 24, 2010, 1:27PM - In reply to flmarks
Hiya :) the website on this show is www.animalinsideyou.com :) its fun nothing serious though
Replied By: flmarks on Jun 20, 2010, 2:21PM
I haven't watched the show yet..can i find out my personality??
Replied By: shannonlyn on Jun 20, 2010, 10:51AM - In reply to mendozrx2
I don't think Dr. Phil is wasting his time on this family.  Can anybody help it if they are dysfunctional?  None of us are perfect unfortunately and we all make mistakes.  I know I have made many, many mistakes raising my kids and now that I am much older (a grandmother) I see where I went wrong many times.  I thank God my kids still love me for me.  Give this family a fighting chance. 
Replied By: shiera on Jun 19, 2010, 3:23PM
I know my personality effects my life alot. I would prefer staying in the home cleaning then out trying to make new friends. There is nothing more satisfying for me then sitting down to play a video game in a spotless house. It also makes family visits more enjoyable for me when I know they are comfortable being in my house and enjoy comming to my house because it is so clean. Does it hinder my relationship with family members? No and maybe if it did I would think about changing it. So as Dr. Phil says "Hows that working for you?" I would say pretty good :).
Replied By: sshawnbl007 on Jun 19, 2010, 11:13AM
My Personality is different from my Parents. They both had a little problem with Drinking.  My Parent's got divorced when I was 6 year's old My Brother was just 1.  
Replied By: barneyrubble on Jun 19, 2010, 6:15AM
In this case, I will have to side for Deborah recieving custody.  She stepped up to take care of her dying sister and her niece without any confort or support from her brother in law.  It was because he didn't want to be bothered   by the resposiblity of the situatiion and that has been his role for many years-disconnected and selfish. He needs to be honest to himself and realize that for the long term his parenting skills and lack of parenting skills will only complicate the health and well -being of his daughter.  The young daughter has suffered a great loss and needs that continuing stablity and love she is recieving. The National Cener for Men ,in my opinion, displayed the lack of respect for Deborah.  It seemed as if they were bullying her.  The conituous yelling and finger pointing was unprofessional.  If that is a scare tactic to winning they have failed. I was a;so appau;ed by the comment of her paying child support.  That was a joke.  Child support is not between the husband and sister in law.  Give me a break.  Deborah I am rallying for you.  You fight this fight to the bitter end.  I feel going back with dad would be devastating.  Don't allow those men to push you around.  I have had similiar situations in and out of court because of my ex-husband and I dealt with the disrepect and it is discusting how women get treated when a child is involved or money.
Replied By: familymatters1 on Jun 18, 2010, 7:38PM - In reply to astrologer13
Okay, so what?  The woman prefers to date within her own race - big deal!  I hate it when people make an issue out of that, there are plenty of people who wish to date like that whether it be white, black, hispanic etc.  Many people are comfortable within their own cultural/racial environment and there is nothing wrong with that.  The only time I take issue or offense is when people who do decide to date outside of their race/culture actually gets verbally assaulted for doing so.  That is a preference as well and they should not be attacked for it.

As for the Mother with the child?  Well, see, it's called parenting and while some of these antics from the little girl can be construed as 'cute' and might induce some 'oohs' and 'ahs' from different viewers (not me) - temper tantrums are not an acceptable form of behavior coming from any child.  Like Dr. Phil expressed, individual expression is fine but it also comes with boundaries and it is this mother's job to make these decisions and guide the child in what is right and wrong. The little girl is not the parent here, and gosh - does this predominate child-centric mentality make me want to barf!
Replied By: familymatters1 on Jun 18, 2010, 7:15PM - In reply to jewelsf
Lol - hold on a minute here.

Granted, the list this woman presented on today's show was extreme.  However, at no time did Dr. Phil tell this woman that she was supposed to abandon every ounce of common sense, drop all her standards, and carry no sense of personal self-worth or moral values when it pertains to finding a compatible/suitable companion.  Seriously, the 'unrealistic expectations' that I got hung up on were the ones like ... a family background with a perfect health history (LOL) and the parents having to live close by so there will be no travel involved in the future etc, etc.  Those are ridiculous deal breakers IMO.

Now, for the record, the points that you have high-lighted above are exactly what I feel is wrong with this country today and continues to contribute to the breaking down of the moral fabric of our society.  Women, even men, need to set standards in this 'sex- crazed' culture where everyone is just embracing or tolerating everything that goes.  There is no respect for virtue or real committment anymore, eveything is instant physical gratification for one's 'self.'  And that is why our divorce rates are up and that is why marriage is being devalued with more and more people living together outside of marriage.   Not everything on her list is what I consider to be 'unrealistic' as you have put it - especially the check points pertaining directly to 'sex' and 'family life.'  They are honorable and show character in my book, so long as she is not being hypocritical and doing the same exact thing she doesn't want from a partner in a potential relationship.  Heck, statistics even show that people who live together before marriage have a higher divorce rate than married couples who have not.  Look, I even hold some of these standards myself ... ie. No sex before Marriage, no living together before marriage etc.  And furthermore, I also have made the choice that I do not want to date someone who has been divorced before or someone with kids.  It clashes with my religious/spiritual beliefs regarding family life.  I will not be bringing that baggage from my side; therefore, I deserve the same conditions in return.  There are still those of us out there, male and female, who maintain their virtue and dignity so don't let society fool you.  I don't care what the media is trying to portray in these so-called 'modern times.'

In conclusion, I hold firmly to the belief that it is far better to remain single than to ever compromise your morals or your values for any relationship.  Therefore, I maintain that this woman should re-evaluate the qualities that really matter and what will make a partner someone worthy of committment.  While there is a lot of clutter on that list, there are also some key points I feel that are beneficial to any relationship.  I wish her and her friend the best of luck!  
Replied By: crystal75 on Jun 18, 2010, 6:06PM
When I saw you with Andrea on stage having her hold out her arms and then "relax" them I thought "That's what I would do". Although I would not label myself a perfectionist, I have certain rituals throughout the day that if I do not perform them I get anxiety-ridden, stressed and often get suicidal feeling like my world is falling apart. The thing I realized today is that - MY WORLD DOES NOT FALL APART! I may feel like killing myself BUT - I do not do it. I may feel like I am breaking into little peices but I can still take care of my nephew. I may have an anxiety attack but it only lasts about five minutes. MY WORLD IS NOT ENDING! Wow. What a concept. Thank you Dr. Phil. I hope this realization will help me in the future.
Replied By: kathuc on Jun 18, 2010, 3:26PM
Robin can be happy that she was at least cut and small even if related to a skunk.  I am a gorilla.  I do NOT like the test. 
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