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It’s the first Monday of the New Year, and in case you’re already having trouble with your resolutions, listen up! Dr. Phil and his special guests have advice for how to leave bad habits behind in 2009! Joining Dr. Phil is the king of comedy and author of the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey. See the hilarious comic dish advice to Michelle, who wants to stop dating losers, Jain, who wants to stop judging people based on their zodiac sign, and Denise, who has a huge collection you won’t believe! Plus, Dr. Phil correspondent and comedienne Kathleen Madigan finds out what people on the streets are vowing to never do again in 2010. Everyone is in stitches during this lighthearted look at New Year’s resolutions. Don’t miss this show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: thebooklady on Jan 5, 2010, 10:29AM
Astrology is no joke, but the lady was indeed judgmental.  People are judgmental, and Dr. Phil and Steve were being judgmental about astrology.  Dr. Phil is right when he says you shouldn't judge people by their astrology sign.   In astrology, there are literally hundreds of things that make or break a relationship, because there's literally that many facets to people.  Sun signs really don't mean much astrologically.  I find the sun to be a rather weak planet, as they go.  Mars, Saturn, and Uranus pack far greater punches.  Anyway, people who use Sunsigns to judge are just as uninformed and uneducated as people who think astrology is silly.

Astrology is not a game.  I used to think it was entertaining "psychology", so to speak, until I realized that I had a car accident every 2 to 2 and a half years. (looked at my insurance papers one day)  I know that that +/-2 years cycle is a Mars cycle.  When I looked at my birthchart, every 2 to 2 and a half years, Mars crossed the exact same point.  This is geometry (and kind of, Bingo).  There are 360 degrees in a circle, and Mars is always crossing Point Number 24 every time I  have an accident.  That's 1 spot (Point Number 24) out of 360.  The good news is, I now know when my accidents will be.  The bad news is, I now know when my accidents will be.  It freaked me out.
I have been studying astrology and doing readings for people for many years and know for a fact that astrology can foretell what will happen, down to the day.  It's not a joke or silly.  It is science.  Astrologers have to be astronomers, and in fact, in ancient days, the astrologers WERE the scientists of their day.  That's who was looking up there into the night sky, measuring things, writing down records of the travels of the Sun and Moon--astrologers did that.  Without astrologers, we couldn't have found our way in a ship across the oceans, and without astrologers being curious (and detail-oriented), we would still be groveling on the ground and afraid of eclipses.  It was astrologers who quested to find out the nature of the universe and our place in it.  Guess who the three wise men, the Magi, of the Bible were?  Hello!

Astrologers don't tell what your LUCK will be--that's up to you and your actions and the decisions you make, and it's pretty obvious that if you make dumb decisions, your so-called luck will be bad.  Astrologers tell you what's coming, so that you can know how to face the music.

Astrology is NOT about being psychic or telling "fortunes" or even playing psychology games,  Astrology is a science that tells you what to expect.  It's normal, natural, very scientific, and has been proven over and over again.  Dr. Phil, you want to know who has done studies...call Nona Gwynn Press, Noel Tyl,  Johannes Kepler, any of the original astronomers who were all astrologers.  Read Mountain Astrology magazine.  Astrology IS a scientific study!   It is so deep that I could spend the rest of my life studying it and never learn it all.  I am talking about the geometry, the calculations, and the correspondences. 

Every day, I help people using astrology, to inspire them, to give them hope, and to let them know they do indeed have a purpose and a future.

So that's all I have to say about that.  You're showing your ignorance, fellas!  Sorry!  But all's forgiven, because you guys are doing a great job.  Dr. Phil--you are going to have partnership issues this year--I am not telling who or what, because it's your personal business, and I won't spill the beans.  That's the only reason I am being generic here.  Then, Steve, are you lying about your age?  I'm not saying that 'cause I'm psychic (I'm not), but because there 2 birthdays with separate birth years out there--and just wondering which it is--both have that Leo "look at me" Moon, but I can't predict for you without the right date, this being scientific and all. ;)

As for my accidents, yes, I'm still having them every 2 or so years, and I know when they are coming, so I experiment on myself to see what can by-pass the event.  So far, prayer works the best.  Go figure!  The most metaphysical and unscientific thing of all works the best!  Here's to You, God!  You are winking at us, I know!
Replied By: cowchipper on Jan 4, 2010, 7:29PM - In reply to mooleen
Dr. Phil should have a show of 5-10 us cow collectors on his show. Maybe we can get him to like COWS like we do!
Replied By: martadawn on Jan 4, 2010, 5:25PM
Naturally the majority of Dr. Phil's shows are extremely serious. I also am a fan of Steve Harvey, I can look at his face and laugh! Not that's it ugly or anything, it's his expressions.
I literally laughed aloud during the whole show and how refreshing it was! I would have to rewind it from time to time because I was laughing so hard........

Dr. Phil, I vote to have more shows like that. You know laughter is good for the soul.

Your Fan,
Replied By: windw4lk3r on Jan 4, 2010, 4:40PM - In reply to torii_lee
Its a Water not Land
Replied By: mooleen on Jan 4, 2010, 4:34PM - In reply to cowchipper
I too an a cow lady.  I have also been collecting for over 20 years.  I have never counted them, but I must have over 2,000.  I also drive a "cow" car, a 2001 PT Cruiser,  It moos too.  I have a life size fiberglass cow in my living room.  I have 11 curio cabinets filled with ceramic Mary Moo Moos.  I belong to an internet club called the Moo Hunt Club.  I would love to be in contact with the cow lady featured on today's show.  I can send pictures if requested.  COWS ROCK!!!
Replied By: DrPhilBoard2 on Jan 4, 2010, 4:26PM - In reply to melody7680
Please contact Tech Support here. http://drphil.com/messageboard/contact/
Replied By: tezzie2720 on Jan 4, 2010, 4:25PM
I have unfortunately been in this same situation.  I had started seeing someone who was communicating with his ex allegedly because of the dog they shared.  Though he adamantly denied he had any interest in her, he did acknowledge that he thought she was still in love with him.  I'm sure she relished in the problems she created between us and apparently our relationship was discussed between the two of them.  I was not allowed to meet her and their communication always took place when I was not around.  Although he never acknowledged it, I believe he was conflicted about his relationship with her.  At a minimum he was unsure of his feelings for both us and not honest enough to admit it .  Instead they both made out like I was the one with the problem.  She told him I was too controlling though I foolishly allowed the ongoing communications and contact.  If he is aware that this is bothersome to you, he should have more respect for your feelings and your relationship then the dogs (if that is truly the real reason for their connection).  Now I have the dog and she has no interest in seeing the dog and he has no interest in housing the dog himself.

If you don't put your foot down it will go on as long as you allow it.  When you have problems in your relationship she will be readily available.  She will look more enticing because there's no demands or hassles.   If you knew that neither had no lingering feelings for each other that would be one thing (but how would you know what her real feelings are when she's not likely to even admit them to him).  Dr. Phil gave you great advice.  If this is truly innocent then it should be no problem for you to be the go between.  If you are the go between and he objects or the ex starts to lose interest in joint custody or objects then you'll have the truth.  My hunch is that once you become the go between the interest will eventually diminish.  In any event it is not healthy for your relationship or the dog to be bouncing back and forth.  Believe me it is not in the dogs best interest to be bounced from house to house.  They have routines and become confused and anxious by the bouncing back and forth.  At a minimum it is selfish of both.  As much as I love my dog, my relationship with my mate would come first.  I wish I had had the benefit of Dr. Phil's advice.

Good luck!
Replied By: loveofdaisies on Jan 4, 2010, 4:13PM
I'm not usually a huge fan of the Dr Phil show due to personal reasons but today's show was very entertaining.  I laughed my butt off with the repertoire between Steve Harvey and Dr Phil.  Thank you for a wonderful segment.  Oh yes, and I purchased Steve's book immediately following the show.

Replied By: tezzie2720 on Jan 4, 2010, 3:59PM
This is for the girl whose boyfriend was sharing custody of a dog with his ex.  Unfortunately I have been in this situation.  Despite adamant protests that their contact was just about the dog, it was not.  Though my boyfriend won't acknowledge it, I believe he was conflicted about his relationship with his ex.  He didn't want to be with her because she had a drinking problem, but may be there was this glimmer of hope that she would quit.  His ex was not conflicted, she would have taken him back in a heartbeat and relished in the problems she created between us. Though I had never met her or spoken to her, she told him I was too controlling and he was making a mistake.  The dog provided the ongoing bond between them.  For her, it was a way to keep him tied to her.  For him, it was like a safety net, he could keep her on the rope just in case.  I'm sure it was also good for his ego.  They both lamented about how much they loved the dog and couldn't be without the dog.  Well I have the dog now and she's not the least bit interested in seeing the dog and nor is he interested in having the dog.

Replied By: jmkuhn on Jan 4, 2010, 3:34PM - In reply to doveselm
I completely agree with you. "Otherwise intelligent people..." That's true with religion as well. Why does it have to be one way or the other? I am a Virgo and my husband is a Capricorn. We get along extremely well after 17 years. My ex was a Libra- supposedly not a good match (and it really wasn't)... I think much of astrology is accurate but it's not all or nothing. What is that quote? "I would rather have a mind opened by wonder, than closed by belief" ? I get frustrated when people are so "black and white" with things like this.
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