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(Original Air Date: 01/08/10) Have you ever wondered, “Am I the only one who … ?” Joined by Emmy-award winning comedy writer Teresa Strasser, Dr. Phil answers guest’s questions. LaTisha worries about her daughter’s obsession with Michael Jackson. Since the pop star’s death, her 9-year-old has developed her first crush, but is it getting out of control? Then, Tyler wants to know if he’s the only guy who acts like a girl when dating. Find out what he means and why he’s scaring away his dates! And, Andrea says she has a low tolerance for background noise: sniffles, dogs barking, birds chirping, gum chewing, ceiling fans and more. Why is she so sensitive to sounds? Plus, meet a woman wants to know if she’s the only wedding planner who can’t seem to get down the aisle, and a mom who says she’s so embarrassed of her son’s predicament, she can’t talk about him with anyone. Are they the only people with these unique issues?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: minarose on Jan 10, 2010, 12:52PM
Who has has the man she was about to marry murder my son
Replied By: snowblind on Jan 9, 2010, 7:51PM
WoW!! I was happy to hear about the hypersensitive hearing issue. I can hear droans and humming (such as that from fluorescent lights) that others cannot hear. I was in a supermarket the other day and every freezer and/or refrigerated cooler had this horrible whirring or humming sound. By the time I left, I was ready to scream.

I am also agitated by loud talking because I don't understand why some people have to talk at 1 zillion decibles. To me they seem selfish and ignorant because, to me, the loud conversation is one sided and boring. When my BF eats, the sound seems to resonate in his skull and sound extremely loud... especially if it's something like tortilla chips.

I've always be sensitive to repetive sounds like foot or finger tapping and have felt like there's something wrong with ME!! Guess there is but it's nice to know I'm not crazy. There is a lot online about Hyperacusis. While I may not be able to do anything about it right away, at least there's a name  for this.
Here are some links that might be helpful.



By the way, one website suggests that certain SSRIs (antidepressants) contribute to Hyperacusis. I take Paxil and that med is on the list. Nice choice... depression or Hyperacusis!! ;)
Hugs and thanks for listening
Replied By: snowblind on Jan 9, 2010, 7:36PM - In reply to kat83704
it's not weird to me. sometimes, it's kinda cool.
Replied By: monica4444 on Jan 9, 2010, 5:30PM
I am so sensitive to sound and light, people think I'm crazy. I can't hear anything out of my right ear, but a high pitched noise makes me want to howl .  I can't tolerate  loud video games, tv's,  etc.  My entire family plays instruments and holiday gatherings are sometimes too much.  But yet, I still go to live concerts. Life goes on.  And when I put in my earplugs, I get the strange looks. 

So, you're not crazy, you're a sensitive person.  That's how I spin it ;-} 

Take care!
Replied By: music4riders on Jan 9, 2010, 5:51AM
My boyfriend of a year and a half has a joint custody dog that lives 600 miles away! Am I the only one that thinks he should move on?
Replied By: carolwil on Jan 9, 2010, 2:27AM - In reply to amber1984
Amber1984, I used to be extremely shy, too, when I was younger, and I was a very unhappy person. This shyness had a huge negative impact on my daily life. 

Literally, one day many years ago I had a Dr. Phil moment (this was many, many years before Dr. Phil even became known). You know when he says, "and how is that working out for you?"  I had a moment like that. I told myself that this isn't working for me and figured the next time I had an opportunity, I'd be the one to initiate conversation with someone - at a social gathering party, or a simple "Hello" in the supermarket check out line.

I had to force myself to do it at first but I found that that it really wasn't really hard to do this after all. I guess that my shyness was just some sort of fear. I over came it by starting with a simple "Hello" to people and then, after finding out that it really isn't hard, went on to more conversation. 

This is such a lonely society and I have actually found that people really like other people noticing that they exist.  People like to talk about themselves or their lives.

Now my issue is that I feel like I hold interviews with people instead of conversations because people like to talk about themselves but don't seem to have the ability to make it a two way conversation. lol  It's rare that the person asks me a question!  Of course, thats not an issue of shyness, but more about people in general's communication skills and their ego.

Good luck and try it - just start with a "Hi" to a stranger that you're standing in line with. Believe me, it's really not that bad and you'll be wondering why you wasted so much time being shy and worrying about it.
Replied By: stepmom2_3boys on Jan 9, 2010, 12:26AM - In reply to ziggy2009
My heart goes out to Andrea. I've had the same issue since I was 18, and everyone called it my noise problem, and I was teased mercilessly. I went to audiologists, psychologists, and everyone I thought could help. Finally, when I was 40, I was diagnosed with hyperacusis. Suddenly, with an actual diagnosis, people were very kind. I like what Dr. Phil said about anxiety, but people who haven't experienced hyperacusis can never truly understand. I tried the systematic desensitization several times and it didn't help at all. I wish Dr. Phil would truly address hyperacusis.
Replied By: stormywinds on Jan 8, 2010, 11:44PM
Am I and my husband the only ones that are scared of having another child. When I think about being pregnant again or even giving birth I stutter. I have even told my husband I would rather have a dog than have another kid. My husband couldn't even get through the beginning of the movie Orphan without his whole body shaking and him just starting to cry. My husband won't even think about having another one and he has even told me he isn't sure he could handle it again.
Me, I'm scared of being pregnant since I vomitted for almost 9 months, the first 6 months I was pratically vomitting all day and ended up going to the ER a few times because I couldn't stop. I ended up on anti-neasuea med that chemo patients usually take when they are going through chemo. For six months I pratically lived off of Vernors (Ginger Ale) fruit and veggies. It wasn't till my last month of pregnancy where I was vomiting one day a week all day. When I finally could eat meat or anything. In those nine months I found what came back up the easiest and what didn't, so a lot of eatting was based on that. My OB even put me on a 3 to 5 times a day Ensure to make sure I was getting enough protein.
Than I ended up having to be induced due to preeclampsia. I had an IV in both arms. While I was in labor we later found out I was having acute kidney failure. I'm not even going to go into what happen emotionally and mentally while I gave birth.
After I gave birth I started losing blood because my uterus didn't recontract. I was going in and out and they had brought in a crash cart because my blood presser had dropped to 50/30. I basically remember them calling my name and shaking me and me asking repeatedly if my baby was okay. I ended up losing half my blood, acute kidney failure, depleated iron, hemglobin was 5.6, it's suppose to be 13 and when your on your period 12 (thats what my OB told me.) I ended up having a couple blood transfusions before I left the hospital. I went in on a Monday, gave birth Tuesday and didn't leave the hospital till 10pm Friday. Basically I was very close to death after giving birth to my child.
Two weeks later I ended up back in the hospital with 105 temp, 3 infections and once again my kidneys were starting to fail. I also ended up with a couple more blood transfusions due to my hemoglobin still be low.
Than I ended up with PPD, finally close to my childs 1st birthday I got my meds switch and went into therapy.
I am thankful each and every day that I had a great support system or I wouldn't of made or my child.
There are times I dream of another one, but than I feel my insides shaking and just at times I want to cry. I don't know if I could go through 9 months of that again and take care of a child, or give birth and this time possibly die. I know the signs now what to look for with PPD, and I know now if I need help ASK. But it's the being pregnant and giving birth, that I am more than anything scared of.
So Dr. Phil, am I the only one like this?

Replied By: mj4eva09 on Jan 8, 2010, 11:12PM - In reply to geminimj
heyy there my name is ashley im 19 yrs old i have read all ur comments about Michael jackson i REALLY love them all your soo right on them bc im CRAZY OBSSESSED LOVE michael. now i knew who he was when i was little i NEVER  had nuthing agaist him i wa sa fan before he died. his death hit me really hard i feel like i lost my family memeber i still cant get over the feeling or reliezing hes actaully gone from this world he adored.  what do you mean in september somone talked to you about it ? like you not as crazy about him since the talk? my family tends to get really annoyed by me bc all i talk about is mj and all i listen to his music, i dunno whats wrong with me i see its normal too me. i adore him for being who he was not just the artitst and dancer he was i see things beyond that i understood him alot it hurts knowing hes gone i feel the pain inside of me. i never got crazy abou any celebrity who has died and michael i cant seem to take the pain.  my whole life is michael and my family accepts it thank god lol but the people around me seem to be bothered a little. i feel like i was meant to be like this bc mj was eevrything i wanted to be the HUMAN he was i wish i was is friend not bc hes michael Jackson bc he was a great person amaIzing bubbly personality he was so humble and loving, i think thats the thing that gets to me the most when people dont unserstand him if they took the time they would see. i sit in my room everynight and this may sould weird and creppy but i say goodnight to him abd talk to him i feel so much better when i do somehow.  i know i will always love him til the day i die. at the time of his death the world did come together they reunited all at once we all had the same pain and grieve, 6 months later here i am jamming his music where ever i go and talking about him all the time and sobbing over his death. i cant help myself i love him and i always think if someonme was a perobmel with that then thats fine.
thanks ashley
Replied By: kmwonders on Jan 8, 2010, 10:07PM
Ok i thought that I would learn somthing new...   I am a single women who has never been married.  Like the laby featured tonight I have tried all dating services.  My issue is that I have put myself out there I have had relatioships - though I picked wrong - but I am positive and i tend to attract the ones without jobs or anger managment issues - so my question to Dr. Phil is "its not working for me"  what gives...
km woders
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