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Replied By: angelface15 on Oct 18, 2012, 11:28AM
I've been thinking about bullying more and more now that my oldest son is starting school.  It is something that I never want my kids to experience whether being a victim or being the bully.  It's never going to stop but I think that we need to refocus our thoughts on bullying to hopefully, minimize it.

First, the term bullying is too broad.  Everyone has been bullied AND been a bully in one way or another.  We need to change up the term of the cases that we are really referring to as what they really are, abuse.  Abuse is such a harsh and extreme term and no one wants to be labelled as an abuser so if we start using that as the correct term, I believe that the person apt to be a bully will think twice about taking it to the next level.  There is something seriously off when we put the cases of talking about someone behind their back and beating someone up in a bathroom in the same classification.  Both instances are wrong but one is at a degree much worse than the other. 

Second, we focus too much on bullying amongst children and adolescents.  We need to focus on the behavior of adults.  We control the behavior of the youth through our own behavior, how we talk about other people, how we treat other people, and how we resolve a situation and how we own up to our faults.  What we do as adults, children dramatize.  When we roll our eyes, a child will roll their eyes and stick out their tongue.  When we speak negatively about a person behind their back to one person, a child will talk negatively about a person to a group of friends and post it on facebook.  
Dr. Phil, perhaps you should have a show that focuses on bullying amongst adults and show that that is the root of the problem.  I could even see an entire season devoted to that.  Also, could you please start separating bullying from abuse?   

Thank you!
Replied By: gretchen1969 on Oct 16, 2012, 9:03PM
My sister was murdered on 9/9/2012 by her abusive husband. This all took place in front of the 9 year old precious daughter.. I can't even fathom her witnessing such a crime. And then the murderer took his own life. my sister is missed by 100;s of people. I would have to say these "episodes" of rage always get better and never get worse. My sister professed to love her would be murderer. and now she is gone. I am raising their daughter and doing my best to see she gets her childhood back and has a safe a secure home. where she can grow, mentally and physically.
Replied By: bless3x on Oct 15, 2012, 5:43PM

My three children have been sexually abused by their dad. He is currently in  jail awaiting trial. Is there any support for moms of children who have been abused by their father?  My children are in therapy and I am trying to be strong.Their father was a fire commissioner and have connections with police. So there is not much support with police dept. My children identity is obvious on the public county court website, the name is white out but their statements say" my dad", which to me reveals who the victims are and this has only made it worse for my children. Other parents treat my kids like they will abuse their children. They are being treated differently and my kids are sorry they ever came forward. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Replied By: catbell7 on Oct 14, 2012, 3:11PM - In reply to maggieliz2
the longer your granddaughter is in jail the less access she will have to drugs/alcohol so if she is not willing to go into any treatment center she can get into  jail could be the safest place for her.  Also it is important that NONE of her friends/family give her any money -- she's an addict she will say or do anything for a buck for her drugs.
Replied By: maggieliz2 on Oct 8, 2012, 3:51PM
Am inquiring as to why I have received NO response, to all 3 mssgs. I left in the last 10 days, for
 Dr. Phil, in reference to my grandaughter's drug abuse issue? Am sure you get hundreds of these requests on a daily basis, but I find it disappointing to not receive ANYTHING from anyone regarding my repeated request for help..... Can someone enlighten me on what to do besides input your requests to "Contact Dr Phil" ?  As of about midnight last night, my grandaughter was arrested again for posession of drugs, and also violation of probation....she was released on Sept 7 to enable her to find rehab as she cannot qualify for the drug program the court has in place due to other health issues she has, so the Judge let her out to seek out in house rehab, & since she has no home, no job, no insurance, she cannot get into a rehab program on her own, so wondered if Dr. Phil had some resources available...she needs to have long term rehab in a lock down facility before she gives up & overdoses.
 If I have written to the wrong place, why would someone not forward my 3 previous request to the correct area, or advise me where I should be writing for help... your immediate reply would be appreciated.

Thank you...Mrs.Wilson
Replied By: emmamom on Oct 8, 2012, 11:44AM
There has long been concern that women are losing their (our) femininity and yet Phil McGraw will be talking with a panel of all women and keep calling then "guys."  This in my opinion is not acceptable or respectful.

IF you can go to a wedding, and approve the groom pointing to the bride and telling everyone, "See that guy?  That guy is MY guy," then okay you're nuts.

Or if when pointing to your baby through the maternity window you say "See that little guy in pink?  That's MY guy!  Can't wait to get my pretty litte guy home!"  Then you're nuts.

I recommend reading Alice Walker's article about "All Praise to the Pause" and what she says about calling females guys and what it does to little girls and the rest of us.

Also why does Phil keep referring to his guests as "beautiful women" or "beautiful girls" -- how about having some of us ugly women on for a change and then say "I have today an ugly woman ...."  Phil, you are married and yet more and more playing to beautiful women.  Tsk tsk tsk.
Replied By: katieturco on Sep 22, 2012, 10:51AM
I just finished watching yet another amazing Dr Phil episode and was so moved by what I witnessed of Robert Blake. I do believe in his innocence 100%.  His story is so sad that I wish I could have come through the screen and wrap my arms around him.  He is a man deserving of redemption, forgiveness and love.  I hope he comes back as he mentioned if given the strenght to talk in more depth.  I would love to see this man reunited with his daughter Rosie before his days are up.  There is a kind loving man that came through in that interview and if his daughter was watching I can't see how she wouldn't be moved to reach out to her Dad.  Dr.Phil I hope you can be the hero in this situation and reunite, bridge the gap between Robert and Rosie.   I can only hope that this can happen for him before it's too late. He has suffered so much it time for him to feel  happiness,love and peace in the days he has left and I believe Rosie is the only one who can help him with this.
Your devoted fan 
Katie Turco 
P.S What an incredible blessing to have the power to change affect people in such a positive way. You are a blessing to this world and you must be so grateful to be in the position you are in there is no better job than helping others. God Bless you!!!
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Sep 6, 2012, 10:40AM
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