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Replied By: uniquelydutton on Oct 17, 2017, 12:35PM
Dear Men,

Thank you for your willingness to open up and learn about the “Me Too”s. This is the kind of true bravery that women find noble in the character of a good man. This is what actually makes you extraordinary and courageous. This is what ultimately makes us want to partner with you in this world. You see, many of us women have had to mentally and physically warrior our way down a long and embattled path to arrive at this place in time…and we are not rising up to blame you. We are rising up because we are amazing, strong, resilient and gifted mothers, daughters and sisters who are bearing our scars so that we may teach you fathers, sons and brothers. We’ve taken bullets to our self value and dropped ourselves deep into the chasms of some painful and unwarranted self shaming in order for this change to occur, and we are empowered by what we have survived. You would not have made it through as we did, any more than you would make it through childbirth. It is this strength of the woman, especially the Western woman, that can now literally change the course of this planet for the better. There is a long overdue balance which has been lacking in the masculine and feminine energies of humanity and thanks to the narcissistic/sociopathic behaviors of those ill men currently taking center stage, we are at last able to come together and lift the veil. We can now learn at their much deserved expense to communicate fearlessly and celebrate each other for all of our blessed qualities.

As to the lessons of which we’re bringing forth, please pay attention to those of us who are valiantly sharing our experiences. There are so many, and in them, you may even find yourself questioning some of your own actions. And if you do…it probably wasn’t okay…but knowledge is power and you can use that power to teach your sons and other young men. Many of the violations that changed who we women would become, and the journey we would take in getting there, began long before we met our Weinstein, Cosby, Ayers, O’Reilly and the like. It often began with the ol’ boys will be boys locker room mentality…the one endorsed by our POTUS. This may be surprising to some but a letter jacket and athletic prowess on the field does not entitle you to force yourself upon us off the field because you thought we were the lucky ones. This lesson is being learned the hard way today as our world is shifting. Daughters are no longer required to keep their rapes quiet or ignored on campus and sons are trading their athletic scholarships and chances to go pro with a different kind of uniform, a 6’ x 8’ room to work out in and a sentence of 15 years instead of part of an essay. Please…we don’t have to do this anymore. Let’s join our incredible strengths and design a New Earth where we’re not afraid to come from a place of love.

Fiercely from the Heart,

Your Counterpart JoAnn ❤️
Replied By: daniwiltz on Sep 12, 2017, 4:23AM
I can't seem to do anything to please my mother in law. She starts up and down I've lied to her. Her daughter even accused me of beating her daughter with a stick. I would never lay my hands on a child. They constantly bash me because of one "New mom" mistake that I had made. It's coming to the point my husband has to chose between my son and I and his family. I can't keep doing this. I hate seeing him so upset. I can't even function some days because I'm worried and anxious about the next thing they are going to say. 
Replied By: pbutler111 on Aug 31, 2017, 3:10PM - In reply to hhensley10
I was also surprised that we've heard nothing about the"Dr. Phil Family" during all these update shows. It makes me wonder if they reverted to their old ways and the show doesn't want to admit a failure.
Replied By: rsirias on Aug 10, 2017, 4:24PM
Everyone we need 2/3 of our states to support S.J.Res. 48, Senator Lindsey Graham’s Parental Rights Amendment. This Amendment will ensure that loving parents are able to raise, educate, and nurture their own children, free from government control or restrictions. Please contact your states senitor asking to cosponsor this.
Replied By: julesgirl on Jun 8, 2017, 4:57PM
53 year old disabled woman not working cant work cant get help is penniless has no working vehical cant go see my doctors. stress life so bad Nov 28th 2016 had a triple heart attack would be dead if not for my kids. I cant get help im not Lucky to get *Virile* anything I am in so a deep hole no way out I need Help
Replied By: karensuespicer on Jun 6, 2017, 3:35PM
Please stop the background "music/noises". I'm having a watch group for "The college student, the Frat Boy and the Football tailgate party that ended in tape: The Exclusive Interview" and the background "music/sounds" are distracting the actual spoken words. My whole watch group does not understand why these sounds were added. The group is discussing discontinuing our watch parties due to this distraction. Please stop adding these annoying sounds to the Dr. Phil Show.
Replied By: aspergersgirl on May 17, 2017, 3:58PM
Hello Dr. Phil

My name is Talya, and I do watch your show whenever I can (which is pretty often). I do have a question: I have seen the episodes where you think that a guest's child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and that you are raising awareness for children with ASD on you website. What about raising awareness for people who have been diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder as an adult, and the struggles that they face (employment, social life, etc.)? 

My story is this: When I was around 6 years old in 1989, I was diagnosed with ADD by a child neurologist in my area (Saint Louis, MO), and prescribed Ritalin. In 1994, I was switched to Adderall because I was taking 6 Ritalin pills a day. In the meantime, school counselors, my neurologist, and grandmother (who was a teacher in the Special School District) said "I dont know what she has, but that is certainly not ADD!!!!" Up until I graduated from high school I was prescribed several other ADD medication, plus Wellbutrin for depression. After I graduated high school, my mother and I both decided "You know what? These medications are just simply not working anymore."

When I was a small child, I was obssessed with anything that had to do with the various Star Trek series and movies. The obssession got to the point where I was socially isolated. I mean all I wanted to talk about was Star Trek. When I was 14, the obssession switched to baseball, then to Japanese Anime (at 23 years old). I had shown a small amount of interest in baseball and anime when I was a small child 

In late September/October of 2010, my uncle (who works as a secretary/tech at a local hospital, and was a child psychology major at University of Missouri-Saint Louis) came home with a stack of papers about Asperger's Syndrome, and asked me to read them. I had every single symptom of Aspergers. A few days later, my mother drove me up to the Social Security Office to file for Social Security Disability. Well the Social Security office sent me a letter a few weeks later saying that I had an appointment with a Disability Determinations Specialist in February 2011 to determine if I have Aspergers. I went to the appointment in February of 2011, and when the appointment was over, the specialist told both my mother and myself that I had the most classic case she had ever seen. The Specialist told me that normally it takes about an hour or two for her her diagnose, but I blew everything out of the water in 20 minutes.

I am upset about this though: I have a step-brother who is the same age as I am, and yet he was able to get a Asperger's diagnosis when the DSM-IV came out in 1994. My step-brother and I went to completely different school districts (his was in the city, mine was in the county). You'd think that when Asperger's was added to the DSM, all school counselors, doctors, psychologists would know about, and yet none of the people I was sent to knew nothing.
Replied By: easystreet37 on May 14, 2017, 2:51PM
I watch every episode of your show and have learned a lot from them.  I long to hear how things went for the people that you have sent to rehab and from the advise that you have given them.  Could you follow up on some of them?  It would be greatly appreciated!
Replied By: swimswim on May 10, 2017, 9:56PM
Hello Dr Phil i was wondering if you have ever done an episode on the dangers of injecting pills that were made to be taken oraly, many people are doing this more and more from everything to oxycontin or other opiate tablets to amphetamine tablets, if you havnt dont a specific episode on this yet have you done any episode that has something about it
Replied By: rjpierson11 on May 4, 2017, 8:03AM
Could Dr Phil help me reach out to my kids, help my ex husband and his wife see from another point of view that I'm trying to stand but for my mistakes admit Responsibility, hut I need guidance from Dr Phil I think because I'm just a egg donor who left and that's all that is being portrayed, in don't want to disrupt anyone's lives I owe my kids answers
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