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Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Sep 1, 2014, 2:23PM - In reply to lieske

Hi! To change your user name, please send an e-mail to Technical Help and they'll be happy to assist you.

Replied By: lieske on Sep 1, 2014, 1:19PM
Hey! Could You tell Me How To Change My Username? Also, I Commented On Someone's Story and It Didn't Show.. Does It Take Some Time? Or Is It Just Because Of my Crappy Phone, like this Automatic Capital Letter Thing?


Thank You!
Replied By: aprilbaby8555 on Aug 27, 2014, 10:24PM
I don't know what to do!!! My mom continues to hate me and tell me it's my fault I was born. My father was ran over by a cop when I was 5 years old and my mom kicked me and my twin brother out on the streets. My mom was very physically, mentally, and emotional abusive to me as a child an even now. I have been in and out of foster home after foster home. I am now 28 have a son that she has nothing to do with. I battle my self every single day in my hea on why did my mom have me if she was going to treat me like this. I got my dad out of the nursing home and last year the day after Thanksgiving he passed away due to an infection hes had for years that cause him to get pnuemonia over night in both lungs and he didn't make it. The doctors said he could have had cancer, aids, or hep. C and it took his body over. What makes me so sad is that I had him checked for colon and stomach cancer 9 months before he passed away and both came back negative. My mom laughed at me and called me all kinds of bad names when my dad died. She said she was glad he died. Also I never knew my family for 28 years of my life and I found paperwork in a picture frame I had for 4 years. I asked my family if they had ever talked to my mom they said yeah about every 3 months and they said and you know the craziest thing is that she never brought up to them she had twins. I have asked my mom for my whole life do you know who my family is she would just cuss me out and tell me as far as I am concerned you have no family. I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, depression, and anxiety disorder. I have been batteling myself in my head for years asking why me. Not to mention when I was in labor this lady that I call grandma even though she is not blood related to me she might as well be offered to give my mom a ride to the hospital saying your daught is in the hospital having a beautiful baby boy do you want to ride with me to the hospital..... My mom replied by cussing saying That's not my daughter and that's not my grandson I refuse to go. My twin brother is in prison because of the life we have lived and he even gets mad at me because I have never been in trouble with the law and he tells me sis how come you never get in trouble and we have both lived the same life. I tell him because I like my freedom and I have a son to worry about. I really just really would like to know why my mom has put me through this hell and she continues to do so.
Replied By: sueplantin on Aug 23, 2014, 12:09PM
I have been trying to contact Dr. Phil for months. I eamiled everyday for over a month about my daughter.  my 13 yer old N son  even emailed about his sister.  I am desperate for his help because i believe it is the only way icacn help her.  He is one of the few people whose opinion she respects and trusts.  I have tried everything...i am lost and so worried.  I cant eat I cant consumes my every thought...My personal email is  Pleae help me to save my daughter!!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: sueplantin on Aug 23, 2014, 12:03PM - In reply to maggieliz2
I too have tried contacting the show.  I emailed every day for over a month.  I am desperate to find help for my 19 year old daughter.  If anyone can help me to contact them I would realy appreciate it.  I will do anything to help her and i am running out of tijme.  I dont know what else to do...I felt sure they would respond or atleast email me after they read my emails.  I am so worried and scared and at this point i am grasping at straws.  Everything i have tried has failed and my contacting Dr. Phil is my last hope because she grew up watching him and respects him.  My son even emailed and he is 13.  We are so afraid for her.  I cant eat I cant sleep.  It consumes my every thought.  PLEASE HELP!!!

My private email is

Thank you.
Replied By: wtfhappened2me on Aug 22, 2014, 2:13PM
I live in Pennsylvania and am 38 yo...    So is it better to stay in a marriage of 22 years with no love, communication, or support,  being unhappy every day or to divorce ....        I ask God all the time but he remains silent...  even though i try to hide my unhappiness and tears, everyone feels it...   We moved 7 years ago out of the city to the suburbs, mainly for our children. Their education and safety is much better here. But it also cut off  adult  communication I had, outta sight, outta mind....  True!!   I lost my dad and then my gram, dad then mom in like a 5 year span..   I became addicted to pills and lost my RN...  I drank and got a DUI ...   Depression sucks and I less you experience it....  Don't judge it..   I got help from my doctor and haven't used again..   I was so embarrassed of becoming the person I looked down on...  Karma I guess...  I started in a program to get my license back, and things were looking up. I should of known better...  My family, friends, and I went camping for the forth of July..  I went to go wash some muddy clothes and got a call that almost ended me...   My husband took my best friend on a dunebuggie ride, over turned it and broke her back...  I had to be with her, I was soooo upset... Why did this happen? she was 1 of the only 2 friends i had... so when was due back to the program I  couldn't leave her...  The guilt was overwhelming...  I guess they hear bs stories all the time and just took it as I quit...   Who listens to people "like" me?   No one....   So I gave up.. Then came the law suit! My husband said she lied and made things up... So now    I couldn't talk to my husband, he was tired of my tears and sadness...   So I learned to keep it in...   As I became more isolated and put all my focus in our children, he began to change...   He now knew I had no one and no where to go...  It slowly escalated...  I was the frog in the pot...   I have no access to money. The house, car,and  business were "his"...   None of it really bothered me until he started using the kids...  Telling me he can get a good lawyer and they'll give him all the rights because I won't even have a home...   I can't argue with that..   It's true. I've been a stay at home mom for 7 years and who would hirer me? How long would it take for me to get established again? Starting at zero... 
Replied By: masanchez45 on Aug 17, 2014, 10:29PM
I was looking at youtube and I came across a cover artist named Sabrina Vaz  she is beautiful but her language and her videos are vary questionable, it makes me sad to see that her parents are ok with this and encouraging this, so anyone let me know wht you think
Replied By: tazcourt on Aug 17, 2014, 5:08AM
I don't really know how this works but i hope to communicate with people of all walks of life so that we can help each other in this walk of life. I am a young lady who has been through alot but thats a story for another day.

Recently i discovered i have been dealing with depression for such a long time that i thought it was just part of my life. I have always had a rage of anger in me and i really hope to get some help. My life is a mess, my relationship is strained, and i feel like a bad mother. 

I long for a family or support group because life sometimes seem too much.

I am emotionally and physically tired. I thought i was coping. But no matter how hard i try i seem to fail.
Replied By: ronaldhoegen on Aug 7, 2014, 3:19PM
     Hi Dr Phil, I just vewed your program about the couple who argue and fight all the time... This show aired on Wed. August 7. As I was watching the show it brought back lotsof memories of my mariage. In 1995 I suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury leaving me with partial paralysis as well as short term memory loss...   I also suffer from a number of emotional issues... 

    The reason I am writing you is because I get into many arguments/fights with my wife who I am now separated with...   These arguments basically start over very little things but blow up into a yelling and screaming, causing very bad as well as hurt feelings.  She makes me feel that every argument is my fault and she blames my memory on alot of them...  I may have a memory problem but I am not STUPID!!!  After my injury I managed to earn an associates degree in Information Technology!!  I want to persue me career in Info Tech but my wife is afraid that if I do then I will lose my disability...  I know I will lose it but I will nmot take a job that I cannot live off of!  Like I said, I'm not stupid!!  This is another reason for the fights.. Can you please give us some advice to get through these arguments?

Replied By: phantommonk3y on Aug 5, 2014, 12:24AM
hi Dr. Phil, My name is Pedro Nieves. I Need your help in fixing my broken family. Growing up i felt like my step-dad's least favorite child, i would be isolated in my room alone.  Couple of times i got in trouble and he did harsh things. for example, once he gave me the retart symbol and said, "dur duh durr." being physically disabled that hurt a lot. another time he choked me against the top bed so hard i passed out. i don't remember what i did but i wish i can remember. Growing up with cerebral palsy was hard enough but when i was home, i felt unhappy. So, the family eventually fell apart a year after i moved out.Tody my younger brother is in jail and no one ever is home. I just want to fix this broken family, think you can help? thanks for your time :) 

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