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Replied By: slayer11 on Feb 24, 2015, 3:47PM
dear lady if you want to give money away you can give it to me beside that any man that takes money from a women is no man at all put your money to good use little your dauther wedding.

Replied By: lunarrise on Feb 23, 2015, 4:15PM
2 years ago my close friend came out as gay (he's 21 now). While America is making some huge strides to accept the LGBT community, his family has not. For 2 months or so his parents treated him very poorly. They ignored him, berated him, belittled him, tried to "pray the gay away", and made his life miserable. When he told his mother that he was contemplating suicide, she brushed him off and told him that if he went back to God and became straight again he would be fine. His parents stopped helping him pay for college. The job he had, which was working for a company where his father and uncle were managers, he was fired for not coming in on his scheduled day off. 

So he moved out. Moved in with a different family member. Tried to get a job, but once you've been fired from one it's obviously very hard to find another. Had to drop out of school because he could not afford it on his own. Still, he tries to get his family to love him. That's all he wants is for his mother and father to love him again, to treat him like a human being again. And they are constantly shutting him down, pushing him away. They won't take him back unless he becomes straight again.

He's been struggling with depression for a long time now, and he's just getting worse by the day. I assumed that he couldn't afford mental health care, and I've been trying to find other options for him. When I asked him if he wanted the number to my therapist, he told me he couldn't afford it. After a bit more talking he told me that he is actually covered by his parents insurance, but his "mother" specifically told him that he could not go to a psychologist or a therapist for his depression. He told me that I've spoken to my mother about this fairly recently too and she won't allow it. Says I just need to pray and let god back into my life n stop such sinful ways"

This makes me incredibly angry! I'm so frustrated. Myself and my friends boyfriend are terrified that we will find him dead one of these days. Please, I hope that members of the Dr. Phil community can offer some advice. Can his mother actually prevent him from using his insurance for a psychologist? Please, I'm desperate for some help. I don't want to just drag him to a hospital, but I will if I must.
Replied By: dcrumpler on Feb 22, 2015, 3:48PM
Dr. Phil,

I have watched your show for several years.  I have a great respect for you and have enjoyed learning from you.  I KNOW you and your team have helped many people.

My concern may seem petty to some, but is important to me. While I know none of us is perfect,( especially me,) I know that there are times that we all get irritated, exasperated and even angry and say things we would not usually say.   NOW, having prefaced with that,  I fail to understand why such a well educated professional, (and father and grandfather) seems most recently to have such difficulty expressing himself without profanity.   Is this part of your day to day vocabulary or is it an add in to sensationalize your conversations.  Profanity, however "mild" does not make positive emphasis on any topic and does not set a great example for anyone.     Although this is certainly a person's choice (and actually none of my business),  I just feel that you have always been such a good moral, emotional and social example for others,  I just am baffeled.   If I have overstepped or offended,  please accept my apology in advance.     Would just be interested in a reply.    
Replied By: roxanneyspahr on Feb 17, 2015, 1:50AM - In reply to DrPhilBoard1
I love this show!! Dr Phil is awesome
Replied By: elsiebird on Feb 5, 2015, 10:32AM
Dr. Phil does a lot of good work for folks on the show. We are often left to wonder what happens with these guests. Once in a while, he will bring a guest back, but otherwise, we are left in the dark.  Is there anyway he can keep us updated?


Replied By: jin_freak19 on Feb 3, 2015, 4:46AM
Good day Dr.phil.. my name is Jin (not my true name) and I am a fan of your show. I always watch your show before i go to work listening to all advice that you've been giving to all person who is in need. 

My problem is about my partner and our relationship..I am a overseas worker, I started to work in Japan last 2008 and I finish my Contract last 2011. Now I'm here in Australia working fulltime in a company, I've been together with my partner for 10 years and 6 years of that I've been working abroad. my problem to my partner start last year august 2014 when i get back here in australia from holiday in our country.I feel like my partner is not  don't give me enough attention. She been busy everyday with her friends and sister. and lately we've been always in arguements about that because she met new female friends and I think their are all bad influence to her. sometimes my partner didn't sleep in our house and she spend time drinking with those person. She is not like that before better leave my relationship to her?
Replied By: lindart on Jan 31, 2015, 7:18AM
Do you ever do follow-up shows? I only remember seeing one about an alcoholic actor. I was watching the show on Friday afternoon about the teen, Kristi, and I would love to see a follow up show on her. It would be nice to see what happens once troubled teens like her leave the show and go onto the Ranch. How does the Ranch work? How long will it take her to adapt and start to change? Who will she be when she is finished? And her parents - I would like to see what happens with them as well. I often think this when I see shows like the one I just saw.  Even if it was just videos online -"Where are they now?", that would be very interesting.  Thank you!
Replied By: bigmamawhite55 on Jan 30, 2015, 8:00PM - In reply to annettek50
I have the sample book.  I'm not sure if I would like it.  I have a meal plan called the diabetic glycemic menu. It's really the healthiest way to eat. I started at 282 lbs in 2006. Lost 140 pounds.  In one year.  

I only ate 375 carbs a day.  The diabetic Association will send you a free book on the glycemic meal plan.  It tells you the good carbs and the bad carbs. The good fats vs bad fats (saturated) Starchy veggies and non starchy veggies.  Good luck with your diet.  God Bless you.  I'm very proud of you for trying to become physically fit. 

Sincerely Joan White 

Replied By: mskristina on Jan 28, 2015, 7:00PM
I just watched your show on what teens are doing in regards to oral sex. And as with many of your shows it hit home. I was 13 when i lost my virginity to an eighteen year old and i did it only to get it over with. My father had never been apart of my life and i was looking for love in all the wrong places. This was only the first of a number of bad choices I would make over the next several years that led to me marring an abusive controlling man who ended up shooting me three times and then killing himself when i tried to leave him. I have now spent the last twenty years in a wheelchair. I see all these shows where girls always say that when asked why they stay with an abuser and the answer is always the same "I love him." and every time I hear it I want to puck in my mouth. I to once thought if I only love him enough it will get better and it never did and never would have. So many girls and women today really have no idea what love is, it is heart breaking. I really wish i could tell them all exactly what they are in for if they don't pull their heads out of the sand. Keep up the good work I wish i had grown up with a father like you.

Replied By: abh120598 on Jan 28, 2015, 11:36AM
I would love to see an episode and hear Dr Phil address students' lack of respect of teachers and school rules in general. I have seen two videos this week of teachers getting knocked down by large big high school students over a cell phone. And just as disturbing is the rest of the class videoing it and/or not stepping in to help! Teachers' hands are so tied that they have nothing they can do but take this abuse for fear of losing their job. They certainly cannot lay theitr hands on a student anymore. Where is the respect? How can we expect to get people willing to teach in these environments?? Feels like a slippery slope...

This could be a followup or extention to the several shows that have aired lately on bullying and viral videos. Help Dr. Phil! America's teachers and educators need your neatly laid out plan for the next generation. Yes, the parents need it too!! Way too much coddling going on! OK, maybe thats another show...
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