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Replied By: azana57 on Dec 20, 2014, 9:18AM
I am having serious trouble wrapping my head around all the drama over something that may or may not have happened 25 years ago.  Times have changed.  Bill Cosby is PAYING for this wether he is guilty or not guilty. These women have already won their battle.  They need to move on and move up.  Life is short. Had just one of them spoke up THEN, this would have saved many THEN.......assuming all the allegations are true.  NOW even more lives are negatively affected.  I don't see the point.
Replied By: josnj11 on Dec 18, 2014, 3:04PM
I am the mother of a 17 year old girl.  We monitor her cell phone usage/apps/text messages, etc on a regular basis.  However, I'm starting to feel that we are the only ones doing that based on conversations I have had with some other parents here locally.  I know there is a fine line between concern and their privacy.  How much is too much?  Also, how have you addressed something you saw online that you felt was not appropriate?
Replied By: sneaux49 on Dec 17, 2014, 8:06AM
I had a novel written about the show on Monday about the young couple.  I related to it. I'm sixty-five years old and have been married for forty-two plus years.  I did not make it a smooth road.  I have a sobriety date of 11/9/1989.  Even after that my road was one big pothole.  Until about 1999 when I was at work and couldn't get my balance.  I was taken to ER. Diagnosed as dehydration.  But while I was there the ER doctor was talking to me. I was pretty down.  He left for a few and came back and told me I was depressed and I should get an appointment with my doctor which I did.  We worked with some anti deoressants and anti anxiety.  About three years ago I learned about Vyvance.  I've never had focus. At one time I was told I was scattered. Anyway I've gotten better.  In fact a lot better but not perfect. 

I was watching while I was on a treadmill at a gym.  I only got sub titles.  The guy looked like he didn't like what he was about but not really willing to take responsibilty for his actions. That was a bugaboo for me as well.  Always 'their' fault.  I think that's very high on the list to get well.  From what I could tell by not hearing was he wasn't ready for any type healing.  He like I would probably never try to get into fisticuffs with a male our size.  We have someone we can bully and know they are no match.  Basically cowards.  I didn't know until I went to AA that I despised me.  I was already mad at the world but when the dislike came to me I only knew one way out.  Like I said I was basically a coward so I couldn't commit suicide..  The firstmeeting I went to I only remember one thing that was said.  That was that I never had to feel that way again.  That's all I needed.  Back to the guy on the show.  He has to get to a point where his life is F'd up and he needs to change.  People sy people can't change.  Yes they can. It just depends on how bad they want to.  If this gut ever gets to the point where he cannot stand himself he can change.  And he should want to for the sake of the baby.  I'm glad you had him on and please If you can help one person that you go through you dun good.  I was never a Dr Phil fan until Monday.  Keep up what you're doing and you will save another life.
Replied By: myyrlk on Dec 17, 2014, 12:47AM
It's so sad the one talk show that I used to feel had some actual value to it has now become nothing more than a reality TV personality promoting and selling their own products. Dr Ph books ok he has a new book do a show about it move on now every single show is 5 minutes total of guest info 40 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes of promoting himself his wife his son etc. the show has lost a quality of content. The average segment between breaks is less than 3 minutes. The guests are more and more trash with disgusting morals and no values.  The conversations what little conversation there is anymore is a joke so I can see why the actual guest time is so short but to fill up space just so you can say you have a topic so that you can self promote is almost as digesting as most of the guests. It used to be people could relate it was a great teaching and learning experience. Now the self promoting / family promotion is tidiculous. In the last 8 shoes I timed it. There was less than a total of  12 minutes per show of accrual guest time the rest of the show was promoting the wife the book the app the son and the guests in the last 8 shows had absolutely no informational ir teaching value. It was all a lead in to self promotion.  The hunny boo boo story was a joke why would a doctor continue the sensationalism of exploitation of children he is supposed to be a court mandated reporter and yet he feeds the crap.    I know I'm rambling but it's so disappointing that this is what now passes for enterstainment.  You never saw Oprah self promote and I'm sure it's not what she had in mind when she gave him the opportunity to help people.    This loyal watcher will be gone unfortunately he wil continue until we wise up and say enough there is enough reality TV out there promoting just the worst behavior and most self serving agendas disquisef as entertainment never thought dr Phil would become trash but that's exactly what has happened. He's not interested in providing information any more not hes not interested in actually helping anyone or providing a platform for sound advice he's nothing more then an infomercial for him and his family   
Replied By: sloomis on Dec 11, 2014, 3:01PM
I have been upset for the last 6 months over when I was denied health care when I was taken into the utah Jail. It is a long story but I never should have been in there in the first place I feel. I has badly assulted by 2-3 girls. When I was inthere I told the cops I was about to go into a gradmal seizure as I was having little ones.They just were like too bad when I said I needed my magnet and meds. Next thing I know I was waking up in the ER because off my gradmal seizure. I feel if the Justice system won't help my and put my life and in danger why should I even be here? I have no rights? I get denied jobs... oh well but the justice system...

Please give me some type of answer why this happens and oh it is ok? I don't know what else to do!!!!
Replied By: dede2015 on Dec 6, 2014, 3:04PM
The white lace dress Robin wore on the show which aired 12/05/2014 was absolutely GLORIOUS!!!!  Many times I have watched the show and said to my husband, "I want to be Robin's Wardrobe Assistant", but this time, I must take my hat off to her assistant.  She looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!
Replied By: katerine on Dec 2, 2014, 11:49PM
Sorry for the multiples. Keep coming up with other suggestions. This evening, well... I just spent 10 minutes looking to see if there were any new posts in any of the boards I've posted to (there weren't).

That should not happen. "Whether there are any new posts in any of the boards I've posted to" should be something that we can see at a glance, without having to open every single message board and look. There needs to be a place where we can see all of the boards we've posted to, in decreasing order of overall last post date.

Actually, while we're at it, it would be really useful to have a single page where we can see all of the message boards on this site, in decreasing order of last post date.
Replied By: jeanne694 on Dec 2, 2014, 6:23PM - In reply to deniselynn1
these women today are laughing about their weight problem,real sad.I wonder if they are going to laugh on the way to the dialysis machine or to have their limbs cut off,not to mention heart disease when they get diabetes. jeanne RN
Replied By: hyia01 on Dec 2, 2014, 7:49AM
I would like to ask you a  question about your  show this mornig, you asked how people felt  about a women giving birth to twins at age  63 well I would like to know what is the difference from grand parents  raising their grandkids at age 40 an up, you see it  every where grand parents at age 65 raising 3 grandkids so how much different is that  then an elderly woman giving birth,  not much at all, am 43 and have 4 grandkids an one on they way raised 2 of them for 18 months, also was pargent last year  i lost it but my age  wouldnt have stopped me from carry it to term if it was  meant to be. hope to hear from ya
Replied By: katerine on Nov 24, 2014, 6:11PM
Another thing this board desperately needs, is a place on the profile page where we can see any unread replies.

Or, barring that, at least have the number of replies displayed on the "Comments" page. i.e. "View Replies (1)" or "View Replies (0)". You know, just something to tell us whether there are any replies to view, so we're not always having to click on "View Replies" for every single comment we ever made.

Actually, the standard message boards needs that as well, not just the "xxxxx's comments" page. "View Replies (x)" instead of just "View Replies" after each comment, that is.
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