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Replied By: gdscuda on Oct 22, 2014, 8:50AM
dr Phil I am a new user of this site and i wanted to comment on a show that you viewed today on the minded of a mistress. I agree with your points in what you were saying but there always two sides to everything. I am not happy about the fact that I to found myself hung up having a mistress. it was a the worse thing I ever did but the fact remind is that it happen. There were things that took place that should have never happen in our life that maybe I was a contributor of it but I was doing what I had to do to take care of my family. I am a 21 years retire vet that served in the armed force but during the times when I had to leave my family to go overseas and on military duties during my 20 years of service. It was not till I retired when I realize the damage I was doing to my family because I was gone. Understand during my absent I took care of my family ensuring they had a home and everything they needed to live while I was gone and came home every time I could they did not want for nothing. But what I did not know and only found out after I got out was that my action of being away even thou I was on military assignment only being like her father the only different was at lease took care of her but when her father lift her mom with seven girls and she being the baby he lift them with nothing not even a house or home to live in. I try everything to show her that we were not the same and I took care of them even while I was gone but she did not see it that way. I love my wife and my kids and always will my kids are now grow married  and have their own family and still my wife and I are still like strangers to each other. The mistress came about  in feeling abandon by my wife and she know from the start that I was married and had no intention of leaving my home she was going through her own problems at this point and we would just talk with each other this went on for at least two before we became involved  she a had and abusive  husband  and  a drunk all he did was drink and want to fight  I was working at a shop and she would bring her car to the shop to have repaired and most the time would just sit in the car till someone  got around to it. Just one day I notice her sitting there crying one day and stop to talk with her and she was telling me all about these thing that was going on in her life then it came a time that her husband drank himself to death and died, than her mom had a heart attack and died all in the same year and it was after this we became closer friends this was not something plan it just happen  after a while even thou my situation had not change I realized that I could not continue with this because I knew it was wrong and my position in church it was convicting me spirit I pull out of it she understood and it was not something we were pound  of but it just happen I am still with my wife now 43 years and we are still like stranger no matter what I do to change things it do not work we did go to a talk with someone at one point and it did not work the problem comes in at that I do love her but I am not sure where she stand you can say will she is still there and I can tell you it is only the security that keeps her here and that hurts.       

Replied By: mfontes0 on Oct 21, 2014, 11:27PM - In reply to freedomgates
hi I am a mom of 4 and I sent a message to Dr feel about being on the show and wanting his input about people being wrongfully convicted for things beyond their control and things that happen that put innocent people in jail I have the understanding of what you're saying it's your worst nightmare for your daughter and my worst nightmare is my husband who's been wrongfully accused of something but because it's on his computer they're going to prosecute him and give him time his life is ruined they pushed him and pushed him and scared him into taking play which I believe is wrong however it's his decision and maybe he's right maybe he would get a worse time frame if he didn't take the plea that's what they want you to believe in the federal government this system is not fair you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and they convince these people that they take into custody that certain things are going to happen no matter what so I understand your concerns and I hope pray for you that all will come out and the truth will come out I'm sure it is very stressful I have spent the last year and so much turmoil and so much stress I don't know how to explain to my children who have finally gotten to see his their father in September 5th but he's going to go back to court January 5th and expected to be taken into custody for who knows how long his children and our children with special needs so I understand your concern for your daughter as I have concerns for my daughters my daughters are not in prison but they might as well be because they never get to see their dad and I always wonder why daddy isn't coming home so they're in their own prison thank you for sharing your story and keep posting letting us know what happened I hope the Dr phil can help get the word out
Replied By: wiscookie on Oct 21, 2014, 5:54PM
I believe our politicans are really teaching out children a new way to think.  If someone else is worse than you that makes you GOOD.  So to be the best you need to run down the other folk.  What hogwash is this?  Just watch the ads these days.  "He's rotten so I'm good" is the rule.  How often do you see anyone telling what they intend to do?  Just give me the old fashion political promise-lies over this any day.  At least they were possitive with their lies.  This negativity makes me sick to watch it.  Truly I would rather not vote for any of them.  What kind of people are they that need to bring down other folk so they look good?  Gossips?  Isn't that what we used to call them?  It's just disgusting.
Replied By: newcastlepam on Oct 21, 2014, 2:57PM
Dr. Phil, I watched a movie on HBO today and I want to know if you've seen it.  It's called "Private Violence." It's about following a woman who had been terribly abused and her courage to stand up for herself and her daughter and put him behind bars.  There is also a woman's advocate named Kit who plays a big part in many abused women's cases.  I believe every man and woman in America should see this movie.  I'd love to know what you think about this.
Replied By: dawnrenaehogst on Oct 13, 2014, 1:46PM
Hello Dr. Phil show, I was wandering how I am supposed to reply to the show Dr. Phil commented on today 10-14-2014. It was about family and money problems ruining your holidays. I have 3 children and die to me being disabled I never have the funds to have the Christmas of our dreams. Its always such a huge stress for me that it just makes me hate it every year. My kids are getting older and once JUST ONCE I wish I could give them all the Christmas they deserve. Its not their fault they were given a broken mom and loser dad. Please help me make their year!

Replied By: cathyws on Oct 1, 2014, 2:52AM
Hello! I don't know much about this app, other than what I've heard on the show. There was a murder this week of a female agent and I was wondering if this app or something like it could be used as a tool for female agents heading out to meet unknown clients alone. 
Replied By: pa18428 on Sep 26, 2014, 2:51PM
I get the mothers concerns..I too would b worried..I just want to share that when I was 17 when I met my husband he was 32.. We have been together for37 years married for 32..we have 6 beautiful children and 6 beautiful can work..the 1 thing that has made that happen is god..the more the mother forbids the more she will fight to b with him
Replied By: freedomgates on Sep 17, 2014, 12:25PM
Hello Everyone! Hello Dr. Phil,

I am new to this website/blog I looked for a section that I our story could fit in and found "NONE"...

Here is why:

I am a Mother of a daughter who is now in prison, for a crime she did not commit! . I know we here that a lot from families and inmates, "I am Innocent", but she is, let me explain the best I can:

Our daughter is one of the "The California 12" innocent clients of the California Innocent Project, in San Diego, CA. She is not the only client as you see here, there are 11 other innocent men and women, who have been falsly accused of serious crimes they clearly did not commit. We  see it almost every week about people who have been in prison for years, 30 years unbelievable that this can happen in our own America, our US of America, not a third world country, but here in the US.

Our daughter's story is on the California Innocence Project's Website, there you will find the "12" stories of 5 women and 7 men who have been in prison for many years but are innocent, just like our "Daughter".

It is the worst of nightmares you could possibly imagine, except losing a child in death has got to be the worst, our daughter is alive and well, even in prison, she stays strong and optimsistic that the "IP"(innocence project) will get to the truth, so far courts are our mountains to cross, they simply do not want to re-do a case and say "They made a mistake". Someone in the court system, those who sit in Congress, and or those seats in our justice system must fix these mistakes, fix the problems that has put 12 innocent people in prison, these 12 I know, I have talked to most of the families through letters, emails and our "Rallies" we have been having in  Sacramento, Ca, San Diego and know I believe we are going to our next rally in Los Angeles, and we will do one in San Diego. The CIP's attorney's did a rally march, and they themselves walked 714 miles from San Diego, Ca to Sacramento! their journey's are video taped and logged on their website(it was amazing that these 4 attorney's of the CIP Clinical Law School walked on their own and hand carried the "12 petitions" for our California Governor Brown's attention, for "Clemency.....

These cases the CIP literally looked into and found many flaws and found them to be factually innocent of their crimes, including our daughter's.

We hope to be on the Dr. Phil's Show to spread the word of "Wrongful Convictions" of innocent people and get Congress, Senators and legislators to action and fix these errors of justice. I see people take up their"Cause" and get hundreds of people to march, rally with them, just the other day I saw on TV News hundreds of people marching in the streets for our climate situation, I thought to myself, why is it so difficult to get people to react for wrongful convictions of innocent peope, this is also worthy to march in the street for. Our justice system and some of the people who work in it are making grievas errors in judgement, whether it is thier own oversight in a case to the real truth or lose of evidence, deliberate destruction of evidence or just  to "Win Their Case" no matter if the person is innocent, and it was clear, something is clouding their judgement.  The flaws remain and the inncocent people men women, fathers and mothers are sitting in prisons across our own country, please support your innocence project in your state and support us, please go on the California Innocence Project Facebook Website and click the "Like" button, read the stories of the California 12 and our daughter's.

The nightmare continues everyday, because their are real perpetrators out there who went free in our daughter's case while she is paying the ultimate price, she is doing their sentence for them.

People, it can happen to you, in a moment you are free citizen and the next you are arrested and tried and convicted all in one breathe of a moment, it's over, you are now in prison, taken from your children, your family and your freedom, who will help you now!

Please support my cause, no innocent person belongs in any prison!!!!

Mother of Kimberly Long

The California 12
Replied By: shortylock on Sep 12, 2014, 10:37PM
hello I'm Tina I'm not new here I had a profile here for a long time just rejoined the site. i'm 42 Hubby's name is Richard he is 44. we have been married 16 years no kids but you will see on my profile we are planing to adopt and foster. We are taking the class now. we are very excited about adopting and fostering. I am also looking for friends and lots of support on here. I am sure I will need all the friends and advice and support as time goes on. I have started the family scrapbook. I'll try and add pics of what we have done so far. right now I'm getting tired and waiting on Rich to text me from work and then I'm going too bed. I hope we pass the class and then we can move onto the next step. and if anyone would like to add me as a friend? Please do so and a little message about yourself. Thank you for taking time to read my message here. Hope you have a really nice and happy weekend. bye for now Tina/Shorty 
Replied By: xiang_jiao on Sep 11, 2014, 12:30AM
I just joined up tonight and had posted a reply to a comment on todays show.

My comment vanished and did not shown up when I hit "submit". When I go to my user profile it is showing I have 0 comments written.

My question is, do new member posts get stuck in a queue and have to be approved before they will appear? Or did I ...dun goof up
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