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Replied By: lindamw77 on Jul 16, 2016, 2:16PM
You don't know me of course but:

I want to visit Dr. on Demand on a regular basis seeing Dr. Dike.  He is awesome!!!!!

The problem is -  is that my insurance is not  networked in with Dr. on Demand.  My insurance won't do the receipt thing; you know (get a receipt and have Insurance pay for it)  so what I am asking you is if you could network in my insurance called:   AMERIGROUP.   It would be extreemly helpful.  I'm low-income so I can't pay for it out of pocket..  Can you please help me with this.  This can be a very awesome thing in my life  or another dead end in my life.  Please help make this a possitive thing for me.  I thank you very much in advance.   Please, email me.

Need your help real bad... I'm going there to try to iliminate sucidal thoughts out of my life and work through clinical depression.  To try to get a life plan in action. I do take meds for them which keeps me level but I know I need theropy to overcome my problem with out going over the edge.

I don't know what it takes to network insurances in but hoping it can be done with Amerigroup!!!!!!   Thank you...

Yours  Linda Wentz  or  lindamw77 user name on your site....TY TY TY  and say Hi to Robin...  You two are amazing :)  PLEASE respond to me.. my email is  lindamw77@yahoo.com  TY again.
Replied By: drummer94 on Jul 14, 2016, 12:40AM
I hope you are getting my messages. I wont stop til i get a yes or no on getting help from Dr. Phil.
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jul 11, 2016, 12:08PM - In reply to leslie1973
Dr. Phil is currently on vacation, to contact him or the show please use one of the following forms:

Ask Dr. Phil

Email the Show

Because of the large number of responses we receive each day, unfortunately not every e-mail can be answered personally. Be assured that the producers do however, read each submission carefully. If a producer wishes to follow up with you, you may receive a phone call or an e-mail response.

Replied By: leslie1973 on Jul 11, 2016, 11:14AM
Why isnt my question being answered?
Replied By: leslie1973 on Jul 7, 2016, 9:26PM
How do I get in touch with Dr. Phil?
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jul 7, 2016, 2:11PM - In reply to marypaulinem
If you deny a friend request, they have the option of requesting again. What you might want to do is neither accept or deny, this way that can'y keep requesting to be your friend. This, I believe would work similar to a block, we do not offer blocking.
Replied By: marypaulinem on Jul 7, 2016, 1:34PM
Hello!  Am just wondering, is there an option to block someone from contacting you via this site?  Recently, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable and just stopped communicating with that person.  I noticed the person did try to contact me since, but I just denyed / deleted the comments without reading them.  All seems great now and I could just continue denying / deleting in future if needed, but just thought I'd ask.

Replied By: spiritual7365 on Jul 7, 2016, 12:18PM
Hi,  The Techs have assured me that my privacy form is secure. Also they suggested that I change my last name to Private and I have. They mentioned Cache which has something to do with items staying where they are checked. Not sure what that is but am satisfied that all is secure now.

Thank-you for the added secuity and I know you will remove your pic when you feel it is the right time. I appreciate all the help. This is the one site on the internet that you can feel safe with. Thanks again.
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jul 7, 2016, 10:38AM - In reply to leslie1973
The photo uploads have been disabled due to technical problems, I'm not sure if or when this feature will become available. The only way to send someone a photo would be via email if you know their email address.
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jul 7, 2016, 10:36AM - In reply to leslie1973
If you hold your mouse over the SPEAK YOUR MIND tab at the top, you'll see a link to LOG OUT. Closing your browser should also log you out.
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