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Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 3:01PM - In reply to lula1023
Hey Lula1023!  I loved your comments and totally agree.  Dr. Phil doesn't need to give air time to these psycho mothers-in-law.  The couples need to learn how to live their life without the poison i their life and Calude or whatever her name was needs to be locked up.  As Dr. Phil says we will never get that wasted time back and she has had more than her 15 minutes of fame!  If her brain cells were at all normal she would be so embarassed to view that show to see how ridiculously she behaves.
Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 2:51PM - In reply to hhensley10
They were the first Dr. Phil family:  Erin, Marty, Alexandra and I forget the sister's name.  I remember being so angry and it was the first time I wrote in to Dr. Phil.  I don't even think he had these message boards back them.  I was furious when he paid for a tropical vacation because one of them had expressed an interest in marine biology and meanwhile she got a paid vacation and a week away for the responsbility of a newborn.  I never figured out what redeeming qualities he ever saw in those girls as I could only see problems and it appears that she turned out to be a tramp with several children from several follows.  I remember him even giving her a Jeep.  Big Mistake!!!  A video update may prove interesting but I hope he never brings them back on the show.  Alexandra did not need to be coddled she made that bed so she needed to step up to the plate put her childhood behind her and become a parent or put those children up for adoption.  Instead, Erin, takes over the parenting.
Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 2:37PM - In reply to dede2015
I watch each show to the very end to see what Robin is wearing as she is a very attractive woman.  I wish she would stop wearing so much black clothing.  She has a great, trim figure, great hair and could likely pull off anything but please put more colour in your wardrobe.  I am also glad to see that Dr. Phil no longer wears 3 piece suits as they definintely do not suit him in this venue!
Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 2:35PM - In reply to myyrlk
I think he has taken this to heart because he has really toned down promoting his newest book and Doctors on Demand.  I still watch the show but it has definitely changed (not evolved) over the years.  I am not sure if I will continue to watch much longer and perhaps it has run it's time.  I totally agree and was so disgusted that he put up with that ill behaved Honey Boo and that poor excuse of a person, Mama June.  I was trying to figure out why he stooped to that level as it was so below his standards.  However, we can always turn off the t.v or delete the recorded show!  That is the great thing about personal choices.  No one is forcing me to watch
Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 2:21PM - In reply to cuzenurse
Me too!  PVR as we call it in Canada is the greatest invention since the show is aired while I am at work.  I see smoke coming out of his ears quite a bit and think it is great how he can keep his cool.  I also admire who he can calmly address his beligerent guests while telling him he believes in them and they deserve the chance to do something for themself to make their life better.  At times I want to jump through the screen and knock the chip right of their shoulder but by him remaining so calm he is able to relate to them by not reacting.

Like you, not all shows pertain to me but I watch them nonetheless as they are great teaching moments.  I have also watched his show from the very beginning and the show has made a shift recently.  I am not sure if I enjoy it as much now but I am kind of hooked on it!  Canadian Viewer
Replied By: springchix on Mar 29, 2015, 2:03PM
Okay, I am new to this and I was merily typing away my opinion and my unfinished message disappeared into cyberspace.  Can someone help me find out where my message went as a) I was venting and b) it was unfinished!!! 

Dr. Phil please stop totally blaming the parents.  The world has changed and unfortunately many children (now growing into adults) have learned to respect elders, teachers, police, parents, grandparents, peers, etc.  It is a sad state.  You have had many defiant children on your show and often you say to their terrible behaviour that you wonder why the hell not as an possible explanation of the behaviour.  Could you not use this a teaching tool as I know that many young teens watch your show and ask the guest the "how's that working for you question" and show the teen viewers how unacceptable and unsafe these behaviours are,  Yes, it is great that you have the resources because I truly believe that by the time the parent(s) have reached you they are at their witt's end and both the family and the child need a break.  I also agree that the parent(s) need to learn more skills while the child is away.  But, please, please, please stop being so hard on the parent and put some of the blame back on the undisciplined brat with the very unbecoming, disrespectfuly behaviours they are exhibiting.  My heart breaks for these families as I have been in there shoes.  I tried everything and at one time I was sure I would bury that son.  Both my sons were parented by my husband and myself in the same home with the same rules, yet he made different choices which turned our life upside down and involved drugs, alcohol and yes, the police.  I am happy to report that he has changed is path in life and we now have a very loving relationship,  My marriage did not survive after those years of chaos but this son has a wife and a 13 year old daughter.  I am so thankful that he made the choices necessary to turn his life are.  Please do a show geared to showing teens the impact of their disrespectful behaviour will have on the home life, school, career and future life.  Canadian Viewer  (can't you tell by the letter "u"), eh!
Replied By: cuzenurse on Mar 19, 2015, 10:35PM
I have been following Dr. Phil for decades. I DVR every episode, then watch the shows on my down time. You are remarkable DR. PHill. Some shows I don"t relate to, but others are in my realm. I have noticed thatI get personally involved in the show and end up with steam coming out my ears!!! Keep on the great work...Kudos to YOOUUUU!!!!
Replied By: renmom1969 on Mar 7, 2015, 9:16PM
My son is 27.  He has been in a relationship for 7 years.  She has left him several times.  They have 2 children. The 1st child 7 years old. Does not belong to my son. The 2nd child does 6 years old.  She tried to say she was but the dates didnt add up.  My son was still is wyoming in school.  This time she left and left both children with him. Only getting them on occassion.  When she found out the birth father was going to take her to court over his child. She came and got her.  This was 3 months after she left.  She moved 17 miles away across state line.  Now she tells my son it not working out  there, and she wants to move back to our town.  My son now is sending her msg. tring to get her to come back to him.  How do i tell my son this would not be good for him or the children..  But I also want him to know I will not turn my back on him or my grandchildren.   please help
Replied By: fancynan13 on Mar 6, 2015, 8:47AM
Dear Dr. Phil.,  I was In A Coma In Atlanta GA, Same Hospital as Kristina,  and I had 3% of living! I HEARD WHEN MY LOVED ONES WERE TALKING TO ME! Only a few of them, while in a coma. I went to heaven! To make my LONG STORY SHORT, I BELIEVE BOBBY IS being selfish not to let the boyfried in to talk to her. He has to know she took the drugs all by herself, just like Whitney did! And to blame him , even though he is an addit too is just wrong. Just like Bobby was an addict , and Whitney was, and IT IS HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF,. SHOULD WE BLAME BOBBY FOR WHITNEY'S DEATH TOO?  IT IS A SAD STORY, BUT they should of all been there for her along time ago, but it is too late. Don't condem this boy NOW!  HE WAS THERE FOR HER.  I KNOW YOU WILL HELP HIM.  I WILL BE WATCHING. NICK, SHOULD TALK TO HER. SHE SHOULD HEAR HIS VOICE BEFORE SHE DIES.  SHE WILL HEAR HIM. HEARING IS THE LAST TO GO. NANCY IN ALPHARETTA , GA. 

Replied By: dwdavenport on Mar 2, 2015, 3:27PM
I have been disabled for several years and now I am card carrying sr's, and these new Laws about the new insurance that we must choose, (needing a law degree to understand), is turly a pain in the tush!  How dare our President making this a new LAW without taking  it to the people, who have worked there whole lives for this insurance that He dares to take away from us at a time in out lives that understanding what we just talked about two minutes ago, much less this New Health Care Law,  I think the game plane is to make it as hard as possible to understand all of this so we can just disappear off the "pay roll", so he and his "buddies" can have a cleaner golf coarse or out of the world a New Toy at out expence, (seriously expensive new toys), that is taking our rights away, to have,  while we struggle to pay the rent, buy food, that is if we are the lucky ones that still have a roof over our heads!!!!!!  I'm so shocked that so many of us choose to keep quiet, while this is happening right under our noses........  When is enough, enough?
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