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Replied By: tracyann44 on Feb 15, 2017, 2:16PM - In reply to bleigh700
Mother really needs a parenting class and a good slap. Daughter needs to be put in a strict boarding school and should be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed of her bahavior. I hope no one give these two fools any attention!!!!!
Replied By: tracyann44 on Feb 15, 2017, 2:16PM - In reply to bleigh700
Mother really needs a parenting class and a good slap. Daughter needs to be put in a strict boarding school and should be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed of her bahavior. I hope no one give these two fools any attention!!!!!
Replied By: tracyann44 on Feb 15, 2017, 2:01PM - In reply to suzicolfelt
Dr. Phil,

Looks like I am not the only one that agrees you should stick to your show and professional advice and stop promoting your son's book, your others son's music and most recently, Robin's skincare line. Let them all earn their accolades by themselves and stick to your degree and professional education. 

I enjoy your show so much and value your advice but I feel like you are now a marketing quack for your your family and are doing this for the best interest of them.

Don't loose a good thing!


Replied By: bleigh700 on Feb 10, 2017, 3:37PM
Mother is pathetic as well as her daughter.  The social media has sensationized your stupid mouth.  15 minutes won't last forever.
Replied By: suzicolfelt on Feb 4, 2017, 6:12AM
Dr Phil you are a wise man. That being said, how is it that you don't see your wide constantly trying to encroach on YOUR success? We don't care about her face cream. Really? How does that fit in to a show about bettering one's self? Truly I think your wife needs to go out and find her own hobby. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people talking about how ridiculous she looks walking you off the stage. She is so attention starved!  It's pitiful really. I understand d that she has been supportive of you throughout your career. But still....It's just that YOUR career. Also, I have extensive history with anorexia and eating disorders. I think your wife might be on the fence with that. Of course I have nothing but her appearance to base that on. And if I am wrong then I apologize. Just don't want to see anyone get on the horrible road of body image obsession. All in all, I enjoy your show. 6ou have great advice.

Keep up the good work

Replied By: gasocialworker on Feb 1, 2017, 7:07PM
I don't pretend to be able to diagnose any ailment, but I wonder if part of Josh's problem might be Asperger's syndrome. It is on the autism spectrum and I have been living with it for over forty years. Let me share what I noticed.  Josh was not smug, he looked confused especially when the audience laughed. People with Asperger's aren't bullies so much as without empathy. Without real effort put forth, he would expect the aluminum foil to be where he expects it. My husband was surprised that I didn't know the "good" tuna isn't in a can but a pouch. He sees going to visit friends and family without a purpose to be a waste of money. In the beginning he would get so frustrated at the world he would lose his temper often. He pushed me once many years ago and I pushed back harder. I told him he could never do that again. He never did. I think Josh may be self-medicating his frustrations with alcohol. They don't mean harm so much as they want to understand what the rest of the world seems to know. Just a thought.
Replied By: pennship on Feb 1, 2017, 3:50PM
Your admission that the unusual behavior you displayed was for attention. I would like to speak for those who twitch and move abnormally, and who don't want the attention. I am the mother of an adult child with Tourette. I assure you that YOU do NOT want to ever have uncontrolled tremors or TICS. I hope you get help and see how blessed you are. You have a beautiful daughter.
Replied By: family2017 on Jan 19, 2017, 8:30AM
For the last 3 years my family as experience nothing but hell. 3 years ago our family lost everything we owed in a fire. The people said they would help but didnt. Me and my hubby are currently swimming in debt. Because of trying to get back. It has been a fight. We are currently living in a hotel. With limited income. Because what i do bring in goes right to the hotel. No way to save. We have a son that severely ill and 24 hour care. We get no help for. My oldest has ran away again for the 2nd time. I myself have disabilities. My husband hurt myself at work on night and now he stays home to take care of our son. Plus on top of it our vehicle we did have got totalled and the insurance people took it. And they sent the check to the bank because of a loan. I just really need help. For my family the stress is getting bad. Just someone please me find a lawyer for being wrongfully terminated. And real program that will my family. Because all we keep hearing is if you were not married they can help. Im not getting divorced just to get help. What would that say about me and my character. Help Please!!!
Replied By: carebear1217 on Jan 17, 2017, 11:29AM
I watched your show today about the 22yr old dating a sex offender.my question is sorta of related. My son in law was accused of having sex with a minor. She served his time and is now out. He is a level 3 and on parole. My question is yes he did have sex but the girl said she was 18. Her cousin who was also there stated that she was 18 and have it in a text. Anyway. He liked to the charges to avert a 15 yr sentence. Neither of the girls have been held accountable for lying about their age. And for the cousin who was of age and brought the other girl with her was never charged with endangering the welfare of her younger cousin.  The story goes on and on but that is a short over view. Is it to late? What are your words of advise
Replied By: igiveuponname on Jan 16, 2017, 4:12PM
So, I just watched this episode and decided to come here and have my say.  Dr. Phil shows himself to be COMPLETELY naive where these drug addicted parents are concerned, and I am REALLY tired of him sneering at the foster parents who take these children in, whether they be relatives or strangers.  He said that if HE had been involved at the time, those little girls would have NOT been removed from those heroin infested parents.  Who would have taken care of those girls while the parents got on the waiting list for state funded rehab, Dr. Phil?  And who would have taken care of the girls when they finally got in?  And do you know the percentage of heroin addicts who relapse?  And, just because kids in foster care have some mental health issues doesn't mean the FOSTER parents caused them!  Those children were neglected and/or abused and then handed over for the foster parents to love and care for. THE VAST MAJORITY ARE GOOD PEOPLE and you make them seem like they aren't.  No telling how many children will be put in some warehouse environment now that you've made being a foster parent seem like something to be ashamed of.  It took my daughter 4 years to get off of heroin and come back to her children (the dad is STILL GONE 9 years now).  I am not ashamed I stepped up for my grandsons, no matter what you say.  I say GOD BLESS FOSTER PARENTS and thank you for stepping up, not just talking about it and having money to throw, but the ACTUAL day-to-day hour-by-hour care of these babies.  Shame on you Dr.
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