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Replied By: blackpannther on Nov 19, 2015, 9:21PM - In reply to ladyloki85
Hi. I read what you wrote & couldn't help but respond. Why are you so worried about his ex lying & breaking his heart again? Isn't he doing that to you? If I were in your shoes, I would feel if he chose to go back to her then he deserves the way she treated him. You're too nice. You need to tell him goodbye. You could do a lot better. I hope everything works out for you.
Replied By: blackpannther on Nov 19, 2015, 8:58PM - In reply to bevkin
I think to be approved for Indian benifits, you have to be a quarter Indian. I'm not completely sure so don't quote me on that. I have Blackfoot Indian in me plus I'm related to Polcahontis. My Great Aunt is really into our family tree. I don't think I have enough Indian to claim for benifites so I don't bother.
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Nov 8, 2015, 6:18PM - In reply to lonestarlady00


The app is called the Aspire News app, here's a link with info to download it: Aspire News

Dr. Phil Staff

Replied By: lonestarlady00 on Nov 8, 2015, 3:10PM
I sit here with a bag packed under my bed and had the pleasure of two police visits last night. None resulted in him getting in any trouble. He's a manic depressive/bipolar man who is off his Meds and drinking heavily. I asked the police for the ap that's on dr Phil because I couldn't remember it. I watch every show and I still cannot remember it. I guess it's the stress from the last 24 hours. Can someone please help me by messaging me it so that I can have it if I need it? I know I can call 911 but I'd like this as well. 

Thank you so much. 
Replied By: ladyloki85 on Oct 28, 2015, 8:28AM
What should I do when my guy friend is still talking to his ex? There is a reason why they're called that. But the thing is that he still has sex with her. Even if he did get back with her, she's just going to end up lying to him and breaking his heart again.
Replied By: amandabanana on Oct 27, 2015, 3:57PM
Hiiii, was wondering about our buddy #savingtodd #godbless
Replied By: kls2591 on Oct 26, 2015, 3:16PM - In reply to annwhittington
totally agree with you. I don't understand what Dr. Phil is thinking nowadays. Is it because he is getting older or more lenient toward young people who have no respect for anyone. And to give her an ipad so that she can keep in touch with people? Are you kidding? She chose to be alone because that is clearly what she said she wanted to do. She wants to travel and she says on the one hand that she is happier this way and then five minutes later, she says she is lonely living this life. Instead of an ipad, why not give her some serious counseling to see which way she wants to live? Her mother made the rules of her house, she stuck with them, and then Dr. Phil turns around and makes her feel like she has done something wrong. How dare Dr. Phil tell her that she should let that brat come back into her house for two weeks to a month? Why not let her and her ipad go home with him and Robin? That poor mother - If she takes Dr. Phil's advice, she is going to have to live in that house with that brat who has had no counseling and who could possibly have a disease. She may have been drug tested, but has she been medically or psychologically evaluated? She may have lice which she could easily catch living outdoors, and with a dog at that! Dr. Phil has really messed up this time. Brats don't always win and parents aren't always the bad guys, but you wouldn't know that watching this show. I had to turn it off after he offered this looney tune an ipad so "she could stay connected". Oh my!
Replied By: trriege on Oct 20, 2015, 4:48PM
I am a mother of a herion addict.  I agree totally w/Dr. Phil's advice to the addict, getting help w/durable diagnosis.  My daughter also has the same.  What greatly upset me was how Dr. Phil handle the parents.  Not once did he sugguest that they get counseling and join a support group for families of addicts.  Parents are just as sick as the addict themself.  I know I been there.  Supports groups teaches family how not to be enablers and that those secret bad feelings they have towards their child is not bad and everyone of the family members have thought the same thoughts.  I didn't understand the term "one day at a time" until I got counseling and joined a support group.  Just like any other parent I wanted my child to be cured of this disease but it doesn't happen over night like we would like.  That's where one day at time comes very important in an addict's life and a parent's life.  Hard love is probably the hardest thing that I have had to endure in my life.  I have been both mom and dad for many years and I have thought over in my mind what I could have done different so my child wouldn't have been and addict time and time again.  Finally my daughter told me no matter what I would have done different wouldn't have changed anything.  So please Dr. Phil please also have great concern about the parent's well being just as much as the well being of the addict.
Replied By: trudico on Oct 13, 2015, 2:47PM
Please leave that poor 22-year-old alone!  Doesn't everyone know a gazillion young people in their early 20's who don't know what they want to do with their lives? Aren't many young people rebellious and not in synch with their parents?  Don't something like 75% of young people use marijuana? He's confused, lost, intelligent, dealing with parents who are so strict that they are willing to kick their son out of their home because he swears or doesn't have a job. Be real!  Help this poor kid!  Imagine the damage he's going to suffer because  his parents stopped believing in him.
Replied By: buckleywarner on Oct 8, 2015, 4:22PM
Dr. Phil, your show is becoming too narcisstic!  Every day there is mention of you & son's app, Dr. On Demand, your latest 20/20 Diet Book or your wife's involvement in When Georgia Smiled foundation.  Would you agree to let at least one day pass without mention of any of these?  I look forward to watching your show on a daily basis; however, to say I'm getting sick & tired of hearing your family plugs so often is an understatement!!  A complete turn-off.  Not me!!
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