March 5, 2017
Latest Entry: ADVISE
i was with my ex for almost 5 years. we share a almsot 4 year old together. i was hit, slap, punched, i stood in hope that he would change and things would get better. but he would tell me i needed to change i was the issue i felt as if inhad tomwalk on egg shells just to keep him happy he broke up with me 4 times already and his excuse would alwys be we fight to much and he would come back because he loves me and would hope i change. he would belittle me in front of both my kids.
March 3, 2017
Latest Entry: Entry Title
My name is Chakierra Reeves, born and raised in Jacksonville fl. I became a stud (dressing like a boy) when my daughter was girst born. Shes 6 now and throughout her years growing up she would wonder why her mom wasnt pretty like other moms, why do her mom dress like a boy. I would try to explain to her that everybody is different and i just didn't like tight clothes, but in actuality i was gay and a great mom but ive broke down and talk to god after she would get mad with other kids for saying her mom looks like a boy. Although i know my daughter loves me dearly there was still a want an need that she need from me. After crying it all out ive gotten myself a makeover, left my life style in the past. Its been one week and im officially a WHOLE mom. My pictures have been all over social media and so many great reactions to the change because i am amazingly beautiful both ways, and mostly for the reason i did it. #Sacrafice
Plz contact me i would love to inspire more ppl then i already have! Thanks in advance
March 3, 2017
Latest Entry: This is for the 14 year old Demi
Hi Demi

I grew up having low self esteam.  Please don't believe you have to dress sexy to get a guy to pay attention to you. My husband I met in high school and I didn't dress sexy and I didn't wear makeup. In fact make up was a turnoff for him. He feels most women trowel it on and as a guy wouldn't know who she really is. Please don't think it is necessary to dress sexy and look like a model to get a guy because you don't. I have been with him for 30 years now.
March 2, 2017
Latest Entry: Austin Harrough
After watching today's show I just can't understand why this boy has not been given any mental treatment..I'm not sure what he has, but no one in their right mind could kill someone and then start eating them..Something has to be seriously wrong with him..I'm sorry for what happened to the people who were hurt and killed by him but just looking at the kid and listening to what he said about hearing voices and then no one finding any drugs in his system is mind blowing..I thought for sure they would find flakka..How can he be put in jail without anyone trying to find out what's wrong with him.??. I truly believe he is sorry for what happened and I think someone needs to find out what has caused this..Putting someone in jail for a mental problem is not helping him..I think he needs a lot of counseling and I think he needs to be put on some kind of medication..Instead of jail maybe he should be put into some kind of place where he can get help..If someone doesn't know what they did how can he be held accountable??
February 27, 2017
Latest Entry: show aired 2/27/2017
Always wonder on the shows with teens/children that parents are having problems/issues

that they always seem to have everything handed to them without consequences or having to

work for/toward anything. For instance Maddie, the 15 yr old on the above show has artificial nails

which are not cheap. Who pays for this? And why?
February 24, 2017
Latest Entry: Why men cheat
To be honest I may only be 19 years old. But I'm not that stupid either. This show was one I watched that went off a bit earlier today. And to be honest, I don't believe that if you're going to cheat that you should even be in a relationship to begin with. If you ever want to.cheat, you might as well leave the relationship you are in immediately. There is litterally no excuse to cheat. Ever. I understand people make mistakes. But if you do it over and over and over again...It's not a mistake anymore. It's a choice. Choices. You chose to. And an affair website?? No! Why not an affair rehab site or or something like that..? And the cheayerville website? That's kind of beneficial. But then again why just post about ppls flaws?? Why not try to help them instead?? What's wrong with this world today...It completely disgusts me.
February 23, 2017
Latest Entry: I'm learning to face obstacles
I'm swimming for relaxation. It's in a wave pool so fighting the waves is good for frustration. I thought about the waves and realised...

"I don't fear the waves because once they knock me over, they then become the water behind me. It softens my fall and gives my buoyancy to rise to my feet and face another wave."
February 22, 2017
Latest Entry: 2017 Show on Ralph's abuse of his daughter and granddaughter.
Does anyone else remember this family being on the Dr. Phil show a few years ago?  I distinctly remember the same family, with the same acusations.  I'm having a hard time posting this message, and I have posted the same message yesterday, but I can't find it anywhere!  Can anyone help?
February 21, 2017
Latest Entry: Re: show #105
I just finished watching the episode where Ralph, step father and grandfather is accused of molesting his daughter and stepdaughter. The guests come from a mormon background. I grew up in Salt Lake City, a predominately mormon community in the 60's and 70's. This kind of thing happened all the time in the community I lived in. I had numerous friends whose own fathers molested them claiming they wanted to teach them how to have sex. There were instances of men in our local ward and stake, high ranking in the church, who tried through word and action to abuse me. This is very prevalent in these communities. At least it used to be.
February 20, 2017
Latest Entry: show today, 2.20.17 stomach churning
omg, i can barely stand to wath today's program.  this is almst exactly what happened to me and my son.  my step father was also brutal and violent and would then turn into a playful child.  i ws completely confused by his behaviors. one morning i reported a xexual abuse to my mother who respnded, that he was just checking me for :worms"??? and then said it was my responsibility to keep my bedroom door closed. later , when i was in treatment, she screamed at me and yelled that i was just trying to detry the family and that i was always a liar. and lunged for my throuat. this coming from a super ritualistic catholic who had turned her guilt into reliigiosity.  of course he denied all the times i i listed and was able to charm the therapists whos then re abused me by saying that this was in my memory and not necessaarily what happened. duh....

when i brought my son into the family as a single parent his dynamics were the same as this program. my stoamch would churn and each time i pulled my son away i would be shamed and rebuked. later, i was even accused of trying to have an affair with mys tepfather!!! crziness from both.  took years of therapy to help me move forward mbut my son seems to have rejected his therapy and is now a 45 y/o alcohlic and self destructive. he told me he felt in the middle between my step father and myslef. 

i do understand the numbness, denial and pain.  i get the denial of that agin mother. ny own mother was not tht kind but in denial still the same. i also understand she had a horrific chilhood herself and did all she could to maintain her stability as a wife, although abused daily hereself. i also understand the horrific childhood of my stepfather but never could get close to him , ohysically or emotionally. as he lay dying in the hospice, i wished him god speed.  the hospice nursed got that there was something in our history. to this day, i am shamed by my brother, his bioloigical son, as the crazy one in the family. to this day, my son is suffering from his inability to selfcare and medicates himself with various addictions. i have screamed, begged, went to treatment, twice, meadows and tenn..  became a therapist. actually worked at creative care in its early days and new river cove in belize, both mentioned on the show. i still suffer too much but have not given up moving forward in healing my self esteem. it took me years to come out of the numbness of denial and minimization. i get what is going on in that show. i pray they will get more help and healing as i continue to try to heal others and pray for my  son daily.
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