February 8, 2017
Latest Entry: One world order
Dear Dr. Phil, I'm sending this message in hopes that hopefully you can put my mind at ease,  being that my brother has "gone off the deep end" about the "one world order" theory that is on the internet. I know your an extremely busy man, but your the only person I know that I'm sure will give me the "unvarnished truth" as you put it. Is there a such regime in existence? Are the elite super rich entities, such as the Rockefeller's and Rothschild's plotting to take over the world? Is there any basis to the One World Order propaganda? Please put my mind at ease because my brother is scaring thexxxx out of me! Thank you for your time in advance. Sincerely, Daveta Mattison P.S.Next subject I'd like you to devote a show to after the One World Order, is common sense. Is it fading out, can it be taught and why do some people possess it and others don't? Ect....
February 8, 2017
Latest Entry: Dr Phil dead internet scam
I was on KTRK local website when the above message appeared.Of course I clicked on it .Got this message in bold print that my computer was infected and I had to call tech suppot to fix it.I Ctrl +alt+delet and ended it.I thoght someone should know this one is out there waiting on someone not as tech sauvy as me to come along.
February 5, 2017
Latest Entry: #getmadisonhome
      In 2006 I took a stand. After almost a 6 yr back and forth battle with my abuser, I re gained my independance and went to my home County of Pickaway, Ohio where a Womens shelter was my only option. The Womens Shelter was a sad but warm loving place. My 2 Children and I would help feed some of the residence children because some of the mothers would sell their food stamps instead of feed their kids. Some of my childrens belongings was taken. Sometimes our food would come up missing. It was deffinately a struggle but we made the best of it. I dont regret it one bit. The Shelter (Havens House Circleville Ohio) was a safe place and all though some mothers did their job poorly, the staff was amazing. The support was amazing,they helped with money for a Lawyer. Please, if you are being mistreated Emotionally, Psychologically, Mentally of Physically, reach out and tell someone. Please, your life could depend on it. Once you notice those red flags, please leave. Stay gone. dont turn back. Please get help.

    Anyways, I became very independant. It was still a struggle. I immediately got a job, Found true love and my 2 children and I was a happy functioning family. Sadly after a 2 year custody battle, my abuser got custody of his daughter. My daughter.

     Here we are 9 years later and now my daughter is being abused Emotionally, Psychologically, Mentally, and it turned Physical in September and again in December.

     My goals are to get my daughter home. My daughter is a Victim and she doesnt deserve to live in an Un happy, Un healthy, Un loving, Un effectionate environment. I need help bringing her home. Her father has victimized more women than I can count in 9 yrs. Now he is doing it to our 13 yr old daughter. She lives in another State, I need her here at home with her family in Ohio. Here she has 3 siblings and they need to be growing up together.

     You will see me in the future. I want to help our children have rights in Ohio at 13. I want to bring my daughter home search #getmadisonhome. I want to raise money for these childrens mothers whom struggle and need help leaving the abuser. You will see me fight for the Children to participate in "thebakersact" . I am alive today for a reason. I must raise Awareness.

     If you took the time to read this, Thanks for that
February 3, 2017
Latest Entry: I hope dr phil sees this
I want to be on the show. I dont like daniels attitude. & i want to confront her about it. I just need everyones support to do so.
February 1, 2017
Latest Entry: They murdered my wife today
after being married for 12 years to the most wonderful woman in the world, she was taken from me and our 5 Childre. There is a disease out there that a lot of people don't know about and in my opinion it is as bad as aids. It's an auto immune disorder. The problem is not Many talk about it. There is no cure and doctors don't even know which category to put you in. There are many types of auto immune. My wife was diagnosed about 6 years ago. She started seeing a holistic doctor who said he would cure her. It would take 20 page to tell the entire sad story. The short version is this past Thursday he gave her a intravenous of Peroxid. That's right Peroxide. He said it would boost her oxygen Levels and prepare her for another treatment. Three days later she passed away. While we were in the ICU at Vanderbilt hospital it had all the doctors confused. They said they would like to use this case as a teaching guide because they had never encountered this situation before. The end result was the Peroxide in her veins created so much gas it caused multiple air embolism's. It caused her front lobe of her brain to hemorrhage, her kidneys to die, her spleen to die, multiple parts of her heart was damaged, her heart was incased with Fluid, her lungs Failed and so much more took place. After being in the ER for 10 minutes they rushed her to the ICU to stableLise her. The pictures will make anybone cry. they are to graphic to post she had more tubes and pic lines in her body than you would believe. 
February 1, 2017
Latest Entry: Oops
I forgot to put this in...  Once Rebecca is separate from John and the constant static her thinking should start to clear up.  Please get this girl some help. She needs some tools to decode his rants and to understand what her anger is trying to tell her. Run, Rebecca, Run!
January 31, 2017
Latest Entry: My First Memory of Child Abuse
NOTE: I am changing the names of everyone but myself to protect the innocent and, I guess, the guilty. I fear the problems I may have from using the real names. 

My first memory of being abused happened when I was about 5 years old and had just started kindergarten. My dad was at work and I was home with my stepmonster and my little sister. I was told to clean up my room, so I put this huge cardboard box we had our toys in by my door to get it out of the way and started picking up some of the clothes on the floor. My little sister, who was about two, had been in the living room and decided to run into our bedroom and tripped over something and went headfirst into our toybox that was blocking the door. She started screaming and I ran over to check on her and tried to lift her out of the box. She was too heavy for me, so I screamed for my stepmonster to come help me. When "Candy" saw "Jody" in the box, she thought that I had pushed her in and she freaked out. She picked Jody up and set her aside after a quick inspection to make sure she wasn't seriously hurt and she charged at me. I was trying to tell her what happened, but she cut me off and ripped me up off the floor by my hair. I screamed in pain and horror and grasped at her hands as my legs flopped around over the floor. I started to cry as she pulled my body up over the box and dropped me on the floor and dragged me down the hall by my hair. She pulled me into the living room and smashed her fist into my face and my nose started bleeding. She let go of my hair and picked me up and ran over to the bathroom and threw me onto the bathroom floor. As she was smacking me over and over, she was screaming at me not to get blood on her clean floor. She was hitting me so hard, I could barely keep my balance and I fell against the toilet. She kicked me in my back and screamed for me to get some tissue and stop the bleeding. I tried to reach up for the tissue, but my hands were slipping on the blood that was now pooling onto the floor. Candy was so mad that she ripped the toilet paper off the roll, making the holder ping across the room and into the bathtub and she shoved the toilet paper roll into my face and screamed at me as loud as she could for me to clean up my mess. I cowered on the floor close to the toilet with my hands over my head, trying to defend myself and she finally left the room and slammed the door. She told me not to come out until every single drop of blood was cleaned up. I was shaking so hard and there was so much blood that it was making me feel dizzy. I thought I was going to die! I didn't know what to do for a minute, but then I remembered what my dad told me about bloody noses once and since he was an EMT, I figured he knew what he was talking about. I grabbed a big wad of toilet paper off the semi bloody roll and laid down on the floor and pinched the toilet paper around my nose. When I stopped tasting blood going down the back of my throat, I knew the bleeding had stopped. I got up and dared to look into the mirror. I had blood EVERYWHERE. It was caked on my face and in my hair and all over my shirt. It was all over my hands and even some on my feet from the bloody floor. Blood was all over the bathroom too. It was quite a mess to clean up. With shaky hands, I grabbed a washcloth off the side of the bathtub and got it wet and went to work while huge tears just rolled down my face in silence. I knew not to cry where Candy could hear me because she HATED hearing me cry. Every time I would cry over something, she would spank me. She had never really been nice to me, but she had also never been so mean to me either. I was almost numb with shock at that point. I hoped it was almost time for my dad to come home from work because I didn't know if Candy would hurt me again. I was afraid to come out of the bathroom, so I just stayed in there after getting all the blood cleaned up and after washing myself off in the tub. I just sat on the toilet and waited. Candy finally came back to the bathroom threw a new set of clothes at me and told me to get changed before my dad got home. As she was inspecting my work, she saw the blood in my hair and forced me into the tub and turned on the cold water. It was ice cold, but she didn't turn  on the hot water at all. She violently washed my hair off under the faucet with the freezing cold water and I was having a hard time catching a breath because the water kept going all over my face. I even choked on some water at one point and got a swift smack in the face. When she was done with my hair, she got the towel and scrubbed my head so hard that it felt like my hair was ripping out of my head. I was crying still, but didn't dare make a noise. Finally, she was done and she let me get dressed and then I had to finish cleaning my room and spent the rest of the day in the corner until my dad got home. That night, I had horrible nightmares about bleeding to death. I woke up several times, scared to death that Candy would come to my room and hurt me again. That was the first night of many that I spent in restlessness and fear. As the abuse happened again and again, I would grow to hate sleeping. Sleeping meant nightmares, and nightmares kept me from getting good sleep. I will never forget the vivid details of that first night being abused by Candy. She never did let me explain how my sister ended up in the toybox. I felt cheated. After that day, EVERYTHING bad that happened was always MY fault somehow. My innocence was lost and my life was never the same again.
January 30, 2017
Latest Entry: Fighting to find healing from PTSD/TBI
I am a civilian with severe PTSD from many traumatic events, and domestic violence.  I continue to advocate for myself and keep getting doors slammed in my face due to insurance reasons or the fact I am a civilian/non military.

I also refuse to be medicated to the point I am no longer a human being, it is just a band aid allowed it to fester into a bigger problem.

I also have had more then one TBI, mini strokes and seizures and I am still kicking and fighting for help.

Because I am a fighter I am not taken seriously, that is the one good thing about PTSD he keeps me numb and fighting so I do not fall on my face and give up.

I forgot who I was, what it is like to be really happy, to go out in public and not have to scan and be hyper vigilant, jump at ever noise, cringe and panic at a smell, sight or sound that triggers a memory.

I have called all over the US for holistic type treatments, all turned me away because of my insurance. Only place I can get help is in patient psy ward and have to lie and say I am am going o kill myself to get admitted, only to be treated with numerous drugs I do not need. No skills, no therapy nothing just drugs.

So I live like a hermit with very little interacting with the world, limit interaction with friends and family because it exhausts me from the PTSD and TBI.   

I want my life back before all this destroys my health from stress. 

I have made it through all this substance free, alcohol free. Again thank PTSD I feel the need to be alert 24/7 so never fell urge to abuse any substance.

What is it like to sleep? Sleep with out terror? I hope I find out someday.
I refuse to give up I've made it this far I say I walked through hell been burned and scared but still walking.

But for how long? How much longer can I really keep going on like this living in torment?

January 29, 2017
Latest Entry: Just Thought
Be kind, be compassionate, being human is not easy; people pretend that it is but it's not, people think that it's natural but it's not. It's more special than nature.

January 27, 2017
Latest Entry: 1-27-2017
Dr phil,

empath is not dictionary term at all, as not spiritual human beings don't feel each other emotions at all.  They ape, mimic and act on how they feel of being trained as infant's.  

Spiritual empaths don't have to look at a person to know how they are feeling.

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