February 21, 2017
Latest Entry: Re: show #105
I just finished watching the episode where Ralph, step father and grandfather is accused of molesting his daughter and stepdaughter. The guests come from a mormon background. I grew up in Salt Lake City, a predominately mormon community in the 60's and 70's. This kind of thing happened all the time in the community I lived in. I had numerous friends whose own fathers molested them claiming they wanted to teach them how to have sex. There were instances of men in our local ward and stake, high ranking in the church, who tried through word and action to abuse me. This is very prevalent in these communities. At least it used to be.
February 20, 2017
Latest Entry: show today, 2.20.17 stomach churning
omg, i can barely stand to wath today's program.  this is almst exactly what happened to me and my son.  my step father was also brutal and violent and would then turn into a playful child.  i ws completely confused by his behaviors. one morning i reported a xexual abuse to my mother who respnded, that he was just checking me for :worms"??? and then said it was my responsibility to keep my bedroom door closed. later , when i was in treatment, she screamed at me and yelled that i was just trying to detry the family and that i was always a liar. and lunged for my throuat. this coming from a super ritualistic catholic who had turned her guilt into reliigiosity.  of course he denied all the times i i listed and was able to charm the therapists whos then re abused me by saying that this was in my memory and not necessaarily what happened. duh....

when i brought my son into the family as a single parent his dynamics were the same as this program. my stoamch would churn and each time i pulled my son away i would be shamed and rebuked. later, i was even accused of trying to have an affair with mys tepfather!!! crziness from both.  took years of therapy to help me move forward mbut my son seems to have rejected his therapy and is now a 45 y/o alcohlic and self destructive. he told me he felt in the middle between my step father and myslef. 

i do understand the numbness, denial and pain.  i get the denial of that agin mother. ny own mother was not tht kind but in denial still the same. i also understand she had a horrific chilhood herself and did all she could to maintain her stability as a wife, although abused daily hereself. i also understand the horrific childhood of my stepfather but never could get close to him , ohysically or emotionally. as he lay dying in the hospice, i wished him god speed.  the hospice nursed got that there was something in our history. to this day, i am shamed by my brother, his bioloigical son, as the crazy one in the family. to this day, my son is suffering from his inability to selfcare and medicates himself with various addictions. i have screamed, begged, went to treatment, twice, meadows and tenn..  became a therapist. actually worked at creative care in its early days and new river cove in belize, both mentioned on the show. i still suffer too much but have not given up moving forward in healing my self esteem. it took me years to come out of the numbness of denial and minimization. i get what is going on in that show. i pray they will get more help and healing as i continue to try to heal others and pray for my  son daily.
February 19, 2017
Latest Entry: Social Media
  Imagine what our society would be like without social media networking sites. Imagine what the world woud look like if social networking sites was non-existent. Here is my take on social media: it is a terrific communication tool for people to start discussing the real topics and issues facing our generation. Often times, we do not see nor hear the corporate media address why in the world 43 million people are living in poverty. Why is that we continue to have the lowest standard of living? Why is it that the United States treats its people and senior citizens FAR worse than any other country on earth?

  With social media(Twitter and Facebook), we could start discussing with people worldwide on how we must forward to make our country much more cleaner and habitable for future generation. The only way that we can forward is to ADDRESS the real problems, and to not scrub it under the table. Put the issues out on the table, and confront those issues. It obviously is not popular to address poverty, economy, environment, jobs, and education: the fact of the matter is that we must confront those issues, and start the dialogue, even if he/she has a different point of view because that is what democracy is about.

   In conclusion, social media is MOSTLY a good thing.
February 15, 2017
Latest Entry: Niki, Pregnant Privledged and Addicted
What happened to Niki and her boyfriend?
February 15, 2017
Latest Entry: Mother of the Bride (my mother) is acting crazy and I just got engaged yesterday!!
Dr. Phil please help!! Although my have known about our intentions since Thanksgiving we just got officially engaged yesterday. I'm 45 and he is 44. We're getting married in Jamaica, for which my parents offered to pay. But now my mother is insisting on being present when we have our food and cake tasting, has decided where our reception will be and that I will wear a dress. These are all concerns however, probably the biggest is the venue. We live about 1hour south of my hometown and where she wants the venue ( my parents still live there) and around 1 1/2 hours north of his family including his 91 year old grandmother. So we live in the middle of both. My fiancee and I want to have it in the town we live so we can plan and execute things not to mention that we have several hotels for guests. My mother has stated that her and my father are paying for it they get to pick where, what food ect. I have explained that we will just pay for everything ourselves to rectify her ownership of our day but we knows we really can't afford it at this time. But we really aren't concerned with having a large, fancy reception as she seems be. I've been waiting for this day since I was a little girl and now, because of her, don't want to have anything at all. Please help!
February 13, 2017
Latest Entry: help, I'm a Casa
I'm a casa and recommended the Aspire app but suddenly it doesn't work. We both get a blank page when we open it. We have tried downloading it several times with the same result. 

Her husband is getting out of jail shortly and I really want her to be familiar with app for her protection. 

is the app undergoing an update? Or is it no longer working. 

Please advise, she really needs our help
February 11, 2017
Latest Entry: "howbow dah" girl
Dear Dr. Phil,

I would like to get a message to the "howbow dah" girl you've made famous. I am not sure how to reach out to her for my challenge. If after reviewing it, it meets with your approval...please do forward it to her. I am not looking for a response from anyone it is merely a message I feel compelled to deliver to her.

Dear "howbow dah" girl,

I originally saw you on the Dr. Phil Show...long story short, I prayed for you. I know you didn't ask, maybe even don't want, but I did anyways... It's just something I can do for anyone and everyone, it's free and easy, and that I know there is power in.

...Next thing I knew I saw you popping up everywhere... social media, late night, even a church sigh that said, "Cash God inside howbow dah?"

It got me thinking about how much good you could now do with that all that fame. Even the church admits it used your saying, to "draw a younger crowd to church".

Now you again, may not have intended, or even want to be that kind of light for good...But guess what... God will use all of us however he wants for good whether we want it or seem the likely candidate or not. Imagine how much more effective if you were a willing participant! That's really where you could do the most good.

That's really what God wants and you will love how you feel about the new you that took all that pent up anger and emotion, got 15 minutes of fame and turned it into a success. You are a beautiful young lady with so much potential to be so much more. Something as simple as adding the word "Pray" to you catch phrase would enpower so many who feel hopeless about so much in current environment of the world. The choice is of course yours. In the mean time... I'm still gonna "Pray, howbow dah"?

Peace out,




February 11, 2017
Latest Entry: Hello everyone
Well I am almost 48. I was diagnosed in 2014 with Multiple Sclerosi. I live in daily pain and the fear of the unknown surprises that MS has. My father also had MS and passed away a year ago January,I miss him so much. We watched him suffer for years. He was young at 69 he had already been in a nursing home for a couple years due to his level of care that he needed. I often sit and literally scare myself because I saw what my father endured with his menta,emotional and physical issue. We would go as often as every weekend ( I live 100 miles away from my parents house and my dads nursing home was 2 hours from their house) but every time we had to leave I watched my father cry because he so wanted to be home. My mom tried to get help in taking care of my father but it got to the point he had no use of his legs. It killed me seeing my father like this. I guess I just needed to get this out because I do feel a bit better. But what really hurts is when people stare at me because I'm in an amigo or somet my right foot drags. i am blessed that I don't have anything more serious than Multiple Sclerosi. Please believe me when I say this I do know that I could be so much worse off. 
February 10, 2017
Latest Entry: Like trying to nail jello to the wall
Now that the world has to deal with Trump, everyone finally knows what its like to deal with my NM (narsisistic mother). 

Nuff said
February 10, 2017
Latest Entry: Stupid little girl
The fact that this show has allowed that stupid little girl Danielle to become famous is the dumbest thing that has ever happened in todays society. She DOES NOT DESERVE THE ATTENTION AND FAME BEING GIVEN TO HER! What is wrong with this world. Im sure there are a bunch of other braty, missbehaved, rude little girls just like her but they arnt famous. Shit, my life is more interesting then she is. Just because she said some stupid things and acted all tough she gers to be famous. Its not fair. How come others kn this show dont get to be famous? Is it because people dont say stupid things like Danielle? Is it because others were raised better with respect for other human? Just because she said some stupid things and has a shitty personality and disrespectful she gets to be famous. im soo royally pissed this little girl get to be famous and i dont when the only differnce between me and her is im not dumb like her. Shit, shes not even pretty, and shes like 10. shes not cool. I bet shes the most hated and most annoying person in the world. like does she know shes annoying? and that what shes doing shes making a fool of herself. like im embarressed for her. shes gona grow up and look back at this and be like wow im dumb. and she probably doesnt even care. but like shes disgusting.
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