May 3, 2017
Latest Entry: Show from May 2, 2017
I just watched the show on the brother who molested his sister twice which aired on 5/2/17. I too was raped by my borther he raped me from the time of was eight until i was thirteen like the mother on the show my mother did nothing he got no help. Now he is serving ten years in jail for raping his stepdaughter. I don't think people know how much of a lasting affect rape has on your life. I feel like i am not going to ever get over what he took from me. I don't trust men not even my own son. I don't understand why parents especially mother don't protect their children. Also if this guy on the show like my brother would have gotten help then maybe he wouldn't have done it again. Rape changes your life forever.
May 3, 2017
Latest Entry: Entry Title
So I could use as much advice as possible. I am not sure how to begin to write to my kids. How should I start. Don't want to get to heavy too quickly. Suggestions?
April 27, 2017
Latest Entry: Pre-show video of guests
I am wondering how the Dr. Phil show gets video of the various guests prior to the show, even if the guests are in conflict.

For example, a piece of video shows a husband and wife fighting in their home, but when they appear on the show they are on non-speaking terms. How did the producers shoot such video?
April 25, 2017
Latest Entry: Well...
I guess I'm getting a brand new start as my other account is MIA. This is an old one that I never did use much. So I'm glad to have this one to change over to.

My life is changing a lot anyway, so it's fitting to get a new start. It all started in October last year when I lost babysitting privileges due to chasing a thief out of my local Walgreens and leaving my grandson in my wagon he was sitting in. The thief ran right behind me towards the inside if the store and that triggered my PTSD. So I turned around with my eyes wide and he took off out the door. I instinctively chased him on out the door. Yes, I left my grandson, who was right up to the cash register with other people standing in line, for just long enough to run from the door of Walgreen's to the end of the building. Which is where one of the store workers caught up with me and I immediately turned around and told him I needed to go back in the store because my grandson was in there. I was gone for no more than 15-20 seconds. I know that is a valid reason to stop letting me babysit. However the burn to me is, he is getting babysat with his grandfather (my x-husband) who spanks him and calls him demeaning names. And I have various significant reasons that make me suspicious that he could be a child molester.

Anyway, I got off on a buny trail. That action, although warranted, still caused me a huge amount of grief that I am still wrestling with. Just before that happened I lost a beloved cat due to a urinary blockage . He was extra special to me because he was shared with a dear friend of mine who died in 2015. Then I wrote in to the Dr. Phil show in early December after watching the show about the woman who was hoarding things. Which I have finally accepted that I have reached the state of being. I was contacted back by somebody from CBS about being on the show and he just dropped off the radar so I don't know what's going on with that.

Meanwhile, after being told by a couple of (gracious) veterinarians that a spot on the top of my 15 year old cat's neck was probably benign, she began to show signs of it changing in late August last year. I depend on a once-a-monthly charity outreach in our city for my cat's veterinary care. So long story short, month after month she deteriorated and she was not allowed to get surgery done on it because she also had a hyperthyroid condition and her heart rate was too fast. Finally after many frustrating conversations and my cat clearly reaching into "hospice" phase, I stopped trying to get her help and focused completely on taking care of her in her final days.

Little by little the tumor kept growing and she kept up her spirits. Her kidneys started to shut down and her trips to the cat box became more frequent. Finally on the 22nd of February, she was racing into the bathroom, it seemed like every five minutes. And the fibroid tumor on her neck began to flop around and affected her ability to walk around. It struck me late in the evening that it was time to take her in. So I took her in to the city where a Dove Lewis ER helps people like me with little income when they need to put their beloved pet down. In spite of her failing condition, her spirits were still up which made it unbearable to be the virtual hand that took away her beautiful tender spirit.

But whether in heaven or not, and I believe she is, I can rest knowing that one way or the other she is in no more pain.
April 25, 2017
Latest Entry: 4/25/17 Show
At the end of today's show, they had a return guest who had tried to quit smoking and had relapsed. In 1991, I attended a small group to stop smoking via hypnosis. I have found myself to have an addictive personalty. I smoked 2-21/2 packs a day, easily. Thankfully after attending the group, I was very opened to hear what he said. Using facts and humor really helped me to really hear.It truely was the easiest thing I did. Once I was faced with a very critical situation about 2 weeks after I quit, I knew I was cured. To this day, his key point hit home to me, and I think about what he said all those years ago.
April 24, 2017
Latest Entry: What should I do? False allegations
Our daughter was removed December 4th by dcbs for child abuse and neglect. 10/21/15 my mother, sister, my daughter and I were in a car accident and transported via ambulance to the emergency room. My daughter wasn't evaluated in the emergency room for fractures or internal bleeding although we all were injured. They said the fractures dated estimately 4-6 weeks ago. 4-6 weeks ago was the car accident. Our visit was for a bug bite blister reaction they peeled instead of draining  protocol and misdiagnosed it as a burn we have pictures to prove this is true, but wasn't allowed to present this because we were threatened with criminal charges for child abuse for harming our daughter which is far from the truth. UK had said she had 4 fractures in her ribs and a leg that turned into 1 rib fracture and a leg and her leg wasn't broken they even removed the splint less than a week later. I am not sure of the specific day because she was states care we have a videos of her jumping on her "broken" leg and playing with us. We were denied a second opinion for her. Our son was taken 10/25/16 because my daughter had an case open they laid him on my chest then took him away and didn't let us see him without supervision in the hospital. Please help us bring our children home we all have suffered enough over false allegations.
April 22, 2017
Latest Entry: A Child or Childs' lives are endangered
I often like to watching YouTube on my free time, after going through one recommended video after another I finally got to something that didn't set well with me.
A channel named: DaddyOFive. A man claiming to be vlogging his life, sounds perfectly innocent, right? Well, his "vlogging" content is unwatchable.
He is a father of 5 children, remarried to a women named Heather or "MommyOFive". He claims to vlog his life which includes "pranking" their children and how he punishes them. Michael, DaddyOFive, found out the youngest, Cody was cutting himself in class and instead of worrying about if his son is okay or maybe seeking help, he screamed at his son. I watched a "prank" video and almost all of them are both of the parents screaming and swearing bloody murder to these little children while the children ball their eyes out, mainly Cody.
Cody is being tormented and humiliated for the whole world to see, at home his father and stepmother scream at him, swear at him and put the child down. At the age of ten he already is self-harming, how much longer until Cody can't take it anymore?
April 21, 2017
Latest Entry: This abuse can last a lifetime.
I want to commend to Ian and Sandi on today's show.  I'm 70 yrs old and am still dealing with the same issues Samantha is facing with Ian.  My step-father abused physically and emotionally and my mother allowed it. At 13, I became the housemaid--weekly full housekeeping, laundry for the family, daily and all the yard work.  My step-father justified me doing all the housework because he and Mom held jobs.  I was called lazy, worthless, selfish, and useless. I was told I was there by his good graces, even though it was my mother's house awarded to her in the divorce settlement with my Dad.  My school grades were expected to be good, but when I had homework, it was not to interfer with cooking dinner or cleaning.  On the few times my mother cooked dinner, if I asked a question about the meal preparation, I would get hit for asking.  This was the hardest show because this abuse effected me my entire life.   He frequently threatened to kick me out when I was a teen. I was also afraid that I would lose my home as I lost my mother to him.  Please let Ian know what he's doing lasts forever.
April 17, 2017
Latest Entry: Rachel Dolezal
Dear Dr. Phil,

I personally do not care how a person including Rachel Dolezal identifies themselves and I do not care or sit in judgement about wether she has lied to anyone about her identity or dna/race. I do not see this as important in the whole sceme of things. To each their own and let her personal self identity be her own too. Please people lets find better things to point out as wrong and awful. I don't care what race is upset, blk. white whatever. This is so petty of people. Unbecoming. Unloving. 
April 10, 2017
Latest Entry: sex offender moved in and teenager moved outca
My Husband and I have been married for over 42 years and we have discussed many subjects.  My Husband would say "Some women believe they have to have a man in their lives, so they 'grab' any male who looks at them."   So this 16 year old girl is in danger more from her mother than most of the men that have been in her life.   Hopefully the 16-year old will be able to live free of the influence of her mother.  And that is very sad.  The mother seems to be refusing to be the adult. 

What if the situation was in reverse, (16 year old seeing a sex offender, regardless of age)?  Wouldn't the mother be livid?  It is sad that so many adults are not being responsible.

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