September 20, 2008
Latest Entry: Is this really an issue?
I noticed that one of the "be on the show" subjects coming up is "Is your Daughter a Tomboy?" and I wonder....why is that a big issue? I really don't see why this subject would merrit a whole episode of Dr. Phil. I'm a tomboy, I was a tomboy when I was younger too, my parents didn't see a big deal with it, none of my friends did or do, I know a LOT of girls, and women, who prefer to hang out with men instead of women. Doesn't mean there is cause for alarm or concern. (Personally, I think men are sometimes easier to be around because they are a lot less catty than women). When I was a little girl, I loved dinosaurs, wasn't into barbies that much. I would wear little boy's Jurassic Park t-shirts because there were no girl's shirts, or very, very few little girl's shirts, that had dinosaurs on them. (I could also pronounce dinosaur names that neither my parents, nor my grandparents could even read correctly. Parasauralophus and Pachyrhinosaurus being a couple of them. I was pronouncing these when I was 5.) I was a huge Power Rangers nut, and the Red Ranger was my favorite. Could have cared less about the Pink one.

And what's the big deal if a girl DOES like Spiderman, Superman, or X-Men? I LOVE Wolverine, and Spiderman and Iron Man are my two favortite Marvel characters. LOVE them. I'm a total Marvel fan, I've even requested an IronMan cake for my 21st birthday. I've read tons of comics, everywhere from Planet Hulk to Watchmen (I'm stoked about the upcoming movie).

I've also been a fan of video games since my grandmother bought me a Super Nintendo when I was younger than 8. The original Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros. (Because every gamer should have played at least one Mario game in their lifetime) and the Clay Fighter  games were within my repitoir. That Nintendo still works to this day, and I still have all those games. I loved playing racing games and first-person-shooter games with my dad, and my boyfriend thinks I'm the perfect girl because I love games. sum this all up....SO WHAT if a girl is a tomboy? I mean, seriously? Why is this even up for a possible show? There are literally millions of tomboy girls the world over. Why should it be such a concern?
September 19, 2008
Latest Entry: Thank you and goodbye.

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Thank you to all the fine people who helped to make this new Dr. Phil community a smashing success. You have much to be proud of!
September 19, 2008
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I caught the show about lowering the drinking age to 18...

And sat there incredulous that Dr. Phil was able to come up with more than one person over the age of 18 that was for this ridiculous idea.

There doesn't need to be a big debate about this, there doesn't need to be a question mark in anyone's head about whether this is a good idea...

This idea is on par with the notion that we should remove all the speed limits on our roads, or permit drinking and driving.

Anyone with a brain in their skull will see clearly that this is a disaster in every way possible.

Many 21 year olds are not even mature enough to drink.

Please, dear God, let the people that support this reclaim their right minds and see this idea for what it is...

A complete and utter catastrophe in every sense of the definition.
September 19, 2008
Latest Entry: Should the LEGAL drinking age me changed from 21 down to 18? my opinion it wouldnt matter. im a teem at my school. and i can tell you the statistics are not even close to the real thing. MANY MANY MANY teens are drink regardless the "LEGAL" age. me i do not drink but i can tell you that 15 14 13 and even 12 year olds are its against the law or not. its not hard to get ahold of alcohol. and of course we want it to stop. but the truth is it NEVER sorry to say the LEGAL thing doesnt stop almost ANY teen. they will do what they want.                                   
yours truely,
September 19, 2008
Latest Entry: Re: Changing Alcohol Age
When I was younger the age for BEER drinking was 18, then hard liquor at 21. It was great to be able to have beer at 18 if I wanted it. Go back to the old days.
September 19, 2008
Teachers with guns? Are you kidding me? This is an idiotic idea from start to finish. I don't care what kind of training they get , its a bad idea. I live in Florida, and they passed a similar law a while back, but  it was for employees to be able to bring a gun to work but it has to stay in the car. What a bunch of morons. I have worked with people that shouldn't even be in charge of a puppy, much less be able to have a gun in their posession. I feel the same way about teachers. There is no place in schools for guns.
September 19, 2008
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I believe that the drinking age should be returned to 18 along with stiffer penalties for all ages who drink and drive.  When kids are off at college. Parents do not have the opportunity to monitor their behavior and yes there is heavy binge drinking going on in college and I have heard about it from my own son who is a college student.  It is the most frightening thing to hear every year about a student or students who have never had a drink  who have been rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and of deaths due directly to binge drinking.  I think there are alot more parents who would like to see the age return to 18.  You know your parent guest said that 18 year olds would be buying for younger teenagers . But in fact 21 year old college students are buying it for younger students as well as younger siblings and there is no supervision. when they are off at college.  The dialogue needs to be promoting all ages will be severely penalized and will lose their license go directly to jail whatever to keep all drunk drivers off the road period.  But I for one would like the age to return to 18 and help kids learn to drink responsibly .  Please add my vote to the 18 year old group.  And tell MADD to battle for ALL ages to be put in jail for ever for drinking and driving because adults can be irresponsible too!!!!!  Why were the statistics not quoted  on the ages of the people who killed people since the age went up to 21.  I bet you majority of the drunk drivers were over the age of 21.   ASK THAT QUESTION  The age number is subjective to all review.  Hey Dr. Phil what do you think on the age difference.  I don't think I heard your definitive answer
September 18, 2008
Hello my name is kim and I'm trying to get advise or help with my new diet as far as your daily intake any ideas?
September 17, 2008
Latest Entry: *Ready to get started*
  • Today is September 17th and I just stepped off the scale weighing 348 pounds.

    I can't beleive that Im even writing that number. I remember a time when I would say to myself, wow what would I do if I got to 300 pounds. I was horrified. But now look at the numbers. I was watching and reading some parts in Dr. Phil's book The Ultimate Weight Solution 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, and I realize that I am an emotional eater. When things are going good and everything is fine, thats when I like to go grab something to eat. I also notice that Im a food eater, versus a snack eater.

    I need to pay attention to my eating habits, and also monitor what I put in my mouth. Earlier this year I started a on line weigh loss group and lost 23 pounds. Here I am back again. But I must say I did learn something. I learned how to eat, and how to pay close attention to what I put in my mouth. Im happy about that.
    Im ready is all I can say. As a matter of fact, I have these excercises that I do DAILY. I stated them today.They are:
  • 100 Booty Ups standing up making your behind jump up and down * good for the thighs as well.
  • 30 cool offs
  • 100 hands on waist jumps
  • 50 sitting in the chair arm across your chest excercises
  • 100 thigh ups sitting in the chair

Im going to do those everyday this month and thats going to be my start. I am writing down everything that I do.
Good Luck everyone, lets keep in contact.
September 16, 2008
Latest Entry: All face shots!
Can you guess why?
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