September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: Caylee--missing girl
Why did you not mention that they found traces of  formaldhyde and that young people are using it to put their kids to sleep so they can go out and party.  She might have given her too much.
September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: Your show about leaving child in car while still being able to see....
I had a problem with this when I lived in Kentucky.  They tried to get me for abandonment.  My son was 8 and I wasn't ten feet from him.  He wanted to stay in the car and watch the rest of his cartoon, while I went into arobics.  This arobics studio had glass all in the front, so I could see my son and he could see me.

But one of the ladies at arobics thought it was wrong for me to do this, so she called child protective services.....WHAT????

They went to my sons school and asked him questions, then they came to work and asked questions, then they came to my home.  I told them, lets say I was at the airport and my son had to go to the bathroom.  Is that considered abandonment, be cause he is out of my sight.  He plays in the backyard, and is out of my sight, is that considered abandonment, oh I could go on and on.  Any questions please let me the way child services made a record on me.
September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: Blog Entry 1
Blog Entry 1
September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I watched the show on controversies last night andI was appalled at the fact they are even talking about lowering the drinking age to eighteen.The biggest talk was about the colleges but take a look at society in the whole and how it could effect people outside of college There are children having babies and I don't know if people are realizing drinking and Binge drinking is not just in college.Go to any high school and find out how many of the kids there drink. As parents it is our responsability to teach our children the hazards of drinking.It makes it hard when Others kids parents will lie to you when you talk to them because your child is spending the night with their child and later you find out that that parent actually bought the alcohol for their child and yours. To lower the drinking age is to make it easier for the young parents of infants to buy the alcohol and by doing so putting those babies at risk not to mention putting the high failure risk of teenage marriages at higher risk of failure.Let's make it okay for teenage parents to go to the bars and their teenage tempers to go through the roof after a few drinks. That is sarcasim
September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: School Bus Brawl
I was a little annoyed with the whole situation on this bus.  I thought the mom was just as obnoxious as her unruly daughter.  That school bus driver is responsible for the safety of all the students riding on that bus.  When the teen was told to sit down, you could see the attitude on her.  I felt the mom should have reprimanded her daughter in forcing her to understand that she needs to respect her elders.  She needs to be taught to follow rules.  She needs to understand that she is no better than anyone else on that bus.  What if all the students joined in the brawl?  There would be more issues than what happened.  Hats off to all school bus drivers and teachers that have to put up with parents supporting bad behavior from the teens of today.
September 22, 2008
Latest Entry: Teachers carrying guns
I believe that it would prevent more school shootings if the students and other people considering going into a school with the intention of shooting will think twice if they think that there might be a teacher with a gun.  I disagree with the people that say that their town is small and nothing ever happens in their town.  Well, I bet that they parents of Columbine and the other towns where the school shootings took place would have said the same thing about their town a few hours before their kids were shot!  I think it would make my kids safer.  School shootings happen.  It is a fact!  Something needs to happen to protect our kids, and there is absolutely no funding for hiring security for every school in America!  Some of the more urban schools have this already in place, but for our school system in my home town, we do not have that.  And even if we did, I would still be for the teachers carrying guns, as long as it teachers that are trained to have the guns.
September 22, 2008
Hi Dr. Phil,

I would like to know why there hasn't been any discussion about the 3 years of Caylee's life dealing with her mother. Questions like how was her mother's attitude during Caylee's life after she was born, did she show loving signs towards Caylee during her 3 years.  If she did show loving signs towards her daughter how would she just turn that off automatically during this time.

I love your show as it is very informative.
September 21, 2008
Latest Entry: Twin grandaughters
This is a photo of our grandaughters taken when they were about three years old. This is the first time I've uploaded a photo, so I hope I'm doing this right.
September 20, 2008
Latest Entry: Pics of my Casually sexy ability.. to do nothing! Haha!
I was in a motorcycle accident and put on the "pain pills" of today. . I had back surgery This Year, am OFF th Pills and want Dr.Phil and staff to know .! I wrote..MANY letters, SWEARING I would die, asking if this was Pain depression andtI was scared and Lonely. sadly, I had to be STRONG all alone! But I DID it. I know .I am BLESSED!
September 20, 2008
Latest Entry: How do I handle feeling betrayed by my son?
I have never had a "blog" before.  I wonder what this will be like.  Will anyone actually read it? 

The biggest thing in my life is a whopper.  It all boils down to this though.  Because my daughter was an alcoholic who couldn't raise her own son, I ended up raising him.  I have no problem with that.  If he didn't have me he wouldn't have anybody.  When my husband left he said,  "I don't want to raise another child".  He told me to stop the chaos in our lives or he would leave.  But when he did leave it sounded to me like a temporary thing.  His job would head UP if he moved and he could get our finances under control  while I stayed in CO helping our kids get on their feet and helping our daughter bond with her son.  He was never honest with me.  He expected me to read between the lines, and know that our marriage was over.  When our son and his fiancee went to VA for a visit, my husband introduced our son to his mistress.  Our son came back to CO, and kept his dad's secret for at least 2 years while living in my home so that he and his fiancee could get their degrees.  Two days before my son's baby was born my husband came to town for the graduation and birth of our grandson and he finally talked to me.  It first thing he said to me was,  "You know I have always been a loner."  TRUE.  He said it was time for a divorce.  Granted he had been gone for 5 years.  At first I thought will finally we will have a chance to talk and either work things out or call it quits.  After we talked for almost an hour he said,  "I've moved on."  THE LONER MOVED ON.  Later I found out that my children had known about this for 2 or 3 years and not said a word.  My daughter did tell her dad to come clean to me, but not my son.  He continued to live with me and keep his dad's secret. 

 My son has apologized to me for his lies of omission.  I have told him that I accept the apology.  The problem is that my son has accepted this woman into his life.  He feels that I was in denial about the marriage being over.  The fact is that  the baby that was born 2 days after my husbands coming clean is 3 years old now, and we are still not divorced.  I live my life as a married woman, bacause I AM a married woman. There may have been denial, but the biggest denial was that my husband was a married man and he still IS a married man.   Now the problem is that I have not been in the presence of my son one single time since this all came out that I do not feel a pain deep in my heart...literally.  I am always pretending to be happy and am always near tears when I am with him.  Why?  Because I feel that by accepting what his dad did,  he took sides the moment he was introduced to that woman.  He let me down.  Everytime he visits his dad and that woman he hurts me again.  I know that they visit for big holidays.  My son lives in MD now and my husband and his mistress live in Norther VA.   My husband could have been honest with me all along and I would accept that my son believes that that woman should be a part of his life.  But he didn't.  They all kept the secret...thus setting me up for more hurt that was necessary.  My counselour says that they all handle things by avoidance.  I have to admit that I followed their lead.  I alway followed my husband's lead.  I just didn't believe that he would do this.  There were so many times in his life when he would be depressed and would try to do better.   I didn't know how to handle the situation because I could not just put my oldest grandson out on the street corner.  Even though my daughter is angry now that I didn't "let" her put her son up for adoption (which she never mentioned until he was EIGHT years old), I would not change anything regarding him ...even losing my family. 

I just don't know how to handle my relationship with my son now.  I feel that his apology was not real.  It seems to mean,  "I sorry, but not very much", or "I sorry but not really."  I feel that because of the way this was handled  I will always be hurt knowing that he accepts his father's mistress into his life.\

I can assure anyone who reads this that there is MUCH, MUCH more to the story.  Bipolar disorder in 5 succeeding generations...alcoholism...drug use...promiscuity...the missing "family gene"...that is one generation after another walking out on family when thing get hard.  I have none of the above in my direct family accept my daughter and grandson.  Even my little grandson has some early problems...believe it or not he as an autistic spectrum disorder...he can read and spell like you wouldn't believe but can not carry on a conversation.  When I told my oldest grandson's psychiatrist that B's (my oldest grandson) cousin was diagnosed with a language disorder with stereotypic behaviors (autistic) he wrote everything down as if is was significant to B's diagnosis...bipolar disorder.   There seems to be a lot of resentment from family that I have made an effort to learn about all these disorders and how they relate.  According to my daughter who is currently off medication, I have Muchausen's by proxy. 
Maybe she is right.  I just wish I could make all theirs lives happy, but I have finally learned that there is little I can do.  Right now I have to do what I can for B.  So there

Am I wrong to continue to feel hurt by my son.? He was always to one in the family that I felt would not let me down.  Does time living a lie trump one day of telling the truth?   I should add that soon aftern my husband left I had heart failure...idiopathic cardio myopathy...which according to my doctor means they are a bunch of "idiots" and haven't got a clue why I had heart failure.  My personal feeling is that it came from living with generations of untreated bipolar disorder...who knows for sure.  I know that at first my children were not honest because they were not sure it was a good idea.   But years when by and some one needed to say enough is enough.  Instead, they were saying,  "Oh, she knows."  What was I supposed to know and how was I supposed to know it?  I DID know I was still married.  I believe that just as you can't be a little bit pregnant, you can't be a little bit married. If he wanted to "Move on" he needed to talk to me first.  

Does anybody out there relate?  Does anybody care?
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