September 30, 2008
Latest Entry: My First Blog!
I've never "blogged" before, so I have no idea what I'm doing here.  But I saw the show yesterday about "radical" mums, and I must say that I fall into line with the subway mother.  I let my kids (12, 9 and 7) do all sorts of things that other mums shudder at for simply the same reason: I want my kids to learn independent thought and feel that I trust their judgment when I let them do something.  Don't think that I don't carefully consider the risks before I allow them to ride their bike to school, go to the mall with a friend by themselves or take the bus alone; I know what each of them are capable of.  I can't tell you the number of sidelong glances I have endured when I don't stand right underneath my 7-year-old as he plays on the monkey bars, my arms outspread at the ready to catch him if he falls.  Well, I'm 45 and I survived my childhood intact (with concrete under the monkey bars and no marked crosswalks, no less!) let's see if my kids can survive theirs!  ;)

P.S.: can't wait to see the hornets'  nest I've stirred up!
September 30, 2008
Latest Entry: "When you become a mother you stop being the picture and become the frame"
my favorite quote from the movie Stepmom
September 30, 2008
Latest Entry: Need to get started !!!
I have been planning to get started on the 100 lb weight loss challenge, but just can't get motivated.  Lots of stress at home with teenagers.  Just another excuse, I know, I know.  I have had severe RA for more than three years.  My Rhuematologist is trying to get me into a study for a new drug.  Can't wait.  My usual meds don't work as well anymore.  Maybe once I get started on the new drug, I will have the ability to get up and move.  I really want to!  What can I do until then?
September 30, 2008
Latest Entry: Goldman......or golddigger?
Ya know, I am about sick and tired of hearing from Fred Goldman.  His ranting about OJ Simpson is about to get on my last nerve.    The murders happened 14 years ago, and Fred needs to GET OVER IT, and move on with his life.  I don't have kids myself, so I cannot feel the pain of losing a child.  But there comes a time in one's life when they have to realize there is nothing more to be done.  OJ was acquitted in the murder trial, and, IMHO, got the shaft in the civil trial.  But, the Goldmans want him hung, drawn, and quartered.  What a way to be, Fred!  Once again, GET OVER IT!
September 29, 2008
Latest Entry: How to Get Out Car Loans to a better situatuon?
Hi out there!    Can anyone tell me how to get out of 2 car payments a month totaling $770.00.  We tried trading them both for one vehicle and one pymt but couldn't get loan approval.  Our vehicles are a 2003 Ford Escape and a 2006 E350 12 passenger van(known as the white elephant).  Does any body have a useful suggestions???  Thanks so much!!!
September 27, 2008
Latest Entry: New Here
Just wanted to say hi. I watch this show regularly.  Thought I would check out this profile thing.  Feel free to message me and ask to add me.
Thank you!
September 27, 2008
Latest Entry: Day 1
I've been struggling for most of my life, as so many of us have, and once again, I'm making the commitment to get healthy,

I've been reading about Tiffany and it's like reading about myself.  I'm going to use her as my anchor and my inspitation.  Le'ts go, girl!!.
September 27, 2008
Latest Entry: NORMAL GAYS !!!!
I am tired of the image of gay men being feminine stereotypical's about time someone like Dr. Phil shows the world a different batch of gay men !!!!!
September 25, 2008
Latest Entry: Fire Proof Marriage
It was so refreshing to finally hear a public figure express their support for Marriage! It seems that those of us wholove our spouses and have the desire to see our marriages be successful are often made to feel foolish. I agree that it is time to take a stand and say that we need to stick in there for better or worse. Thank you for doing this show!!!!!
September 25, 2008
Latest Entry: I moved in!
So this is my first entry. I moved into the Dr. Phil comunity! Won't be doing a lot here today as it is late and I need to lay down. I will have a closer look at how things work around here. Can't wait. I'd like to meet new people, too. I'm all excited.
Nighty night!
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