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April 23, 2014
Latest Entry: Stay Humble
Remain teachable. Always smile :)
April 23, 2014
Latest Entry: A long sleeve shirt and jeans can cover bruises but won't muffle the sounds
I can't believe in Karma, if Karma existed my beautiful innocent chldren would not be suffering.  Bottom line there are evil people among us who will devore the good and innocent regardless of the destruction and heartache it causes.  Good people (maybe not street smart) get hurt.  My children have been traumatized by an unjust police department and a society that doesn't understand why a 13 year old girl and 16 year old boy would prefer to stay home with their mom in order to protect her in case their dad came by and tried to hurt her.  I try to protect them and shield them from the truth but their words broke my heart.  I've been beaten down in many ways, I thought I was good at hiding it, but obviously I'm not. I guess a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans may cover the bruises but it will never muffle the sounds!   It's difficult to empower your children and watch them soar, when you've been alienated and broken for so long by domestic violence.  They are bright gifted children who are paying a high price for essentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  My son said he would never let his dad hurt his mom if he was around.  That's not a child's job!!  He should be studying for his ACT's and looking at college's, but instead THIS GARBAGE IS WHAT IS OCCUPYING HIS THOUGHTS!   How do we escape this hell?  How do I fix what has gotten bigger than any of us?
April 22, 2014
Latest Entry: abused by son
First time ever posting a blog or anything and feel I can be silent no more. I am abused by my 17 year old son. Not even my husband  his step dad no the extent of the abuse. I hide it from everyone. I walk on egg shells whenever we're alone I give into him, give him everything he wants do whatever he says because I am so very afraid. I'm to afraid to call the police and to embarrassed so I live in pain. I love my son so much that I don't want to see him go to jail or anything of the sort.but another fear arises as I wonder whose next a girlfriend or a wife I'm torn and suffering cannot take the pain I love my son so much and lost on what to do next.
April 22, 2014
Latest Entry: THANK YOU for Changing My Life just by Your Words and Actions!
Robin is TRULY one of the most BEAUTIFUL women I have ever seen.  Not only does she have the outer beauty, but EVERYTHING in her mind and heart and soul speak to the true beauty that eminates from within!  People think ALL the time how LUCKY she is to gave a husband like Dr. Phil who treats her as his Queen!  I look at the two of them and think to myself............"They are TWO of the STRONGEST, most INTELLIGENT, and CARING individuals I have EVER followed!  They are BOTH so lucky to have found their Soul Mate that would be willing to WORK HARD and PERSEVERE together as one, to attain their dreams, goals, and the happiness they so OBVIOUSLY have together!"  What they have together is not luck!  It is commitment, love, respect, and standing side by side!  NO MATTER WHAT!  What they have is MARRIAGE, as it was always meant to be!  The GREATEST gift I could EVER have would be to meet them in person, to Thank them for the role models they are for what it takes to be happy, have a happy family, and an Awesome Marriage!  Until then, I say in words:  "THANK YOU for giving me hope, helping my family, and teaching me the changes I needed to make to get my marriage back together.  I am and ALWAYS WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL!"
April 22, 2014
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I have been a fan of Dr. Phil for years, but am also very tired of seeing his family promoted on his show.  I would not spend a single dime on Robin's skin care line.  As it is very EVIDENT that she has had professional face work.  I believe in taking care of oneself as I strive to be the best that I can be at approximately the same age as Robin.  But, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is sixty and wrinkle/sag free without professional intervention.  So please don't insult us by advertising that her youthful look is a result of a skin care line.
April 21, 2014
Latest Entry: Entry Title
Dr. Phil is literally DESTROYING his show by promoting his entire family's products!  It's getting so that I don't even want to watch him anymore, and I have been a fan forever!  Is it just me or is he getting carried away with all of this?  Please respond.......
April 20, 2014
After 30 years of marriage and trying every one of Dr. Phil's 7 steps, I finally realized my marriage is irreparable.  Several years later I realized I was attracted to workaholics (for a variety of reasons) and that I taught the wrong ways to treat me.  Family has to be the #1 priority.  A team, a unit, can survive any misfortune. 

The big surprises to me were (1) my husband could decide that not only I but also his only child have never existed, and (2) he felt no obligation to provide any kind of financial assistance, considering our child was in college and that I had spent 30 years running the family as well as building his company with him and that it would take me a while to be able to get employment in my 60's.

I know that it sounds cold, but I think pre-nups make as much sense as a marriage contract and comittment and the need for life/health insurance.  Getting married, not divorced, is too easy.  All couples should be required to attend couples counseling.
April 18, 2014
Latest Entry: A Starting Point..
Hi...Hola...Privyet... What a pleasure to be here! I've "been meaning to" join Dr. Phil for lo, these many years, and am finally here. The graphic I created and have updated is what I truly believe. It's a difficult concept to absorb, to say the least, and it's great fun working at practicing it! :-) I look forward to meeting other Dr. Phil fans. Blessings & belly laughs! NeSSa
April 18, 2014
Latest Entry: my 1st entry
Im tired of being a loser. Ive read all kinds of self help books, tried talking to ppl including those I feel who have put me down and broke my heart time and time again, ive tried faking it and smiling thru the pain. Fake it until you make it theory. I still cant seem to get my shit together. Im 35, living with my mom and am unemployed. I am normally a bartender but im so tired of it. Desperate to find a career I can be proud of.

Im obviously a child of divorce. My mom took off and left me with my dad so she could do important things like cocaine and random men. My dad always compared me to her and filled my head full of hateful comments such as, "your such a fuck up" "you should have cried and groveled at your step mothers feet so she would forgive you" always being punished for not doing chores good enough. 

However im 35 now and dad will not even acknowledge my presence. I spent so many years doing everything based on what he would think of me. Knowing what I know now, I should have never tried to win his love because I was never gonna get it. Still angry and hurt? Yes. But I know its my burden to bare. I dont know how to change my inner voice or how to make my life better. All I ever wanted was to be loved and respected and be able to take care of myself. None of which do I seem to be capable of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

April 15, 2014
Latest Entry: ***Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing***
I have been seeing a lot of missing people notices everywhere! I have a missing person in my personal life. My best friends older brother. He is not the perfect person so the police don't seem to care. I find it hard to believe that everywhere I go, I see pages and missing person flyers everwhere, but no one is talking. This is for me, my personal episode in the Twilight Zone. This is just in an area of maybe 3 connecting counties. I watch the news, it is politics, I watch more news and it is about what is happening in other countries. I see talk shows that don't have a topic in the world, in my opinion, that is more important than US citizens missing on US soil. I find it strange or misguided that when missing people are talked about, it has to do with a plane on the bottom of the sea, not to mimimize other lives, but we know these people are dead. We don't know what is going on with everyone else. It seems since all of these missing people are scattered across the country, it somehow makes it more complicating. I don't think 10 serial killers at work at one time could even be responsible for a 10th of the people missing or going missing all the time. And the way the media talks about it, which is they don't, has me too puzzled and I, being a person not too hot on conspiracy theories, start to generate my own that are plausible until proven wrong. My craziest theory is in line with what I have believed to be in the past, BS! But now, I don't know? The theory that nuclear war is indefinite and the underground or hiddend authority on this possible threat are kidnapping young people to use in the event of such a cotastrophy to repopulate the US. Then when they get too old, they are killed or destroyed, just like the cattle, used up till they have no further use. Am I going nuts? I sort of think so, but I wished I was. Anyone else have an opinion on why there are no stories of lost people ever being found, in the number that would make any sense?

Sorry for any lunacy!

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