September 27, 2016
Latest Entry: ADHD or Pathological Demand Disorder
I am addressing the second story in today's segment. The child depicted may be having issues beyond what could be explained by ADHD. Not every child with ADHD exhibits such problematic behavior. My grandchild doesn't, not did I as a child, and we both have ADHD. I do have a daughter, though, who acted like this. Everyone blamed me for inconsistent parentling, though she has a (fraternal) twin sister who does not act like this. Pathological Demand Disorder is a type of Autism with a strong genetic component. Please Dr. Phil look into this.  Misdiagnosis is a huge problem with these types of disorders. All the help we tried to get focused on me as a parent (to no avail) and my daughter is now an adult who can't keep a job due to her behavior. She did fine in school academically but her behavior was so problematic that I heaved a great sigh of relief when she graduated high school. If I had known of this disorder when she was little enough we could have had better interventions and she would have learned to manage her disorder and have a happier life today. I would have discussed this with her when I found the description of this disorder just recently, but she does not speak to me or her sister anymore. Pathological Demand Disorder - google it. There is a lot of information out there. Thank you for reading.
September 26, 2016
Latest Entry: Advice on handling and disciplining a child who shows signs of autism.
Hello. As stated in the title, I am looking for advice. I have two children, ages 3 and 2. I have noticed that my daughter, the oldest, has shown signs of autism since she was about a year and a half old. She has not yet been diagnosed. I have done as much research as I possibly can on this subject. I will say that there are some things that she does/ doesn't do, that go against what I have been told or read. My main question is: How should I go about discipling her? If she is autistic, I don't want to discpline her for things that she cannot control. At the same time I don't want to be too passive with her.

For example: She lines things up. If you move it out of order or accidently hit it, she starts scratching herself and screaming and crying uncontrolably. I usually try to let her cool off herself unless she is hurting herself or someone else. If it gets to that point then I will try to calm her down by counting and holding her arms to her side. Do you think that is the correct way to handle it?

I am not sure how to go about this. I am at my wits end and her behavior is getting worse. It is to the point that she scratches, kicks and hits anyone who is near her when these melt downs happen. 
September 25, 2016
Latest Entry: Alexandra and family
Its been a few years since we've heard about Alexandra and her family, what is going on? Does she still have the red truck you gave her?
September 23, 2016
Latest Entry: Jon Benet

We are currently dealing with our son's murder by his wife's lover. They staged the crime scene and tried to say our son brought a knife. It was planted and we waited a whole year for the DNA analysis. Burke Ramsey leaned forward in his initial interview and stared at a bowl of pineapple and "stone-walled" refusing to even say the word "pineapple."  That is exactly the type of thing our murderous daughter-one-law has done. Dr. Phil and others should recognize a lie when they see and hear it. I feel sorry for the entire family. Burke and his dad will go to their graves refusing to be honest. They wouldn't have prosecuted a 9 yr old anyway. So it's all entertainment and a waste of all of our time. I agree with the team of specialists shown the two nights before Dr Phil's 3rd installment. I'm disappointed In the Dr Phil show. 
September 21, 2016
Latest Entry: A birth mother's experience
I have often thought of writing a book from a birth mother's perspective.  I think it might be valuable.  I am not sure I am the person to write that book, but I thought I would post some of my thoughts out here just in case it might help someone - a child, an adoptive parent, another birth mother - see the beauty and majesty of adoption.

My story starts when I was 3 years old... I know, kind of odd for a story about adoption, but that is where it begins.  My father was a police officer and I believed everything was a law, and if you broke the law, you were going to jail.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  My mother was either pregnant at the time or had just had my sister, so I knew what a pregnant woman looked like and that meant a child was on the way.  One particular day, my mom was shopping at the grocery store and everyone there, that I saw, was either pregnant or had a child.  So, I thought there must be a law stating you have to have a child, or at least one on the way, to be in the store at that specific time.  I knew that wasn't always the case since I had been to the store before with people there who didn't have children, but I decided that 
must sbe a special day of the week and time of day.  After my mom finished shopping and was at the checkout, I saw a woman that did not have a child and was not pregnant.  Being the conscientious child I was I went to her to inform her she could go to jail for being in the store without a child at that time and should come back later.  I approached her and asked where her child was.  She replied that she didn't have a child.  I asked why not, and she said that God didn't want her to have children.  At this point, my mom noticed I wasn't beside her and was mortified that I was having this very inappropriate conversation with a stranger.  I decided at that moment that I was going to have children for everyone that God didn't want to have kids so they could come to the store whenever they wanted.  

Fast forward 22 years on a morning in October, and I found myself in a clinic with a nurse walking in the door to tell me I was pregnant.  The very first thought that passed through my mind after the initial shock, was that day in the grocery store.  I had forgotten all about that day until I found out I was pregnant.  But see, here's the wonder of that day in the store.  I didn't know what my future held for me at 3, but God did.  He reached down through time and planted the seed of adoption in my tender heart knowing that one day I would need that guidance and comfort.  While God certainly didn't create the situation that caused my pregnancy - which isn't important - He created the beautiful story that ensued.  I knew immediately that this child was not mine.  It was someone else's and I just had to find out whose.  

I contacted a few adoption agencies and reached out to several organizations before I knew who the parents were.  Now, this is the part of the story I like the best.  Shortly after I found out I was having a baby, I heard a terrible news story that children can feel unloved in the womb.  I don't know if that is accurate or not, but I did not want that for this precious child inside of me, so I asked the parents to make a tape (this was the mid 90s mind you) so I could play it while I drove and the baby could hear their voices.  I also prayed a lot for the parents and this child.  Then one day, as I was driving, I heard as clear as I could that this baby was a gift, and the parent's the recipients of the gift and I was just the box it was wrapped in until it was time to be opened.  How amazing is that?  God not only reached down through time to give me answers to situations and questions I didn't even have at the time, but He also showed me this beautiful analogy to comfort me and let me know I was doing exactly what was right.  

There are so many things I could say, and maybe I will in another blog, but for now, I want to tell every child that has been adopted what I told the child I had.  You were wanted before you were ever born.  Your parents longed for you and purposefully sought you because they wanted you so badly.  Just because the people who are your biological parents didn't raise you doesn't mean you weren't wanted and loved.  Sometimes knowing you aren't the parent to raise a child and being willing to let the parents that child is meant to have raise this precious person is the greatest example of love.  You are a gift!  There is no one else in this world that has the personality, the laugh, the look, that you have.  Your talents, whatever they may be, are needed, wanted and special.  

For the adoptive parents, thank you for wanting a child so badly that the DNA didn't matter because the love was so overwhelming that you had to hold that child in your arms.  Thank you for looking past the box and seeing the amazing gift!

For birth parents, your love for that child is a beautiful thing.  Society may say any number of things, most of them ignorant, some of them hurtful, but know that whatever circumstance brought you to the decision that your child was not meant for you to raise, know that the decision you made was out of love.  Whether you knew you couldn't care for that child financially, emotionally, physically, or all of the above, you gave a part of you - one of the best parts of you - to someone else to meet those needs.  And that is wonderful.

September 21, 2016
Latest Entry: Dateline contradicts Ramsay shows?
Did anyone else watch Dateline and the specialist results and theories based on extensive evidence! DNA can be transported by manufacturers (packaging employees, etc), so the DNA that was the clearance is not valid any longer, correct. I want Dr. Phil to reopen this discussion now after Datelines airing and readdress Burke only being 9 so casually. Obviously we all have our opinions, but these are specialists with extreme resources and technology. Burke is guilty and although it was probably an accident, they are all guilty of staging this dearh. I also noticed in a picture they aired of Jon Benet she had a human size bite mark on her inner arm. Someone bit her, I've seen these numerous times working with all ages of kids and revognized it immediately. Strange, but no one questioned it. She also had a large bruise on an arm that appeared to have concealer on it cause it didn't match her skin, could have been caused by numerous things but was in a place where you would grab the arm. Burke has to live with this. Dr. Phil was asking him about Heaven and reuniting with his sister. He immediately moved his thoughts to his mother and kept saying he couldn't wait to see her. His dad is sick of lying about this, hopefully someday Burke will share the truth and set everyone free. Jon Benet was killed and nothing changes that, but he can change her memory to the world.
September 21, 2016
Latest Entry: Jon Bonet
First of all, love your show. Ive watched about every show lately on the 20th anniversity of the jon bonet murder. I was almost persuaded that it couldnt have involved the family, but after seeing additional footage and circumstances of the case, i have to disagree with your idea you conveyed after the question and answer episode. To me, it was an accidental death by her brother and a cover up by the mother and father. All i do wish is that justice be served for jon bonet.
September 20, 2016
Latest Entry: JonBenet Ramsey Clue
I agree it's a hard case to crack.

If the Ramseys were staging to protect Burke, why wouldn't they have put the flashlight away? Give no hints of that at all. Fingerprints were not found, on the flashlight nor on the batteries. They did that??

Remember, they were traveling that day ... perhaps John was canceling the flight? They did not fly that day, right?

I would love them to give a lie detector test on the friend/photographer. She reeks of jealousy. I don't believe JonBenet told her daughter her trophies were really her mothers. Not something a 6-year old would do. She came to the forefront straight away and seemed to enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. I further do not believe Patsy told her of Burke's temper and that's was why the golf club hit JohBenet on the cheek. Wouldn't Patsy have just said it was an accident if she was into covering for Burke. You could tell she detested Patsy and I thought it odd that Burke after the murder wanted her to stay away and even yelled at her ... perhaps he somehow saw something that night that didn't quite register, perhaps her. Why would he react that way?? If his temper was uncontrollable ... wouldn't there be records at the school?

Jealousy is awful ... remember the mom of the Texas cheerleader ... just saying.

And the police who were at the residence at the time John discovered the body ... why weren't they with him so the scene would not be disturbed? Had to be incompetence and something the show opted not to comment on. Don't you think they should have been in on the search ... like I said, to protect the scene itself.

Burke did not have to come out and comment, but he did. I don't think he would have if he killed his sister ... just kept on keeping a low profile.
September 19, 2016
Latest Entry: Relationships
Brand new to this... Im 45 and bf is 54 and we both have had more than 1 marriage and both have kids, one of mine is still at home.  We met in the worse case senerio and we both know better ( I was still married)  I had been unhappy for about 3 years and was just goin through the motions of divorcing.  Anyway, we have been living together since Dec last year, and we picked up and move out of state to start fresh, as I was planning to that anyway.  

Soo, skipping right to the point... I was going to use his iPad one day and saway a text from an old female coworker ( that's single and likes him) that said "I miss you too" I thought to myself that he obviously said he missed her first duh!  I asked him about mostly because he is soo paranoid about my phone use. I really never feared this woman with my relationship it was just the point... he responded with "I tell everyone I worked with that" hmm mostly men mind you!! Anyway, thought I let it go but as we all do I brought it up again as an example, it turned into a pretty good fight and in the end I asked to see the conversation... low and behold if it wasn't there??? I said that's cuz you deleted it!! Soo after fighting over it he proceeds to tell me he did delete it and all the other females hes ever talked to so I couldn't find it and twist it into something else.  He also threw in there that he's had another gf as jealous as me and he doesn't wanna deal!!!! So he was "saving me".. I know he loves me and for the most part means no harm but after the point in which that escalated and he let me suffer for 2 days becuz he swore he did nothing wrong really changed my views!!!!! Help
September 16, 2016
Latest Entry: Dr Phil app
This is probably not that important but, why is there no phone app for Dr Phil? There is an app for everything else...come Dr Phil get on the bandwagon!! 😉 Hope  see it soon!


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