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November 25, 2015
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I'm 47 years old I'm a alcoholic married to a 56 year old woman,  we use to have a awesome sex life, I still love sex, she doesn't because of menipaus, we both have decent jobs, I've been with my wife 9 years married 3, I still fill gas up her car for her, by rings, roses, etc.  with no reciprocation  I need help but I can't afford to rehab because I'm paying the IRS $600 per month along with our cost of living does anyone have any advise
November 24, 2015
Latest Entry: Why Can't We Get the Help
I have a 7year old granddaughter who lived with her Bio Mom for the first 6 years of her life and was abuse, physically and sexually and is now with my son and daughter in law who have had her for almost a year and a half. On a daily basis she abuses my daughter in law, has made weapons, tried to smothered her little sister broke a light bulb and said she was going to hurt Mommy with it. She gets up in the middle of the night so they have to sleep in shifts, my son is incarcerated right now she lives with her sister and her two kids and husband, mom and dad and she has 6 other children who behave on a daily basis and excellent in school. She has been hospitalized, sees a psychiatrist, is on medication (no help), has no remorse about anything, her behavior is out of control and we cannot get the help that everyone has told she needs but will not give because of her age. She is violent, urinates on other people stuff when she gets mad or does not get her way, and we are told she is a master manipulator. Children services has been involved closed the case saying she is not in danger nothing wrong with household, no help from anyone
November 21, 2015
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Double homicide of my ex wife, the mother of my child and my cousin's ex husband, father of her son! Have custody of daughter but her parents are keeping her from me and with the support of our sheriff?? Why wasn't any measures taken to prevent this horrific tragedy? Who can we trust if they are constantly manipulating things for a chosen few? My child,, my chilfs sister and my cousin's child will never be held by thier parents again. They will never hear "I love you" or " I'm proud of you ever again. This injustice that has taken place must have answers! This madman, beat her door in with an axe with my child there!! He busted the windows out of her car with the same axe the same day! He beat her down with bruses all over her body! Law enforcement did nothing but stand by and now we trying our best to keep it together! We need help! We need answers! We need justice!
November 20, 2015
Latest Entry: What Are My Options?
I am a pregnant mother and I have two other children. My youngest is my son and my oldest is my step-daughter. She lives with us so I care for her full time. I enjoy being a stay-at-home mother, but my step-daughter's behavior concerns me, scares me, at times, even.  Below are the things she does.

1. Talks to inanimate objects.  She will tell them to stay put or what to do, and then tell them she will be back later and to not move while she is gone.  These are not stuffed animals or toys she is speaking to but items like art beads, puzzles, pencils, bracelets, etc. She will even apologize to them if she drops one.  She picks it back up and starts stroking and patting it.

2. She has anger outbursts.  She gets mad over simple things like losing at a board game, the mustard on her plate on the restaurant not tasting the way she wanted it to, her eating all of the shrimp or a certain food item and there being none left, us asking her to use manners, not finding one of her shoes, because we told her to get a shower...and the list goes on.  She will resort to becoming physical, name calling, threats, and slamming her fist down on the table.

3. She makes threats against me and tells lies about me to get even with me if I asked her to do something. 

4. She blames things on a person that does not exist--stuff she does and says.  

5. She seems extra affectionate towards her father. She strokes his cheek, runs her fingers through his hair, and insists on his arm around her should when she sits next to him.  She has to know where he is at all times as well, and if she doesn't, she gets upset and angry at me.

6. She plays people.  She acts sweet and innocent at school and shopping areas. When people compliment on how sweet and well-behaved she is, she smirks at me and gives me a glare as though to say, "Ha ha," once they walk away.  She tries to play her mother against me and vise versa as well as her dad against me, vise versa. She seems to enjoy it if people are arguing and not getting along.  We do get along though, and I believe this infuriates her.

7. If they attention is not on her at the moment, she will do something for it to be. If her father is giving me  a kiss, hug, or talking to me, she waltzes up and will say, "Daddy watch me" or "Guess what?"  And she will flail her arms in the air, twirl around, start singing, anything for the attention to be on her. She also does this with my son.  He is almost two. If he is hugging me or we are playing, she calls him over and away from me and then gives me the same look she does when she is hugging on her dad, "This is mine."

Her behavior gets worse and worse.  We have been married for over three years.

She is twelve years old.  She has high-functioning Down Syndrome but her former therapist says she understands a great deal and comprehends a lot.  

But, so many people want to defend those who have special needs, acting as if it is alright for them to behave any way they choose to.  I feel at a loss on what to do.  It came down to me leaving a few times because of her behavior.
November 20, 2015
Latest Entry: To whom it may concern:
To whom it may concern:
English is not my first language and yes you may find a lot mistakes on my writting like fragments for example but this is how i feel and i am not willing to google how to write a stoy in a proper way but instead i am writing with my heart what i feel. I you want to judge it's ok i have been judge all my life, but if read my story with your heart open you will understand my pain. I am not alone in this and there is a lot women going thru the same i did. I just wanted to share my story to let those women know they are not alone, i know because it happened to me. Here i go...
I feel broken because my heart was shatter in a million pieces by the man who promised me will never do it, and only time can fix a broken heart. I do not know how long will i feel like this because i am going back and forth thru every emotional stage after a divorce. I was never married but we lived together for 2 years. We dated for two years and have a daughter in common so the no contact thing is not really working. One day i am depressed another day i have accepted things are over and then go back to denial because i cannot believe what happened. It's been almost 4 months since i left him. Now i know that he never really loved me. No one can love a person one day and promised them a life together and then the next day let it go. He never kept a promise, they were all lie. It happened to me with the man i thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with.
I met him because my sister introduced us. He was a single father raising a 13 year old all by himselft because the mother was an alcoholic. He also had a 4 year old that was still living with her. He will go and pick him up every other weekend. He was awesome just what i needed because i was a single mom myself of a 3 year old. He knew what i was going thru, he was the best father i hava ever met.
We started dating but he asked me that his youngest son did not know who i was because he was afraid she will not allow him to see him. I started thinking on the well being of his son and we both decided it was ok. When he was with his child i will not bother him and if we met at someones home we will not even talk to each other. His older son i thought he liked me until one day his father told me he was not happy with him dating me but he did not care and was going to date me anyways.
One day he received a call to pick up his son because the mother had put him in danger driving under the influence. Now he was a single father of two. I was so proud of him for not living his children, he was brave, he was a superdad that was going to do it all alone and i was going to be there for him all the way. I did not care what people had to say i keep dating him and i wanted to be there for him. I was willing to raise those kids, maybe one day they look back and say they had the best stepmom on the world because i gave them love and teach them respect and love their dad. Yeah right!!! I was so blind.
I got pregnant with our daughter things got ugly because he did not want me to keep the baby which i did anyways she was mine weather he wanted to be in her life or not. But he accepted my decicion and he was going to be there was happy it was a girl, he had two boys.
He introduced me to his family when i was 3 months pregnant i guess he was still hoping i will change my mind. I asked him to keep it from his exwife at least until she was born. When our daughter was three months old we went to his father's house and things got ugly. The oldest brother of his children on their mom side came to see them. my stepmother in law decided to tell the big brother my daughter was the daughter of his son with his girlfriend so he would not know she was my daughter with the dather of his brothers (his exstepdad). I was mad because she lied my daughter she did not have to do that because it was not her who had to tell him who my daughter really was. She had to keep her mouth shot. But she did not and i told i was mad and left. Then my father in law came outside and call me every bad word in the dictionary in front of my son who was 5 and my daughter (yeah she was a baby) but she was screaming with all the shouting. My boyfriend the love of my life was there watching his father screaming at me and he did nothing he just watched and keept his mouth shot.
I forgave him because he said it will never happen again.
We moved in together when our daughter was 6 months. Everything was going perfect. Until one day his 16 year old decides to call me names in tweeter. I was shocked how could he. I was trying to be a friend to watch after them and he did not like me. His father did nothing he was in shock again and once againg i had to defend myself and talk to him like he was a son, i forgave him he was only a child. Thing did not got any better and every chance he got to start a fight between me and his father he will do it. I notice my boyfriend was a coward a pupet his child could do whatever and he will say i will talk to him. The youngest child i teached him to read to write i teached him respect and not be agressive anymore he even showed me love every mothers day he will make me things at school even do i was not his mom. He will come and tell me he loved me. But his brother he did not care and he was going to do everything in his power to get rid of me.
Even when he was doing bad stuff i was still trying to understand him i wanted to be his friend. I was not trying to be his mom but he someone he could trust.
One day the little one misbehave , he was getting agressive againg the father put him time out and his father came home with his wife ( we had made peace with each other less than 6 months before this new incident) and she decided that she could come to home and tell us how to raise the kids because apparently we were to harsh on the kid and blablabla. Well that is when my big mouth deciced to tell her that was my house we were the ones raising the kids and it was not her place to say how why or when to put the kid time out.
It got ugly she became this big monster screaming on my face calling me from letter a to letter z. My boyfriend stay still while she was screaming at me at one point i told him to defend me and did nothing. I was very mad at him when they left. So mad i was going to leave him and he cried and promised and told me he loved me i was the love of his life. But i was hurting so bad. He stopped talking to them. Then they became friends with his children mom (exwife) they were eating together in restaurants they going to her house. By the way they used to say she was the devil they wanted her dead that is how much they hated her. But i was the new target and they did everything they could to unite with the 17 year old they were powerful they all hated me and they were going to take me down. i stopped taking to his oldest son because i noticed he had taken sides and was against me. (he was always anyways)
After a few months things got ugglier. My boyfriend started telling me he did not need me he did not need a women to live. he was going to have so many womens when got older one for everyday i did not notice they got to him too.
one day i came from an appoinment and found the oldest kid with a friend in the house by themselves he was always told noone could be there unless his father or i was there. But who care i was noone i was mad because he was buiding me this amazing grave and i was so dumb i got in that in grave myself. i told his friend he had to go because he was not allowed to be there in the first place. and then thigs got so ugly i endedn up telling the kid if he did nit like ir wanted to follow my orders to go live with his mom. Yes i was mad very mad. He new nobody was going to save me. he told me that was his house and i was nobody to leave and got a glass and throw it next to me. my son his brother my daughter were all there they could have gotten hurt by the glass. but he did not care. he left with his friend. i knew it was the end when i called his dad and he said what do you want me to do? If you want to leave i understand.
The day before this incident i was going to leave him because i could not take it anymore i was daying inside. He promised me that day he will never let anyone between us. He love until of the end of times we were going to be a family for ever and he will never let me go.
i belived him. i stayed because i believed him. But i needed him i notice they were al lies. Just a day after they were all lies.
I left because i could not my children see anything else that was it. I waited for him to come asking for forgiveness telling me he was wrong that he was going to keep his promises. Instead what i got was his children needed him they had nobody else and our daughter had me. His 17 year old was never grounded, nothing happend to him even do he was agressive towards me.
How will i explain my daughter one day her father never really loved me and that is why noone on his family respected me and they fet like they could drag me until i bled.
i have lost trust in everyone. i am too broken to love again.

November 20, 2015
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I'm watching an older show titled Mom's before Prom...I don't understand why Parents have such a difficult time making the decision about allowing a teen to keep a baby...

grew up with 5 sisters and our Parents were the most loving and supportive Parents that any child could have...We always talked about CONSEQUENSES for bad decisions...One of those consequesnes  that was made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR to all of us was IF you got pregnant as a teenage you WILL have the baby and it absolutely WILL be placed for adoption...Knowing this from a pre-teen was a huge deterant to act wreckless...I had no doubt they meant what they said...Why aren't you suggesting  and preaching this to Parents Dr. Phil...You have babies raising babies and it's NOT in the babies best interest...These kids aren't old enough to make legal decision but these Parents "allow" these girls to make the decision to keep these babies and we all know the girl is not going to raise this child the Grandparents will be raising  the Child...Grandparents are suppose to be GRANDPARENTS not secondary Parents...Not fair to baby or Grandparents...
November 19, 2015
Latest Entry: I am a victim of domestic battery
My name is Teagan Fouty-Withrow. I am almost 30 yrs old and I am recently seperated from my husband of almost 5 years. I have my own home and have no kids of my own. My husband's name is Kenna. He was extremely physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally abusive in the worst possble ways through the majority of our relationship. He has kicked me, hit me in the face, broke my nose, bruised ribs, bruises and scars that I still have to look at today. I have chosen not to participate in any type of counceling or therapy just because it's still not over yet. I have another court date at the end of the month for the Domestic Battery charge. I am having a hard time dealing with other relationships and have found myself pushing people away.I wanted to do this to get my story out. Does anyone else have domestic problems? How are you dealing with things?
November 18, 2015
Latest Entry: Problems with oldest Stepdaughter, AS
So I have two stepdaughters one is 17 the other will be 14 next month.

 Let me give some background. The oldest one just recently moved back in with her mom. She moved in with us when right before she turned 10; her mom even helped me pack up her stuff. Then she filed and emergency custody order accusing my husband of giving his daughter beer and other things. His ex regained custody because we were only engaged at that time. When my stepdaughter, AS, turned 12, he went back to court to get custody of her, and he did. So we had custody of AS and his ex had custody of AW. AW didn't want to live with us. So AS lived with us until a few months after she turned 15. She got mad because she was grounded for not turning school work in, lying about it and being disrespectful. Her dad was working out of town and when he came in for the weekend. She threaten him with moving in with her mom. AS though that if she said she wanted to move in with her mom that her dad would back off and let her do what she wanted. Well it backfired. She stayed at her mom's for five months before she started begging to move back in. At first her dad didn't want to let her. I spend a few days convincing him to let her come back. So she moved back in with us. Well the weekend of Halloween she decided she wanted to move back in with her mom because she didn't like having to do chores and clean up after herself. Her mom brought her up her this past Saturday to get the remainder of her stuff. 

I have been apart of AS life for eight years now. The entire time I have known her, she hasn't gotten along with her mom. She constantly complains about how her mom says they will do something and never follows through, and how her mom lets AW, my other stepdaughter, do whatever she wants. Over the eight years, I can not tell you the number of times AS has told me she wished I was her mom. Now understand that I have always tried to get AS to work things out with her mom, and I have never tried to replace her. This past weekend when they came to get AS stuff, AS wouldn't speak to me while her mom was in the house. 

Honestly there is a part of me that is hurt by the way AS is acting but there is a bigger part that doesn't care. My friend, HR is AS step aunt. HR feels bad for AS. HR found out that instead of using her own money to pay her car insurance, AS's mom used AS's debit card to pay it and won't pay AS back. Also because AS moved in with her mom over a weekend, she didn't have any school clothes (we live about 5 hours apart); AS had to use her own money to buy school uniforms. My friend feels bad about this, and I agree it sucks. But I do not feel sorry for her. AS knew that her mom's standard of living was lower than what she was used to. She knew that she wouldn't have things that she took for granted here: cable tv, internet, etc. 

Am I wrong for not feeling sorry for her? I don't think I am. I'm angry at AS because this is the second time she has done this and her main reason for moving back to her mom's is because hse wants to be lazy. It breaks my heart to see my husband deal with this. AS is his oldest daughter, and she was born premature so he has always had a soft spot for her. But now I can see things have changed. He works so hard to provide for his family. He bent over backwards for AS and she just leaves. He hasn't said anything to me but I can tell that he doesn't feel the same way towards AS as he use to.

I just am so tired. I don't know how I am suppose to proceed. I have AS who since she got her stuff hasn't texted or called me. She wouldn't even speak to me while her mom was around. I have done so much for her and its like it doesn't matter. I know that I need to be and adult about things. AS will graduate in May and I don't know how to proceed with her. There is a part of me that feels like once she graduates I don't ever have to speak to her again. Then there is the part that says my oldest daughter loves her half sisters. I know myself well enough to know that I can't just pretend everything is ok. I just need some advice on how to process and proceed.
November 17, 2015
Latest Entry: No more baby mama drama
It can get so frustrating when it comes to my BF's estranged wife.  has lied and manipulated so much and we choose not to enable her but the people around her still do. mind you people catch on quick to who she really is and ends up losing friends after about a year or so. I have let her toxic behaviour affect my moods and have gotten really hurt by some of the things she has said and the names she has called us. Mostly because she wants mor money (she gets over $1000 a month for child support) and when my BF says no she flies off the handle. I'm pregnant with our second child together 4th child combined and I just want this pregnancy to be stress free. Positive thoughts that she may take a step back and look at reality realizing all we want to do is co-parent In a healthy way.
November 16, 2015
Latest Entry: don't know why
Why is dr. Phil being so hard on this mother I totally agree with her. This 19 year old boy is extremely angry. They need to get their daughter away from him But they probably camp. I just don't understand why dr. Phil can't understand that and see that this boy is very angry.
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