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April 17, 2015
Latest Entry: Spinal Surgery Treatment
If you are considering spinal surgery or have had back surgery suggested to you, it is vital that you are fully informed about All the options- surgical and non surgical and the risks and benefits to you. This page covers some of these considerations in back surgery.

To undergo spine surgery is a serious decision and is not to be undertaken lightly, you need to be certain it is the correct choice for you. There are many different surgeries that may be considered for you . It is important that you know the reasons and the differences. Just some of them are Discectomy, Foraminotomy, IntraDiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET), Spinal Fusion and Spinal Laminectomy. For more detail contact us at or visit
April 15, 2015
Latest Entry: Hello all!
I am new on here, just signed up. I need somewhere to vent My thought on a horrific subject. I so hope I just can write about Sunshine and all is fine but sadly not... I have a daughter who is now 4 years of age. When she was only 2,5 years I saw the first indications if molestation with her. She made statements that is far beyond her years. And so the circus with social wellfare began. A report to the police that led nowhere. her father and I separated before she turned 2. She is not lying, honestly I can not believe that so small children can lie. She is also Making me as a took to show what goes on with the molestation. French kissing, licking etc... I am so scared that one time I tried to keep her with me and not leave her with the father. But that resulted in he tried to sue me, and without any physical proof I feel (and social wellfare says) it is not enough evidence to keep her. I live in Sweden by the way and have watched Dr Phil show for as long as I can remember. He is really an inspiration!
April 13, 2015
Latest Entry: HELP!
I'm an addic, however, I suffer from bipolar, anxiety, OCD, and whatever else they can label me with. oh I forgot insomnia and back pain which are the hardest things to deal with. Currently my husband controls my meds, however even after taking my dose I come up with some crazy reason why I need another pain pill or zanax. How can I get control over the "addiction monster" as my husband says it. If I can't control this, I will loose everything, I've already lost my friends, my family is embarrassed of me, and I have overdosed back when I had full access!
April 12, 2015
Latest Entry: No eating disorder!!!!
Have always been slender. Have always liked healthy foods. Have always had trouble gaining weight. Why when you get older do you have even more trouble gaining weight? I eat all the time! I even have to take a small amout of meds for hypo-thyroid condition, yet I still lose weight if I just take a small walk. Ya see so many advertisments on air, many books, doctors' shows that are all about LOSING weight, yes, I know americans have a real problem, but come on, some of use need some help. My blood work is fine.... except for the slow thyroid. You'd think I would be able to gain some weight. Yes I have PTSD, insomnia, anxiety & have been through more in one life time than most but come on! What can an 80 lb 5 foot1, 59 year old phyically disabled woman to do? Don't have enough money to buy 'all' the fancy foods but can put away more pasta than Marines do. 3000 - 5000 caleries a day,,, not gaining any weight. Stopped taking my hormone replacement therapy just to gain 10 pounds so was up to 90,,, but couldn't take the draw backs. So back on those meds, and lost what I gained in that year. So Dr.Phil what do I do? Write a book bro,,, call your doctors that have that show I don't watch, and someone please give me some answers, cause I'm blowing away. Can't wear hats.. I'll fly!
April 7, 2015
Latest Entry: STAY AWAY FROM GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr Phil,

I had roux en y gastric bypass surgery on 08/31/2014/  I lost 305 lbs in 14 months and gained an addiction to a Drug called OxyContin  I spent 14 years going throught hell.  Yeah I lost the weitht, bt I also lost my mariiage, my career, self onfidence etc amd would love to have a chace tp share my story to everyone of iour viewers4

April 7, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I don't trust any thieves
April 6, 2015
Latest Entry: Thank You
Thanks again for giving another perosn a second chance on life. You conintinue to amaze me with your unique ability to "get it" on so many levels. As craxy as this may sound, i think you should team up with Judge Judith Scheindlin and run for the office of Presdient and Vice President of the United States; not necessarily in that respective order. I don't how you would fair on foreign affairs but you would sure bring closure to the multitude of internal and family affairs. God bless you and your wife Robin because we know you are blessed to have such a partner..When Georgia Smiled brings a smile to everyone's face.


Patrick Haggerty

San Diego, CA
April 6, 2015
Latest Entry: Introduction
Hi Everyone!

Obviously i am a fan of Dr Phil.  I have watched him since he was a guest on Oprah.  I live in the UK, Scotland to be precise, and we dont get Oprah or Dr Phil anymore...thank the lord for internet! 

I joined this community because no one i know watched Dr Phil or any shows similar to his, i am very much for self improvement - self help, improving yourself stuff - off course i can improve everyone else life, and am good at giving all sort of advice to others but never listen to my own! Anyway the reason i joined the community was to find like minded people and also because sometimes i watch a really hard hitting or soft touching episode and would like to hear others opinions or comments.

My hopes for this blog is to release some frustration, make a few people smile, and make some friends. I do not want to offend anyone, hurt anyone or push my opinions on, just want to see other points of view in a nice friendly atmosphere.

April 5, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
My sweet Evie
April 5, 2015
Latest Entry: It's so sad how hard it is to get help unless your story isn't ridiculously toxic? Shame innocent hurting people need help, yet if it's not ridiculously outlandish you get passed by?
This is why I have just about given up completely and no one really gives a damn! Our culture and TV programs are so ridiculous I no longer watch TV for years now.

You wonder why our Country is so sick too it's all about MONEY, POWER & PRESTGE!!! What a Shame!
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