December 7, 2016
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I have met someone on matrimony site he was a USA citizen staying in dallas and planned to get married,within one month time after we knowing each other he decided to go on a business trip to malaysia for his work he had to recive a cheque but then later he mentioned he need to pay tax to the govermnet in order to recive his cheque from the company and he ask me for money now i doubt if this person is real or just trying to cheat me for the money
November 30, 2016
Latest Entry: How can I get my fiance to take better care of himself?
My wonderful man tends to do a lot of complaining about his health. We've spent lots of $ on vitamins and he refuses to take them. I've put them in a daily dispenser, given them to him and have to watch him take them. I've had to threaten, beg and force him to take care of aches, pains, cuts etc. He spends hours complaining about how he feels but will not take any steps to help himself feel better. I have to decide to either just ignore his complaining or coherse him to help himself. Help!!! All advice is welcomed!!
November 28, 2016
Latest Entry: Our crappy world and my useless life.
I am 51, lost my dad in 2010, my mom in 2013, my one dog in 2014, my aunt in 2015, my other dog in 2016, my daughter would rather choose other people to be her mother and family. I am left out of mainly any decisions of my daughter, son in law and granddaughters life. My daughter has chosen to make decisions with her fathers girlfriend, not even his wife, her husbands mom and dad and sisters, but not me and my husbands. Many days I wonder why I am even here and still alive. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't want to hurt my granddaughter and husband. My sister and her family don't speak to me, my brother has seemed to pull back and not talk to me either now. My life really sucks and I have to wonder what's the point of living in so much emotional pain and loss.
November 28, 2016
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Is there anyone out there that cares about another in need.  I have an incurable autoimmune disease that has no cure and no treatment.  I was a law enforcement officer for almost 10 years.  I have been battling this disease for 6 years.  1 1/2 years ago my Dr left his practice and referred me to a pain management clinic. The very first medications they prescribed had severe drug interactions labels and it also had a severe interaction with one i was already taking.  4 or 5 days after I started taking the meds I collapsed on the way to the hospital.  I was life flighted to a large hospital.  The Dr's in ICU said it was from the drug interactions that caused me to almost die.  I couldn't get in to see the Drs' that poisoned me for two days after I got out of the hospital.   The Dr admitted to my wife and I he screwed up his exact words.  I sued them for neglagence..  

 They replied to the complaint I over medicated my self causing the accident.  My lawyer quit saying it was to expensive for him to help me.  I have contacted almost 20 Lawyers in Salt Lake City and Utah County.  Every Lawyer has turned me down to help.  Excuses are its not a big enough case to take.  In other words they wouldn't mak enough money for their time.

I lost my job, my insurance, my medical retirement,  my life savings and most of all my belief people are basically good.  I'm on the verge  of suicide.  I have no hope for the future.  I have almost 28 grand kids and can't buy them Christmas because I can barely make ends meet.  I'm losing my life a little at a time.  I will be in a wheel chair  soon.   I'm asking if there is anyone out there that knows a law firm willing to help.  I'm not asking for the moon only someone to help me hold the pain management clinic responsible for harming me.  I'm lost and alone.
November 27, 2016
Latest Entry: My name is Sarah
I am 37 years old and a transplant to Austin, Texas. I work part time at Walmart now. But back when I was 20 y/o, I went out to get an order of pizza for some friends and my life changed. I made a left hand turn at a stop sign, where I fully stopped then proceeded. I pulled out in front of a big F250 air conditioning truck going 50 mph. I suffered brain damage from the side to side impact of my skull, brain riccocheting against the C beam of my 1999 VW Jetta. I spent 4 months, 10 days in three hospitals in Sacramento, Ca. God has given me a full recovery of my personality that existed before I was hurt. 

I was a patient at a brain injury facility in Dripping Springs, Texas and a big part of my healing was restored. My brain fully regenerated to how I was before I was hurt. I have a lot of scars and still have titanium posts in my pelvis, which was fractured by my seatbelt. A part of my testimony is that waking up from my coma I remembered my AOL password that I've had for 9 months but I totally forgot kissing a boyfriend 5 months before I was hurt. The only other memory i forgot was my ATM PIN #. 
November 23, 2016
Latest Entry: My mother-in-law is ruining my life after I had a baby with special needs.
I have been trying to find a way to get rid of all of the stress in my life and after an argument with my fiancee last night I have decided to just write it out and stop thinking about it. This past year has been both the worst and best year of my life. It was the best because we welcomed a little baby girl into our lives and the worst because my mother-in-law exists. Harsh right? I don't know if there is a limit on how much I can write because I could go on for a year about all of the things that she has done.

My daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a Complete Atrioventricular Septal defect (heart defect) that would require open-heart surgery. We battled with her dramatic weight loss at 3 months old because she couldn't breathe well enough to eat. She was eating around 6fl oz a day. We spoke with specialists that told us she would need a strictly formula diet. No cereal, no baby food, just formula enriched to provide more calories to help with weight gain. My MIL's reaction to this was to interject her opinion about how we should go against the doctors and give her cereal because that's what she gave her kids. I couldn't count how many times we explained to her that cereal was empty calories and our baby needed the nutrients that only formula could provide. So her reaction was to tell everyone that we were bad parents, and when I say everyone I mean 'we live in a small town and gossip spreads like wild fire'. She said that we were letting our baby starve to death.

To any parent out there that has had a very sick child from birth you know how precious every second is. You want to feed your child, bathe them, change them, and hold them as much as you possibly can. Explaining to her that we feared our baby would be lost on the operating table didn't phase her. She wanted to be the primary caregiver. She wanted to rob us of the experience of caring for our child. 

When our daughter finally went in for surgery she nearly died before pre-op. She went into respiratory arrest and we watched as a swarm of doctors saved her life. At one point we looked up from the chaos and saw a priest in the room. We thought we said our goodbyes without even knowing it. Thankfully she pulled thorugh and we were told that she was showing symptoms of progressive heart failure. She had a fever of 104+ and was placed on life support and kept sedated for 3 days. Finally they prepped her for surgery and we made the heart-wrenching walk to the designated family waiting room. For 6 hours we waited and were finally met with good news: She did great and they were moving her to the NICU. Now up until this point I had forgiven everything that happened (trust me it's WAY more than I wrote), but this next thing I know I can NEVER forgive. We had already discussed with the entire family that no one could go back to visit with her until she was fully released by her surgeon. I know it seems extreme but they had been exposed to staph infection after a spinal surgery. We all made it clear that if she were to be exposed to staph infection that it could very likely kill her. That didn't stop my MIL from marching straight back to the NICU and touching her. I was livid, and still am if I'm being totally honest. How could she expose her to something so deadly right after she just won the first round fight for her life? She survived the surgery and then had this thrown on her plate. Obviously I called her out on it and she had to make out like the victim claiming that we never discussed the 'no visitors' policy. The ENTIRE family was there during the discussion! At least 10 witnesses!

That's probably the worst thing she ever did but it certainly wasn't the last. She tried to take away our home (that's on her property) because we asked to have our TV back for a few hours. Yes you read that right. We let them borrow it for 3 months and when we needed it back to try some software out that required 2 screens to use they promptly threatened to not let us live on their property anymore. That happened twice.

She threatened to 'report me' for getting a dog once even though we have been buying the food for their 2 dogs for a year or longer and they just got a new puppy like a week ago.

During a recent argument when I FINALLY stood up for myself after 6 years of NEVER saying anything to her she called me a bully to my fiancee (and wished him luck having to live with me), a whore (although he's the second guy I've ever been with) and a bad mother for using the computer or phone while the baby is awake. I mean WTF?!? I was literally building a website to benefit parents of babies with Down Syndrome. I guess that DOES make me a bad parent after all.

That argument that prompted this free-for-all post was about her trying to bully us into coming to her thanksgiving dinner after we explained that this is our first thanksgiving in our own home and we have a baby so we want to have our own dinner this year. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if she hadn't told us how she refused to let her own mother come to her dinner becuase she was annoying. She's dying. She claimed that she raised my fiancee to on family traditions yet ousted her own mother only to gripe at us for making (you guessed it) our own family tradition. Trust me, there's more to come and I have no idea how to stop it. She has stepped over every boundary that I have ever set and she is destroying our relaionship. sfter dealing with the stress of the surgery and the worries about my daughter's future after her Down Syndrome diagnosis I am tired of fighting for this relationship. I am tired of constantly defending that I should have the basic right to peace. I shouldn't have to visit her house every week or go running to her the second our baby does something new. I have explained so many times that I am tired of being a doormat. This is the first time I have ever stood up for myself and I am getting nowhere fast.
November 19, 2016
Latest Entry: Shelley Duvall
I'm hearing all kinds of static about Dr. Phil's interview with Shelley Duvall.  I want to say how pleased I was that he did the interview and how kindly and professionally he handled it, spotlighting how mental illness can affect anyone, regardless of their fame and success.  As a person with a mental illness, I am very sensitive to this issue and I couldn't be more proud of Dr. Phil.  We were able to see Shelley and how damaged her mind has become, but even as she spoke of some unusual things that probably did not occur, you could still see the same gentle, fun Shelley we remember.  She needs help to get back to where she was and Dr. Phil is going to see that she gets it.  Where were the critics before the interview?  They sure weren't taking care of her.  Now there's even a Go Fund, because people have been made aware of Shelley's situation.  No intelligent person could have watched that interview and not seen the gentleness and dignity with which Shelley was addressed.  Frankly, she seemed to be having a lovely time.  God bless you, Dr. Phil and God bless Shelley.  We look forward to her recovery.
November 18, 2016
Latest Entry: Never expect it to be a mom
Nov. 17th show hit home for me. Either its not talked about or its rare but, I was sexually molested by my mom from age 6-8. I am a 54 year old woman. It wasn't just a little fondling, sometimes she had both myself and my sister at the same time. I got out of it sometimes because I would cry that I wanted to just go watch the little rascals or something. She said my sister loved her more because she would stay. 

The young woman was soooo brave yesterday. I wish I had the courage to have faced my mother about this before she past. I need to get it out of my sole so that I don't take it to my grave the way she did.
November 18, 2016
Latest Entry: Child abuse from November 17 show
I watched this show with astonishment as did everyone else.  Living in Ontario Canada, I naively thought this was something that wouldnt happen in my backyard in 2016.  I was sooooooo wrong.

I grew up in Hamilton Ontario and on the News at 11 pm was a report of a similar  sexual abuse of a 7 year old child by her parent and others.

I can not comprehend how or why a person can sexually abuse a child on any level.  I will stop at that so I dont go on a rant.  

Just thought I would let the Dr Phil show know about this incident.  Thanks for the awareness brought forth from yesterdays show.
November 18, 2016
Latest Entry: Domented Family Secrets
Thought i would give it a try and share this here

this is my world

Incest would become my biggest secret to keep sealed away in that box buried deep within my mind

That secret would slowly ruin my very being . My real self

All the times mom and dad would leave , every Thursday night it was like clock work .

The babies were put to bed early

The parents left leaving us on there bed to watch tv and babysit the little ones

They were off for supper (if they were anything they  were predictable )

To be gone usually three hours .

His pattern was the same he had been grooming me for years ,he had been raping since I was eight

He would start almost play fighting ,poking me till I hit back ( he called that wrestling)  then fists would fly it always ended the same way with his raping me ,then tossing me aside like an old whore .

Not until many years later did I discover he got off on me hitting him back , I knew I never cried I ..I had stopped crying many  years before then .

I would watch it happeneing from above I would be floating around the room watching what was happening to me .I got good at doing that whenever he raped me .

That was never the end of it then though .Then it was the blaming me for it happening in the first place if I would not have proked him he would not of had to get so mad . I t was always somehow my fault

But I felt the same way dealing with mom aswell. Never seeming to be able to even convince her it was not my fault the lamp got broken .

She was often clouded by the glow off her golden boy .

How could she ever admit he was anything other than perfect

It had to be my fault

When it was to obvious to hide likely I had provoked it

The abuse I was enduring would overflow in so many ways

I knew I could not tell as he had put the fear of the light into me more than once

I knew he would choke me and choke me had till I saw that light

As he so clearly put it next time I wont stop

I could not let him kill me I could not let him get at my sisters the way he had me

At least if he was going after me he was not hurting them

Luckily they were small enough they were not prey yet

I wanted to tell but I also had another wall in front of me

I had better be sure I had been beat with a fan belt earlier in the year for telling a friend at school my brother got yelled at by my dad .My mom was furious she stated again and again "what happens in this house stays in this house "

So really how could I trust her

I never had that sit down and talk kind of relationship with her none of us kids did .

I could not trust her to protect me and never leave me alone with him again

I could not take the chance of her not believeing me or making light of it

In desperation I did reach out to a student counsellor in junior high .

Being I had been so disruptive in school and instead of anyone asking me why they just labelled me disruptive but I did get to get out of classes and talk to the counsellor .I did not really tell him anything till this one day I just wanted help .

I walked into his office closed the door sat down and blurted out my brother is raping me he is going to kill me . He looked at me with a shocked look and his face and told me to go back to my class .

I had told him how abusive my mom was he knew she had hit me with coat hangers and had seen the marks . He knew I acted out in school because it was the only place I safely could vent at all

The rest of the day my heart beat double time was agony waiting what was going to happen would he call the police would he call my mom how would she react would she come here and then freak at home would she act like it was my fault of course ....The day ended I went home every time the phone rang my heart stopped was it the call would he really phone ...I had no idea and now I was beginning to regret it .What if they took us kids away and we all got put together .What if mom got in trouble boy I would pay for this mistake dearly .

The evening came and went with no result and so did the next and the next and the next ........

He never told he did not say a thing .

Part of me was almost relieved I had been so scared I was sure someone was going to hurt me bad over that mistake

I would never make that mistake again

I would have to deal with this in a different way
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