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October 1, 2014
Latest Entry: inspirational quotes
These are just a few of my favorite inspirational quotes, and typography
September 30, 2014
Latest Entry: She handled herself well
I only logged into the discussion today because I was interested in seeing if others had also been troubled by Dr. Phil's "Who are you talking to" thing to the wife? She handled herself so well that it kind of made Dr. Phil look a little silly. If I'd have been her, I'd have felt picked on. Yet when he continued with, "You don't handle criticism very well, do you?" she still stayed calm and said she didn't realize she was being criticized. Not sure I see the point of "criticizing" a guest for something so "off topic" that early in the show. I don't think that revealed a very nice side of Dr. Phil.
September 30, 2014
Latest Entry: Twitter
Hey everybody follow me on twitter @ Maneesha Grewal
September 30, 2014
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I have 120 days sober. I accept responsibility for all that I do and have done whether drunk or sober. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. Please do not judge me. You have not lived MY life, suffered MY pain, enjoyed MY happiness, or walked MY path so do not presume you can judge me.The truth is everyone makes mistakes in life, we say and do things that might not seem right to others but our character should never be judged because of that alone. Everyone has a story left untold, never start judging someone like you know them back to front because the truth is, you probably don't.
September 29, 2014
Latest Entry: Married swingers

My husband and I have been together for17 years. We became swingers within a few years of being together because we both found it fun.   We've been with just one woman. Multiple woman couples men.  Together or on our own.  We've done a lot.  i am one almost 37 and find myself not so much into this.  We got married knowing this lifestyle would continue.  My biggest problem lies with my husband still going for very young girls.  His last 3 were 18 19 and the current now 20.  I'm fit and attractive for my age. But this makes me insecure. We've talked but he doesn't want to stop.  What do I do. How do I get over my own insecurities 
September 28, 2014
I have been married for 25 years and love my wife.  The problem is that I like to wear womans clothes.  When a was about 7 or 8 years old, I would fake going to the bathroom so I could set there in my sisters panties and knee high socks.  I did that quit often.  As I got in my teen years, I started wearing m sisters panties,bra, dresses, pantyhose and heels. I dressed in private so I skipped alot of school so I could dress up. I  continued to dress in girls clothes until I joined the Navy.  I thought that I would stop dressing up but I didn't.  When I made E-5, I got my private room and started dressig again.  When I got out of the Navy I met my wife and got married.  Bu continued dressing when I was alone.  I do have my own lingerie, bras, pantyhose, panties, dresses, and heels etc. hiden in the basement.  Until a couple of years ago, no one knew I dessed in womans clothes until my wife and daughter found a picture of me dressed up.  I didn't know what to do..  It kinda blew over, but my wife hasn't had sex with me since. I told her I was going  quit , but I still get dressed up when I am by myself and I just bought a new plaid pink skirt and blouse.  Am I crazy ?????
September 27, 2014
Latest Entry: Domestic Violence in the Media
I've been talking about my experience with domestic violence.  I was married to an editor of a local entertainment magazine in Las Vegas.  I think what bothers me the most is that I had to leave the state to get away from his harrassment, bullying, stalking and violent behavior towards me.  Yet, he still gets invited to attend VIP media events.  He has rubbed it in my face many times.  All of our colleagues know that he abused me.  Many witnessed it and yet, the PR firms still send him invites.  Why does this happen?  The NFL has finaly stepped up to the plate and dismissed abusers from playing in the NFL.  But yet, our own media like Dr. Phil, does not talk about what the media is doing to STOP abusers within the media circuit.  This is an issue that I think needs to be addressed!
September 26, 2014
Latest Entry: Life as an Abuse Survivor
Today I want to tell you my story. My name is Sarah Elizabeth; Most know me by Elizabeth, but those who knew me then know me as Sarah. You can call me Lizz. Yes, my name has 2 z's. The whole point of this, as you may be wondering is tell you how I survived years of abuse and how I decided the cycle was ending with me.

A little background:  I was born to two parents like most people. My mother, Susan Jean Whitney, and my father, Kenneth Wayne Eaton. All I know about my birth is that I was born at St. Luke East in Kentucky. At a year old my parents divorced and I was passed back and forth between my mom and my father and step mom. Then I turned 3 and so much happened I became a big sister to my brother Joseph and my dad remarried to his mother. The thing that haunts me the most is my mother's death. My father called my into the living room to deliver the news, but how is a 3 year old supposed to understand? We bought her flowers but little did I know it would be the first and the last time I did so for her. I looked down at her sleeping in her small bed. "Put the flowers on her." My father told me. I didn't understand. I clutched my mother's cold hard body. "Mommy!" I screamed. I didn't want to let go of my guardian angel. WHY? Why would she leave me? It's almost like I knew that I was going to die a million times over the next 16 years. I needed her. I don't remember a lot about her though I do have one small memory that always replays in my head.

                 I was having dinner with my mom and her boyfriend Mike. He treated me like his daughter. He had this hamster or gerbil, I can't recall. All I know is I went after dinner to play with is and they joined me. I know it's not much but I can't help but wonder had my mother not passed would we have lived happily as a family and I would have been safe. I've spent years angry at her for you see she killed herself and left me with the devil himself... my father.

                Now it begins. I was 5 when one night my father takes my down to the garage and sits me on his work bench. You see this was normal. I spent every day down there watching him work. What happened next was not normal. He took my clothes off of me and began touching me... It felt strange but I didn't know it was wrong because you're supposed to be able to trust your father, Right?

                You need to know a little bit about my father. He was and outstanding citizen. Hell he knew everyone. He was a hard working furniture repairman. We went to church every Sunday and he helped people in need. He had 4 sons and me and was on his third marriage. Being friends with our preacher no one would have ever thought that he was a bad man.

                I had just turned 6 and became a big sister again. I was in school when they came, the people that tell you about stranger danger. They said that if anyone ever touched us in our private spots and it made us feel weird it was bad and we should tell someone. So I raised my hand and in front of everyone told them that my dad did that. I was taken away from t=the class and into the councilor's office. I was then questioned by a whole slew of people among them where teachers and police. One of the cops took me home. I was sent to my room. I heard them questioning my step mom and my dad. They sent my dad to stay with his brother and me to my grandmothers. I was allowed to call my brothers and step mom but not my dad. Why were the keeping me from daddy?  I didn't know he was a bad man just that he was my dad and you are supposed to love your dad. My step mom would tell me this was all my fault. This nightmare I was living in could end if I just told those people that I was confused. My father told them that he was just checking there to see if the HPV I was born with was really gone. They decided nothing was happening so I began with what would become years of disassociating and shut down every time he would enter my room or take me to have his way.

                IF ONLY one wasn't enough...... 

September 25, 2014
Latest Entry: Parenting Is Hard
A day is not complete without mom pulling her (own) hair out struggling to get a toddler to brush teeth, nap, eat, bathe, dress, clean up toys, not hit the dog, not draw on the wall, etc.
September 25, 2014
Latest Entry: Bullying, Abuse, Neglect - Where's the help for those grown children?
I hear and see all of these organizations & such to stop bullying, abuse, and neglect and help protect the children. It's great that they're doing that. I have nothing against that. But what about once everything is said and done? Those kids of neglect, abuse, and bullying have to grow up and become adults. And some of them have been lost and forgotten through the crowds so they do grow up. But they grow up and continue to be bullied and continue to be neglected. Not in the same way, but by doctors and the government. A grown adult could be screaming at the top of their lungs for help I a crowded room and yet no one hears or sees them. They become adults who say "I need help because of my past which caused something to be seriously wrong with me" and yet doctors, friends, family, etc. don't believe them and/or change the subject. It's too hard for many to fathom that there are adults who suffer from their childhood. People say things like, "I can't imagine how someone could hurt a child like that" and I can't help but think to myself, I wish I lived under that rock. People say that they hate each other but do they really know what hatred is? I see through it and think to myself that it must be nice not knowing what hatred really felt like. People say protect our children. I say protect our children and help the adults. Where are the organizations to help those people?
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