January 17, 2017
Latest Entry: Issue with my father
I have an issue going on at home that I am not sure that I can handle alone. I am stuck as a "spy" for my mom because of how nasty my father is. He has become more verbally and emotionally abusive towards my mom and I. He has ben having an affiar for a while and just recenelty mom had me checking his spare phone that we have hidden in my room. He has been sending this other woman sexting texts on facebook messenger. Mom has me taking pictures of the messages to her from him so mom can go to the investigation unit at his job. My dad is an FDNY-EMS Lt. The woman he is seeing behind moms back is under him job wise and at a different station. Yet they still find time to see each other. The stress of the situation he has caused mom has now recently put her into the hospital for close to 2 weeks. The doctors who have seen her have come to the conclusion her medical issue, 6-nerve palsy, has been caused by the stress she is under from him. He has also been looking for a divorce since around the holidays and he is supposed to be on psychiatric medications he refuses to take the right way. He just ran out of the medications this week and the pharmacy was about to call the cops on him because of how he was acting at the pharmacy without anyone with him there, meaning my mother or myself. He was mumbling under his breathe and cursing the staff out because they did not have a prescription for him ready because the doctor never sent in a perscription for him. the last time he had these medications refilled was in September. He just ran out of them in Janurary. He had a 90 day supply. He is not seeing this doctor again until Feburary. He is also a diabetic and he has 6 Victoza pens in the fridge since he does not take his medications properly, so the pharmacy now has stopped filling his perscriptions completely without moms consent for it. My father has also recently started to kick at one of out 5 dogs at any given time just because they are in the area he is either walking or sitting in. He has not yet started to get to hitting or hurting the family members. The only one out of my mother, my little sister, little brother and myself that he does not hurt in anyway, i.e. emotionally or verbally, is my sister. She has an infant as of August of 2016 and when he is home from work, he is the only one besides my sister who can hold the child or care for the child. My father has even called me a "fat lazy b****" because im trying ot get my school work down to get a better paying job to move out away from him, and he wants the dishes done but will not move to do anything around the house. An example of this is if you are doing the dishes and putting dishes away, he sits in the middle of the way in an area you need to put some clean dishes. If you ask him to move so you can get the items away he will sigh in anger and complain because you bothered him. He goes food shopping with mom every other week and complains because an area is blocked by elderly shopping and he wants to get down that area to get cookies or something he does not need. Dad is a 55 year old, 400+ lbs man with psych issues and other medical issues. He acts like everything is entitled to him because he is a male, and hes 55.

I am not sure what I should do to help mom or even myself. I pretty much hide in my bedrom on my computer or gaming system. I'm 28 years old and wanting to hurt him. There is no father-daughter bond between he and I. The only thing he has ever done to spend time with me was take me to a KISS farewell concert at a stadium near me. I live in NY and the concert was a few months before one of the darkest days New Yorkers will have in 2001. My dad was one of the many people digging after 9-11 happened. but his psych issues are just now coming up after that day, he has had these issues even before this day happened. He does everything with my 25 year old brother and 24 year old sister since they were kids. Even his facebook does not have me listened as family on his page yet my sibilings are there and my mom is. I am left out of everything dealing with him and mom has even called him out on this telling him he has 3 kids not 2 and to grow up. that was told to him last year and nothing has changed. Mom has had to do more to make me feel like i was part of the family. Dad has even told me to "shut the f*** up and go the f*** back into your room". I have cried almost everynight since I was a child because of him and he has been sleeping peacefully everynight or everyday since he works overnights. I am not allowed to even say hi infront of him to anyone. I am in a serious relationship and he likes my boyfriend more then me. It has come to the point to before my great grandfathers passing in December of 1996 that my father would never walk me down the ailse on my wedding day. Now my grandfather, dads father, is sadly been gone since April of 2014 from colon cancer, I have to ask my cousins if their fathers, my dads brothers, can walk me down instead of him. Unless I see a massive 180 from him there will never be a change in our non-exsisent bond.
January 15, 2017
Latest Entry: please help shelley duvall
dear dr phil 

i hope you are continuing to help shellley duvall. i am happy you interviewed her. i had no idea she was suffering. please give us an update. i cannot believe people are upset with you over this. i do not believe the interview was exploitive. if anything it really was compassion for a human being that needs immediate attention. 
January 10, 2017
Latest Entry: Mental Health and Addiction Assessment Financial Support
I've sent a request to the PNP regarding getting my son tested.  They sent back the information as well as the financial cost.  It isn't covered under insurance.  Does anyone have suggestions of where to get financing for this?  I reached out to my church but is there scholarships somewhere?
January 6, 2017
Latest Entry: Friendship gone wrong
I had a very close friendship that lasted a year and a half. At the time, we were like sisters. We spoke every day on the phone, and I even flew to visit her in Oklahoma for a week although I live in Washington state. She told me we would always be friends. Then one day, she simply decided she didn't want to speak to me anymore. She told me I wasn't her "problem" anymore. She called me all kinds of nasty names and threatened to get a restraining order against me if I didn't leave her alone. She took down her Facebook page and stopped answering her phone. Two years later, I seem to be unable to get over her even though I have made new friends. I still miss her a lot. My question is has this ever happened to you? Was there something I did wrong or is it her?
January 6, 2017
January 4, 2017
Latest Entry: An Elderly Man's Dream.
I'm writing to ask a question. I can't for the life of me find where I'm suppose to place this and I was hopeing Dr. Phil would reply, but doubt he would see it here. However, I'm going to post it here as my first Blog since it's bothering me so much...as it did back in 2006!

I just watched a repeat of a show I watched when it first aired in 2006, 11 years ago, as of January 2017. It was about a 78 year old man who wrote music and sang. If he's alive today, God Bless him, he would be about 90 years old.

He had been places and his daughter IMO was a bi***. You had told him you would get in touch with RCA records so they could tell him if his music was any good. I'd like to know the update as to what the outcome was.

The old man had a dream. Dreams don't end at a certain age. He was a sweet, funny man that reminded me of my late father. 
It made me tear up when I heard the way his daughter wouldn't book gigs for him an told him he was "past his prime." 
It bothered me why she couldnt just be happy that a kind man of that age was still vibrant and had the persistence and persevearance to keep chasing his dream! Even writing this I'm getting teary eyed.

Please Dr. Phil could you give me the update and also if this man is still living his dream?

Thank you in advance Dr. Phil or for anyone's factual info!
January 1, 2017
Latest Entry: Dr. Phil
I don't normally write online blogs but I felt compelled to share my thoughts this evening.  I am a faithful watcher of Dr. Phil.  I think his blunt honesty is refreshing, he has no problem telling it like it is and I appreciate it.  In a world where many truths are sugarcoated and individuals may be afraid to express the "reality" of their situations.  I think I connect wtih Dr. Phil so much because he is a self-made man, he's worked hard to achieve his success despite having upbringing obstacles he's mentioned on his show.  I recently watched a show with a young woman whose brother had murdered his grandmother.  The mother believed in corporal punishment and had no problem and obviously no apologies for how she raised her children.  At the end of the show, Dr. Phil gave his advice to the young woman, he said "surround yourself with people who are proud of you," he went on to mention Robin's adoration of him.  Despite his high achievements, he said his father never told him he was proud of him.  Dr. Phil has a vast amount of wisdom which I feel he's acquired through experience and if you really listen and internalize what he says, he's always right!  I really connected to his story of his father.  My father was an immigrant to this country, he never finished high school and left his country when he was 16 never to return.  I was raised with the "old country" beliefs, the division of women's and men's work.  A woman's job was to be a wife and mother and take care of her man.  They were never expected to go to college or even aspire to work outside the home.  Ironically, I've always loved school and it's come very easy for me and all I wanted to do was go to college.  I tried to do as much as I could on my own despite my Dad's objections.  When I married my husband, my Dad was proud because he was a physician and I'd never have to work outside the home.  My husband helped me finish my bachelor's degree which I appreciate.  I stayed home with our children until my youngest went to kindergarten.  I tried my best to fulfill my dad's expectations, however, after 14 years of marriage, I couldn't continue living someone else's prescribed dream for me.  I left my marriage and went to work and raised my two girls on my own as my husband's practice is incredibly busy.  I'm currently in my second year of my Ph.D. program and finishing up the final degree of my life.  While my Dad has passed away, he won't be in this physical realm to witness my graduation, I can only hope he would be proud of me.  I think what Dr. Phil was trying to say on that show was you can't control how you were raised but you can control your destiny.  You can't allow your parents to prescribe your future.  Do everything you can to make sure your path is a positive one.  It takes incredible strength to forge out on your own, to be your own person and feel good about your choices even if it means disapproval of your parents.  I've learned you do need to surround yourself with people who will love and support you and if they don't serve you and your purpose in a positive manner, you can't allow them to distract you.  As long as you can lay your head on your pillow every night knowing you've tried to be the best person possible to others, it doesn't matter what others think or feel about your choices in life.  I've learned so much from Dr. Phil and I enjoy listening to his advice in his "Texas" style, it always resonates with me in many different ways.  He makes me think about life and my choices.  Thank you Dr. Phil for being an inspiration for others and setting your life purpose to help others gain clarity over their life situations -- keep it up!
December 29, 2016
Latest Entry: Dr Phil missed a step
Replying to 12/29 episode. Gave daughter advice and resourcesfor closure but what I saw was another little girl sitting across from her in a adult body needing more help than anyone. Instead,  Dr. Phil threw his hands up with her. She needed the same advice and help. How many people carry an urn everywhere they go of the person who did it to her? The daughter still has the chance to get to a place of forgiveness from her mom but the mother will never hear that urn say the same thing to her. He said she wrote him 3 years ago. Read the letter. That was a cry for help if I ever seen one and she didn't get it at her vulnerable place so I get why she appears to be stone now. That "little girl" needed it the most and he missed it. Had he focused on her I believe the daughter would find it easier to get her closure. I hope Dr. Phil reads this.
December 29, 2016
Latest Entry: Ask Lt Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter to look at this. He is a genius and will know the truth.
I don't think she committed suicide.  How does someone shoot themselves in the back of the neck.  Think about it.  Who would even think of that.  Statistically speaking I bet you can"t find one other case where someoner intentionally shot themselves in the back of the neck. Biggie is they can tell by the emtry would  how close the weapon was  to her neck or whether it was fired from a distance.  They can tell how far. If she had been holding the revolver she would have Gun Shot Residue (GSR) on her hand and also directional blood spray Were her fingerprint(s) on the weapon and if so where.  Was she right or left handed?  If she is right handed the woultd would be on that side vice versa. The 'cop' boyfriend should have been tested for GSR.  I don't  beleive there is a way to fool this test.  There are many other things that would prove whether or not she did it.  Where was the gun?  Maybe I watch too much Lt. Joe Kinda, Homiicide Hunter but I bet if ypu could get his input on this he could tell you exactly what happened.  He is a genius. One other thing.  Did she know how to handle a gun? Was she familiar with the weapon in question..Why wasn't the weapon locked up? It's suppose to be. It's pretty hard to pick up a gun you have never used and load and fire
December 27, 2016

It's hard to move on sometimes. When so many things happen at once, you can feel like this is who you are. I know for me, when I was growing up, negativity was sort of the norm for me and every day was pretty much the same, which gave me the feeling that things would never change. Sometimes it's hard to see the "lesson" that your past has for you because your past can make you very jaded. If you feel defined by that past then it's hard to let go of it because it feels like it is you. It becomes your life lesson when you are able to move on and let go of the negativity, which is a very complicated thing to do. The other part of this is finding out what this so called lesson could have been. Sometimes it's hard to look back at all these things that have defined or scarred you and find the silver lining that is the "lesson". This is why there are so many people who are defined by their past, it can be easier in the moment to just forget about the past and look forward. But if we are always looking forward then how do we live in the moment and be happy? Basically, if we never move on from the past then it is our life sentence, to keep living and repeating. Once we accept that life is always changing and so are we, it can make life easier and make us happier.
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