October 17, 2017
Latest Entry: Danielle
Oh my Dr Phil, I sure hope you can help this beautiful young lady.  I'm bauling my eyes out for her.  Please have an update on her.
October 17, 2017
Latest Entry: Dear Men
Dear Men,

Thank you for your willingness to open up and learn about the "Me Too"s. This is the kind of true bravery that women find noble in the character of a good man. This is what actually makes you extraordinary and courageous. This is what ultimately makes us want to partner with you in this world. You see, many of us women have had to mentally and physically warrior our way down a long and embattled path to arrive at this place in time...and we are not rising up to blame you. We are rising up because we are amazing, strong, resilient and gifted mothers, daughters and sisters who are bearing our scars so that we may teach you fathers, sons and brothers. We've taken bullets to our self value and dropped ourselves deep into the chasms of some painful and unwarranted self shaming in order for this change to occur, and we are empowered by what we have survived. You would not have made it through as we did, any more than you would make it through childbirth. It is this strength of the woman, especially the Western woman, that can now literally change the course of this planet for the better. There is a long overdue balance which has been lacking in the masculine and feminine energies of humanity and thanks to the narcissistic/sociopathic behaviors of those ill men currently taking center stage, we are at last able to come together and lift the veil. We can now learn at their much deserved expense to communicate fearlessly and celebrate each other for all of our blessed qualities.

As to the lessons of which we're bringing forth, please pay attention to those of us who are valiantly sharing our experiences. There are so many, and in them, you may even find yourself questioning some of your own actions. And if you do...it probably wasn't okay...but knowledge is power and you can use that power to teach your sons and other young men. Many of the violations that changed who we women would become, and the journey we would take in getting there, began long before we met our Weinstein, Cosby, Ayers, O'Reilly and the like. It often began with the ol' boys will be boys locker room mentality...the one endorsed by our POTUS. This may be surprising to some but a letter jacket and athletic prowess on the field does not entitle you to force yourself upon us off the field because you thought we were the lucky ones. This lesson is being learned the hard way today as our world is shifting. Daughters are no longer required to keep their rapes quiet or ignored on campus and sons are trading their athletic scholarships and chances to go pro with a different kind of uniform, a 6' x 8' room to work out in and a sentence of 15 years instead of part of an essay. Please...we don't have to do this anymore. Let's join our incredible strengths and design a New Earth where we're not afraid to come from a place of love.

Fiercely from the Heart,

Your Counterpart JoAnn ❤️
October 9, 2017
Latest Entry: Blogging newbie
I've never blogged before, and I don't do much social networking, so I'm a bit nervous about this. And I'm not sure what to expect. Many people have suggested that I write/journal to help with my anxiety and depression, but it's hard for me to know how to start.

I guess I'll give this a try and see what happens.

October 6, 2017
Latest Entry: Vegas Shooting
I was in Vegas that weekend of the shooting my husband and I took my mom for her Birthday. Honestly it was so Trumatic everybody who was there during that time is and was affected.  It was so scary to hear all that shooting and that's that we were on the strip walking towards MGM.  Honestly so many things were happening not to mention the shooting but so many things were taking place in different hotels it was so traumatic and scary!  I'm sure if you talk to so many different people they can tell you their side because not only with the  people that were at the festival but people like us on the strip and then having to run into hotels! So many things happened!! IT WAS SO SCARY AND not only am I affected but my poor mom and my husband are affected!
October 5, 2017
Latest Entry: My Brother murdered the man I love for no reason
I cant get through this. Im disabled (hate that word) Ruben took care of me. He really truely loves me and my own brother took him. I honestly see no way out. I see no future. Ive tried to get help. It feels like Im dwelling on it. What or how do I do this. Ruben died the day after our 10 year aniversery.
October 3, 2017
Latest Entry: Stop talking, start doing
The fact of the matter is, this country was founded on a government that "governs the people", not a government that runs the people.  Until The People stop blaming everything on the government, race, religion, sex, poverty, the rich, political parties and on and on and on and start taking some personal responsibility for their inaction, these tragedies will continue to happen.  In a country where political correctness and fear have people hiding in their homes, avoiding eye contact, not getting involved, and simply not caring or feeling helpless, the tone we see now will continue and get worse.  Go outside into your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.  Look people in the eye and say hello.  Ask someone how their day is.  Don't expect the other guy to fix the nation's problems.  One person can start making a difference.  SOMEONE KNEW THIS GUY WAS ACTING DIFFERENTLY AND DID NOTHING.  And all the other "mass shooters", "serial killers."  Stop thinking someone else will do something and be THAT PERSON.  Because if you don't, you can bet the next person is probably thinking the same thing. That's the society we have created.  Be the person that prevents the next tragedy by getting involved, taking action, making a phone call, or just asking.  Just ask!!!

I was in a situation last year where I met a young woman in a restaurant bathroom.  She was crying.  I asked her what was wrong, she said she was scared of the man she was there with, had come to spend the weekend with him from out of town, on-line relationship I suspected, but she couldn't explain.  I took her phone and put my number in and said to call if she needed anything.  The next night I got a text from her saying the man wouldn't let her leave the room and she was scared.  The texts were sporadic and it occurred to me it was probably a scam, but nevertheless I got her to give me enough information to dispatch police.  It was a risk, of making a fool and embarrassing myself to the police if it was a prank.  But I didn't care.  The police called me when they got to the hotel lobby for more information and I got another text from the lady saying the man was now threatening to rape her.  The police immediately hung up and went to the room.  I didn't hear anything for a while, but an hour or so later I got a call from the police saying they had entered the room and the young lady was safe.  Sometime later I got a text from the young lady thanking me for saving her.  She was from Africa and had relocated to Texas months earlier and had met this man on line, come to California to meet him and it went bad quickly.  She continued to thank me for not turning my back on her and for putting my number in her phone.  She called me her hero.  She told me she was leaving for Texas the next day and was safe.  The next day she texted me from the airport to thank me again and say goodbye.

I was hesitant but never so happy I followed my instincts.  My family was afraid if it was a scam my phone could be traced, or these people could find me if I called the cops, but it was just something I felt I had to do, something I hope someone would do for my daughters.  

I don't know if I truly saved this young woman, if the man would have actually hurt or raped her.  I certainly don't feel like a hero for sitting in the safety of my living room and calling the police.  But if we truly want peace for our country, more people need to pick up the phone, step up and say something, talk to a crying girl in the bathroom
October 1, 2017
Latest Entry: Unity
Everybody s talking unity these days in America. Well, it's about time.     

September 26, 2017
Latest Entry: I'm tired of hiding and being verbally abuse by family member
I type so much  IDK what to typeanymore  I just want to give up.  I what to come clean and I been fighting for to long.  I like to talk to someone using my word's from my mouth.  and not my word's from my typing.  I am to the point in life  where I don't even care about fighting anymore.  I am a lost God father to Fast and the furouis. I orignal name the movies series  and the quote ride or die came from me. I just want to let myself be known.  cause when Hollywood said I will not work in this town again they ment it.  17 years no work. unable to fine work  and when i do I am not pay.  Im tired of working for nothing. free labor  don't pay the bills. california  had suspended my driver license.  and I am fining it really hard to get it back. like to the point of  I what to hurt myself  because everytime i try  I am told NO.  I am lost and I have no where ease to turn. I am not looking to get yell at.  since that happen preaty much everyday.  like  everyone in my family is blaming me for being alive. IDK what to do.  Im already living forever in my volar so what to point to keep fighting for nothing. I rather talk to someone over the phone  then keep typing out  my life  for no one to listen nor care. RIP Paul william walker.
September 23, 2017
Latest Entry: I Know This is All Ending Soon
A day late and a dollar short. I just got the courage to register, then found the community, and felt like i had found a place to try to start. I was excited to be able to let down some of my guard, away from social media. In a world, that would rather judge than support, its best to stay closed off sometimes. I hope to find another platform, but I will still be following on social media. I hope one day I can get the help i need. I hope I make it till then. Till the End, 
                                               With Hope,
                                                                   Jess Hurt
September 18, 2017
Latest Entry: Disciplining my 11yr old
I need help with advice please. My 6th grader in the first month of her first year has been to the principals office twice. The first time she elbowed a fellow student coming into the main doors at school and she says she didn't realize it and the other girl went and told the principal. After reviewing the camera they said it wasn't intentional and they both apologized to each other and apprently knew each other from elmentary and never had issues with each other. My daughter says she didn't know she hit anyone until they called her down to the office. She failed to tell me of this incident and she lost her phone privilages for 2 weeks. Now today apparently a girl came up and I guess hit my daughter's friend so my daughter took it upon herself to hit the girl back to protect her friend, then I guess the girl decided to take a pencil, in retatiation, stabbed my daughter and her friend in the arm and leg. My husband is livid and ready to throw the book at our daughter. He blames me saying I'm too soft and that's the reason we are having these issues with our daughter and won't speak to me. I don't think we should be that harsh due to her protecting her friend but don't like she has been to the office twice in a months time. Any suggestions on what I should do please.
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