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January 28, 2015
Latest Entry: A Cancer Mom's Plea to AntiVaxxers
Dear Moms who do not vaccinate your children, You and I have more in common than you might think. My children are my sun and moon. I know you love your children extravagantly too.  Like me, I believe you would go to any extreme if it could ensure your child a long and safe life. I feel the exact same. Yet on the issue of vaccines, we differ. I would vaccinate my children if I could. My daughter Grace is currently unvaccinated because I am not given the choice. Grace was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia a few weeks after her fourth birthday. It was the day time stood still for my family and me. Because of her cancer she is the most susceptible to catching diseases, the most likely to die from them, yet she is not allowed to have vaccines to prevent them. The irony of the situation is not lost on me.  Before cancer became a member of our family I was on the fence about vaccines. I have never seen a case of polio or measles but I have seen plenty of children with autism. I was hesitant to trust "traditional medicine" but I was very comfortable using herbal and homeopathic remedies. I even grew our own organic vegetables. It just seemed the claims against vaccines were so accusatory, so loud, so confident. Everyone had an opinion. I didn't know who to trust. When cancer hit we researched every kind of treatment for Grace. My husband and I decided we would use whatever worked, traditional or alternative, as long as it had documented proof of working consistently. Grace had a 20% chance of survival and we were willing to do whatever it took to get her a cure. We researched herbal remedies, including marijuana. We researched juicing, vitamins, raw foods, cooked foods, essential oils, you name one could prove they consistently cured children of cancer. But chemotherapy did. Dreaded chemotherapy, the treatment we both hate and love, became our answer. It would bring Grace's survival rate up to 80%. That was the day we decided to start trusting traditional medicine. But it wasn't just medicine I didn't trust. I thought doctors were "in it for the money" and that they skewed research results in order to get funding from pharmaceutical companies. Now we had to trust doctors for the life of our daughter. Because of cancer we got to know our medical team very intimately. We spent over one hundred days living at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (not to mention the days we spent there for outpatient treatment). I can't speak for all doctors, but the doctors and nurses who work at children's hospitals are there for the kids. Nothing else. They work tirelessly with cranky kids, exhausted parents, and with dying children that the doctors know they shouldn't get emotionally attached to, but they do anyways. Because they love kids. And after they finished taking care of my daughter for the day, they went home and took care of their own children. They went from being our medical team to family. I found that everything that was said about them was wrong. I discovered that doctors recommend certain medicines for a reason. It's because they want children to have the best chance at survival and to have healthy and happy lives. They don't have a hidden agenda. They don't rely on wishful thinking or hopeful remedies. They use what works. I wouldn't trust doctors to save my life. I trust them even more than that. I daily trust them to save my daughter's life. I wouldn't wish what we've gone through on my worst enemy. We saw our daughter too sick to eat, too weak to play, too tired to smile. We spent sleepless nights wondering if we would hear our beautiful daughter's laugh in the morning. There is no pain like seeing your child suffer while fighting for their life. Actually...there is one pain worse, and that's only the anguish of finding out that you could have prevented it. I know I did everything to prevent my daughter from getting cancer and cancer still found her.  I would give anything to have my daughter vaccinated today. I would do anything to spare her from disease. There are vaccines for your child. You can protect them from having to fight for their lives against life threatening diseases. These diseases are monsters. They steal life from even the bravest and strongest of children.  Please don't risk your child's life. You can do what I can't. You can vaccinate and save your child from suffering or even death. From one mom to another, if you have the chance to save your child from a life threatening disease, please, please, from the bottom of my heart, please...vaccinate your child. Very sincerely, Melissa Bumstead, aka Gracie's Mommy Read more about Gracie here:
January 28, 2015
Latest Entry: She is not a role model
This just sickens me to no end. First of all her blog whatever else she has out there on the web NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN AND PEOLPE NEED NOT TO SUPPORT IT BY VIEWING IT!! Secondly she is way to young to give anybody advice on relationships. I was married to Psychopath for 17 years suffered unbeileveabe physical and mental abuse by my husband who was suppose to protect and love me... Everyhing that Robin said about signs of abusers he is everything she said and more. Even though I'm no longer with him and I'm married to a wonderful loving man now. He never hits me and I feel so loved. Things that my ex-husband did to me still affect me ways sometimes i dont even realize. I have been divorce from him for almost five years now. I will never be the same again what he put me though. Thats NOT LOVE. That just a sick person that finds pleasure in hurting you in ways that are inmaginable. So,I find her very OFFENSIVE, APPALLING, AND STUPID, and her blog or whatever else she has needs to be taken down... She needs to STOP before someone listen to her and they get hurt or even KILLED BY HER MESSAGE.... She needs to think about...
January 27, 2015
Latest Entry: How can I know is normal or not?
My son is gonna be 10 in two weeks, yesterday I received a call from his teacher he got in trouble last week, by sayin and pointing his private area in school in front to a girl, I'm freaking out, the principal assistant talked to him and told him he can go to jail, I know that, but at the same time I don't want to freak out and say or do things that are going to damage my son and his self esteem, he never act like this before and he knows is wrong, at home is always with me, but he said he listen this from a class mate, he wrote a letter to apologize to the teacher and to the girl, with his own words and feelings but I'm afraid!!!!!! I don't want to rise a sex ofender????!!!! Help!!!!!!!!????? Please!!!!!!!! Thanks
January 27, 2015
Latest Entry: Sad and Lost
My heart is so broken 4 days ago my daughter  said she hated me and never wants to see me again. for the last 5mons i have changed my life around to help her with the children being there everyday all day while she worked taking care of my new grandson he is a joy in my life and brought me so much happyness she has ripped him and the other babys away from me and reason is because i hurt her dad. 6mons ago her dad gave me a place to live to get away from a bad relationship and i really did not want to do that because he is a alcohlic half a gallon vodka a day. he got very sick and stopped drinking for 3mons. i told my daughter and her dad if he starts drinking again i will leave. things get even worse he gets drunk and tells me to get out and take my dog with me so i asked my x if i could please move back home so i packed it up and left and then my older daughter called me and said he never told you to move out .so he lied to my daughters so now she hates me cuz she thinks i left  to be with my x. my daughters son was killed by a drunk driver november 2013 i really beleave this is just anger from the loss of my grandson and she is taking it out on me. i really love her with all my heart and soul i would give my life for her to have her baby back.  I feel so empty
January 27, 2015
Latest Entry: Teens Obssessed With Love
On the show today, Disrespectful teen Chloe needs a wake up call. She is a brat. She needs a butt whooping a long time ago. And Dusty only wants what he can get out her. If she continues to even talk to him she is dumb. He clearly stated he doesnt want her. I hope she gets it together and is successful one day. She will need her parents and one day she will/should understand one day.
January 27, 2015
Latest Entry: my friend with a problem
I have a friend her name is Jessica, she's doing really stupid stuff in her life right now. her mother has custody of her two kids. she is using meth, and her boyfriend is not a good person either and does drugs also. jessica has been in and out of rehab, and still wont get clean. my problem is that her boyfriend has a son with my sister. so she is just adding more conflict between my sister, and the father of her child. jessica wont listen to anyone, she was married once, but her husband OD on meth, or it could of been something else. how else could her mother, or i get her to stop what she is doing, take care of her kids, and get the help that she needs?? any suggestions?
January 26, 2015
Latest Entry: CRPS a Painful Condition
Let me start with a bit of a history of the events that have led me to the situation I now find myself in.  In early 2009 I was sick with food poisoning for several days, and ended up going to an emergency room for assistance.  Long story short, I ended up walking out of the emergency room with a permanent life long chronic pain condition that affects the sympathetic nervous system on the right side of my body.   This condition is called CRPS type 2.  CRPS stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, it was previously known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

CRPS affects every aspect of my daily life.  I am no longer able to work or be a functioning member of society.  I avoid all physical contact with others and things, as each contact to my right upper body feels like they are stabbing me with a white hot knife.  It's hard to hold in screams when people go out of their way to touch me.  I try everything I can to avoid contact, such as telling them to not touch me, trying to move out of their reach, or using my left arm to block them.  Unfortunately humans are such a touchy people, and some people either don't listen, don't really care or they want to see if their touch will cause me pain.  Every drop of water from a shower that comes into contact with my right side feels like someone is stabbing 6" long needles into my body.

When I first became injured the doctors put me on a lot of pharmaceutical medications.  These did not seem to help much, but they did turn me into a complete zombie, who could not remember anything from one minute to the next.  There came a time when I realized that this was going to be a life long condition, and that I could not continue to go through life in a drug induced fog, forgetting days and other events that happened in my life. 

Going against the advice of my doctors, I slowly began to cut back on the pharmaceutical medications that I was taking on a daily basis.  At it's peak I was taking over 50 prescription pills a day (It was like 6-10 different prescriptions).  Slowly over the course of two years, of repeatedly going through various degrees of detox, I managed to cut my medications down to about a dozen pills per day.  I had at one point cut my medications back too far, and had to find the right balance that was needed for my body.

As a result of my CRPS I lost my balance on the stairs in 2013 resulting in a back injury.  I had not been able to walk from November 2013 until the end of March 2014.  I spent a month in hospital in March 2014.  At which time I worked very hard during the wee hours of the night exercising around the quiet hospital to get myself back up and walking, so that I did not need to go to a sub-acute home for several months of rehabilitation.
January 26, 2015
Latest Entry: is the economy an excuse for wreckless financial habits?
i hear about it almost daily, our economy is in poor condition. is it really? i have made a couple of observations. the main thing ive noticed is that large software companies are constantly releasing new, more expensive smart phones, tablets, and video game platforms. the way i see it, software companies wouldnt bother spending billions on development, manufacturing and advertisement if it wasnt very profitable. i have also noticed that i witness more people in expensive clothing and shoe stores than i do browsing the dusty corners of a thrift store. in conclusion, i am quite baffled by the phenomina of people wearing american eagle and browsing the net with thier smart phones while simultaniously complaining about our economy.
January 26, 2015
Latest Entry: Choices And Goals
( Worksheets are needed for this portion of The Hallelujah Diet. You can find these worksheets in the Appendices in the back of this book. Or you can visit our Web site at to download the work- sheets in PDF format. If you don't have access to the Internet, you can call Hallelujah Acres at 800-915-9355 and we'll be happy to send you the worksheets at no charge.

Life is a series of choices. I believe most of us can look back f our own lives and think of choices, we've made that were good and that produced positive results. Choosing a loving mate is a big decision. Choosing a good career path is another. Choosing the right house, car-all big ones. Choices can affect how we feel about life and can determine how life affects us. Why, we can even choose how we'll feel about the situations we're thrown into and how we will react. Many people have made positive choices to abstain from unhealthy habits-or if acquired, have chosen to give them up-like smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. It's a good feeling to look back and 'know we've improved our quality of life; and in some cases, we've increased our days by making these positive moves.

At the same time, we can probably think back on some bad choices we've made that produced negative results. Today, we regret having ever made those bad choices. Many people are choosing to adopt patterns of negativity always expecting the worst to happen. They often bring upon themselves the very things they fear. Some choose lives of inactivity-spending too much time in front of the TV or computer, rather than getting regular physical exercise. And they are now paying for those poor choices with bad health and expanding waistlines.

My friends, in this chapter, I want you to consider one kind of choice that will affect the rest of your lives-your choke of what you are going to eat and drink. The choices you make here can determine whether you live long, healthy lives or short, painful ones. And when I say "you," I really mean "you and those around you," because in social habits like eating and drinking, the chokes you make always have a ripple effect on those around you. It's the very reason why Americans have fallen Mt such disastrous eating habits in the first place-everyone else is doing it!

Most people in today's world give very little thought to what they eat or drink, never realizing how much their food and drink choices affect their physical and mental well-being. Yet what a person eats and drinks can determine whether he or she is overweight and sickly or at an ideal weight and healthy. Here' an example we've all seen: Someone who was extremely over weight has worked hard to become very fit. Isn't it amazing ho that person's attractiveness and vibrancy changed so dramatically, simply by a change in eating and lifestyle habits? Just imagine what a change in eating habits can do for a sick malnourished person. All of a sudden, that person chooses to put into his mouth the kinds of fuel that will rebuild, clean out and put a healthy glow into his or her face and physique. Talk about an extreme makeover!

Our choice of food and drink will determine whether we am full of energy or just dragging around, feeling tired, and wanting to lie down. Our food and drink chokes can even contribute whether we have a positive or negative mental attitude and out look on life. There are many tremendous contrasts between the person who nourishes his or her body properly, and the person who mal-nourishes his or her body with junk.

But hopefully, by the time you've arrived at this point in the book, you understand the difference between being nourished and malnourished, you'll have a desire to eat right so that you, too, can experience the abundant health God wants for you-a health that so many before you have achieved because they those to follow The Hallelujah Diet.

So if your desire is to be truly healthy, let's take a few minutes and examine the steps you can take to help you obtain that goal.


The very first choice to make if you are going to be successful at almost anything in life is to set some goals! When you go on a trip, your goal is your destination; then you take a map and set your course. To reach your destination successfully, you chart mini-goals, traveling to point A. Upon reaching point A, you set a goal of reaching point B, and so on, until you reach your final destination goal.

If you want to experience the optimal health God desires for you, you must also set mini-goals that will help you reach that final destination goal. These goals should be set out in writing and reviewed often. You'll find that keeping these goals constantly before you will help immeasurably with your success.

Along with the setting of a goal, you need to also have a clear reason for wanting to reach that goal.

For instance, if you are 50 pounds overweight, your goal might be to "lose 50 pounds." And your reason for setting that goal could be "for appearance's sake, for health reasons," or even for "improved self-image." If you are experiencing cancer, heart disease, or some other affliction, your goal would no doubt be "the elimination of that affliction." And the reason for setting that goal:

"That I might live and be there for my children, spouse, etc."

If you are healthy and experiencing no physical problems, your goal might be "continued good health!" And your reason for setting that goal might simply be "so that I don't get sick!" or your reason might be "so that I won't have to spend my life's savings on future medical bills." Maybe your reason might be "to stay in top physical condition so that I can better serve the Lord." That's a great reason!

Make the setting of these goals and the reasons for setting them high priorities. The Hallelujah Health Goals Worksheet has been provided for you in Appendix A of this book. Write down your goals and the reasons why you are setting these goals. Examine yourself, pray about it, and then start writing. As you write out your goals, try to see yourself clearly in your mind's eye, enjoying all the wonderful health and energy or whatever you are putting on paper. Remember, there is real power in writing down your plans! It's no different than making a blueprint before building something, or writing a shopping list before going to the store. Once you've committed to the physical realm in the form of the written word, you've begun a process that will reach into the depths of your mind and spirit. This will give you a great positive driving force to achieve your goal. Once you've made up your mind, you're more than halfway there!

Once you have written down your goals and reasons, make a point to go back every week to read them-maybe on Sunday or before a regular devotional time. This will reinforce your commitment, and it will also be a wonderful way to look back and see how your goals have become a reality.

I. Obstacles

Clearly spell out the obstacle(s) you want to address under each category. For example, under "Physical" you might write, "I am 30 lbs. overweight and suffer from hypertension" or "I have bad acne and skin rashes" or "I am frequently tired and need a nap in the afternoon" or "I drink 4 cups of coffee to stay alert while driving."

11. Consequences

What happens if you don't deal with the obstacle(s)?

For example, under 'Physical" you might write, "My husband probably doesn't appreciate the extra weight I've put on since we were married, and! I don't want him to find me less attractive," or "According to my doctor, I am risking a heart attack, and the only alternative is going on medication which I DON'T WANT to do," or "Although my acne gives me a 'youthful 'appearance. I'm ready to face the fact that it a sign of a poor diet."

III. Goals

Now that you've stated the obstacles and the consequences, clearly write out your goals regarding what you want to achieve. This should be the opposite of the obstacle(s) you listed. Try going beyond the obstacle to create a perfectly healthy new you!

For example, under "Physical" you might write,

"I. Jane Doe, am going to lose 30 lbs. of excess fat and become even more attractive to my husband than when we first met!" or "Next time I go to the doctor I going to have a normal blood-pressure reading, and I won't need any drugs," or "My pimples are going to go away, because toxins will be gone from my body."

IV. Reasons

Although "Reasons" may look similar to "Consequences," they are actually the positive flipside.

For example, under "Physical" you might write, "I want to be at an ideal weight because I want to glorify God with the ideal body He gave me, overflowing with health and vitality. I also want my heart to be in top condition so that I'm around for my children, and they can look at Mom and say, I want to be healthy like her too!'"
January 25, 2015
Latest Entry: Undercover Prostitute
Ladies; daughters, sisters, nieces, whatever loved ones may call you, by becoming a Sugar Baby online, you are accepting the role of a First Class Prostitute in an evolved world of technology.
I've heard many Sugar Babies feel the need to become defensive towards their "lifestyle"... if this lifestyle was so innocent and lawful then why is there a need to be defensive? The answer is simple because they lie to themselves and everyone else willing to listen about the role of prostitution in their arrangements with Sugar Daddies.
We live in 2015, the generation of technology... We use match, plenty of fish, and many other online dating sites to meet our next boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Woman and men use the website for online prostitution, point blank. Well how the hell do you know? I made a chose to use my own pictures to make a profile page on It wasn't easy, putting up my own personal pictures for the viewing pleasure of older men from all across the country to be used as employment qualifications to see if I am approved for their wants and desires. From the moment I uploaded my first picture on the website, I felt like I was already selling myself. Women and girls across the world are forcefully being sold, and here I am selling myself willingly.
On my profile bio, I made it very clear that I would not sell sex in exchange for money. However, I made my profile very sweet and welcoming for the Sugar Daddies to promote myself as their next Sugar Baby. Days passed and I got a total of three messages. I messaged all three men for several hours and it all led to an uncomfortable discussion of a sexual encounter. I decided to update my profile and delete anything concerning sex. I got forty three messages in one hour. Messages from Sugar Daddies offering me luxury vacations, shopping sprees, monthly allowances.  
I decided to pick one in the same city I resided in. As I got ready making sure I looked as perfect in reality as I did in my pictures, my husband nervously watched. He was watching his wife get all dolled up for another man. I didn't expect approval, I just expected trust.
This Sugar Daddy was supposedly 42, the same age my husband would be when my daughter is my current age. He was 42, supposedly divorced, with a privacy of the fact that he may or may not have children. One thing I noticed on the profiles of the Sugar Daddies is most of them prefer not to say if they have children or not. Most likely to cover up the fact that their sons or daughters are probably the same age if not older than their Sugar Babies.
I drove myself to the destination he had arranged, a five star restaurant, in my middle class SUV. I wore a dress that was in no way Versace or Chanel, just a simple blue dress that protruded my breasts in a provocative attraction. I began walking into the restaurant while valet rode away with my car, I got flutters in my stomach but not like butterflies, nervous, gut-wrenching flutters. I tried looking for him before the hostess approached me. I told this young woman my Sugar Daddies name and her face lit up like a child on Christmas day. "Oh Mr. Geneva is sitting at the bar!" She said with so much enthusiasm like she knew exactly who he was and his whole life story... My flutters began stabbing my insides. I sat by him. Instead of a warm smile or greeting. He evaluated me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. It wasn't as if he was checking me out but he was actually evaluating his approval for me. Finally what seemed like an eternity of him starring at my breasts, he signaled the waiter to get me a drink, even though I stated in my profile I am a non-drinker. But I didn't want to object. Why didn't I object? In some way I felt like I was less superior and noble to this man, it was like I was somebody else. But I was somebody else, I was pretending to be somebody I wasn't. At this restaurant, I wasn't a wife, I wasn't a mommy, and I had no self-worth.
He eventually spoke after staring at me then to his whiskey, then to his cigar. He asked me how much very nonchalant. I looked at him, my face flushed. He looks different than his pictures. His pictures look as though they were taken five or ten years ago. He had crow's feet and heavy bags under his eyes. He was in the first stages of balding. He began tapping his hand on the bar, impatiently waiting for an answer. I noticed his ring finger, although no ring, there was a tan line of a ring impression. He began taping his foot aggressively. "How much for what" I asked in a flirty tone and pretending to take a sip of what I am assuming was a grey goose martini. I felt guilty for asking this question and I felt humiliated for doing this whole experiment.               
Why is it that a woman in a healthy and loving relationship felt irresistibly guilty on this phony date? I felt guilty, worthless, and shameful. I knew it was all fake but the Sugar Daddy didn't which made it all the more unsettling. But as I ponder writing this blog, the Sugar Babies are only acting and flirting as much as my own mock up. They use their attractiveness, charm, wit, and sexuality to seduce these Sugar Daddies, working explicitly to drain the money from their wallets.
He told me to stop playing games in a tone my father would develop in the course of punishment when I was younger. He then slid a stack of money across the bar in my direction and fanned it out right in front of me for impressment. There laid one thousand dollars in ten one hundred dollar bills. Was this how much I was worth? It didn't seem like enough... but then I thought one hundred thousand wouldn't be enough. Because the truth is I'm worth much more than money. I'm worth more than any amount that money can buy because I am a human being, I'm a woman, and I don't have a price tag anywhere on my body.
The anger infuriated from my chest. I decided not to stoop to his level and I causally walked away, I walked away from this experiment from that moment on until forever.
The women of this country fought for equality, but with each Sugar Baby making this her "lifestyle" we are taking three steps back. We have so many more qualities to bring this nation than what we can do with our vaginas. We are not a price tag. We are strong, beautiful, and courageous women. We don't need an older and wealthy man to pay our bills in exchange for sex. We can pay our own bills with our own hard earned money with the choice of finding a man who not only loves what you offer him but what he offers you without the use of money or materialistic items but the two beating organs in your chests representing your love for one another.
To potential women thinking of becoming a Sugar Baby, I am asking you to think with your heart instead of your brain. Use the emotions your body is signaling. I may not know you and I may have never looked at you but I can assure you that you are worth so much more than money. It's never too late to walk away and be the woman you want to be proud of. Remember it's easier to keep your character than recapture that character once it's lost.
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