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March 3, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I recently saw Pauline - the "world's heaviest woman" on the show, My 600 lb Life, and was wondering if Dr. Phil will have her back on his show.  She evidently took nothing he said to her previously to heart and came off on My 600 ib. Life as selfish, whiny, lazy and totally incapable of following medical instrucitions. I find it difficult to have any sympathy for her at all. However, what she is doing to her son - and what he is allowing her to do to him - is heartbreaking.  Maybe Dr. Phil could help her son?  A show devoted to enablers?  Just a thought. Thanks!
March 3, 2015
Latest Entry: being loved
My lil guy loves me
March 2, 2015
Latest Entry: Why staying in your current home is the best kind of green living
There's been a lot of emphasis in rec

ent years on sustainable, green living. People swap out their appliances for those with the Energy Star seal of approval, they move to homes with better insulation and more efficient heating, or they gut their old homes and renovate them until they're suitably "green" and bear almost no resemblance to the homes they once were.

Any of these options are perfectly acceptable, but when it came time for Lloyd Alter to downsize, he chose a different route. Being a proponent of living small and green design, it might come as a surprise to some people that this former architect has lived for most of his life in a 3-story, six bedroom, one bathroom house. It's an ancient monolith of a house, dating back to the early 20th century for its original building date.

Aging in place

Alter and his wife decided after their kids moved out of the house that it was too big for just the two of them to share, but instead of downsizing by moving to a smaller home, they just moved downstairs and turned their upper stories into a rental suite, thus following green principle number one: use what you have. They didn't have to buy or build a new house or emit greenhouse gases to move their furniture from one building to another. They made the decision many Americans are making these days: to age in place.

Loving originality

However, the second unique thing Alter did was to leave much of his home intact and original. He posted photos of brick that changes color from white to red in the middle of the room, a remnant of a sunroom he painted white 30 years ago. He liked the historical look it gave the room and chose, with appropriate environmental aplomb, to leave it painted the way it was.

In fact, the main changes he made were mostly to improve the insulation, but without changing the look of the house. "I love the character of the wood and the windows and there was no way I was going to gut the place and lose all that," Alter said. What wood he did have to remove he reused as flooring on the new stairs and landing he created during the renovation.

Improvements behind the scenes

To do this, he added a vapor barrier in some of his more drafty windows, improved the insulation, and installed new radiators, leaving the piping exposed on the ceiling of the lower floor, thus allowing the ambient heat of the pipes to heat his bedroom without the need of an extra radiator. And of course, he said, "There is not a single incandescent or fluorescent bulb in the place," since he changed everything out for LEDs, and his electricity bill is lower with six people living in the house than it was with just the two of them.

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March 1, 2015
Latest Entry: My Life Is Right Here
I miss my babies please help get them out of foster care even advice helps
March 1, 2015
Latest Entry: The cost of freedom
Having your loved one in the armed forces is hard, because of the struggles with been alone when they have to leave for weeks at a time. Not only that, but the fear that your loved one will get deployed. The moving around alot hurts too because both of you are away from your families, and the fact having to keep starting over in a new place. When you have a child or children it's harder on you because your loved ones don't get spend the time that you want them to spend with their children because that's the cost of freedom. They don't fight for selfishness. They fight so that their children can live in a place with endless freedoms. Like the dream to work wherever they please or to chase that dream that sometimes feels so far. I had a friend along time ago who said to me." I want to join the military to fight for the people to have their freedom. I want to fight for that kid that bashes the military and plays video games all day. I want to fight so that kid has the freedom to do so." From that day on that friend of mine became a hero to me, and now that I'm married to a military man. I know why he chose to join, and why he chooses to stay in the armed forces for a while. He chooses this not just for my daughter and I to have the freedom we do, but for the rest of this country as well. So when you see a soldier please say thank you because freedom still comes with a price.
March 1, 2015
Latest Entry: Snap Judgements
This show is old but I just watched it. There were a few segments but the one with the mother/daughter situtation was really sad. The daughter was upset because she didn't feel good enough because her Mom gave her crap about her clothing or putting a purple stripe on her hair. She was trying to Mold her daughter and not let her be an individual. BTW, she was not dressing like a skank in the least! The mother says she was doing that because her daughters appearance reflects on her! She also judged all her friends/boyfriends on their Looks Only.That was all she was concerned about. No matter what Dr Phil tried to explain to her, she would not listen. She was right and Everyone else was wrong. I would like to make a suggestion for the future if they cover this subject again.  Before the show, Dr Phil should take a pic of the mother and show it to random people to ask what they think of her. Maybe getting a taste of her own medicine would help her understand. Stop judging people without knowing them. That is just Wrong.    This was Season 8 Episode 24.
February 28, 2015
Latest Entry: PLEAAAAASE help me protect my children from an "alleged" child molester
I am so worried about my kids and I can not find anyone to help me.   My husband and I seperated and moved in with his dad.  We have been married for over 12 years and for over 13 years him and his family have told me about all the violent physical abuse that occurred with everyone at the hands of the Dad.  At the same time I was told there was sexual abuse done to the adopted daughter and other extended family members.  Now that my husband moved in with his dad he thinks it is ok for the kids to live there.  My husband has NEVER allowed the kids to be alone with him and have only been over there with us probably 10 times.  His dad did not attend our wedding and I didn't even meet him until we were at least 5 years into our marriage. Nor do most of the kids have anything to do with their dad due to the abuse and threats to kill the mom.   So for 13 years I have been told by him and all his family about how much of a monster he was and abused them and now he wants me to allow them to live with him.  Unfortunately, he was never convicted so he does not have a criminal record.  However, I have some text from the abused sister talking about it and other family members mentioning it.  Now my husband is acting like he has no idea what abuse I am talking about.  I truly believe he is suffering from some PTSD from his childhood and his job as a firefighter (he tried to save a 4 month old baby over 2 years ago and couldn't.)  Since then he has slowly withdrawn from his family and friends, doesn't really have many goals, stopped caring for the house and people and now he will allow his kids around his dad.  He of course thinks he doesn't have a problem or need any help. 

I have contacted a couple police officers/detectives, DCFS, counselors etc. and was pretty much told they are more reactive than proactive and unless charges were filed he is innocent.  As a mother my number one job is to protect my kids and I have never in my life felt more helpless.  My husband has told him family to not have contact with me as they ones that the abuse occurred and could help protect my kids.  I don't think he has told them he wants to move them into his dads because I don't think any of them would be happy with that.  As this is abnormal behavior

 Him and his attorney have agreed to not allow the kids at the dads for the moment because of the text message documentation I have.  However, my husbands is getting angry and I cant predict if he will continue to not allow them there.  The last thing I know to do if I need to before the temp order hearing is get a restraining order on my husbands dad.  I will do it to protect my kids but I know this will cause a lot more problems and I don't want my kids to know about any of this.  

I need to get a temporary order filed and I have pretty much done up a lot myself but I think I am going to need help.   I have tried to find anyone to help me and I can not with out a lot of money that I do not have.  No free laywers with the state except for clinics but you can just ask questions and they wont represent you.  
February 26, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
This young woman has done and probably said alot of things that were extremely hurtful to her family, however, we do not know what her family has done and said to her.  Take it from me, I've been there.  The things a family says and does to a young person stays with them for life.  There is a lack of trust and you have a very difficult time letting others in.  This is why some young people act out.  Looking to get the love and attention they so desperatly need and want.  Let's say you are 10 years old and you thought you had a wonderful family until you meet a woman who asks you if you would like her to be your new mommy.  Just an example.  I think this young womans family is partially to blame.  Not just her.
February 26, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
The girl today sounds so much like my adopted daughter.  My heart breaks as I choke back the heartbreak and emotions from the relationship we lost with our adopted daughter.  She like this girl blames us for not being there, which could not be further from the truth.  The consequences of Crystal's actions lead her to the estranged relationship, yet she blames us completely for not being there for her, turning our backs on her.  She was caught up in drug possession, drug use, domestic violence, prostitution, striping and God only knows where she is now.  Her two children are being raised by their father who is an admitted drug dealer.  I'm in NC and they are in NY.  I offered to raise her children until she could get her life together.  She was going to sign them over then walked out on her husband and kids.  Child services works with them but I cannot get over how they can leave the children with their parents.  Those kids need a Dr. Phil intervention as do the parents.  We were told Crystal was someone that would not fit into a family setting but we did not want to believe it until her reckless behavior became too much for us to handle.
February 26, 2015
Latest Entry: Cyberstalking destroys lives
What people who are older then about 35 today don't understand is why someone would randomly start cyberstalking and harassing someone online.  I'm kind of in between because I got exposed to the internet in college, not high school or below.  I have been getting cyberstalked, harassed, slandered to death online through social media and on campus I was harassed in person.  I only ever even spoke or sow just merely a couple of them in person.  So why did they act like they hated me and that I actually did something to them?  The question is, people exhibit a double life while online.  

The innocent church girl, sweet as pie, daddy's little girl, displays this behavior face to face so when this person starts cussing and stalking and harassing and just using the worst grusome language online, no one believes the victim because this is that sweet innocent little church girl that they see at bible study every week.  And no one see's the motive either.  I noticed that with my school.  I remember one of the people I trusted in the registrers office made one of the dumbest most inapprpriate comments when I told her what was going on in front of the dean and that was she said:"well, I have met multiple of these people in conferences from that class and they are very nice"  Really?  I just told you what they were doing and they had no reason to doubt me and basically this person from the registrers office was saying "they're really nice" so unpoken language "you're wrong, that person could never do that and I don't believe you.'  You must be mistaken for someone else.  No, I'm not mistaken.  I have 100's of pages of evidence to show otherwise and I have given the school 3 years to view it.  To this day, every time I try to file a complaint against the ones responsible they put a road block.  Attempt 1: I was sent to student health, confidentiality waived and advisor shared confidential information she was legally not allowed to share and used it and shared her opinion as a fact to a doctor at student health.  This blocked me by putting me in fear that if I filed something against the students, I'd get kicked out.  Attempt 2: I was given forms to file during tht summer a complaint but was told to think carefully because filing it by the associate dean because they were my classmates.  Plus, I lost my healthcare and I couldn't no longer think clearly because I now was being hurt by doctors trying to say it was my imagination and to take a crazy medication to get those imaginary beliefs out of my head.  What's worse, being stalked including being viewed naked online by my classmates or being told I'm crazy by the doctors in that country? Attempt 3: I asked if I would get hurt and kicked out if I iled a complaint.  Person from registers office was supposed to look into that for me and what a surprise, she gave me the form.  Attempt 4: I was going to do it for sure now after their latest attack.  They hacked into my mothers work email, my parents computers, my computer and made a blog that I could only access by using google with up and down arrows since they deleted the opperating system and so that 1 week trip October 2013 turned into my worst nightmare.  $3,000 trip.  They never paid me back for my resit exams they wouldn't let me take either.  They wouldn't let me take them because I said I was ready to file a complaint.  So again, this was probably the 12th time my confidentiality was waived.  My question, why have confidentiality laws if you don't use them?  Even when I pointed it out to them, started putting on the very top of every email communication saying : This is only for the recipient to read and if it is forwarded or discussed with anyone other then the recipient it is a violation of my student to school conidentiality rules/regulations of the university.  Even after starting emails with that, they still violated confidentiality.  Student health did the same.  So Attempt 4 was I called to file a complaint against the students responsible and provide the evidence and I told the person at the register this was confidential and not to be discusssed with anyone else without my written or verbal consent and of coarse, surprise, she went and told the dean and the next day I get a call, she is on the phone and the dean was too and they said that they sent my case to the progress committee.  And as much as I was struggling and as many problems that were already occuring then, I now had to have a meeting with the progress committee.  Surprise, the meeting was not about the only issue at all.  It was about everything but the issue of the only problem going on.  Schools commonly will try to make things like cases of bullying like mine a health issue.  That started with the first advisor.  I don't like to lie but I had to.  The method used to control me was fear of getting kicked out.  It's now been 1.5 years since I was sent to the progress committee.  They gave me 3 things I had to have including doctors letters.  I actually lost my health care due to student health actually sending hateful most unprofessional letters any doctor in the states had ever seen that it was too hard to even take seriously.  It was clear that this doctor over at that school hate me, but everything else was a mystery.  He gave diagnosis and things like that because I couidn't prove it at the time he told me to prove it due to cyberstalking being very hard to prove so he said I imagined it.  In the states, the patient is given the benefit of the doubt.  Also, doctors don't abuse their power or violate confidentiality laws because they hate their patient.  He hated me because I said he misdiagnosed me and I was American.  Ya, I was surprised at this Western European school ccredited with the US hated American's because in the US everyone has always loved them.  I can't say what country but I too never would have imagined this but I've lived in many countries in my life and almost everyting that occured during my 1.5 years of living there I was treated diferently for being American.  Even when I was homing or fostering animals even the animal organizations hated me for my nationality.  In the states, I would say over a dozen things that happened to me in the states would have given me grounds to sue.  I would have one the suit too.  

FYI: I'm still getting stalked so what I'm writing is being read by them and they are likely to hack into this account or write malicious comments with intent to make me sound crazy and want to hurt myself.  These are some of the worst people I've ever met in my lifetime.
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