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May 21, 2015
Latest Entry: A Child Lost
There is an 11 year old, blind, autistic little girl that is in the hands of CPS.  She has always lived in a fantisy world in her mind because that is all she has known.  Her family has protected her from that big bad world out there.  When CPS found out she admitted she lied, they came in and took her.

We need help for this little girl.

May 21, 2015
Latest Entry: 22 a day
That is a statistic that needs to be talked about. We have a problem in the United States 22 veterans are committing suicide a day. The va hospitals are a mess veterans do not trust the grandbabies hard time just getting an appointment. When you do get an appointment for mental health you get seen by a different Dr each time. Everytime you have to repeat your story because no one reads the other drs notes. They would rather give you meds that make you feel like a zombie than actually help you. I was asked specifically what's meds I wanted to be put on. That was the last time I ever have set foot in mental health. I would rather be crazy than in a medically induced zombie state. It's time to get these brave men and women help they deserve. You should not have to be on multiple medications for life.
May 21, 2015
Latest Entry: Diabetic Son
My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 16.  Its a constant struggle to get him to check his blood sugar.  He's recently gotten a pod, which has taken the place of 3 days worth of injections - but he still will not remember or won't check his blood sugar unless we tell him to do so.  He is leaving for college in a couple of months and I am very worried for him.  He is extremely bright - full scholarship - utterly refuses to accept responsibility for keeping up with his blood sugar.   

If someone has had to deal with this issue - please let me know what I can do to help my son. 
May 20, 2015
Latest Entry: Family won't speak to me anymore.
Being without my family is like grieving for a loss of a loved one and their still here.  We had issues my 2 sons and my daughter.  My sister and brother won't talk to me or accept my apology.  I am at my wits end and need advice on how to re-connect with them.  They ignore my friend requests on face book, my messages left on their phones etc.
May 20, 2015
Latest Entry: Infiltrating Scientology

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Have a nice day.
May 19, 2015
Latest Entry: WIFE
May 19, 2015
Latest Entry: Fake Cancer Episode
My name is Jessica and I did shave my head and get a tattoo for my sister in law who really had cancer. I am happy to say that she beat her cancer! It makes me sad for this young girl's family and friends who did the same for a lie. If I had found out it was a lie when I did it, I would have been pissed. I also had a close friend who passed away in December of 2014 who was only 34 from cancer. My uncle is currently in the hospital after his surgery for Pancreatic Cancer. He still has a lot of fighting to do so please keep him in your thoughts. CANCER is not a joke or something to lie about. I do not see remorse in this girl's face or actions. I hope she gets the help she needs so she does not do anything like this again.
May 19, 2015
Latest Entry: children stuck in between parental fighting
I am new to this and to be honest I don't get to watch the newest dr phil show because I don't get cable...everything I watch is via internet.  Having said that, I am watching where a husband has left his wife to pursue a relationship with a young (gerber and company) girl leaving 10 children and a wife behind.  I am absolutely astonished at how the parents are allowing the children to battle among themselves!   Growing up I was told about a brother I had but becuase my parents figured in order to maintain status quo so to speak that my father would take my brother and my mother would take me ...we were literally raised in two seperate countries!  We knew about each other but due to our parents fighting we never had an opportunity to really meet each other or communicate.  When I see situations like this were kids are standing off and choosing sides and not communicating with each other due to parents fighting I am heart broken.  My brother and I are left with trying to create a bond that was essentially robbed from us....Parents need to stop thinking so selfishly and keep in mind that there are children in the midst of all this and for all the lumps and bumps family is family and those kids need to be unified because through all the chaos at least their siblings can remain a constant.  

May 19, 2015
Latest Entry: This is so upsetting!
Watching this show mad me so mad and I had a lot of bad feelings for this girl. I have lost MANY family members to Cancer from the ages of 4 to 80. I do not wish anyone in their LIFE to deal with cancer and for her to lie about having it makes me sick. Has she ever seen or watched someone pass away from cancer and what cancer does to a person, I have first hand and for her to lie about it, makes me sick.

Dr. Phil ler her off way to easy. I hope she goes to jail!  In fact they should have her work with Cancer patients both young and old or at a hospice center to see what real people with cancer have to go thru OR talk to families of people who have lost loved ones to cancer and how it effects their lives.

Growing up she had bad things happen to her, so now that you are older go get the help you should of gotten YEARS ago, dont make up having cancer to get the "love" you never got or felt you got as a child, that is just wrong and messed up thinking.  And I do not think she is sorry for anything.
May 17, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
Started the 2020 diet yesterday (16th May 2015) I am seriously positive about it, I feel i'm given a new lease of life :) I actually do like to exercise also, but my negative self-image made me not do it, was too tired, no time, any excuse! No more excuses, stay positive, I can do this!
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