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October 8, 2015
Latest Entry: Having children as God's will.
Watching one of your repeats today about a couple with 5 children and the father unemployed, receiving money from in-laws etc. Answered the question as to why they did not use birth control, brought back memory of a parent of a student when I taught in Houston Texas who had 19 children. When my teaching partner asked her when she was going to stop having kids she responded "It's none of your *** business. It is God's will to get pregnant. I have been pregnant 26 times. So mind your own business."
October 7, 2015
Latest Entry: marriage
I need some advice. My husband doesn't help me around the house. He would rather go to his brothers than help me. I have so many projects to finish up. We are struggling to make it now but he doesn't want to get anthoer job. I have congestive heart failure so I have limited strength. I do work 28 hours at work and on my days off I am cleaning the house. He leaves or sleeps. We fight alot. If it inconviences him he won't do anything unless I start. For example, I wanted to put the grill and patio furniture up for the winter, asked him to do it while he was at work, he didn't.  We need to spray for bugs again, the first time he didn't do it until I was home and we had to leave. We need to do it again but he won't do it until it is my day off. He just doesn't do anything unless I fight with him or I start it. On my birthday it was more important for him to take his brother to the bus station than confirm that I had a ride to work. Please help.
October 7, 2015
Latest Entry: My first therapy lesson...
Imagine this; immaculate therapist named, Nancy greets ruffled, annoyed and pissy me, 44 year old mother of two special kids.

My dislike is instinctive and irrational. I am not even listening to her spiel. The world is muffled and I realize I need to cut this short or we wont get through my childhood let alone to my parenting needs which is why I am here.

I hold up my right hand and smile sweetly while stating, I understand my rights to privacy.  I understand you must report harm to self or others. Let's begin. I take control with telling her it would be extremely expedient if I could jus bullet point my life and we detail next meeting.

I kid you not, 3 attempts at questioning me later, she graciously gave in and let me narrate my bullet points.

I was abused as a child. I was raped as a child. I had an abortion from that rape. I was abandoned by my family. Had a child and gave it up for adoption. Got married to a man 19 years older than me. Divorced . Married for 3 mos. Divorced. Married for 3 years. Divorced. Hey, not 25 yet. Mention I was in a foreign country and had been abandoned there too? 

Married 4th man. Waited. Had 2 children. Lost a twin in birth. One fully autistic. Husband fully abusive. Broke and burned my son. Sexually and physically abused my children. Physically and emotionally abused me. Broke my back. Damaged my hips. Live in pain every day. 

Hey. Did you get the report from my children's therapist and psychologist? Good... now I don't have to detail every single thing my daughter relates in her haunting way while I stay awake nights wondering if my son will stop trying to commit suicide and strap out of his sociopathic tendencies before his 10th birthday.

Oh, our hour is up? (Big, sweet smile.) Yes, Nancy. Next time we can get into your questions.
October 7, 2015
Latest Entry: 20/20 diet
I am rarely hungry in the morning so when I ask myself why I am eating as you suggest my answer is to avoid future feellings of being really hungy.  Is tis normal?  I  also only eat a little of my breakfast and finish it for my lunch.  4 crackers and one piece of skim milk cheese at 3pm.  Dinner at 6pm  and maybe some steamed veg. for a snack.
October 7, 2015
Latest Entry: Hello Dr.
I was a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor & a combat engineer for over 8 years. I was medically retired after having a grand mal seizure in Fallujha.  With everything going on with my health I hoping to figure out a way to find my self again. 
October 6, 2015
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I have been meaning to join in on the dialogue of Dr. Phil's programs for some time , and I guess now is as good a time as any.  I'm going to state briefly, how today's show on Riley – brings into light the subtle difference between our Human and Spiritual experiences, and remark on Riley's  comment about past lives and how making this statement has brought so much confusion to his life.

We all are coming into a great understanding that is happening at this time, on this plane, within all social structures.  It will be soon apparent, that those of us on this planet will find ourselves divided into one of two groups; those that know and are leaving the path of separation of divinity, and those who have not yet have this knowingness; regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations.  

Watching today's show, I was stunned somewhat to hear Riley say that he has memories of his birth.  I wish I could have gotten more detail, but – the reason that this remark was astonishing, as most of us know,   not many of us "have" vivid memories of our birth until a good year after the event.  There is a Spiritual reason for why that is so predominant, but this is not the time to  reveal why, instead I'll say that Riley – just may be "as special" as he leads on. This remark, possibly gives credence to his belief of past lives or "reincarnation" as well.  Again, there are two groups, those who believe that they have participated in past lives here, because they "have;" and those who do not believe in past lives  - primarily because this is their first time here, therefore they "have not" participated in any past lives here.... But they're here now!

Ok, getting down to brass tacks.   Riley's remarks today enunciates the existence of two ways that we have been blessed to experience this incredible place that "Creation" has given us; either through the "Human Experience, or through a Spiritual Experience."  Riley's through his past use of drugs, where drugs are often taken to enhance a "dimensional experience," has only confused the two for him; RECREATIONAL USE OF DRUGS  will do just that.  You cannot participate in an enhanced dimensional experience, human or spiritual  - unless you are "firmly grounded in this reality,"  as Dr. Phil so eloquently informed him.  As much as I would like to embrace his Spiritual manifestations as the enlightened being that I have become, I affirm that Dr. Phil intervention for a stay for Riley at P and P will do him a world of good....  

Thank You -- Dr. Phil for all you interventions for all of those in need, on behalf of all of us who know the trials and tribulations of "struggle."    God Bless.
October 5, 2015
Latest Entry: Hello
I have done this 3 times now and none of my post work. get done typing and hit sumit and then it asks me to log in. I AM AREADY LOGIN!!!!!
October 4, 2015
Latest Entry: Child Molesters?
I need some advise.  My ex-husband was raised by a child molester.  He did not tell me about it but his sister told me after we had been married a number of years. We had two children (both boys) and I was told that as far as she knew, only the girls in the family were molested.  The mother of these children knew about this and did nothing.  In fact the entire family and most of the town knew and considered it normal.  When I asked my then husband about it he said that it didn't hurt his sister or any girl and that both he and his brother had also molested her. The step-father had taught them how. The sister had been going to a psychaitrist for years as an adult. My ex said she only did it to get attendion.  From that time on I watched my boys closely when they were with their father.  My problem is this.  My ex left me for another woman who had a 5 year old girl.  I had refused to have more children because I was afraid I might have a girl and he truly believed that a father or step father had a right to do this to a girl.  Not only did she have a little girl already but she had two more little girls by my husband before our divorce was final.  This happened many years ago and now the problem is that this other woman does not know about the situation in her own household and I feel guiltly by not telling her.  I felt she would think I was just trying to break them up because she destroyed my marriage and would probably not believe me.  Now there are granddaughters living in the household.  I still think she should know but not from me.
October 3, 2015
Latest Entry: First time blogging
Hello y'all, my name is Anna and for my first blog I want to let everyone know a little about me. I'm married and have two children I absolutely adore. Im 30 years old and stay at home mom,but not by choice. I suffer from 4 chronic illnesses sjogrens, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines. I also have lower back and neck narrowing and degeneration. Let's start from the beginning of my life of pain and heartache. My grandmother died of cancer which was the beginning of my depression at 9 years old. I watched her die and she was my rock. After her my dog died shortly after and he was also my rock. I know death is apart of life,but it hit me hard. I now suffer from depression and anxiety. I basically am afraid of everything even to leave the house. When I got pregnant with my first child I got severe preeclampsia at birth he was only 2 lbs 7oz and was born dead. Thank God the doctor saved him i was knocking on deaths door as well, but I will explain this all in future blogs. It was very tramatic and I still suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. I have had a tough life so far i know it could be worse, but I just want to make my life better. I am now a housewife who never sees her husband, has no career, no friends, no relationship with parents or family, and homebound. If I didn't have my kids then honestly I don't know how i would still be somewhat sane. I look forward too sharing my life experiences and hoping this will help my depression since I have no support or no one to talk to. Thanks for listening 

October 3, 2015
Latest Entry: obsessive grandparents
Dr Phill my daughter is being railroded and we hired an attorny=ey in the beginning and the  guy did nothing we asked big waste of nearly 5000   Friday she was served with papers to be in court on Tuesday morning.  This attorney also has pushed out the attorney generals office  the very first hearing the person from the state was the sister to my grandsons attorney.   they have yet to include the ag office  on top of the maddness  they just want the custody of the child.  the dad has some 40 plus girl living in his trailer with two kids  that are verbal abused by there mother  my daughter and son in law observed it today I reported it to CPS  the day this child was born the grandparents asked to buy the child ovcourse we said no   once they two  my daughter and James broke up thay have taken control of him and threaten to take his stuff away if he doesnt do what they want.  have a bunch of documetation  where they falsified papers and tried to say my daughter is not in the picture  

i would love to get this out in the public so people can see what is going on in our court system its a mess

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