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July 27, 2015
Latest Entry: social media
I'm new to this new type of communication, and have had some issues trying to post blog/comments and have them done right. I'm a novice with most of the new technologies available. I wahreent to learn all I can. After having three grown kids and two grown grandaughters wanting for me to reach out. I like that it is available to me to share opinions with others about subjects that interest me and other people. I've watched Dr.Phil's show since the beginning and would love to not only state my opinion but learn other views also. I hope I can have a chance to discuss shows, problems and other ideas with people. I'm a good listener and I want to hear from anyone out there that wants to talk. I'm here.
July 27, 2015
Latest Entry: Urgent Help Needed
Dear Dr. Phil,

I have so many things I could write to you about that I could probably keep you going for at least two seasons easy, but I've chosen this one for now. The topic I'm writing to you about is my internet service, and while it might seem like a very odd topic, if you'll please read the rest of this email I'm hoping it will make sense as to why it's so important to me. 

To start with I should introduce myself. My name is Jerri Elizabeth Hodge. I'm 34yrs old from Laurel, MS and I and my 27yr old brother Robby Michael Hodge were both born with a rare brittle bone disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disease based on the type you're born with, can strike at birth or at any given time in life and causes the marrow to corrupt, making the bones extremely brittle and break at the slightest jarring. Most people who hear this just associate this with Osteoporosis and assume you're just more prone to breaking a hip here and there, but that's far from the case. We were born with the most severe form which starts from birth. We were actually born both with broken bones as well as noted breaks that were old enough to have happened and healed in the womb. The smallest things like sneezing, coughing or laughing too hard broke a rib, or hitting a small pothole in the road on the way to school broke a leg. Neither of us ever walked, and at age 5 my neck broke on its own. It healed, but began collapsing on top of itself over the years until age 11 it completely collapsed and cut off my upper windpipe. I now have a trach and ventilator, although not paralyzed thankfully.

The reason for so much background isn't for pity, but for how I met my now husband of 8yrs, together as a couple 21yrs. Once all the chaos hit at 11yrs old for me it was constant trips back and forth to New Orleans Children's Hospital for care, and at 13yrs old waiting on a 4 hour delayed appointment my nurse dragged me over to a boy she swore I was staring at, and while I really wasn't in the long run I'm glad she did because that's when I met my husband 32yr old Don Rodrigue from Dulac, LA (11 at the time) and we've been a couple ever since.

Don has 2 rare forms of Muscular Dystrophy that causes muscles to sometimes rapidly deteriorate, sometimes slowly deteriorate and other times for stretches of years at a time absolutely no change at all. This never improves though, and is always terminal in the end. Because of the fact we are both severely disabled, and live in two separate states our relationship has obviously been mostly long distance, and that's where the Internet comes into play.

It's funny really, I wasn't planning to write you about this because I just didn't think it would be the type of thing you would generally see on a Dr. Phil show. I'm a huge fan and watch you daily and reruns often at night while I work on my "to-do list" (like writing this right now lol) and both a rerun and new episode the very next day caught my attention. The rerun was a little old lady who took a hammer to her Comcast office for not fixing her phone issues, which is something I would so love to do right now, and your new episode about the "Dark Side of Gaming" and for us it's exactly the opposite.
I know from your show you're a religious man, as am I and while it sounds cliche to say "The Lord works in mysterious ways." when I saw those as I was trying to decide where to start writing it just seemed like a sign, so I wanted to ask for your help with my internet issues and why they're both important and urgent.

For nearly all 21yrs of our relationship, only actually seeing each other 3 weekends out of the year if lucky, the rest of our time we spent playing MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Games) as a way to spend time together as a couple. We played Everquest until a good friend of his in 2004 convinced us to try out Final Fantasy XI. Within 5min we were absolutely hooked. The amount of things we could do together and friends we made are things and people I'll always treasure, one of the most precious being our wedding on the game. Both our rl friends and family gathered around both houses, my mom actually recorded it with her camcorder back then in March 13th, 2006 (which also happens to be my birthday) and I have to say it was one of the best birthdays ever. To this day we're still on Final Fantasy XI as our old married couple

About 2yrs ago, Don started declining again. He started losing use of some of his fingers and slowly became unable to travel. About the same time my DSL started going downhill and causing us to have problems spending even online time together. We are currently with ATT (High Speed DSL, cable has never been offered here even though we're only 10min from town literally off the main highway to it) and immediately began what has basically been a 2yr long phone tag loop, and by that I mean:

Try resetting your router

Try hard refreshing your router

Try replacing your phone jacks

Try plugging your router line directly into the wall

It must be your router, we'll send you a new one


We got them to send maybe six people here to check us out on our in in a span of 2yrs, and three of which who actually seemed to care. They would fix "a" problem, but in weeks we would be right back where we were and there goes the loop again because our case would be consider resolved.

This past year I happened to see XFINITY had moved by us. I checked our address on their site, it popped up as eligible and I can't tell you how excited I became knowing I could finally enjoy what time I have with Don in its best, especially since this past year he began having horrible leg pain that doesn't allow him to sit upright for long periods to play anything at all. He's in so much pain now that at night more often than not while he's on the phone with me he just spaces out completely, where he's not asleep but not there either and it might be an hour or more for I can just get him aware enough to hang up and try to sleep. I can't even begin to describe how horribly I was both treated and let down by XFINITY in a time I really needed help.

Basically I was led on for two months that I was eligible and someone would "call back in a few days" only to hear nothing. I was talked down to as though I was some country hick as soon as I would answer I live "rural" without even getting the entire sentence out "but I'm only 10min from town off the main highway." even to the point of customer service slowing their speech as though I was a tech idiot or retarded. I emailed their HQ about my issue, and to that I was immediately replied to and told yes I was eligible but I needed to submit my claim through my local office and given their phone number to contact. I called this number 3 days straight, receiving only a busy signal. After telling a good friend this, she went straight to their Laurel office where she was told "oh we don't have an actual phone, but we're told to advertise the number anyway. It's the same in Hattiesburg, they have a number but no phone either." and told we are not eligible. I reported this to XFINITY HQ again in email, letting them know I felt our branches of their company are cutting corners in that their reps say I'm eligible  but our branch says no, but if their too lazy to connect a phone line yet waste customer time in advertising a false number to appear legit then what else have they cut corners on? The very next reply was that it would require a $30,000 rebuild as well as property owner consent and it would be my job to get that together before it would even be considered. Not one mention of investigating our branches or cutting corners.

Right now that's my only two options that can handle gaming unless another company wants some excellent PR and reach out to our town. There's already games Don can't play due to loss of fingers, and I used to play them for him when we'd visit or he'd visit, but everyone is getting older and it's impossible for his grandparents to drive him here, and due to bulging discs in my mom's neck and back its getting harder for her to make trips there, so we see each other less and less. We discovered Twitch, which lets you stream over your PC or console what you're playing for others to watch, but as is my internet is too unstable to broadcast a steady stream.

I just want to make what time we have left as happy as I can make it, and I'm writing to you and anyone else I can think of to share my story. Any help you can offer I would be more than grateful for. I thank you for reading my very long letter.

Jerri Elizabeth Hodge
July 27, 2015
Latest Entry: First goal reached
 I have now been on the 20/20 diet for 3 weekend and I just love my result 👍😊 I have lost 8,8 obs and shed 4,3 inch alround the waist and 3,9 inch alround the hips..

 Next goal is losing 9 lbs and 4 inch Booth hip sand waist.. Ultimate goal is  20 lbs  and 8-10 inch 😊
July 23, 2015
Latest Entry: Scam
I found these sellers on and contacted them directly about their MacBook Pro.  The gentleman said he has one which he can ship to me for free but would take longer since he was going to ship it by USPS.  And the only way he can save me the shipping fee is if I sent him the payment right away which I thought was ok esp since it looked like they've been selling for a while - having thousands of reviews from buyers.  Andrew Carl gave me his bank instruction (the bank name was under Richard W. Wallace) account #, Routing # and address of the bank.  Weeks have passed and the laptop never arrived.  He said their office in the UK will ship it but never did.  I contacted, I emailed and called to alert them and to ask for help in getting these scammers back.  Any advise or help would be appreciated in how I can get my money back and possibly get these scammers behind bars.
July 22, 2015
Latest Entry: Tired of being manipulated!! Any advise?
I was adopted. I had no idea who my biological mother was. When my adopted parents got a divorce I was sent to live with my adopted mother. She took me to doctor after doctor saying that I had rage behavior so on and so forth. She claimed and still claims that my biological mother took drugs while pregnant with me and that I have these mental illnesses because of it. I remember being molested and she claims it was all a lie. I belived her took medication and did everything she asked of me. When I became pregnant with my son I noticed that the father of my son said and did alot of things my mother did and still does. After leaving him I started researching to find my biological mother. I also went to see a Psychiatrist because I wanted to know if I needed help. After several visits the doctor diagnosed me with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and depression. I am now trying to figure out how to get myself out of the hole I am in. I started working for my adopted mother when I graduated from high school. When she closed her business she suggested that I return to school and she would help me financially. I am now in school full time with no real income. I want out!! How can I stop the verbal abuse or counter it. Where can I turn for resources?
July 22, 2015
Latest Entry: what Is My Mood????
July 20, 2015
Latest Entry: Beach
enjoying a gorgeous day on beautiful Johnson Beach in Pensacola Fla!!
July 19, 2015
Latest Entry: Justice for Chance
This is my first post.  I came here hoping to get people to sign my petition to help push police, CPS, and the "system" into taking abuse serious.  When a child has the courage to step forward and is rewarded by not being believed, the abuser is not only encouraged to keep doing it, but the effects are even more devasting because he thought the system would protect him.  My children were accused of being "coached" even though my 12 year old son corroborated his story.  These children have given oral and written police statements (3 different jurisdications), related the accounts to CPS, a counselor, forensic interviewer, and finally the judge not to mention been present at two consulations with lawyers who said they were old enough to sit in on it.  Of course they sound coached!!  They have related the incidents over an over!

I am pleading for just a signature on a petition and perhaps to forward it to your contacts.  My son has minor heart issues and his dad says he is "faking it" and some welfare doctor just wants more money.  My son has a pediatic cardiologist!  And we were on welfare, but I graduated Summa Cum Laude and work with only the most affluent clients in this country needing travel arrangements.  Here is the link:

Thank you and God Bless!
July 17, 2015
Latest Entry: My Pitbull Loves Dr. Phil
I'm really hoping Dr. Phil can help Milo with his insecurities.
July 17, 2015

Jeremiah is a 24 year old young man who is fighting a rare illness called Budd Chiari.  He is a sweet and loving young man who has gone through a lot and is very stronged will. Since e was admited to this Hospital on May 25th, 2015 he has lost between 50 and 70 pounds and has become malnurished in their care, but I guess hospitals have the right to over medicate and starve people.
At 20 years old he went into complete organ failure and fought for his life and was when he was diagnosed with Budd Chiari.  They managed to stabalize him, but he had cirrhosis of the liver.  His Liver was destroyed and they have tried to save it, but it never has recovered, He went into kidney failure over 7 months ago and has not been able to leave the hospital.
Due to his condition he can't come home until he has a liver and kidney Transplant.
He must have Paracentesis also done to take the fluid out to relieve belly pressure and pain atleast once or twice a week were they can drain many litters of fluid from his stomach.   About 2 months ago this belly button ruptured open due to the fluid and he had to have surgery to repair it.
He is on Dialysis to keep him stable until transplant (that is a big IF the way they have messed him up) because his kidney's no longer work. Jeremiah is still in ICU and I am staying with him, because I just don't trust them with their wait and see if he bleeds to death or maybe we can do it tomorrow and when tomorrow comes they put it off for another day, how many people do they kill with this kind of medicine?  My guess way to many!
They put the ventilator on him for a 3rd time a week ago and I told them they can't keep it in long.  They put off a procedure for 3 days that would of drain the fluid in his lung lining that was causeing it to be to hard to breathe (hich I believe was not giving him proper care and made him suffer greatly) and he got so weak from fighting with breathing it was starting to not be able to breathe on his own anymore, so because of their neglect and lack of Mercy he had the tube put in for a 3rd time (the first 2 times was from internal bleeds). Now they say his thoat is swollen and fear he will die if they take it out.  Now he has to have a tracheostomy and suprise suprise it will get done when they have time, so Jeremiah suffers more.  When the doctor came in and looked in on him on friday he said it is not an emergacy so they will TRY to put the Trach in on monday or tuesday (which with this heartless hospital record it will be wensday, thursday or friday if my son is lucky.  I am screaming and yelling at them (that is the only thing they listen to and that is so sad).  I tell them this is Negagence and cruel, heartless, but they say this is how hospitals work, REALLY. KILLING PEOPLE?  How many people have they MURDERED BY NOT GIVING TIMELY CARE? THEY HAVE NO MERCY!
IS THE USA A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY? If this is the USA medical feild then things must change and only the puplic (and DR. Phil) can stop this abuse and murder of sick people.
They say it is a top hospital and I wonder what a bad hospital is?
Anyone eles had trouble with  hospitals playing god with your loved ones life?
Jeremiah should have been on transplant list 3 years ago when they knew his lver would not recover, but he suffered for 3 more years because the transplant people said he was not sick enough until he lost all use of his kidney's and to ill to come home, why must a young person suffer and have to lose more organs (not including the damage to his heart stomach and GOD only knows what eles) and most likely die before they get life. 
This must change and age should be important, not let make them so sick that they will suffer and most likely die for there is no mercy.
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