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April 18, 2014
Latest Entry: A Starting Point..
Hi...Hola...Privyet... What a pleasure to be here! I've "been meaning to" join Dr. Phil for lo, these many years, and am finally here. The graphic I created and have updated is what I truly believe. It's a difficult concept to absorb, to say the least, and it's great fun working at practicing it! :-) I look forward to meeting other Dr. Phil fans. Blessings & belly laughs! NeSSa
April 18, 2014
Latest Entry: my 1st entry
Im tired of being a loser. Ive read all kinds of self help books, tried talking to ppl including those I feel who have put me down and broke my heart time and time again, ive tried faking it and smiling thru the pain. Fake it until you make it theory. I still cant seem to get my shit together. Im 35, living with my mom and am unemployed. I am normally a bartender but im so tired of it. Desperate to find a career I can be proud of.

Im obviously a child of divorce. My mom took off and left me with my dad so she could do important things like cocaine and random men. My dad always compared me to her and filled my head full of hateful comments such as, "your such a fuck up" "you should have cried and groveled at your step mothers feet so she would forgive you" always being punished for not doing chores good enough. 

However im 35 now and dad will not even acknowledge my presence. I spent so many years doing everything based on what he would think of me. Knowing what I know now, I should have never tried to win his love because I was never gonna get it. Still angry and hurt? Yes. But I know its my burden to bare. I dont know how to change my inner voice or how to make my life better. All I ever wanted was to be loved and respected and be able to take care of myself. None of which do I seem to be capable of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

April 15, 2014
Latest Entry: ***Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing-Missing***
I have been seeing a lot of missing people notices everywhere! I have a missing person in my personal life. My best friends older brother. He is not the perfect person so the police don't seem to care. I find it hard to believe that everywhere I go, I see pages and missing person flyers everwhere, but no one is talking. This is for me, my personal episode in the Twilight Zone. This is just in an area of maybe 3 connecting counties. I watch the news, it is politics, I watch more news and it is about what is happening in other countries. I see talk shows that don't have a topic in the world, in my opinion, that is more important than US citizens missing on US soil. I find it strange or misguided that when missing people are talked about, it has to do with a plane on the bottom of the sea, not to mimimize other lives, but we know these people are dead. We don't know what is going on with everyone else. It seems since all of these missing people are scattered across the country, it somehow makes it more complicating. I don't think 10 serial killers at work at one time could even be responsible for a 10th of the people missing or going missing all the time. And the way the media talks about it, which is they don't, has me too puzzled and I, being a person not too hot on conspiracy theories, start to generate my own that are plausible until proven wrong. My craziest theory is in line with what I have believed to be in the past, BS! But now, I don't know? The theory that nuclear war is indefinite and the underground or hiddend authority on this possible threat are kidnapping young people to use in the event of such a cotastrophy to repopulate the US. Then when they get too old, they are killed or destroyed, just like the cattle, used up till they have no further use. Am I going nuts? I sort of think so, but I wished I was. Anyone else have an opinion on why there are no stories of lost people ever being found, in the number that would make any sense?

Sorry for any lunacy!

April 15, 2014
Latest Entry: My Grandson is Dying
My 17 year old Grandson is dying, he is a meth addict. He weighs 89 pounds. After watching Dr. Phil today as every day iam in tears. Ive pleaded for help. No one listens . Dr. Phil for the first time in my veiwing(for years by the way) Iam so upset your time was wasted. I know every day cant be about Teen drug addicts, but believe me our story is different. My Grandsons Father, is in prison for murdering my Father. The problems started there now 8 years later watching this straight A student go downhill. His Mother has done everything, every program available. PLEASE  PLEASE Ive prayed to God Almighty everryday and night for guidence. Dr. Phil PLEASE Iam on bended knee  PLEASE, help save him from himself.
April 14, 2014
Latest Entry: My blog...
This is the forst time I'm writing a blog.

It feels good to just speak your mind, to just say what you think.

So, I'm very young, and I have mental probloms for a long time. Most of the time I feel like nobody understands me , like I'm on my own in this world. Do you feel that sometimes?... And I know my familey loves me a lot, but I dont know who I can trust. 

April 13, 2014
Latest Entry: "You're not hot enough" episode last week in April.
I found in very poor taste having his wife Robin pushing her new skin care products Im this episode. I'm a religious watcher of his show and I found this in very poor taste as I thought I was watching an informercial.
April 11, 2014
Latest Entry: Brianna
This girl is my daughter.  I felt like I was watching my own family.  Wish I could get help for her.

April 10, 2014
Latest Entry: Living with ADHD/Bipolar and Fibromyalgia
This is my first blog ever.

I am a stay at home  wife of a full-time Paramedic;  A mother to a 17yr old ADD son, a  14yr old OCD son and a 12yr old severe ADHD son  (with signs of bi polar disorder).

Today my post is about my middle child.  Until I actually got to see what my son was really going through (Dr. Phil Show living with OCD) I had no idea how dangerous this disorder could really be.   I really liked the idea of Jen actually calling her disorder the old friend she hates.  OCD Is really something that takes over your body and you devolop check lists in your head to make sure everything is always perfect.  These routines take over your entire day and if one thing does not go right, you are at fault.  This is so frustrating because you have to have everything perfect..always.   

Can you imagine living like that?

These precious people need to be heard.  They need to let others know that they are not stuck up,to proud or selfish.  They need to let more people see their exhausting and frustrating daily routines that just cannot go out of order or they will have to go all the way back to the beginning and start over until it's perfect.

I love my son so much but as a mother there is nothing I can do but watch him throw himself all around, beating his head on walls and counters and screaming with his hands on his face.  I have to except when he wants to serve me things or clean my kitchen and put things in order.  

My heart goes out to all of you suffering from this debilitating way of life and I would welcome any of you to leave comments on how you have coped with it or you are a loved one who is dealing with it.

April 10, 2014
Latest Entry: Entry Title
I enjoyed todays show, Jessica looked beautiful after the makeover. I wish you would have shown more on how the makeup part was done. I'm 54 and still have no idea how to wear/ put on makeup. It was never in our house when I was growing up and I never learned how to use it. I'm sure I can't be the only one that would love a lesson. :)
April 9, 2014
Latest Entry: What is it to be alone
Try living my life.. I grew up alone abused sexually by my biological father.. which resulted in 3 childern  over the last few years i have come to the reality that noone now or then really cared about what was happening to me..I dont care anymore about who does or doesnt want to be considered my family... what i care about is me ya i have come along way dont get me wrong anyone that had went through what i did would have offed themselves..Funny thing is They are all afraid that im going to mention there names and that i will ruin the family name by telling the family secrets well what do i care they didnt care about me..I am looking for someone who is willing to help me get my story told im not very smart and suffer from ptsd and its hard for me to manage my thoughts do to i have racing thoughts all the time... anyone intrested in hearing my story please comment with advice goodnite and god bless
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