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Jem says she believes her ex-boyfriend is dangerous and delusional. Jem says during their relationship, Joshua told her he was Jesus, Gilgamesh and lived previously as a King. She also claims that he tried to get her to believe that she was Mary Magdalene. She also claims he told her that he spoke regularly to the Archangel Michael and made her life a living hell. Jem claims that Joshua tried to brainwash her while they were together. Joshua,who is currently homelesssays he believes his contact with the Dr. Phil show has been divinely inspired to allow him to spread the word of God and heal his family. Joshua believes Dr. Phil is going to recognize what Joshua understands both spiritually and psychologically. Joshua’s appearance on the show is, he says, going to be the credential he needs to spread his message further and will prepare him “as an arrow in the quiver of the Lord.” Joshua admits to being physically abusive to Jem in the past, saying he was in “spiritual warfare” at the time. Joshua claims Jem was a “disturbed person.” Joshua says he is an ambassador of Christ, an apostle and a messenger of the Lord. Willie,Joshua’s father, says he believes his son is mentally ill. Willie says Joshua needs help because he believes he is the Second Coming of Jesus and wants people to worship him. Willie says he has told his son he is not Jesus and that it is ridiculous, but Joshua believes all the fatherly advice he gives him is based on the devil.

Find out what happened on the show.