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Stephanie says her 16-year-old stepson, Bill, has been in a gang for more than a year -- selling drugs and robbing people at gunpoint. She also says she learned he witnessed a murder, and she fears for her family’s safety. She says the family has tried everything to straighten out the teen’s life, but Bill refuses to cut off his affiliation with the gang. Bill’s father, Jeremy, and mother, Gina, say they know their son is involved in many illegal activities but admit that they don’t want to know the extent. Fearing Bill will be imprisoned or killed, the family turns to Dr. Phil for help. Bill says being in a gang gives him “a feeling of power,” and he’d do anything for his “brothers” -- even die for them or get locked up. Does he feel the same about his own family? Dr. Phil asks Bill a question he’s never asked a teen before -- and the answer leaves everyone speechless. Then, two former gang members who turned their lives around have an important message for Bill. Will their stories make an impact? Plus, former prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin weighs in about the risks Bill is taking. (OAD: 2-13-14)

Find out what happened on the show.