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Unable to have children of her own and desperate to become a mother, Monica says last August, she and her husband, Max, placed an online adoption ad on Craigslist and were elated when a woman named Danette asked them to adopt her unborn baby girl. Monica says she and Max spent as much as $40,000 preparing for the baby and even moved to a bigger house so they would have enough room for their family -- all the while, receiving pregnancy updates from Danette. Monica says she was shocked, yet excited, to learn that -- upon a surprise delivery -- Danette had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The couple says Danette has since sent them photos of the babies, whom they’ve named Mason and Mikayla, and promised they’ll get to bring them home soon -- but they have yet to meet the children they already consider their own. Where are the babies? Monica’s best friend, Wendy, says Danette’s behavior has been suspicious all along -- and she fears the couple is being duped. Emotions run high when Danette faces Monica, Max and Wendy on Dr. Phil’s stage. Is this an adoption scam? (OAD: 4-25-14)

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