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Barbie says that for the past 12 years, her boyfriend, Travis, has made her life “a living hell” with his extreme mistrust and constant false accusations of cheating and stealing money from him. Barbie claims that Travis scrutinizes her every move -- including going through her cell phone and purse and demanding to see her receipts and credit card statements -- and says she’s at her wits’ end. Why does she put up with his behavior? Travis says he’s convinced Barbie is a liar and a cheater, and he also accuses her of stealing $90,000 from him and his company. Can he prove his claims? Plus, Travis admits that he has cheated on Barbie in the past -- could his guilty conscience be fueling his suspicions? Barbie agrees to take a polygraph test to prove her innocence once and for all -- what will the results reveal? Then, Robin McGraw checks in with three women who have overcome personal struggles, including the loss of a child and domestic violence. What message do the women have for Barbie? Plus, the women -- who have used Robin’s new Robin McGraw Revelation skin care products for the past month -- are surprised with pampering makeovers. See their dramatic transformations! This program contains strong language and sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Find out what happened on the show.