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Reagan says his wife of two years, Sara, refuses to have sex with him, and the lack of attention has forced him to turn to gambling and other women “for an adrenaline rush.” He admits he has cheated twice, including a recent “sexting” affair with a woman, which prompted Sara to take their two kids and move out. Hear the shocking way she says she discovered the racy texts. Sara says she wants to fix their relationship, but she needs Reagan to stop acting like an impulsive teenager -- and work harder to meet her emotional needs. Dr. Phil reviews the couple’s history, which includes allegations of physical abuse on both sides, as well as numerous break-ups and make-ups. Is this marriage worth saving? And, when Sara makes a confession of her own, will Reagan still want to reconcile? Then after only a year of marriage, Skyla and Ryan say they are at a sexual standoff that has pushed them to the brink of divorce. Skyla says Ryan acts like a child when she says “no” to sex -- throwing tantrums that include yelling, slamming doors and punching walls. Ryan says their sex life has gone from very active to almost nonexistent, and he admits his frustration has pushed him to the edge. Can Dr. Phil help Ryan learn to control his temper -- and help these newlyweds rekindle their relationship? This program contains strong language and strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised. (OAD: 3-26-14)

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