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Marsha says she fought for -- and won -- custody of her grandsons because of what she calls her daughter, Brooke’s, dangerous, drug-using lifestyle. Now she says her relationship with her daughter is filled with mistrust, false accusations of abuse and bitter resentment. Marsha says she’s afraid to be around Brooke because she is often violent, and Marsha has called the police on her three times. Brooke admits she has used drugs in the past but says she is trying to make up for her mistakes and be a better mother -- but Marsha makes it difficult. She claims Marsha is abusive to the boys, locks them in the basement and isolates them from friends and family -- all of which Marsha denies. Dr. Phil sits everyone down in search of answers -- can this mother and daughter resolve their conflict? (OAD: 4-6-15)

Find out what happened on the show.