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Sandie says she desperately hopes to win back her ex-husband, Chris, so they can be a family again with their adopted 11-year-old daughter, but Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Aileen, will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Sandie says Aileen is stalking and harassing her, making false reports of abuse and neglect to CPS, and even created a fake profile on Facebook to talk trash about her -- and she wants Aileen prosecuted. Sandie says she and Chris have filed a total of nine peace orders against Aileen, but only the last one filed by Chris was granted, protecting him -- but not Sandie or their daughter. Aileen admits to intentionally causing trouble but says Sandie deserves it, because she destroyed Aileen’s relationship with Chris -- and she also wants him back. Chris says he’s tired of being caught in the middle of his exes and isn’t interested in a relationship with either one, other than co-parenting with Sandie -- but is he sending mixed messages? Can this trio reach a truce and learn to respect boundaries? (OAD: 2-14-14)

Find out what happened on the show.