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Canda claims for the past three years, she has been cyberstalked and bullied by Annette, a woman she has never even met. She says Annette is obsessed with her life and is using the Internet as a tool to embarrass and humiliate her -- including publicizing her criminal record. But Annette tells a very different story and insists Canda is the one stalking her, sending her as many as 6,000 emails in a single day. Dr. Phil brings the women face to face for the first time in search of a peaceful resolution. What’s at the root of this bad blood? The only connection between the two women is a man -- Annette’s ex-boyfriend, whom Canda dated nearly 30 years ago in high school. Hear what he has to say. Is this a case of jealousy run amok? And, can Canda and Annette finally reach a truce?

Find out what happened on the show.