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Megan, 24, claims six years ago, her father, Robert, raped her while she was passed out after a night of partying -- an accusation Robert vehemently denies. Megan says when she finally had the courage to speak up about what she claims happened, her mother, Tina, and sister, Krissy, called her a liar and took her father’s side. Robert accuses Megan of fabricating the “disgusting” story with one goal in mind -- payback for him being the disciplinarian while raising her. The divided family sits down with Dr. Phil in search of answers. Robert and Megan both agree to take a polygraph test -- what will the results reveal? And, how can this family heal and move forward? This show contains strong language and adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised. (OAD: 10-16-14)

Find out what happened on the show.