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Carie says her mother, Diane, was once a successful jewelry store owner who lived the high life in Las Vegas, but she gambled away $2.5 million and now lives in an RV -- and she blames Carie for her troubles. Carie says she has tried to help her mother get back on her feet and even gave her a car -- which she says Diane thumbed her nose at -- and she’s fed up with her mother’s mooching and manipulating. Diane says her daughter should want to help her, because she provided her with a lavish lifestyle growing up. She also claims Carie left her high and dry when she needed her most, and she wants an apology. Dr. Phil reunites mother and daughter for the first time in more than a year. Did Carie turn her back on her mom, or is Diane lacking accountability? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s advice for mother and daughter. Can they make amends and move forward in peace? (OAD: 4-9-15)

Find out what happened on the show.