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Karen and Tim say the last six years with their 24-year-old adopted son, Adam, have been a nightmare, and Tim wants to cut him out of their lives for good -- but Karen says she can’t give up yet. The parents say Adam has become angry and violent, has pulled a knife on them and threatened to get a gun. They also say Adam abuses drugs and alcohol and has been arrested multiple times -- including a recent arrest for felony drug-related charges. With Adam now facing seven years in jail, Karen and Tim post bail so he can meet with Dr. Phil in an effort to turn his life around. Hear how Adam explains his destructive choices. Does he want to change? And, find out why Tim says he’s not hopeful that Adam will make a turnaround. Then, hear from Adam’s ex-girlfriend, Kristin, who calls him a “ticking time bomb.” How does Adam respond? When Dr. Phil offers him a lifeline, will he grab ahold? And, will both of his parents be willing to give him one more chance? This program contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised. (OAD: 12-3-13)

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