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Barbara admits she has wired money to her online boyfriend, "David Chris Jr.," whom she has never met in person. Barbara says that “David Chris Jr.” claimed to be an overseas financial advisor who assists people with getting government grants, and is currently overseas in Nigeria. She says she can’t wait for him to come home from Nigeria where he’s "stuck dealing with 'business issues.'” Barbara says he has a spacious lakeside home in Michigan and that he said they would live there when he returned home. But, Barbara’s daughters, Kathy and Tracey, and granddaughter, Alicia, say they believe this will never happen. They say “David Chris Jr.” does not exist and Barbara is just being used as a “money mule!” The family gets fired up as they express fears that Barbara could actually face jail time if she continues to wire money for this mystery man, which they fear is illegal activity. And, is “David Chris Jr.” a real person? Who is on the other line when Barbara is talking to her "boyfriend?" Plus, in Part 2 on Tuesday, Dr. Phil digs deeper to discover who is “David Chris Jr.”! (OAD: 5-2-16)

Find out what happened on the show.