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Anthony says he fears his 29-year-old brother, Jamie, a fitness model and personal trainer, won’t live to see 30 if he doesn’t get serious help with his addictions. Anthony says Jamie has struggled for years with cocaine, alcohol and anger issues -- all of which he says are exacerbated by their “enabling” parents, Steve and Joey. Jaime admits to past substance abuse issues but says he has been totally clean for two weeks and has things under control. Emotions run high when this family comes face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage. Steve and Joey admit they have helped Jamie with rent, car payments and spending money, because they say they love him and want to support him. But is that money really being used to fund his addiction? Then, Anthony claims Jamie has another serious issue he needs to address. But the accusation causes Jamie to storm off stage. Don’t miss Part 2 tomorrow -- will he return and face his problems head-on?

Find out what happened on the show.