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Rachael and her husband, Tino, face off with their 22-year-old son, Ian, who they say went from being a star student and athlete to a “moocher” who now sleeps in their tool shed! They say Ian dropped out of college, quit his job and moved home, but when he wouldn’t work or return to school, they kicked him out. To get Ian to leave, Rachael and Tino say they had to get a temporary restraining order and call the cops to have him escorted out. Ian says it’s outrageous that his own parents would throw him out -- making him homeless with a criminal record and forcing him to sneak into their tool shed at night just to have a place to sleep. Rachael and Tino say they are not only concerned about the changes in Ian’s path, but also his personality – claiming that Ian may be delusional because he has even accused them of raping him – an accusation they strongly deny. Could there be a deeper problem at play? Can Dr. Phil help this family come together to make a life plan for Ian? And, will Ian ever return to the person his parents say he used to be?

Find out what happened on the show.